The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Originally Posted by outspoknpoet
Looks like you have one nice season going with UNT... What is the biggest thing you want to fix/work on going into the second half of the season?

I can't stop throwing INT's doesn't matter what QB I play with. I really need to focus on my run game and getting Dunbar and Hamilton the ball more.

Also need to figure out a way to get my WR to catch balls. I have alot of 3rd down drops.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Originally Posted by JJ4
I think you'll be proud of the way North Texas played against me.

Yeah it looked like they were playing well in your dynasty so far.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


Boise State made national news after claiming the #1 ranking in the Top-25 Media poll, but after back to back bye weeks the Broncos are taking a free fall in the rankings. Ohio State moved past them last week to claim the #1 spot. This week we see BSU drop all the way to #6 as Nebraska makes a huge move jumping up 4 spots to claim the #2 rankings.

#1 Ohio State (7-0)
"The Buckeyes continue to impress the nation with a 31-14 win over #8 Wisconsin.

#2 Nebraska (6-0)
"The Cornhuskers beat Purdue 28-0 and in a year in which they will not face #1 Ohio State have a great chance at claiming a spot in the National Title game."

#3 Penn State (6-0)
"The Nitty Lions face a tough road ahead as they take on #10 Michigan,#2 Nebraska and #1 Ohio State in the coming weeks"

#4 TCU (6-0)
"They have beat TAMU in OT and now trottle Texas Tech 47-10. It looks like only #14 Baylor stands in their way for a BCS Championship game."

#5 Virginia Tech (7-0)
"Like PSU, the Hokies have a tough schedule still to play as they take on #8 GT, #14 UNC and #13 Miami FL"

#6 Boise State (5-0)
"Back to back byes hurt their national exposure, as will playing the rest of their games against the MWC. A win over #25 Arizona (6-1) is a must if they have a chance to get back into the Top-2 spots"

#7 Oregon State (6-0)
"Another team with a tough schedule still to play, #15 USC, #11 Oregon and a road game against Stanford"

#8 Oklahoma (6-0)
"The Sooners have a very easy schedule and should be 12-0 going into the Big 12 Title game"

#9 Georgia Tec (7-0)
They too have 3 tough games still to play (#3 VT, #13 Miami and #17 Georgia in a instate rivalary game to end the year"

#10 Michigan (7-0)
"Another 3 games vs Top-25 opponents including Week 14 vs #1 OSU. If the Wolverines can get by #4 PSU this week and win in Columbus they could have a legit shot at a National Title"

#11 Oregon (5-1)

#12 Wisconsin (5-1)

#13 Miami FL (5-1)

#14 Baylor (7-0)

#15 UNC (5-1)

#16 USC (5-1)

#17 Georgia (6-1)

#18 Utah (5-1)

#19 Iowa (4-2)

#20 Florida State (6-1)

#21 Florida (5-2)

#22 Alabama (4-3)

#23 West Virginia (5-1)

#24 Arkansas (4-2)

#25 Arizona (6-1)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)



With Riley Dodge scheduled to return from his Achilles injury the big question is who will start at QB this week against Arizona State.

Coach Dodge "Right now the plan is to have them split the reps at QB this week and we might also have Riley line up and run some routes as a WR. If Riley is going to be our man going forward I would like to seem him get some PT this week against ASU, so he is ready for the matchup with #6 Boise State, however if I don't feel ike he is ready then Derick will continue to do what he has done and that is help us win games (minus the Arizona game)"

Here is a look at the stats so far this season from all 3 QB's

R. Dodge 69/169 1277 yds 8 TD's 10 Int's 8 sacks

D. Thompson 60/144 769 yds 7 TD's 3 INT's 8 sacks

N. Tune 19/43 238 yds 4 TD's 1 INT 3 sacks.


Jamal Jackson finished last season with 70 catches for 701 yds. In Week 1 he broke the School record for most yds in a game with 273 yards. With 71 catches for 1104 yds and 9 TD's. Jackson has the chance to break 2 more school records before he leaves Denton (Yards in a season-1322 and TD's in a season-13). Depending on how the rest of the year plays out he might have a outside chance at breaking Receptions in a season as well (113).


Over the past 3 games, Lance Dunbar has stepped up catching the ball out of the backfield and lining up at WR. Dunbar is avg 83 yds in the air and 75 yds on the ground.

With a 5-2 record you would think that the Mean Green Defense must be playing very well, but the stats don't back that up. North Texas has given up a NCAA leading 2500 yds passing and has give up a league leading 264 points. UNT is also ranked #21 for the most rushing yards allowed (804 yds).

Coach Dodge "Our Defense has given up alot of big plays but we have also done a pretty good job of creating turnovers when we need them (14 sacks, 8 Fumbles 6 INT's). It's a work in progress."

(I don't expect things to get any easier. ASU is avg 27 PPG, BSU is leading the nation at 43 PPG, Nevada-33.4, SDSU-29.8 and Fresno State 25.8)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


(5-2) @ (5-1)


After a week of practice it was announced that SO D. Thompson would get the start at QB, with Riley Dodge taking the role of #3 QB (if needed).

Coach Dodge "After evaluating them in practice we felt like it would be best to give Riley 1 more week off and also give us another game to see exactly what QB we will go with from this point out"


ASU would get on the scoreboard first as RB C. Marshall would slash through the "D" for a 14 yd score. Then after a D. Thompson INT, it was Marshall again who run over Mean Green Defenders for 40 yds as he helped set up a 31 yd FG as ASU takes the early (10-0) lead. UNT would finally get on the scoreboard with 2 minutes to play in the 1st Quarter as Lance Dunbar scores from 6 yds out (10-7).

In the 2nd Quarter, it was backup RB J. Hamilton making the big play as he takes a sweep play out of the wildcat 50 yds for the TD putting UNT on top (14-10) Then 2 minutes latter it was Thompson going to the air hitting BJ Lewis on a 80 yd Bomb down the middle of the field to put North Texas up (21-10) Arizona would get a scare on the following play as RB C. Marshall was carted off the field after taking a huge it. FR Deantre Lewis would enter the game though and his first TD of his college career on a 4 yd run. ASU would take on a FG to make it (21-20) at the end of the half.

Turnovers made their presence known in the 2nd half as Thompson opens the half throwing his 2nd INT of the game. ASU would answer back in a INT of their own as S. Threet throws his 2nd. After a 3 and out by UNT, Arizona State would finally get on the scoreboard as Lewis scores his 2nd TD of the game (5 yds). ASU would go for 2pt and fail though as the score goes to (26-21). Thompson under pressure all day woudl throw his 4th INT of the game giving the ball right back to ASU. The Mean Green "D" under critisism all week though would step up holding the Sun Devils to a 42 yd FG. (29-21). Some wondered after 3 INT's by Thompson if we might see a change at QB, but Coach Dodge had Thompson take the field and "DT" would deliever with a 31 yd TD pass to TE A. Fitzgerald. UNT would attempt to go for 2pt to tie the game but the ball would be called out of play as Jackson catches it in the back of the endzone. (29-27)

Arizona State would score early in the 4th as D. Lewis runs in his 3rd TD of the day (3 yds out) to make it (36-27) UNT would answer back as Thompson hits Jamal Jackson on a 5 yd slant play. (36-34) However the "D" would fail to get the stop as Threet hit's FB C. Coyle on a screen pass, the bigman would run over 3 defenders as he scrambles down the sideline scoring on a 79 yd catch and run to make it (43-34) with 3 minutes to play. Thompson would take the field looking to make something happen. Instead North Texas was plagued with what has happened to them all year. A huge drop pass on 3rd and 8 by. A. Lott (his 2nd of the game) and then a 4th down drop by T. Stradford. ASU would get the ball and look to run off some clock before kicking a 51 yd FG with 1 minute to play (46-34) Down by 2 scores with a minute to play Thompson again would go to the air but again the ASU "D" was ready picking up Thompson for the 4th time in the game as they held onto the win.



QB D. Thompson-20/44 377 yds 3 TD's 4 INT's
RB L. Dunbar 12 carries 80 yds 1 TD, 3 rec 30 yds
RB J. Hamilton 7 carries 69 yds 1 TD
WR J. Jackson 5 rec 57 yds 1 TD
WR BJ Lewis 4 rec 128 yds 1 TD (1 drop)
TE A. Fitzpatrick 3 rec 53 yds 1 TD
WR A. Lott 3 rec 72 yds (2 drops)
WR T. Stradford 2 rec 37 yds (1 drop)

QB S. Threet 19/38 337 yds 1 TD 2 INT
RB D. Lewis 15 carries 90 yds 3 TD
RB C. Marshall-13 carries 74 yds 1 TD


Coach Dodge "This is a tough loss to swallow. I felt like we had a chance to win this one. Obviously playing on the road for our 3rd straight week didn't help and going up against players recruited to play in the Pac-10 is always tough. You could totally see a speed difference between our guys and theirs. You have to give them credit they played tough nose football running the ball down our throats. Lewis is going to be something special. I can't believe that kid is only a freshman."

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


Again we see big changes to the Top-10 this week. Ohio State holds onto #1 after beating Purdue 38-10 and Nebraska stays at #2 after their 31-10 win over Michigan State but the big news is #7 Oregon State moving up to #3 after their 26-10 win over Washington, well the former #3 Penn State loses a shocker 32-31 to Minnesota. TCU stays at #4 and Virginia Tech stays at #5. In other big news. #10 Michigan moves up to #6 after beating Indiana 41-31, well Boise State continues to slide down the polls from #6 to #8. Baylor continues to impress as they beat Kansas State to improve to (8-0) and they move up from #14 to #10. (Oklahoma #7 and Oregon #9 round out the Top-10

Going forward the Top-25 Media Poll and Coaches Poll take a backseat as the BCS Poll comes out for the 1st time. Much of the poll looks the same but here is a complete run down of the Top-25

#1 Ohio State (8-0)

#2 Nebraska (7-0)

#3 Oregon State (6-0)

#4 Virginia Tech (8-0)

#5 TCU (7-0)

#6 Michigan (7-0)

#7 Boise State (6-0)

#8 Oklahoma (7-0)

#9 Oregon (6-1)

#10 Miami FL (6-1)

#11 Wisconsin (6-1)

#12 Baylor (8-0)

#13 USC (5-1)

#14 Florida State (6-1)

#15 Iowa (5-2)

#16 Utah (6-1)

#17 Penn State (6-1)

#18 Georgia (7-1)

#19 Florida (5-2)

#20 UNC (5-2)

#21 Alabama (5-3)

#22 Georgia Tech (7-1)
"lost last week to Clemson 21-10"

#23 Arizona (7-1)

#24 Arkansas (5-2)

#25 Miss State (6-2)

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Nice Dynasty

Hopefully Riley can come up big for you if you happen to start him in the next game.

Here's my Recuit Sheet.

Player Name: Deion White
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180
Race: Black
Hometown: Texas
Pos: Corner Back
# Choices: 10, 20, 5
3 Positive Attributes: Agility, Acceleration, Speed
3 Negative Attributes: Tackling, Zone Coverage, Press
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Player Name: Aaron Wheeler
Height: 6'3
Weight: 195
Race: White
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Position: Wide Receiver
Top 3 # choices: 27, 24, 81
3 Positive Attributes: Catching, Acceleration, Juking
3 Negative Attributes: Stiff Arm, Route Running, Trucking

I hope It's not to late to be recruited, nice 5-3 start!
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