"Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)

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Re: "Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)

what a beat down! They never stood a chance, especially grabbing 5 interceptions. Man, this team is responding quickly!
Virginia Tech Hokies NCAA 2011 Dynasty Thread :
(click this link for a good read and an in-depth storyline-driven dynasty, Hokies 5 year climb to the National Championship!)

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Re: "Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)

Sorry if this comes off as a cheap pun, but your defense is ON FIRE!

Great win over GA.
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Re: "Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)

Nice win.. Hopefully we can see UAB continue to make it's climb up into the Top-10 at least.
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Re: "Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)



We're back with another week in the books. Week 4 to be exact. Im Erik Kuselias. There were some good games played this past weekend. We'll give you the scores of those as well as another huge, and I mean huge week of football games to be played this weekend. Here are the top Headlines for the week.

Winners Win:
  • Boise bounced back from two straight losses to a convincing win over BYU 42-21
  • UCF gets into the top 25 with a 66-7 win over Rice
  • North Carolina broke a 21 tie with a Douglass 9 yard touchdown run to hold on for the 28-21 win over Nebraska.
  • The Irish hold off Michigan State 31-20 in rival game victory
  • Miami stays undefeated after a 27-26 win over upset minded USF
  • USC squeaks by Cal 28-20
  • Nevada holds off a tough San Diego State squad 20-14
This week's national players of the week go to Boise's Vince Alston and Kentucky's Jacob McCoy.
Alston a junior quarterback for Boise threw for a career high 451 yards on 23-29 passing and combined for 5 total touchdowns against BYU. While senior Defensive end McCoy recorded 4 sacks and 10 tackles in a win over Western Kentucky.
Congrats to those two young men and hopefully that game by Alsotn can lead Boise in the right direction to finish the season.

This week's top 25
  5. TEXAS A&M
  6. LSU
  10. TCU
  11. MIAMI
  13. USC
  14. UTAH
  16. NEVADA
  17. AUBURN
  18. UAB
  19. IOWA
  25. UCF

Big weekend of games for football. But no game this weekend is bigger than the UAB/V-Tech game. Already announced that Corso and Herbstriet will be there with college gameday as these two undefeated teams square off in Blacksburg where the Hokies are on a 6 game home winning streak including 2-0 this season. UAB has already proven they can go into a tough environment and compete and win having beaten Auburn earlier this season. Should be a great match-up. Here are some other top 25 battles.

#1 ALABAMA (3-0) AT #21 ARKANSAS (2-0)
#6 LSU (3-0) AT #17 AUBURN (2-1)
#23 WISCONSIN (3-0) AT #7 PENN STATE (3-0)

Definitely a big weekend in college football, we also just received word that Texas A&M is currently in talks with the SEC. As this story develops we'll bring you more. We'll be back next week same time same place, good night.
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Re: "Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)

Originally Posted by waytofailself
Sorry if this comes off as a cheap pun, but your defense is ON FIRE!

Great win over GA.
I got a good laugh out of that!!!
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Re: "Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)

Originally Posted by mm boost
what a beat down! They never stood a chance, especially grabbing 5 interceptions. Man, this team is responding quickly!
The injury to their tailback was huge, changed the whole game!!!
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Re: "Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)



The defensive backs at UAB were the topic of the week last week, and now once again they're the main topic. But this time its in a good manor, their unit grabbed 5 interceptions in their route of the Georgia Bulldogs. FS Mark Parrish, SS Eugene Jackson, and CB Nate Davis all grabbed interceptions for the Blazers.
"We just got tired of hearing how we were the weak link"
FS Mark Parrish
Despite having to cover two of the SEC's top receivers UAB played with a certain in your face swag and intimidated them. Their turnovers led to 28 points for the offense and Mark Parrish returned one of his two interceptions for a touchdown.
"It was a tough week of practice, we did one on one's and a lot of 7 on 7, it was a lot of conditioning and then we'd come back after study hall for film."
CB Nate Davis
Whatever they did it worked and now the Blazers have the attention of the Nation as slowly move up the polls.

On secondary returning a interception for a TD:
Yeah that is great. They can score as much as they want to as far as I am concerned.
QB Wayne Smith

On Mark Parrish’s interception:
During the spring game, I ran that same route and that was the same play it seemed and he picked it off so he's reading things well out there. Mark is playing at a high level right now.
WR Ian Wilson

On the win against Georgia:
We know we have to go back to work. That game is over with now, we’re working on Virginia Tech. We just put the thing behind us and get ready for tomorrow. We’re practicing hard. You have to just take one game at a time.
MLB Tom Slaughter

#30 Nate Davis earns C-USA Defensive Player of the Week
C-USA announced today that cornerback Nate Davis is the Defensive Player of the week for week 4. Davis had a stellar game locking down Georgia receiver Nic Gray and holding him to no catches. He also registered four tackles and grabbed two interceptions.

Head Coach Travis Rhatigan met with the media Monday to discuss the state of the team and this weekends big road match up at Virginia Tech:

Opening statement: The guys played really hard on Saturday. It's fun when they play with enthusiasm and embrace the environment we had at home. I'm amazed at our fan support, the fans are great. Defense forcing turnovers took Georgia out of the game, and I was really proud of the offense, they are coming on and playing better each week.
The thing about the team right now is they're playing really well in all three phases of the game.
On non-offensive scores: It's unusual to have a defense that scores like our defense is scoring. It's fun. It's exciting. Especially when you can get somebody one-dimensional. When Georgia got behind they had to start throwing it and that's not who they are, they would rather run the ball and have play-action. They're not a drop back passing team. The other thing that happens in this situation, your defensive backs get so much credit because we can play man coverage, and they should, but until the quarterback gets rattled and starts throwing balls that you can intercept, you have nothing. So much of this credit should be going to Jerry Bowser and Brandon Richardson and the pressure our defensive front put on Hood.

We've sent a message right now to teams that we can score in all three phases and that's something that I think would make people more conservative. What Virginia Tech will do is they will try to run the ball and hit some play action passes like they did last weekend and try to throw it deep some, but they'll try to keep the ball. That's what we knew Georgia was going to try to do.

Offensively, Wayne Smith is quietly having a great season, at least a great first three games. He's consistent, he's spreading the ball around and he's having fun. Not to mention the running of Matthew (Scott). When we can get him going the chains are moving so a lot of credit to our offensive line.

On Virginia Tech:
Just like last week and the week after and so on, its a big game for us. Virginia Tech is a very well disciplined team. Beamer has those guys attention and they're playing good ball right now. We'll try not to get distracted with college gameday and all the media ruckus around the game. But again this is fun and these are the type of games we want to play in, Nationally televised games so the country can see what we as a staff are doing here at UAB.
Defensively Tech is very athletic in a way they mirror our defense, defensive end Kyle Bryant will have to be accounted for and we'll have to keep and eye on middle linebacker Jordan Walker, we'll also have Smith watching where their impressive corner Antonio Craig is at all times. Defensively for us we need to wrap up this week Nick Davis is a damn fine running back and Mitchell compliments him well.
Its gonna be a tough week but we're gonna prepare and we'll be ready.
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Re: "Dragon Breath" A UAB Dynasty (NCAA12)


Fowler: Welcome to College Game Day the Blacksburg edition. We're outside Lane Stadium with a rowdy crowd behind us as they get ready to Watch their Hokies take on the Blazers from UAB.
V-Tech comes into this game ranked 12th and undefeated, but if you ask me not really proven yet having beat Kentucky(2-1) a winless Marshall (0-3) and struggled to a victory opening week right here against ECU (1-2) Kirk do they have a chance against UAB?

Herbstriet: NO!!
Dont get me wrong the Hokies are at home and they have a really good defense but as you stated not really proven. UAB is #18 but in my opinion they're a top ten team. I sat down with their coach Travis Rhatigan as well as watched them practice, let me tell you this, these guys are hungry. They practice and play with such intensity. They have one of the best looking linebackers in the country in Tom Slaughter and a top 5 pick in defensive end Jerry Bowser.
Lets remember the Blazers did go into Jordan Hare a few weeks back and knock off a good Auburn team. Im just saying.

Corso: Not so fast my friend.
These Hokies have the country right where they want them, thats here in Lane Stadium to put a whooping on UAB my friend.
Watch out for tailback Nick Davis to run rampant and we'll how good these Blazers really are. I'm not sold just yet. The Hokies have their own good linebacker in Jordan Walker a junior who leads the conference in tackles and looks (LAUGHING) He looks the part thats for sure and he'll headline the crew in stopping UAB's rush attack.

Fowler: Before we break down some more of this big match up, here are other key games around the country.
#6 LSU @ #17 Auburn
#1 Alabama @ #21 Arkansas
#23 Wisconsin @ #7 Penn State
Who are your picks Kirk and Corso?
LSU, Ark, Wisconsin
Auburn, Bama, Wisconsin

Interesting picks. Here's Erin Andrews with a little more insight from the stadium.
Matchup Preview | September 22, 2012
#18 UAB Blazers
(3-0, Away)

#12 Virginia Tech Hokies
(3-0, Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
QB Wayne Smith- 921 yards 9 TD 4 IntPassing YardsQB Joe Carroll- 659 yards 7TD 3 Int
Matthew Scott 377 yards 4TDRushing YardsNick Davis - 208 yards 5.4 ypc
Ian Wilson- 11 rec 275 yards 3 tdPassing YardsSean Stewart- 14 rec 253 yards 1 td
Defensive Stats Comparison
Tom Slaughter- 22 tackles 4 sacksRushing Yards AllowedJordan Walker 12 tackles 2 sacks
Mark Parrish 22 tackles 3 Int'sPassing Yards AllowedAntonio Craig 11 tackles 3 Int
Jeff Bowser- 9 tackles 2 sacksSacksKyle Bryant 15 tackles 2 sacks
Injury Report

LG L. Miller
Game Notes
Erin Andrews reporting: This is UAB's biggest mid season match up in school history, sure they played Auburn a week ago and sure they survived the Gators last season but this is the first time they have been on the national stage against another undefeated power trying to move up in the rankings.
To win today UAB will need Wayne Smith to play very smart and very efficient. Virginia Tech forces turnovers and are #5 in the country at forcing fumbles having already forced 7 in three games. With Beamer ball in full effect expect the Hokies to come after Smith. Corner back Antonio Craig is one of the nations top corner's and if the Hokies can get pressure he'll be licking his chops. He'll have a tough work load as well however trying to cover UAB's great receiver's in Ian Wilson Ralph Rawls or James Moses. I talked to Antonio earlier this week and he told me he had no problem covering anyone of those guys.
UAB comes in with the nation's 13th rated defense. They are #2 in the nation in interceptions. They are also ranked #3 in sacks with 15 in three games led by senior Linebacker Tom Slaughter and Senior defensive end Jerry Bowser. This unit seemed very confident at yesterday's walk through here at Lane Stadium. I quoted linebacker Danny McCray to saying "Them Boys aint ready for us!" this team is very relaxed and looks ready to play.
They have a tough job of trying to tackle Hokie tailback Nick Davis. He averages 5.4 yards per carry and could be a big game changer if he can continue that.
Thats all I have here guys back to you.

Fowler: Ok, thanks Erin. Ok its almost kick off, now its the time everybody has been waiting on the predictions.

Herbstriet: I just feel Travis Rhatigan has these guys ready to go. As Erin stated there relaxed and ready. I got UAB in this one.

(Shuffling) Where's my (Shuffling)
Ha Ha my friend Hokies all day (Muffled voice in Hokie headgear)

Fowler: (chuckles) they're ready for the kickoff, up next UAB and Virginia Tech.

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