The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

2013 here we come....
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


College Football is upon us once again as we kickoff the 2013 season. Once again the Big Boys of the BCS dominate the PreSeason Top-25, as the 2012 National Champions the Michigan Wolverines start the year at #1. The team they beat in last years Championship Game, Alabama will start #2, followed by fellow Big Ten members Penn State at #3 and the 2010 National Champs the Ohio State Buckeyes will start #4. The Texas Longhorns round out the Top-5 at the #5 spot.

Here is a look at the entire PreSeason Top-25

#1 Michigan
#2 Alabama
#3 Penn State
#4 Ohio State
#5 Texas
#6 Wisconsin
#7 Virginia Tech
#8 Arkansas
#9 Tennessee
#10 Miami FL
#11 South Carolina
#12 Oklahoma
#13 Washington
#14 West Virginia
#15 Missouri
#16 Auburn
#17 Oregon
#18 Stanford
#19 Florida
#20 Florida State
#21 USF
#22 UCLA
#23 Notre Dame

#24 Rutgers
#25 Texas A&M

ESPN's Reporter Ryne Dezaron on the Top-25

"Obviously the Big Ten dominates with 4 teams in the Top-6 spots, but it's the SEC with 6 teams that still looks like the toughest conference. The Pac-10 has a strong showing with 4 teams in the Top-25 and WSU and USC sitting on the outside looking in.

We don't see the typical BSU and TCU underdogs this year, replacing them is Missouri who since moving to CUSA has dominated losing just 4 games in the past 3 years and come in this year off a huge Rose Bowl victory over USC. USF climbed all the way to #4 last year in the BCS Rankings before losing in the Conference Championship game only to see their dreams crushed. They still have a chance to make that happen this year though as they start out in the Top-25, however a Tough Week 1 matchup with #6 Wisconsin could end those dreams quickly."


(Projected order of finish


The Huskies were making noise in the BCS last year climbing to #6 but fell in Week 14 to instate rival WSU. They still claimed a spot in the Fiesta Bowl but were destroyed by Texas.


It was a roller coaster season for the Ducks last year. They started out in the Top-25 climbing to #8, before losing back to back games in Week 4 and 5 and never recovered.


The Cardinals have shown glimpes of greatness, but will be tested this year as Coach Dodge has beaten the Cardinals twice well ranked in the Top-25.


The Bruins finished the year in the Top-25, but with a inexpierence QB they will have a tough time staying in it this year.

Ranked #31 in the PreSeason Polls, the Cougars look ready to make that next step. Coach Dodge has the Cougars playing well coming off a 9 win season, and with a new RB in Pullman, the Offense might be even better then last year's team that finished among the Nations Top-10 in scoring.

The Beavers are 2 years removed from a winless Pac-10 schedule, but have turned things around in Corvalis bring in a Top-25 Recruiting class.

USC is a team without a identity. They won the Pac-10 last year after bringing in back to back Top-10 Recruiting Classes but lost their last 5 games of the year including a disappointing Rose Bowl loss to Missouri.

Colorado hasn't been able to move up the rankings in the Pac-10 as well after struggling for years in the Big 12. Rumors are Coach Hawkins could finally be out of options.

Utah played well in 2010 their 1st year in the Pac-10, but struggled the past 2 seasons as they flirted with a Top-25 Ranking. Now it looks like their biggest challenge will not to finish last in their own Conference.

Coach Telford continues to bring talent to Berkley (#29 Overall Recruiting Class) but those players have yet to show anything on the field. After a 1 win Pac-10 showing last year, this could be the last year for Coach T.


When Coach Dodge arrived in Pullman his first order of business was reestablishing the Rivalary with the University of Idaho in the "Battle of the Palouse". So far he is 2-0 facing the rival that sits just 8 miles away across the corn field. WSU will host Idaho once again to kick off the 2013 season in Week 2 as WSU fails to land a Top-25 opponent for Week 1.

Coach Dodge "We really wanted to land a Top-25 progam to open the year even if it meant playing on the road again. However with committments from #15 Missouri to come to Pullman in Week 3 and an away game in Week 15 against Hawaii, we we left taking a Bye and scheduling the Vandals for Week 2."

Week 1-Bye

Week 2- VS

"The Battle of The Palouse Continues as Coach Dodge looks to go 3-0"

Week 3- VS #15

"The Tigers boast one of the best records over the past 3 years having gone 36-3"

Week 4- @ #22

"The Cougars will look to avenge a last minute loss in Pullman last year"

Week 5- VS

"Coach Dodge is 2-0 vs the Utes and hopes to make it 3-0

Week 6- @

"One of the Cougs biggest Pac-10 rivals next to the Huskies, Coach Dodge looks to keep his perfect record vs Coach Riley and the Beavers"

Week 7- VS

"No matter what the Bears record is they always play WSU tough"

Week 8- VS #18

"Coach Dodge has yet to beat the Ducks but looks to change that this year"

Week 9- Bye

Week 10- VS

"Like the Ducks, Coach Dodge has never beat the Men of Troy as USC scores the last second TD last year at home"

Week 11- @ #18

"Coach Dodge has the Cardinals # and so far its been winning"

Week 12- Bye

Week 13- @

"Like Cal the Buffs alway play WSU tough evidence of the 27-24 win last year in Pullman.

Week 14- vs #13

"Coach Dodge has 2 Apple Cup Tropheys sitting in his Office as this Instate Rivalary has heated up over the past 2 years. The Huskies have yet to forget their 31-21 loss in Seattle last season.

Week 15- @

"On paper this might seem like a weird Week 15 matchup, but Coach Dodge has landed 3 very talented WR's from the Islands the past 2 years and looks to use this trip to help keep that Pipeline flowing"

(Up next WSU Team Preview and Top-150 Recruiting Preview with Board Memembers)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Thank you to all those you are still following and to those new readers who have joined in. I am taking the night off to go watch MNF with friends. Look to get up the Team Preview, Recruiting news and hopefully the Idaho game tomorrow after work.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


(R=Redshirt this season)



RS JR C. HALLIDAY-80 Overall/76 SPD/62 AWR/86 THP/85 THA

“Halliday has started 10 games since arriving in Pullman filling in for J. Tuell and at times has played great. He is the clearcut #1 for 2013 and 2014.

SO J. Roland-66 Overall/78 SPD/61 AWR/74 THP/74 THA

“Roland took 16 snaps as a true freshman last season playing primarly out of the Pistol. He will continue the roll again this year, well also taking more snaps in any blowouts.

RS FR M. Nash-59 Overall/71 THP/71 THA

“Nash will probably never be more then a #3 QB”

R-FR R. Dickens-60 Overall/67 SPD/59 AWR/80 THP/68 THA

“Dickens will redshirt this year and could be the QB of the future if he can improve on his accuracy, if not he will battle Nash for the role of #3 for his career in Pullman”


RS JR D. Williams-92 Overall/93 SPD/94 BTK

“A Transfer from Oregon, at 5’11 215 lbs he has the size and speed to be the feature back that Coach Dodge had in L. Dunbar at UNT in 2010. Expect a 1000 yds and double digit TD’s”

RS SR C. Winston-85 Overall/87 SPD/84 BTK

“Winston went into 2012 as the #1 HB, but a dislocated shoulder ended his season after just 3 games. Expect him to get 5-10 carries a game as the change of pace back, might also play in the Pistol with Roland”

SO R. Mayfield-64 Overall

“The biggest of the HB on the roster at 6’0 207 lbs. Mayfield scored 7 TD’s last year. Expect him to line up in Strong and Goal line formations and vulture some TD’s from Williams this year as well.

SO P. Smith-63 Overall/89 SPD

“Smith showed some ability late in the year filling in for Winston and Mayfield finishing with the most carries (96) but avg just (2.8 yds per carry). He will get a couple of carries a game and play on special teams.

R-FR I. Jefferson-69 Overall

“Jefferson was recruited as a Athlete and moved to the backfield after spring camp. He will redshirt this year and battle Mayfield and Smith for the #1 role in 2015.”

R-FR C. Stewart-63 Overall

“At 6’0 200 lbs, his future might be as a FB or move to the “Defense”, but will take a redshirt season as Coach Dodge decides what to do.


RS JR A. Dunn-72 Overall

“A Converted TE, Dunn is huge at 6’6 230 lbs. Having him in the backfield lead blocking will hopefully help the Cougars break the 1000 yd barrier in rushing this year”

R-FR T. Jackson-40 Overall

“Recruited as a Athlete, Jackson is man without a position. However at 6’4 and 210 lbs, Coach Dodge hopes he might fit here”


RS SO C. Jackson-60 Overall/79 SPD/72 Catch

“Has big shoes to fill as he gets the starting role, however with WSU running a lot more 5 WR sets won’t see as many looks as S. Stormo got last season”

RS FR T. White-59 Overall/77 SPD/69 Catch

“At 6’6 he offers a huge target in the endzone”


RS JR 6’3 M. Wilson-85 Overall/91 SPD/80 Catch

“Started in 2011 opposite J. Kartsetter, but sat out last year using his Redshirt. Will be the #1 WR this year and look to replace I. Barton’s #’s.”

RS JR 6’0 R. Jiles-82 Overall/91 SPD/82 Catch

“Showed big play potential last year Averaging over 20 yds per catch as the #3, will step in and start on the outside this year.

RS JR 6’2 B. Ratliff-82 Overall/89 SPD/77 Catch

“Caught 25 balls for 425 yds and 3 TD last year as the #4 will battle SO T. McCoy for the role of #3 this year”

SO 6’4 T. McCoy-61 Overall/84 SPD/81 Catch

“Was named a NCAA-All American after catching 33 rec for 532 yds and 3 TD’s. He has the ability to someday be a #1 WR but for now will battle for the #3/#4 role. (Very Underated!!!)

RS SO 6’0 AJ Brooks-71 Overall/85 SPD/74 Catch

“Will fill battle with SO R. Mack as the #5 WR. Caught 11 balls last year scoring 2 TD’s in the last 3 weeks of the season.”

SO 6’6 R. Mack-68 Overall/88 SPD/69 Catch

“The biggest of all the WR’s. Was expected to challenge for more PT, but finished the year with 11 drops and ended up in Coach Dodge’s doghouse. Will battle his way out and hopefully offer Halliday a huge endzone target”

R-FR 6’2 A. Rodgers-61 Overall/88 SPD/59 Catch

“Will Redshirt this year and hopefully work on his hands (Not happy with that catch rating at all)”

R-FR 6’4 J. Atkinson-60 Overall/85 SPD/69 Catch

“Will Redshirt this year with Rodgers. Could someday challenge for a big role in this offense if like Rodgers can improve on his catch rating”



LT-RS SR A. Reitnour-78 Overall
LG-RS JR J. Rodgers-73 Overall
C-RS SR T. Hodgen-84 Overall
RG-RS SR S. Valenzulea-74 Overall
RT-RS JR J. Fullington-75 Overall


LT- RS SO G. Kidd-67 Overall and RS FR J. Gant-62 Overall
LG-RS SO D. Taylor-67 Overall
C-RS SO T. Singletary-69 Overall
RG-RS FR K. Mason-58 Overall, R-FR B. McCullough-57 Overall, R-FR S. Love-57 Overall
RT-RS SO S. Cameron-70 Overall

Coach Dodge’s Take on the Offense-

“Even though we will play with the same Offensive Playbook (Baylor) and even though we were Top-10 in scoring last year and among the nation’s best in passing, we will look to change up our Offense this year and become more balanced. I do expect Wilson to step up and take up a lot of the production we got out of Barton last year, but also look for Soph T. McCoy to follow up his outstanding Freshman campaign with a great year as well.

The guy I am most excited about is D. Williams. He is a stud and the best RB I have ever had the opportunity of coaching. I really do hope to keep our stats around 250 yd passing and 150-200 yds rushing. Well hopefully keeping out PPG in the 30+ per game area.

Our Offensive line is going to be hard pressed to top last year where we ranked as the best in the nation giving up just 12 sacks. Lucky for us Halliday has great mobility and our new starters do have better run blocking abilities which should translate will in where we want to take the offense."




LE-RS SR D. Campoerale-83 Overall/83 Speed
“Transfer from Cal should be a great replacement for R. Long

RE-RS SR S Kaufusi-73 Overall/83 Speed
“Led the team in sacks last year with 6, was named Pac-10 PreSeason All-Amercian”

DT-SR J. Clayton-77 Overall
“First year starter”

DT-RS JR X. Cooper-67 Overall
“Was a backup DE for the past 2 years moves back into the middle”

DE-RS SO T. Jude-63 Overall, RS FR R. Parker-59 Overall
DT-RS SO J. Hines-64 Overall, RS FR J. Wilson-63 Overall, FR D. Stone-60 Overall

DE- FR T. Turner-61 Overall, (Transfer) SO M. Owens-78 Overall, FR J. Langeford-62 Overall
DT- FR P. Hill-60 Overall, FR J. Harrison-57 Overall


LOLB-RS SR A. Burns-77 Overall/82 Speed)
“Had 64 Tackles last season (36 Solo, 12 TFL)”

MLB-RS SO R. Franklin-66 Overall/82 Speed)
“1st Year starter”

ROLB-RS JR C. Mizzell-76 Overall/85 Speed)
“77 Tackles (52 Solo, 8 TFL) is the Leader of the Defense

OLB-FR D. Harrison-61 Overall/83 Speed, FR EJ Simms-62 Overall 89 Speed
MLB-FR B. Lewis-60 Overall/82 Speed, RS FR A. Brown-50 Overall


*CB- RS SR A. Patterson-81 Overall/94 Speed
“Transfer from Oregon, will also start as the KR/PR

*CB-RS SR N. Washington-81 Overall92 Speed
“Started last season finishing with 54 Tackles (31 Solo) with 2 INT and 6 Pass Deflections”

CB-RS JR A. Carpenter-78 Overall/90 Speed
“Will be the Nickleback. Had 2 huge INT last year”

CB-RS JR D. Buchannon-74 Overall/90 Speed
“Started at SS last season”

CB-RS SO D. Miller-73 Overall/90 Speed

R-FR T. Love-57 Overall


*FS-RS SR C. Locker-74 Overall/73 AWR
“Brother to former UW QB Jake Locker, had 57 Tackles last season (35 solo)

*SS-RS SO L. Burton-68 Overall

FS-RS JR T. Duckett-75 Overall
“Will see a lot of action in Nickle and Dime packages”

FS-RS SO D. Evens-64 Overall

SS-SO G. Keyes-63 Overall

R-FR M. Walker-60 Overall


PK-RS SO R. Parrish-70 Overall
“Was named Pac-10 PreSeason All-American after kicking 14/23 FG last year and was 100% on PAT”

P-RS SO C. Young-68 Overall
“Avg only 37 yds per punt, but had a 33 yd net Avg. Also handles Kickoffs”

Coach Dodge Comments on the Defense

"I really like our Defense as a Unit. I feel like we have a Solid Line, Our Linebackers are very underated and offer alot of Speed which comes in handy in both pass rush and coverage, and our Secondary is very solid and toward the end of the year started to produce some INT's.

I also really like our Special Teams. Parrish is very accurate inside the 35 yd line but will have to continue to work on his long range FG's. Young is a serviceable punter and is working on placing it better inside the 20. We have alot more speed Overall this year on the team, so Washington and Buccanon will take a step back on kick and punt returns giving transfer A. Patterson a chance to show what he can do. We also might see HB D. Williams get a crack at a few returns as well"

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Because I am already into Week 3, I am just going to do the Recruiting Post regarding Board Member Players in Week 5. I will list players, write a short bio about each one unless already provided by the creator of the player, and list what their Top-5 Schools are or if they have already signed.

Here is a list of the players who made this year's 15 created player. I tried to go back through all 26 pages looking for players, so if I accidently missed your player please send me a PM with the Player Info and you will be 1st on the list for next year.

WR A. Wheeler (Hockeyplaya2724)
WR C. Haas (JJ4)
WR J. Green and TE AJ Hart (Hogs15)
HB/CB D. White (K-oss)
QB K. Charles (Kelsey Pro)
QB J. Ross and HB S. Mengal (Bucky3)
MLB L. Kyle and QB A. West (Valdarix)
"HB J. West already on next year's list"
SS J. Matthews (Scarerow)
TE TJ Deuce (me)
The McLaughlin Trio QB-Dave, LT-Ian and WR Jack (DTack)
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Week 1 didn't offer a ton of bigtime matchups as most teams scheduled cupcakes to start the season strong, but here is a recap of some noteable games.

Wyoming-21 #24 Rutgers-9
"A short lived spot in the Top-25"

North Carolina-42 #11 South Carolina-10
"A heated rivalary that just added fuel to the fire"

Navy-13 #23 Notre Dame-6
"Another huge rivalary game, as the Irish fall from the Top-25 after a Week 1 loss for the 2nd straight year"

Kentucky-31 Western Kentucky-17
"Where is Coach White when you need him"

Georgia-24 Clemson-17
"Another Week 1 Rivalary game"

Iowa-37 North Texas-30
"3rd straight year UNT opens against Iowa?"

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

I can't believe that you have a 90+ overall HB. I would run him until he asked to come out of the game and then run him some more. Good Luck!
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Originally Posted by vusa92troy
I can't believe that you have a 90+ overall HB. I would run him until he asked to come out of the game and then run him some more. Good Luck!

Well it helps that he transfered in from Oregon. The Ducks were loaded at RB with James,Seastrunk and Barner (who ended up transfering to UCLA).

And trust me he will get alot of carries.
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