The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)



SR J. Tuell-88 Overall, 78 Speed, 77 AWR, 89 THP 88 THA
Last Season-2237 yds 19 TD 9 INT

"Tuell is a dual threat QB who also ran for 200 yds and scored 4 TD's with his feet. He however is also very injury prone and missed 6 weeks with a back injury. He goes into the season as the starter."

RS SO C. Halliday-75 Overall,75 Speed, 56 AWR, 85 THP, 82 THA
Last Season-1876 yds 14 TD 10 INT

"Halliday started 5 of the 6 games Tuell missed and played well enough to prove he is the heir apparent to the starting posistion next year. If Tuell gets hurt again, Halliday will be ready to step in from the #2 spot"

FR J. Roland-63 Overall, 77 Speed, 58 AWR, 73 THP, 72 THA
3* Recruit rated #62 QB in the nation.

"Roland didn't sign until Week 4 of the offseason, but was quickly labeled Coach Dodge's prize recruit. He will start the year as the #3 electing to learn on the job vs redshirting this season, which some don't agree with that decision, but it was something Coach Dodge promised. "

FR M. Nash-55 Overall, 66 Speed, 50 AWR, 70 THP, 68 THA
2* Recruit from Lacey WA.

"Nash will redshirt this season and will probably never become more then a backup"


RS JR C. Winston-81 Overall, 86, SPD, 90 AGI, 78 BTK, 81 CAR
Last Season-125 carries 419 yds (3.4 Avg) 5 TD

"Winston started the last 4 games of the season including the bowl game against Texas. He showed big play ability with a 64 yd TD run against Cal."

FR R. Mayfield-61 Overall, 84 SPD,75 ACC, 53 AWR
3* Recruit

"Mayfield is a between the tackle type runner. He should see some action as the #2 RB this season"

FR P. Smith-60 Overall,88 SPD,83 ACC, 59 AWR
3* Recruit

"Smith is the speed combo to go with Mayfield, he will be the #3 and play on Special teams"

RS SO D. Williams-88 Overall, 92 SPD, 91 ACC, 90 BTK, 83 TRK, 75 CAR
Transfer from Oregon

"Williams will sit out a year due to transfer rules, but is a Coaches dream. He can do it all and will have a chance to be the #1 tailback in 2013 and 2014."


SR A. Byers-80 Overall
SR A. Lintz-76 Overall
RS SO A. Dunn-69 Overall

"Byers is the starter, Lintz and Dunn are both converted TE"


SR I. Barton-84 Overall,94 SPD, 90 ACC, 72 AWR 77 CTH
Last Season-66 Rec 1192 yds 10 TD

"Barton was the #3 WR last year but had a breakout year breaking 3 school records (Most TD's in a game, Most Rec in a game and Most yds in a game) Now the #1 Barton looks to replace J. Kartsetter and maybe break some of his school records as well"

SR G. Simone-82 Overall,87 SPD,88 ACC, 71 AWR, 80 CTH
Last Season-42 Rec 629 yds 5 TD

"Simone was the #4 WR last year and showed big play ability. He will move into the #2 role with M. Wilson sitting out the year redshirting"

RS SO R. Jiles-78 Overall,90 SPD,90 ACC, 55 AWR, 79 CTH
Last Season-9 Rec 157 yds

"Jiles shared time as the #5 WR last year. This year he looks to have a Barton type breakout year moving into the #3 role."

RS SO B. Ratliff-77 Overall,88 SPD,92 ACC,54 AWR 73 CTH
Last Season-3 Rec 30 yds

"Shared the #5 role with Jiles last year and didn't make much of a impact. Has the potential to be a future starter though"

RS FR AJ Brooks-66 Overall,84 SPD,64 AWR, 70 CTH
Last Season-Redshirted

"AJ spent last year as a Redshirt, and probably won't see the field much this year either. He does have a high carry rating (82) so he could possibily see a switch to RB next year"

FR R. Mack-63 Overall,87 SPD,63 AWR 64 CTH
3* Recruit from WA

"Mack is huge at 6'6. Orginally had a soft committment to go to Washington but last mintue (Week 5 of Offseason) he backed out and took the scholarship offer from Coach Dodge with the promise he would see PT this season. Look for him to get into goaline packages where he can use his big body to catch TD's"

FR T. McCoy-58 Overall,83 SPD,61 AWR, 79 CTH
3* Recruit from Hawaii

"McCoy is another big WR at 6'4. He has a similar skill set as current starter I. Barton and hopefully with some time will develope into a star like Barton. He will see some time in 5 WR sets this year"

JR M. Wilson-83 Overall,90 SPD,90 ACC, 68 AWR, 78 CTH
Last Season-Career 51 Rec 569 yds 5 TD

"Wilson is going to redshirt this season, after suffering a injury over the summer in a car accident. As the #2 last year he had 30 rec 385 yds and 4 TD. I expect him to make a full recovery and assume the #1 WR role next year from Barton."


RS SR S. Stormo-76 Overall, 80 SPD 77 CTH
Last Season-44 rec 545 yds 5 TD

"Stormo has avg over 40 rec the past 2 years and I expect him to continue to play a big role in the passing game"

RS FR C. Jackson-58 Overall
Last Season-Redshirted, Former 2* WA player

FR T. White-56 Overall
2* Recruit that will redshirt this season.


LT- RS JR A. Reitnouer-75 Overall
LG- RS SO A. Rodger-71 Overall
C- RS JR T. Hogdon-80 Overall
RG- RS JR S. Valenzuela-71 Overall
RT RS SR T. Pencer-80 Overall

LT-RS FR G. Kidd-63 Overall
LG- RS FR D. Taylor-63 Overall
C-RS FR T. Singletary-66 Overall
RG-RS FR S. Camerson-65 Overall
RT-RS SO J. Fullington-70 Overall

LT- FR J. Grant-59 Overall
RG- FR K. Mason-53 Overall

Coach Dodge on the O-Line "I really like our depth. I feel strong that over time this unit will get better and better. Obviously Hogdon and Pencer are the strength of the starting unit and will hopefully continue to give us opportunties to make plays both passing and running the ball."


LE-RS JR S. Kaufusi-70 Overall 82 SPD
Last Sesaon-48 Tackles (26 Solo, 2 Sacks)

RE-SR R. Long-89 Overall, 78 SPD, 92 AWR, 89 TAK
Last Season-67 Tackles (14 TFL, 3.5 Sacks)

"Long is the leader of this Unit and Best Overall player I have. He tends to get double teamed every play thus his sack totals were down, but hopefully we can change that his year"

DT RS SR D. Spitz-72 Overall
DT RS SR A. Lourenzi-71 Overall
DT RS JR J. Clayton-72 Overall

"I put down 3 DT as starters because they will rotate frequently"

DE- RS SO X. Cooper-63 Overall
DE- RS FR T. Jude-61 Overall
DT- RS FR J. Hines-61 Overall

DT-FR J. Wilson-60 Overall-3* Recruit
DE- JR D. Campereale-79 Overall, 82 SPD (Transfer Cal)

"I expect Camper to be a great add to our team and a instant starter taking over for Long next year. He has already redshirted so he will have only 1 year of elgibilty left"



LOLB-RS JR A. Burns-74 Overall, 81 SPD, 88 ACC
Last Season-80 Tackles (37 Solo, 15 TFL, 3.5 Sacks)

"Burns takes over for A. Hoffman-Ellis as a Defensive Team Captain. Finished #2 last year in Tackles, I expect him to lead the team this year."

MLB-RS SR L. Bland-75 Overall, 86 SPD, 82 ACC, 74 AWR
Last Season-35 Tackles as a reserve

"I expect Bland's # to double as a starter this year. He is a key to the run defense"

ROLB-RS SO CJ Mizzell-72 Overall, 84 SPD, 87 ACC 65 AWR, 78 TKL
Last Season-Redshirted

"I think Mizell has the potential to be a Defensive stud and hope he proves it this year"

OLB- SR D. Markle-70 Overall, 80 SPD, 75 AWR
MLB-RS FR R. Franklin 65 Overall, 82 SPD

OLB- FR C. Ray-55 Overall
MLB- FR A. Brown-47 Overall

Coach Dodge Comments on the Linebacking Core "Obviously we don't have a ton of depth here. I plan on hitting recruiting hard to try and find some guys early"


CB- RS SR D. Simmons-77 Overall, 91 SPD, 91 ACC, 73 AWR
Last Season-21 Tackles, 13 Pass Deflections, 1 INT

"Simmons is our shut down corner, I hope to take at least half of those deflections and turn them into INT's this year though"

CB- RS JR N. Washington-77 Overall, 91 SPD, 92 ACC, 77 AWR
Career #'s-3 INT 17 Pass Deflections

"Played as reserve last year, also returns kicks and punts"

FS- JR C. Locker-72 Overall, 82 SPD 71 AWR
Last season-Reserve role

"Brother to former UW QB Jake Locker"

SS- RS SR J. Matthews-69 Overall, 88 SPD, 58 AWR
Last Season-57 Tackles (33 Solo, 1 INT 4 Pass Def, 2 Forced Fumbles)

"Matthews is a underated playmaker and will serve with Burns as a Co-Captain for the Defense"

CB-RS SO A. Carpenter-74 Overall 89 SPD, 91 ACC, 62 AWR
CB-RS SR T. Hayward-72 Overall, 89 SPD, 88 ACC, 69 AWR
CB-RS FR D. Miller-68 Overall,89 SPD, 63 AWR
FS- RS SO T. Duckett-73 Overall, 88 SPD, 51 AWR
FS- RS FR D. Evens-62 Overall, 86 SPD, 53 AWR
SS-RS SO D. Bucannon-68 Overall,90 SPD, 88 ACC, 65 AWR
SS-RS FR L. Burton-65 Overall, 78 SPD, 60 AWR
SS- FR G. Keyes-60 Overall, 76 SPD, 48 AWR (3* Recruit)

RS JR CB A. Patterson-78 Overall, 93 SPD,95 ACC, 55 AWR

"Patterson is a transfer from Oregon, he will have to sit out a year, and will have only 1 year of elgibilty left, having already used his redshirt season"

Coach Dodge comments on the Secondary "I really feel like we have alot of great depth. This unit really under performs though when it comes to creating turnovers (only 5 INT last year). Hopefully this year we can change that. Also these guy's stopping the opposing QB's is what it is going to take to win ball games"


K- RS FR R. Parrish-68 Overall, 68 KPW, 69 KAC

"Orginally signed as a Punter he will make the move and hopefully grow into this role as the FG kicker."

P- RS FR C. Young-64 Overall, 72 KPW, 55 KAC

"Will handle kickoffs, if he struggles punting, Parrish could handle both roles"

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


Good Evening and Welcome to the Cougar Coaches Corner, where we sit down with WSU Football Head Coach Bryan Dodge and get inside info on what's going on with the team, I am your host and everybody's favorite mascot "Butch"

Butch- You got excitement brewing here in Pullman, but I got to ask what are your goals this year. Can you improve on what you already have done?

Coach Dodge- Well Butch, like last year my goal was to get this team to a Bowl game. This year hasn't changed, except this year I want to win it!!! Also we have a couple of high profile non-conference opponents in #13 Notre Dame and #21 TCU. I think it's important that we win 1 of those games. We also have 3 games against current Top-25 programs inside the Pac-10. I think it's very important that we win atleast 1 of those as well..

Butch-Coach you signed a 4 year extension to your contract giving you 6 years total. Do you plan on sticking around for the entire time. Also tell us about your decision to hire your brother Todd Dodge as Assistant Head Coach and Co-Offensive Coordinator.

Coach Dodge-Well as you know Todd struggled last year at UNT and was fired after going 0-11 and 0-8 in the MWC after I lead them to a bowl game the previous year. If it wasn't for him I would've never had the opportunity to even get here, so I though I would return the favor. As far as sticking it out for the next 6 years, you bet I do. I don't have any plans to leave Pullman for a very long time..

Butch-Coach you made some interesting decisions with redshirts, most noteably not redshirting QB J. Roland, RB P. Smith, WR R. Mack and T. McCoy as well as SS G. Keyes.

Coach Dodge-Well Butch when recruiting players sometimes it's a big deal for them to play their 1st year. I had to promise that to all 5 of those guys in order for them to come to Pullman to begin with. I do with we could've sat all 5 because we have the depth but in the end I need to be a man of my word.

Butch-Tell us what happened with WR M. Wilson?

Coach Dodge-Well he and RB/CB D. Horton were involved in a car accident. Mr Horton has decided that he is not going to return to the team, but MarQuess wants to still be apart of this program and had a redshirt still available so I thought it would work well for him to sit out the entire year and still have 2 years left to be our #1 WR.

Butch-You landed 3 very talented transfers.. How painfull is it not to have them eligble to play this year?

Coach Dodge-Very!!!!! RB D. Williams is a player that you dream of having. Todd and I have already started to look at our playbook and make some changes to get the RB's more involved this year. Hopefully C. Winston can shoulder the load and give us a vision of what next year will be like.

Butch-What's up with this stupid schedule. 3 Road games to start the year and 4 road games to end the year?

Coach Dodge-I agree Butch, but you can't expect schools like TCU or Notre Dame to want to come to Pullman and Idaho came over last year so it's our turn to travel the 8 miles to Moscow. As far as the Pac-10 schedule it is what it is.

Butch-Coach last year WR I. Barton had a breakout year. What can we expect from his this year and who on the team do you think will be that guy this year?

Coach Dodge-Well I expect Isiah to only get better and better. He has the potential to be a 2000 yd reciever if we can keep Tuell upright. As far as breakout guys. I think WR R. Jiles has the potential to be that guy and I think RB C. Winston if even more carries can be a 1000 yd back.

Butch-What about the "D" We lost an amazing player in A. Hoffman-Ellis. Everyone thinks that A. Burns will step up and replace him, but what about C. Mizzell?

Coach Dodge- I am high on both players. I really think we will see a vast improvement on both of their stats.

Butch-Coach what kind of recruiting needs do you have this year?

Coach Dodge-Well we just talked about Burns and Mizzell. I need to find guy's who can step in and take over for them in the next couple of years. So finding Linebackers is huge. Also we need to continue to just add depth at every posistion, because we dont' really have any huge holes to fill this year. We have a pretty balanced roster. I would like to find some future CB's and you can never have enough O-Line.

Butch-Well Coach we are out of time. Thanks for joining me. I look forward to the next show.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Wow 48 hours, a hundred views but zero comments. Is there something I can do different, maybe give less info, thus the need to ask questions?

Just curious.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

No I thought everything looked great. I say keep up what your doing.
NFL:Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs
NBA:Los Angeles Lakers
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Originally Posted by Deuce2223
Wow 48 hours, a hundred views but zero comments. Is there something I can do different, maybe give less info, thus the need to ask questions?

Just curious.
I tend to be interested in commenting once there are game updates, I love you updates though they are so informative keep it up!
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

I try to comment as much as I can during the week.. but work gets in the way until Thursday night. (I dont work Friday through Sunday).

If you're gonna beat either TCU or Notre Dame... beat ND I don't like them.

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Thanks for the comments guys. I will be posting game updates tonight and tomorrow. I have the ND game played and the TCU.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


VS #13


This would mark the Cougars 2nd trip to South Bend and the 3rd meeting of these 2 teams in the past 9 seasons. The last time WSU made the trip to South Bend was in 2003 when they took a lead into the 4th Quarter before losing the game 29-26 over some horrific calls.
Even though none of the players or coaching staff is still around, the game tape was played by Coach Dodge all week to help give some extra "MO" to his team and staff.


The first half was full of big plays and big hits. The Irish started strong with QB A. Hendriks completing 4/6 passes before 47 yds before being helped off the field with a ankle injury (broken 10 weeks). SR Nate Montana (son of legendary Joe Montana and brother of Washington Huskies Starting QB Nick) would struggle as the Irish were forced to punt. Jeff Tuell would lead the offense onto the field and led 2 Touchdown drives (6 yd pass to R. Jiles and 6 yd pass to T McCoy) before also being forced to leave the game. Conner Haliday would enter and prove he too could play some ball, hitting R. Jiles for his 2nd TD to give WSU the 21-0 lead with 2 minutes to play. After another huge stop by the Cougar "D" Halliday would lead the Cougars down the field looking to add yet another TD, but the Irish would come up big stopping the drive and with 2 seconds to play, Coach Dodge would run out R. Parrish for his 1st college FG attemp. The Freshman would hit the 19 yd kick to give WSU the 24-0 lead into the half.

Montana would finally find his grove in the 3rd Quarter hitting A. Welch on a 10 yd TD pass, and then hit Welch again on the 2pt conversion to make it 24-8. Haliday however would struggle throwing 2 INT's but the "D" would step up keeping the Irish from scoring again as well.

The 4th Quarter started out all Irish as C. Wood scored 2 TD's on the ground (8 yds and 24 yds) to make the game (24-21) after a failed 2pt conversion. With Haliday struggling, the Cougs would go to the ground and C. Winston would deliver breaking off a 52 yd TD run with 2 minutes as the 5,000 fans who traveled went wild. (31-21). Montana would complete 3/3 passes moving the offense down field, but the Cougar D would finally step up forcing the Irish with a decsion to go for it on 4th and 4 and Simmons would show his pass deflecting abilities coming up huge forcing the turnover. Again looking to run out the clock, Haliday would hand of to Winston, but again the RS JR would break off a huge run going 40 yds before getting tackled from behind. With 20 seconds left on the clock, most assumed the Cougs would just kneel down, but Coach Dodge instead ran out the field goal unit as R. Parrish would connect on the 24 yd kick as time expired.



QB J. Tuell-9/14 120 yds 2 TD
QB C. Haliday-15/23 196 yds 1 TD 3 INT
RB C. Winston-24 carries 150 yds (6.2 avg) 1 TD, (1 Fumble)
RB R. Mayfield 11 carries 36 yds (3.2 avg)
RB P. Smith 2 carries 3 yds (1 fumble)
WR I. Barton-12 rec 205 yds
R T. McCoy-5 rec 51 yds 1 TD
WR R. Jiles-4 rec 39 yds 2 TD
DE S. Kaufus-2 sacks
CB D. Simmons-3 Pass Deflections

QB N. Montana-10/19 134 yds 1 TD
RB C. Wood-9 carries 68 yds 2 TD


"It's not everyday a team can overcome 5 turnovers and still win the game. The game ball goes to our "D" tonight. They played amazing. Even though we didn't create any turnovers of our own, they did a great job of making big plays when needed. I know most of you want to know what's going on with J. Tuell, and from what the trainers have told me he has 3 broken ribs which will keep him out 3-4 weeks. Conner will start but we will prepare Roland to be ready in case something happens."

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