The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

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The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Good Evening and Welcome to the 2010 College Football Preview Show. Tonight's headline story is the NCAA decision to have a major conference realignment. With the biggest announcement coming out of the Mountain West where 7 new team's will enter giving it a total new look. The Big 12 also makes major news as they shake up the look adding 3 new teams and realign their divisions. Notre Dame makes news as they finally join the Big Ten and more.. Let's go to our reporter Ryne Dezaron as he breaks down the moves......

RD-"Thanks guys!! It's crazy I am standing in Colorado Springs Headquarters of the Mountain West Conference. Where it has been announced that the MWC is getting 7 new teams. After news of Utah leaving for the Pac-10, TCU decision to go to the Big 12 and BYU decision to sit on the fence and look at the WAC or Indy, MWC Commish Craig Thompson made bold moves.. Here is the look at all the changes.

Obviously the biggest news is that #5 Boise State is joining the MWC after years of dominating the WAC and coming along with them are Nevada and Fresno State. However with the decision of Utah and Colorado to join the Pac-10, Arizona and Arizona State felt the squeeze and decided to come along as well to create a totally fresh look. Another big chance was TCU's decision to leave and join the Big 12. Not wanting to lose the chance to play and recruit in Texas, the MWC was quick to invite SMU and North Texas to replace the departing Wyoming and New Mexico.

Here is a word from the commish "We obviously are disappointed with TCU's decision to leave, but are very excited about SMU and North Texas. The Mustangs were at one time a National power and UNT has been a powerhouse in the Sunbelt. Both are great additions, however are biggest addition could be that of Arizona and Arizona State, they along with Boise State give us a very powerfull conference from top to bottom."

Another big change is that of the Big 12. We have already heard TCU is in, but the question is who is out? Well Missouri flirted with the idea of joining the Big Ten but instead were left out in the cold as the Big Ten instead invited Notre Dame and Nebraska to join. Gone is Iowa and Northwestern, as both teams move with Iowa joining the Big 12 and NW going to the Big East.. Here is a look at the new conference's and their teams.

North Division

Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State

South Division
Texas Tech
Texas A&M

RD "Obviously the biggest news here is the moving of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to the North creating a South Division of all Texas schools as TCU and Houston join up. Iowa joins the North to team up with Iowa state in the instate rival mode."

Northwestern is in replacing USF who moves to CUSA to replace SMU

RD-Tulane moves from the West to the East joining well the rest stays the same. The biggest changes are in the West where USF and Missouri replace the departed SMU and Houston, well UCF also moves from the East to the West. to form a rivaly with the Bulls.

RD-Gone is Northwestern and Iowa. In is Notre Dame and Nebraska, as the Big Ten looks to compete with the SEC as the toughest Conference in College Football.

RD-Orginally the Pac-10 wanted to expand to 12 teams or even 16, instead they lose Arizona and ASU and replace them with Utah and Colorado.

La Tech leaves the WAC to move to the Sun Belt where conference travel will be easier on the pocket book, replacing North Texas.

RD-Besides the MWC and Big 12, the WAC is the other conference that saw major chances. Gone is Boise State, Nevada, Fresno State, and La Tech. Replacing them are BYU who looked to go Independent but decided last minute not too, as Air Force joined Army and Navy to create a Arm's Forces Division. Joining BYU is fellow MWC opponents, New Mexico,Wyoming and Colorado State. Here is a complete look at the new WAC Conference

Colorado State
New Mexico State
New Mexico
San Jose State
Utah State

Ryne Dezaron "So there you have it guy's the major shakeup is down. It looks to be another year of exciting College Football, and only time will tell who will be playing in this year's National Championship.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


AP Report-

Today North Texas Head Coach Todd Dodge was involved in an automobile accident that will keep the Coach in the hospital for at least the next 6 months and he will be unable to Coach the Mean Green for the 2010 season. Coach Todd Dodge has served as the Head Coach of UNT since 2007, after an amazing High school career in which he went 124-46 and coaching Southlake High School to 4 State High School Championships. From 2007-2009. Coach Dodge has the North Texas Mean Green to a 3-31 Overall Record and a 2-20 record in the Sunbelt, leaving some to wonder how much longer he will be at North Texas.


Reported by Ryne Dezaron..

The University of North Texas names 1st year Offensive Coordinator Bryan Dodge as interm Head Coach.

Coach Bryan Dodge like his brother is known as one of the brightest offensive minds in the game and orginally came in to run the Offense this year. Instead he will be asked to take over Head Coaching duties as well.

Coach B. Dodge "I can only hope that I will be able to carry on the family name here at UNT and take this program to the level of success that my brother had planned. Obviously we already had alot of work going into spring ball with the move to the MWC, this is just another hurddle that our team will have to overcome. I feel that as long as we keep my brother's motto of success, then we will be fine..

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


2010- 9-4 Overall (5-3 MWC) with North Texas
"Won the Poinsettia Bowl 31-10 over Temple.

2011 7-6 Overall (6-3 PAC-10) with Washington State
"Lost the Holiday Bowl to Texas.

2012 9-4 Overall (6-3 Pac-10) with Washington State
"Won the Holiday Bowl against Kansas State"

2013 10-3 Overall (7-2 Pac-10) with Washington State
"Won the Alamo Bowl against Houston (44-28)"

2014 13-0 Overall (9-0 Pac 10) with Washington State
Pac-10 Conference Title and National Championship win over Alabama 41-33

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


2010-Ohio State (13-0)
Beat Florida State 34-31

2011-BOISE STATE (11-2)
Beat Michigan 48-34

2012-MICHIGAN (13-0)
Beat Alabama 38-24

2013-OHIO STATE (13-0)
Beat North Carolina 27-21

Beat Alabama 44-33


2014-WR Kevin Jackson-LSU

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

Dynasty Settings

Sliders SN All-American with slight modifications
Recruiting-Varsity with Restrictions

I can only recruit 3* or less until I have a 10 win season or back to back bowl seasons. Then I will limit myself to go after a 4* player if I am in his Top-10.

Players must be in my Top-10 in order to recruit and I will not recruit outside the State I play until year 2.

House Rules

Quarter Length-8 Minutes
Game Speed-Normal
Player Threshold-25
Home Field-On
Ice the Kicker-On

Offsides/False Start/OFF PI, DEF PI, Intentional Grounding, Roughing passer/kicker all set at 100

Holding/Facemask/Clipping are set at 60

My plan is to stay at the school until I have coached them into the Top-25, win a Conference Championship, win 10 games in a season and coached in back to back bowl games.

I will then consider any school with at least a 1* Increase in Overall prestige over my current school or a BCS program that is only a 1* or 2* Overall.
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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)


#1 Alabama

#2 Ohio State

#3 Texas

#4 Oregon

#5 Boise State

#6 Florida

#7 Virginia Tech

#8 TCU

#9 Nebraska

#10 Iowa

#11 Wisconsin

#12 Georgia Tech

#13 USC

#14 Miami FL

#15 Oklahoma

#16 Pitt

#17 LSU

#18 Penn State

#19 Oregon State

#20 Arkansas

#21 Florida State

#22 North Carolina

#23 Utah

#24 Cincinnati

#25 Houston

Mark Ingram RB-Alabama

Case Kennum QB Houston

Kellen Moore QB Boise State

Tryell Prior QB Ohio State

QB Jake Locker QB Washington

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

nice way to set it up haha
Currently playing:

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Re: The Career of Bryan Dodge (NCAA11)

(Overall Rating)


Coach Bryan Dodge was quick to announce that his nephew Riley Dodge would start the 2010 season as their Quarterback.

RS SO Riley Dodge (71) started 10 games in 2009 where he completed 205/303 for 1975 yds 9 TD's and 15 INT's. He also carried the ball 104 times for 564 yds and 5 TD's.

SR Nathan Tune(77) will start the year as the #2, with SO D. Thompson (72) and FR D. Teegarden (65) both redshirting.


The Mean Green will once again be lead by JR Lance Dunbar (82). Dunbar ran for 1433 yds last year and a school record 17 TD's. He will be backed up by JR J. Hamilton (69). Coach Dodge announced that FR Brandin Byrd (64) will redshirt.

SR M. Mosley (61) will start at Fullback and RS SO J. Mathis (59) will back him up as well as serve as the #3 RB.


SR Jamal Jackson (80) leads this unit after catching 71 balls 701 yds and 6 TD's last season and RS JR Tyler Stadford (76) a transfer from Oklahoma will provide the deep ball threat. RS JR BJ Lewis (71), SR A. Lott (70), SR M. Outlaw (69) will play in the 5 WR set's and RS SO W. Taylor (66) will provide depth. Coach Dodge will redshirt the following.

SO D. Carey (71), JR C. Bynes (70) JR B. Johnson (69) and FR B. Chancellor (61).

FR A. Fiztpatrick (62) will start as a true freshman at TE. Well SR D. Ross (67) and JR J. Olwale (62) provide depth. FR G. Hawkins (55) will redshirt.


The Starting Unit is LT- SR V.Gill (72), LG- SR K. Drake (77),C- RS JR J. Johnson (74),LG- RS JR M. Tomlinson (68), and RT- RS SR E. Santigao (79)

RS JR J. Bean (67), RS SO T. Franklin (60), RS SO A. Fotenberry (66), RS FR J. Noble (60), RS FR N. Leppo (65), RS C. Feeley (68) provide excellent depth

SO A. Adepide (66) will redshirt.


JR B. Akpunku (79) and SO K. Obi (68) provide pass rushing from the ends. SR S. Atkinson (77) and SR K. Jackson (72) will provide run support in the middle.

DT T. Cantly (63), SR DE D Dixon (68) and RS FR R Boutwell (66) will be the backups.

SO DE A. Bellazin (64) and DT SO K. White (53) and FR R. Abe (60) will all redshirt


RS SO J. Phillips (66) and SR C. Robertson (78) (107 tackles last season) will start on the outside well SR AJ Penson (70) will man the middle.

JR F. Johnson (65), RS FR R. Foster (57) SO D. Prior (61) RS JR M. Davis (59) JR B. Graham (66) provide excellent depth.

FR Z. Orr (62) will redshirt.


JR D. McCord (71) and SR C. Neal (68) will start at the corners, JR D. Cook (75) and SR I. Smith (70) will start as the safeties.

JR R. Hill (67) and JR J. Wilson (60) provide depth at CB, well JR J. Shorter (64) and JR R. Downing (65) provide depth as Safeties.

FR SS W. Wright (58), SO CB H. Jackson (64) and FR K. Sashington (59) will redshirt.


SO T. Deans will be the place kicker (74) and RS SO W. Atterberry (77) will punt and handle kickoff duties.

FR Z. Olen (63) will redshirt this season and provide a extra leg next season.

WR J. Jackson (93) and SS I. Smith (84) will return kicks and punts.

Coach Bryan Dodge on the 2010 Mean Green-

"I really like the team. I think we have a amazing RB in L. Dunbar and Riley is a great dual threat QB. Jamal Jackson offers us a go to reciever and our depth at O-Line should allow us to put some points on the scoreboard.

On the Defensive side of the ball. DE Brandon Akpunku is a force and should give us a solid pass rush, well SR DT S. Atkinson and OLB C. Robertson give us solid run support and FS D Cook is a playmaker in the backfield. PK T. Dean's has a strong leg and should help us put points on the board"

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