When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

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Old 12-14-2011, 08:58 PM   #273
Kcordloh's Arena
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

#1 Tigers roll Black Knights 41-13

The game opened with the #1 Missouri Tigers (7-0) hosting the Army Black Knights (6-2). Army came in boasting the #5 rushing attack in the nation and averaging over 41 points a game.

Missouri took off quickly, stuffing Army's first drive with a 3 and out as the option lost the Black Knights yards. M. Haynes capped a 9 play 71 yard drive for the Tigers to make it 7-0 with a 6 yard catch from E. Torres.
C O'Connor added a field goal with 2:00 left in the first period to make it 10-0 as the Army offense could not get started.

The Army offense had no counter for the Missouri defense on the ground, they could not run the option unless they got their passing attack going. So R. Whitaker, the freshman from Texas, starting airing it out for the men he was leading. Missouri kept pushing though, and had 20-0 lead with 2 minutes left in the half. Whitaker ran a 2 minute drill and put his team in position for R. Smith to nail a 29 yarder with 0:17 left in the half to prevent the shutout at 20-3.

Army struck first in the second half, a 45 yard field goal from R. Smith to make it 20-6. Missouri kicked it into high gear, and E. Morrison had a 1 yard sweep play to make it 27-6. David Steele ran in it off a 12 yard toss from E. Torres to make it 34-6 at the end of three periods.

With one guy to beat Army's WR got bumped out, and then they couldn't move the ball an inch

Army finally tasted the endzone when S. White crossed the plane on a 1 yard drive play. Missouri hit paydirt last when D. Steele bumped in from 6 yards out to make it 41-13 with 1:06 left to play and that's where the score stayed.

M. Wilson got this weeks INT for the defense as he stopped a promising drive in the 2nd half dead in it's tracks

Nothing like breaking up a potential touchdown pass...

Missouri POTG: E. Torres 31/37 for 330 yards and 3 TD
M. Wilson 10 tackles, 7 solo, 1 INT, 1 FF

Army POTG: R. Whitaker 27/38 for 302 yards, 1 INT, sacked 1 time

Army Black Knights at Missouri Tigers
Nov 8, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Army Black Knights (6-2)033713
#1 Missouri Tigers (7-0)101014741
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense392501
Rushing Yards90164
Passing Yards302337
First Downs2225
Punt Return Yards028
Kick Return Yards5543
Total Yards447572
3rd Down Converstion8-16 (50%)6-9 (67%)
4th Down Conversion1-2 (50%)0-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals6-1-16-5-1
Penalties5-46 yards1- 5 yards
Posession Time
Scoring Summary
4:41(MIZZ) M. Haynes 6 yard catch (PAT)07
2:00(MIZZ) C O'Connor 21 yard FG010
4:17(MIZZ) C O'Connor 43 yard FG013
1:51(MIZZ) M. Moore 3 yard catch (PAT)020
0:17(ARMY) R. Smith 29 yard FG320
6:27(ARMY) R. Smith 45 yard FG620
2:53(MIZZ) E. Morrison 1 yard rush (PAT)627
0:00(MIZZ) D. Steele 12 yard catch (PAT)634
3:57(ARMY) S. White 1 yard rush (PAT)1334
1:06(MIZZ) D. Steele 6 yard rush (PAT)1341
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Originally Posted by bradchadford
Yeah that is when I was hinting at when I said you need specific players. Do all the Texas schools offer alot of competition recruiting wise?
To be honest I don't recruit the offensive side since I am DC.
TCU is my main competition for players now, Texas was but they have slipped to 4* along with A&M, Baylor and TTech are both 3*. Now the 3*'s are hard to get from Texas, not to mention LSU/OU/OSU/Alabama got their hands in the cookie jar as well. But the 4*/5*s are easier to get than the 3*s, at least out of Texas. Because most will go to either TCU/Bama/LSU/ or MU.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Upset the name of the game last weekend
It's November 9th, there are 4 weeks left in the season until it's all over, and there are four unbeaten teams left.

Upsets were to be found last weekend, as #7 Michigan State, #9 Virginia Tech, #15 Fresno State, and #23 North Carolina all lost to inferior competition.

Top 25 results from the weekend of November 8th, 2014
#1 Missouri (8-0) beat Army (6-3) 41-13
#2 Kansas (9-0) beat rival Kansas State (5-4) 48-20
#3 USF (8-0) slipped past SMU (4-4) 38-31 in OT
#4 Boise State (9-0) walloped Baylor (5-4) 56-42
#5 Oregon (8-1) beat Stanford (6-4) 39-25
#6 TCU (8-1) owned Colorado (3-6) 38-14
#17 Rutgers (8-1) outgunned #7 Michigan State (6-2) 34-28
#8 Ohio State (8-1) beat #12 Penn State (7-2) 47-27
Miami (8-3) beat #9 Virginia Tech (7-2) 38-35
Purdue (5-4) beat #10 Wisconsin (7-2) 28-25
#11 UCLA (8-1) survived BYU (3-7) 22-21
#13 Michigan (7-2) beat Iowa (4-5) 31-13
#14 Arkansas (9-1) beat #24 South Carolina (4-4) 50-23
SDSU (1-8) got their first win of the year over #15 Fresno State (8-2) 48-16
#16 Georgia Tech (8-1) beat Duke (3-6) 41-21
#18 LSU (7-2) throttled Alabama (4-5) 34-0
#19 California (8-1) blanked Oregon State (5-4) 20-0
Auburn (4-5) upset #20 Ole Miss (6-4) 17-10
#22 Mid Tenn State (7-1) beatdown FIU (3-6) 67-3
North Carolina State University (4-5) shocked #23 North Carolina (6-3) 28-27
#24 Mississippi State (5-5) beat Tennessee (5-5) 42-28
#25 Ohio (9-1) routed Buffalo (2-7) 45-10
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Old 12-14-2011, 09:40 PM   #276
Kcordloh's Arena
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Missouri and Kansas #1/2 in all major polls
The end of November cannot get here soon enough as the annual Border War once again promises to have national championship implications.
In 2007 and 2013 the winner of this game was a front runner for the national championship game. This year however winning the Border War won't be good enough, because if both teams win this upcoming weekend they will have a rematch for the Big XII Title two weeks later! Which means whoever losers still has a shot at a BCS Bowl game, and possibly the national championship!

Coaches Poll
NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Nov 9, 2014
11Missouri (36)801500
22Kansas (24)901451
33USF (1)801418
44Boise State901267
78Ohio State811103
117Michigan State62780
1316Georgia Tech81710
149Virginia Tech72629
1512Penn State72628

BCS Poll
NCAA Football Rankings - BCS Rankings - Updated: Nov 9, 2014
44Boise State90.983
78Ohio State81.967
1215Georgia Tech72.922
139Michigan State62.921
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

BCS Projections
It's still early in the season, but most people were starting to publish bowl projections weeks ago. How Kansas vs Missouri for the BCS National Championship even managed to get out of someone's brain escapes me.

BCS National Championship: Kansas vs USF.
Why: Kansas is on a 23 game winning streak, the nation's longest. They have a very underrated passing attack despite losing Webb last year, and their offensive line is one of the best in the nation at what they do.

USF is not the strongest team, but the Big East still gets a little more respect than the Mountain West. Boise State might leap USF at year's end, but USF looks like a little bit better of a team than the Broncos.

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs Rutgers
Why: Rutgers is in the middle of a dream season, and the only thing keeping them from being in the top 3 in the nation is this loss to Ohio State earlier this year.
LSU is the front runner for the weakened SEC, so they will get the automatic bid. Rutgers will be top 10, and a great pick for a fanbase that will want to travel and see their team play in a major bowl in their best season ever.

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs UCLA
Why: Georgia Tech is the front runner to win the ACC which will earn them the automatic Orange Bowl berth.
UCLA has already lost to TCU, which means TCU gets to go to the Pac-12 title game over them. That prevents UCLA from backdooring into the national title game unless TCU loses, but it also means UCLA should finish 11-1, and there is no way an 11-1 UCLA will not be chosen as an at large.

Fiesta Bowl: Arkansas vs Boise State
Why: Kansas should beat Missouri twice in the span of 14 days, which will drop them out of the top 10. Boise State will slip into the Fiesta just by replacement options, and the choice to replace Missouri should be an easy one, Arkansas. They have the most explosive offense in the nation behind KU, and it would be nice to see that Bronco defense tested by a true offensive power.

Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs Oregon
Oregon and TCU are on a collision course for the PAC-12 title game. TCU won the last matchup in overtime, but Oregon has just improved since then so look for Oregon to win the Pac-12 title.
Ohio State is the leader in the Legends Division, and barring a slipup to Michigan will play for the BIG 10 title. Nobody on the Leaders side is anywhere close to Ohio State's level.
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Old 12-15-2011, 12:34 PM   #278
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Matchup Preview *|* November 15, 2014
#1 Missouri Tigers
(8-0, 4-0 Away)
Texas Tech Red Raiders
(1-8, 1-4 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
Total Offensive Yards#19
Passing Yards#5
Rushing Yards#119
Defensive Stats Comparison
#12Total Yards Allowed#108
#50Passing Yards Allowed
#1Rushing Yards Allowed
Game Notes
Despite the odd numbers, this game actually should be closer than one might think.
Missouri has won 6 of the last 7 games, but Texas Tech has an amazing passing attack. Can Missouri really hold it this passing attack? Remember last week Army's 117th ranked passing attack split the Tigers for over 300 yards, imagine what Texas Tech will do!

Of course the same was said about Arkansas, and we all know the end result there. The difference is that Tech is 1-8 and it's not supposed to be close.

Tech's defense is very weak this year, look for D. Steele and Torres to have their way with it. The key will be turnovers. We know Tech will score, and so will the Tigers. Whoever gets the edge in the turnover battle and can get points off of them will win the game.

Missouri should win, they are #1 and have a return date with Kansas in a few weeks. But don't be too surprised if you see Texas Tech make a run at glory and try to take upset of the year away from San Diego State's win over Fresno State last weekend
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Old 12-15-2011, 10:35 PM   #279
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Missouri crushes Texas Tech
The #1 Missouri Tigers walked into Jones Stadium in Lubbock, Texas with over 60,000 people chanting for their heads. After all this game might have been #1 Missouri (8-0) vs Texas Tech (1-8), but for fans of the Red Raiders it was more.
Last year Missouri slaughtered Texas Tech 82-21, and the year before it was a 37-3 beat down. The last time it was competitive was in 2011 when Texas Tech almost upset then #5 Missouri in Columbia.

Texas Tech is 3-8 all time against Missouri, their last victory a 24-17 victory over then #14 Missouri in Lubbock.

The game started off strong for Missouri as they let Tech get to field goal range and then stopped them to see Tech's 39 yard field goal attempt bounced off the bottom bar. C. O'Connor got Missouri on the board with a 42 yard field goal, and Missouri took off to the races.

David Steele was Missouri's primary offensive threat early, as he jogged in a 6 yard touchdown and then caught a pass for 11 yards and another touchdown to give Missouri a 16-0 lead after one quarter.

Steele then had another catch for a touchdown, and ripped a 43 yard touchdown run followed by another C O'Connor field goal to give Missouri a dominate 33-0 lead after two quarters. Tech's offense struggled early, as Scott Young went down with bruised ribs which was a good thing it seemed as he had already been intercepted twice by the time he was injured halfway through the second quarter.

M. Wilson collected 2 interceptions on the day, here it was from S. Young

At halfway Missouri led 33-0, had 13 first downs compared to Texas Tech's 6, had 210 passing yards to Tech's 135, and led the rushing game 125 yards to 0. Tech only attempted one rush the entire first half.

David Steele was deadly in the first half for Missouri

Missouri continued to pour it on after halftime, and even went as far as to taunt Texas Tech's reliance on the pass, at on time dropped 10 of their players back into coverage 5 of 8 plays.

Missouri was begging for Tech to try to run on them

Down 54-0, fans started heading for the exit with only 4:17 left in the third quarter and a victory requiring 55 points in a very short amount of time. Suddenly they got hope, as third string QB stepped into the game after an injury to the second string QB L. Cox. M. Brewer connected with M. Richardson for 66 yards and a TD on his first pass attempt of the game.

M. Richardson ending the shutout

Tech suddenly came to life, and while they were facing the 2nd and 3rd string for Missouri they were shredding them. The Tech defense forced 3 and outs, the offense was clicking, and suddenly as the third period ended it was 54-21 with Texas Tech only needing 33 points to force overtime, something that suddenly seemed do-able.

Texas Tech got the ball down into the redzone late in the fourth quarter after Missouri ran the clock down their previous drive. They went for another touchdown pass but K. Hall grabbed the errant pass and ran it back to the 12 yard line. D. Steele broke free on the very next play for Missouri for 88 yards and suddenly it was 61-21, and the Tech scoring frenzy was over.

K. Hall prevented another Texas Tech TD

D. Steele's ran 88 yards for this touchdown to make it 61-21

Texas Tech struck back with another long touchdown pass, this one to S. Corker from 81 yards out, but it was to little to late. C O'Connor finished the game with a 32 yard field goal, and Missouri had their third straight route of Texas Tech.

S. Corker had a nice 81 TD catch and run, but it was too little too late

Missouri POTG
E. Torres 31 of 45 for 414 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, was not sacked
D. Steele 21 rushes for 208 yards and 3 TD, 6 catches for 108 yards and 2 TD
J. Thomas had 8 catches for 104 yards and 1 touchdown
C. Jones and M. Wilson had 2 interceptions and 7 tackles apiece
K. Hall had 5 tackles and an interception
C. Graham had 4 tackles, 1 FF, and an interception

Texas Tech POTG
Freshman M. Brewer went 31/42 for 349 yards, 4 TD, and 4 INT

Missouri Tigers at Texas Tech Red Raiders
Nov 15, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#1 Missouri Tigers (8-0)1617211771
Texas Tech Red Raiders (1-8)0021728
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense694592
Rushing Yards25750
Passing Yards437542
First Downs2317
Punt Return Yards278
Kick Return Yards4583
Total Yards766683
3rd Down Converstion8-153-14
4th Down Conversion0-01-2
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals9-6-13-0-0
Penalties2-20 yards1-8 yards
Posession Time
Scoring Summary
4:08(MIZZ) C O'Connor 42 yard FG30
2:17(MIZZ) D. Steele 6 yard run (PAT)100
0:25(MIZZ) D. Steele 11 yard catch from E. Torres (missed PAT)160
5:06(MIZZ) D. Steele 17 yard catch from E. Torres (PAT)230
2:08(MIZZ) D. Steele 43 yard run (PAT)300
0:29(MIZZ) C O'Connor 21 yard FG330
7:18(MIZZ) J. Thomas 30 yard catch from E. Torres (PAT)400
5:43(MIZZ) M. Haynes 1 yard catch from E. Torres (PAT)470
4:17(MIZZ) D. Steele 7 yard run (PAT)540
3:31(TTU) M. Richardson 66 yard pass from M. Brewer (PAT)547
2:47(TTU) D. Edwards 50 yard pass from M. Brewer (PAT)5414
1:07(TTU) M. Richardson 80 yard pass from M. Brewer (PAT)5421
4:57(MIZZ) D. Steele 88 yard run (PAT)6121
4:21(MIZZ) G. White 4 yard run (PAT)6821
3:57(TTU) S. Corker 81 yard pass from M. Brewer (PAT)6828
1:48(MIZZ) C. O'Connor 32 yard FG7128
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

USF falls, Boise State in the drivers seat for BCS National Championship
#3 USF dropped the ball against Louisville, and is bound to fall from the top 10, guaranteed to drop to at least #5.
With this result, Boise State moves into the driver's seat for a national championship bid for their second trip there in 3 years. Two years ago they lost to 1 loss Illinois, you know they are hoping for a second chance, and to get there all they have to do is win 3 more games. You also know they have to be dying for another shot at Missouri, as Missouri is leading their little series 2-1, and had the last victory over Boise State last year. Facing Missouri would mean these two programs faced each other 4 years in a row after never meeting until the 2012 edition of the Fiesta Bowl.

Top 25 results from the weekend of November 15th, 2014
ResultsWhat this means
#1 Missouri (9-0) crushed Texas Tech (1-9) 71-28Missouri hosts Iowa State left before #2 Kansas
#2 Kansas (10-0) killed Arizona (4-5) 50-21Kansas hosts Baylor before playing #1 Missouri
Louisville (4-5) upset #3 USF (8-1) 34-26Louisville now controls the Big East
#4 Boise State (10-0) destroyed UNLV (1-10) 42-7Boise State is in the title game if they win out
#17 California (9-1) beat #5 Oregon (8-2) 42-35California clinched the Pac-12 North
#6 TCU (9-1) beat Washington (4-6) 42-21TCU is one win away from the Pac-12 South title
#7 Ohio State (9-1) slipped past Indiana (1-9) 15-14Ohio State is a single victory away from clinching the Leaders division
Utah (7-3) upset #8 UCLA (8-2) 45-26Utah can play spoiler against TCU next week and slip into the Pac-12 title game
#9 Michigan (8-2) beat Northwestern (0-10) 52-17Michigan won their 8th straight and controls the Legends division
#10 Arkansas (10-1) throttled Auburn (4-6) 36-14Arkansas remains hopeful Missouri or Kansas go undefeated so they can slip into a BCS Bowl
#11 Michigan State (7-2) beat Minnesota (4-7) 42-30Michigan State remains in the hunt for highly unlikely an at large bid
#12 Rutgers (9-1) beat Nebraska (3-7) 45-31Rutgers can make the Big-10 title game if Ohio State loses to Michigan in two weeks
Virginia (8-2) upset #13 Georgia Tech (8-2) 27-0Virginia controls their destiny in the ACC
#14 Virginia Tech (8-2) thumped North Carolina (6-4) 37-27Virginia Tech controls their ACC destiny as well, but the Hokies look vulnerable
#18 Wisconsin (8-2) exposed #15 Penn State (7-3) 27-3Wisconsin remains in the hunt for the Big-10 title if Rutgers and Ohio State both lose a Big-10 game
#16 LSU (8-2) walked over Texas A&M (5-5) 29-17LSU is heads and heels above the rest of the SEC these days
#19 Middle Tennessee State (8-1) got all their could ask for from Arkansas State (6-3) 35-31Middle Tennessee State is the front runner for an at-large berth as the leading non-AQ
#22 Idaho (7-2) beat Utah State (6-3) 52-28Idaho remains the 2nd best non-AQ
#23 Georgia (6-4) ravaged Florida State (5-5) 35-21Georgia remains in control of the SEC East and appears headed for a match with LSU
#24 Purdue (6-4) became bowl eligible over Illinois (4-6) 42-7Purdue remains ranked in the middle of a great rebuilding year
#25 Navy (9-1) struggled against Wake Forest (3-7) 35-32Navy remains the second best non-AQ in record but is highly unlikely to pass Idaho or Middle Tennessee State without both of those teams losing
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