When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

The 2014 Border War was a classic: Player and coach feelings from around the nation

Ohio State Head Coach Johnny Rock: "That game was a classic no doubt. Having coached in the last three Border Wars I can attest to the hatred in that rivalry. I hate to see Kansas win again, that was a rough was for the Tigers to lose, they were looking at overtime and the defense doesn't even get a chance to prevent that final touchdown for the Jayhawks. Luckily they get the chance we didn't last year, they can get revenge with a win in the Big XII Title game."

Texas Christian Head Coach Gary Patterson "Wow, I can't believe that game. Another classic from those two teams. I would love to get a shot at that passing attack of Kansas's though, I think our 4-2-5 would match up really well. Conference championship weekend will definitely be interesting."

Missouri Defensive Coordinator Joey Davis: "Well we definitely didn't do our job in the second half and they made us pay for it. We didn't get a chance to stop their touchdown, and that hurts, but we allowed them to score 48 points on us. Our offense only had one turnover all game, that is very impressive. We get another shot in two weeks, and we have a lot of tape to watch and planning to do."

Missouri backup QB Nick Bailey "I can't believe I fumbled the ball, I really thought my knee was down. However after looking at the video I agree the refs made the correct call. It's rough, we took the lead, I was feeling great, and then wham, we are down 55-48 because of me. Torres is a great guy, losing him for 4 weeks to a broken ankle is brutal. But it means I get a chance to redeem myself in two weeks, and you better believe I will be ready!"

Kansas QB M. Cummings "That was a great game, better than any I have ever had before. The Tigers always bring out the best in our coaching staff and players. It stinks we have to play them again in two weeks, but at least the rivalry won't be tied 57-57-9 all year, right? I think if you look at the second half you can see it won't be nearly as close in the conference championship game."
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Results of Rivalry Weekend: 11/30/2014
Top 25 results for weekend of November 29th, 2014
ResultsWhat it means
#2 Kansas (12-0) beat #1 Missouri (10-1) 55-48Kansas should move to #1 in all major polls. There will be a rematch in two weeks.
#3 Boise State (12-0) routed New Mexico (4-8) 38-17Boise State should leap to #2 in all major polls, and be a win over Fresno State away from the BCS National Championship Game
#4 TCU (11-1) demolished BYU (3-9) 42-14TCU has California for the Pac-12 Title and the Rose Bowl Bid in two weeks
#7 Michigan (10-2) shocked #5 Ohio State (10-2) 56-47 in "The Game"Michigan faces Rutgers in two weeks for Big 10 championship for the Rose Bowl Berth
#8 Michigan State (9-2) defeated Northwestern (0-12) 35-17Michigan State stays home, hoping they can backdoor into a BCS Bowl Game
#9 Oregon (10-2) throttled Oregon State (6-6) 34-20Oregon will wait the outcome of the next two weeks of football to see where they go this bowl season
#10 Rutgers (11-1) slipped past #21 Penn State (8-4) 45-38 Rutgers will play for the Big 10 title against Michigan for the Rose Bowl berth
Virginia (9-3) upset #11 Virginia Tech (9-3) 38-35Virginia goes to the ACC Championship game in two weeks for the first time
#12 Wisconsin (10-2) beat Illinois (4-8) 44-17Wisconsin awaits their bowl bid as current #5 in the Big 10
#13 LSU (10-2) beat #19 California (9-3) 35-21LSU has momentum going into the SEC Title Game.
#14 USF (10-1) beat Connecticut (4-7) 38-10USF is hoping for a Louisville loss next week in order to gain the Big East's BCS bid
#15 UCLA (10-2) beat rival USC (7-5) 37-20UCLA looks for an Alamo Bowl Bid, despite being #4 in the Pac-12
#18 Ohio (11-1) beat Western Michigan University (3-9) 38-20Ohio looks to be the favorites to win the MAC
#20 Georgia (8-4) beat arch rival #22 Georgia Tech (8-4) 17-14Georgia faces LSU in two weeks for the SEC Title
#23 Navy (10-1) beat San Diego State (1-11) 34-10Navy is out of contention for a major bowl, but the Big East will really want them to join after this successful season
#24 Fresno State (10-2) killed Tulsa (5-7) 42-17Fresno State has another shot at Boise State for the MWC Title in two weeks, and the BCS Bowl
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Coaches and BCS Polls and Bowl Projections

With #7 Michigan beating #5 Ohio State and #2 Kansas beating #1 Missouri there was bound to be some poll movement.

Michigan, at 10-2, with a loss to then #1 Missouri, comes in at 4th, while Missouri drops to 5th.

Kansas and Boise State are 1 and 2 respectively in the coaches poll.

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Nov 30, 2014
12Kansas (37)1201501
23Boise State (24)1201274
78Michigan State92986
105Ohio State102894
1516Middle Tennessee State91679
1911Virginia Tech93454
2124Fresno State102370

BCS Rankings
NCAA Football Rankings - BCS Rankings - Updated: Nov 30, 2014
23Boise State120.994
910Michigan State92.951
105Ohio State102.950
1617Middle Tennessee State91
1912Virginia Tech93
2125Fresno State102

BCS Bowl Projections
BCS National Championship: Kansas vs Boise State
With Kansas figuring out Missouri's defense this past weekend, and Missouri losing 4 play-makers, it's hard to see Kansas losing in two weeks. Boise State dominated Fresno State earlier this year, it's hard to see them losing either.

Orange Bowl Virginia vs Arkansas
It looks like the Orange Bowl wants Arkansas to bring their high powered offense and rabid fanbase to town. Virginia can cinch their berth with a win in the ACC Championship game.

Sugar Bowl LSU vs Middle Tennessee State
Middle Tennessee State finally broke the top 16 in the BCS, and is ahead of projected ACC Champion Virginia. LSU should easily win the SEC Title.

Rose Bowl Michigan is on a roll winning 10 straight games before facing Rutgers, and TCU gets to play California when they are reeling. Expect this to be #3 vs #4.

Fiesta Bowl Ohio State vs USF
USF looks to take the Big East Title, and Ohio State will probably be chosen from the at large pool due to their great travel and respectable 10-2 record.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

December 6th goes quietly, one week until conference championships

Top 25 results for weekend of December 6th, 2014
#13 USF (11-1) beat Syracuse (3-9) 21-13
#15 Middle Tennessee State (10-1) beat UL Monroe (6-6) 35-10
#20 Navy (11-1) beat Army (8-4) 59-41

BCS Top 25

NCAA Football Rankings - BCS Rankings - Updated: Dec 7, 2014
22Boise State120.994
910Ohio State102.950
109Michigan State92.950
1616Middle Tennessee State101
1919Virginia Tech93
2221Fresno State102

There were no upsets, and the ranking didn't move much either.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

wow, you had it tho smh!!! Kansas has your number right now!!!
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Conference Championship Week will be a treat!

For fans of quality college football, this weekend will be the best early Christmas present ever! The competitors in the BCS National Championship will be decided.

SEC Championship: #17 Georgia (8-4) at #11 LSU (10-2)
LSU looks unstoppable compared to Georgia, and should handle them without a problem enroute to the Sugar Bowl.

PAC-12 Championship: #23 California (9-3) at #4 TCU (11-1)
What was supposed to be a battle of two top 10 11-1 teams is now an over-rated California team taking on a top caliber TCU team.

Mountain West Championship: #22 Fresno State (10-2) at #2 Boise State (12-0)

Fresno State lost the initial meeting 35-28, but has gotten worse since then while the Broncos have only gotten better.

Big 10 Championship: #3 Michigan (10-2) at #7 Rutgers (11-1)
Michigan is on a roll, and they won't be beaten. Rutgers is just too young to win this game, especially since Michigan has rattled off 10 wins in a row and is hunting for the Rose Bowl and a possible NC berth if an upset happens this weekend.

MAC Championship #18 Ohio (11-1) at Central Michigan (9-3)
Ohio has already locked their bowl bid up, they cannot improve anymore really, so they will have to be happy with an 11 to 13 win season.

ACC Championship: #25 Maryland (8-4) at Virginia (9-3)
Virginia won the regular season matchup 42-21. Since then they have only lost a single game. Maryland on the other hand has not lost a game since then, as that was the end of their 4 game losing streak. UVA looks to strong, but Maryland could pull the upset.

Big XII Championship: #5 Missouri (10-1) at #1 Kansas (12-0)
Seem familiar? Yeah, it is. Last time it was "Game of the Century" and what a game it was, coming down to the second to last play before it was over with Kansas winning 55-48.
Missouri is down their star running back and quarterback, and Kansas has that defense figured out, gaining 34 points in the second half versus Missouri's 17.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Originally Posted by gorillapittpray
wow, you had it tho smh!!! Kansas has your number right now!!!
My mom was in the living room as I played the game. Was watching the offense the entire game, even she got wrapped up in the game. When Bailey dropped the ball she yelled "No he was down!".

Down Torres and Steele in the big game too.. Looks like a Cotton Bowl for me, virtual Turner Gill has my number your right.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Matchup Preview *|* December 13, 2014
#5 Missouri Tigers
(10-1, 5-1 Away)
#1 Kansas Jayhawks
(12-0, 6-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
47.1 (#4)Points Per Game50.5 (#1)
5691 (#50)Total Offensive Yards7438 (#1)
2492 (#15)Rushing Yards2007 (#114)
3199 (#45)Passing Yards6231 (#1)
Defensive Stats Comparison
4398 (#21)Total Yards Allowed5323 (#95)
1293 (#1)Rushing Yards Allowed1805 (#35)
3156 (#81)Passing Yards Allowed3518 (#107)
Injury Report
QB: E. Torres
Broken Ankle (3 weeks)
Center: J. Hester
Broken tailbone (1 week)
HB: D. Steele
High ankle sprain (2 weeks)
ROLB: E. Fink
Torn tricep (questionable)

LE: P. Lewandowski
Foot fracture (Out for season)
Game Notes
Missouri is down two key play-makers.
Nick Bailey will be the starting QB, and redshirt freshman Perry Peoples will be his backup.
Senior Greg White will take over the starting running back position, with freshmen Andrew Harrell and Josh Morton as his backups.

Kansas has homefield advantage, momentum, and the knowledge if they win it will be 3 in a row over a top 5 Missouri team. Also it will give them the edge in the series between these two teams, and a berth in the National Championship.
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