The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

How is SDSU doing in year 5?
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


Good Evening and Welcome to Comcast Sportsnet College Football Preview show. I am your host Jason Gesser.

Tonights Guest is Former WSU QB and now Quarterbacks Coach Drew Bledsoe as we take a closer look at this year's Washington State Cougars.

Gesser-First let me say Congrats on your posistion with the "Cougs". I must be alot of fun being back on campus and helping restore the program back to National Honors.

Bledsoe-Thanks Jason. It is great to be back in Pullman. I am really excited for the upcoming season.

Gesser-Let's get right to it. You guys are Pre-Season Ranked #25, but play a brutal schedule with 4 of your first 6 games against Top-25 opponents and 5 of your first 6 games on the road. What can we expect.

Bledsoe-I think out Defense will be tested early. Obviously BSU, BYU and Oregon all know how to score points. If we can put some points on the board it will help.

Gesser-Lets talk about that. The Offense looks pretty solid with RS SR Conner Halliday starting at QB, RS SR Donte Williams at HB and a trio of RS SR WR's in (M. Wilson,R. Jiles and B. Ratliff)

Bledsoe-Yeah those guy's know who to play.

QB C. Halliday-6753 yds 43 TD's 34 INT (Career)

RB D. Williams-268 carries 1216 yds 14 TD rushing, 17 Rec 291 yds 4 TD recieving (Last Season)

WR M. Wilson-85 Rec 1413 yds 7 TD's (Last Season)

WR R. Jiles-75 Rec 1108 yds 8 TD's (Career)

WR B. Ratliff-62 Rec 1028 yds 6 TD's (Career)

Gesser- Drew you mentioned the Defense. On Paper it looks like you have some talent, yet when you look at the stat's these guy's coming back havn't really produced much.

50 TFL's 13.5 Sacks, 9 INT (As a Team)

Bledsoe-We lost alot when DE's S. Kaufusi and D. Camporeale graduated as well as CB's N. Washington and A. Patterson, but I really like the guy's we got coming in to replace them. And RS SR C. Mizzell is the the captain of our Defense and a true team leader.

ROLB C. Mizzell-158 Tackles/96 Solo, 4.0 Sacks (Career)
MLB F. Franklin-83 Tackles/53 Solo 4.0 Sacks (Career)
CB A. Carpenter 83 Tackles 2 INT
CB D. Buccannon-80 Tackles/47 solo 2 INT

Incoming Players

DE SO M. Owens-80 Overall, 73 Speed
DE FR B. Mills-74 Overall, 82 Speed

Gesser-Drew last year you guy's made a switch when you came on board and went to more of a Pro Style Offense (BSU Playbook) vs the Spread (Baylor Playbook). It seemed to really open up the running game for D. Williams. What style do you intend to run this year, and if you go with more of the Pro formation how much will we see JR J. Roland at QB?

Bledsoe- Coach Dodge and I have decided that we will continue to use more of a Pro style offense. That is what I am use to running and I believe that getting Williams more involved in both the running game and passing game (He is a PreSeason NCAA 1st Team All-American) will limit the amount of mistakes by Halliday. As far as Justin Roland (14/25 207 yds 1 TD 4 INT-Career) We will continue to rotate him into the game at times and should the occasion call for it when we have a lead, we will try and get him more snaps with the 1st Team Offense.

Gesser-If you had to pick 1 player on each side of the ball that will make a bigger impact then people might think who would it be?

Bledsoe-I really like JR WR T. McCoy. He is a huge target at 6'4 and has shown big play ability. If you remember it wasn't until his SR year, that I. Barton had a breakout year. I think McCoy has the ability to duplicate those type of #'s if give the chance. On Defense I really like RS SO DT J. Wilson. This will be his first year as a starter and I really think he will take on alot of double teams allowing Mills and Owens to make plays off the end.

Gesser- Last Season PK R. Parrish was perfect (15-15) inside the 40 yd line and 0/4 outside. Do you feel his lack to hit long kicks will force you to go for it on 4th Down when you normally you would go for a FG and do you feel that lack of ability to hit the long kicks is a reason why he finished 5th in the Lou Groza Award?

Bledsoe-Robert is a great Kicker and very accurate, but yeah his lack of a power leg, does force us to question it when we are outside that 40 yd area. I hope this year, that is something we can work on. I guess if he can finish a perfect 100% on his kicks then maybe it won't matter and he can still win.

Gesser-Well Drew we are out of time. But good luck tomorrow as you guys travel down to Boise to take on the #23 Ranked Broncos on the "Blue" Do me proud and come home with a victory.

Bledsoe-Thanks Jason. We will try out best. We watched the game film from your win over BSU in 2001 to help motivate the guy's in making history twice.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Nice to see a little QB competition at Ohio State, lets see if Adam can win the #2 spot and someday be the starter, just hope he doesn't go the way of a Shane Falco :-P
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

What is the comparison between the 3 QBs at Ohio State? Like throw power, throw accuracy, speed, acceleration, etc.?

Mr. Ross doesn't really fit the Spread style offense of the Buckeyes, so it would be interesting to see what the comparison is. I wouldn't be suprised to see one of them either redshirt or transfer

As for Mr. Mengel at Oklahoma. Looks like he is buried on the depth chart as well for at least 2 years. Wonder how many of these guys will end up transfering with their higher rating (85) and limited patience.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

so upset about being moved to right but oh well and the bledsoe addtion will be sweet
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

PS - Do you have any suggestions for a dynasty to run with? I was with Baylor and got really bored with the recruiting of Texas and Griffin's abilities, so I stopped posting on here. I was playing with Baylor in year 1 and didn't think that should be happening. Also, how do you recommend getting invested in the team without getting bored?

Who should I start with pretty much? I want a challenge and even Baylor due to being in Texas and Griffin made it too easy.

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Man... that is a wicked first three games to start the season.

It looks like you have strong skilled position guys but your Offensive Line appears around average... do you think that is going to cause you some problems deeper into the season (and even more so if the injury bug visits your campus).

Also, that Right End, Owens (Sophomore I think)... is going to be a beast as he progresses.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

That's going to be a tough first few weeks. Sure you can win them though.

I sent you a character a few days ago, not sure if you got it or not.
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