When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

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Old 12-18-2011, 02:11 AM   #305
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Was playing the title game because I was angry at the earlier loss, and wanted to avenge it. Up 28-21 (4 defensive TD's thank you very much, stupid offense), the game freezes, with 0:34 left in the game after I had stopped Kansas on 4th and 4. I put down the controller, had to unplug the box because everything was locked up, and sighed... I want to be angry but it's just so funny, Kansas hates me!

I really think virtual Kansas hates me for that 72-69 game in year 1!
I will try the game again tomorrow, but based off how tonight went, it's gonna be UGLY..
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

First off, what's up with Kansas being powerhouse already? haha

I had a sim-only dynasty where they became a powerhouse but it was in like the 2030's when it happened.

And that sucks about the game freezing. I've had it happen too, maybe not in a game that big, but one I was playing perfectly and beating a highly ranked team, only for it to freeze one me. Then try to play it the next day and, of course, I lose. Hopefully that won't happen to you.
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Kcordloh's Arena
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Originally Posted by hoopla32
First off, what's up with Kansas being powerhouse already? haha

I had a sim-only dynasty where they became a powerhouse but it was in like the 2030's when it happened.

And that sucks about the game freezing. I've had it happen too, maybe not in a game that big, but one I was playing perfectly and beating a highly ranked team, only for it to freeze one me. Then try to play it the next day and, of course, I lose. Hopefully that won't happen to you.

Kansas has been good this entire dynasty, although they are only 3* now and 86 overall. They recruit speed apparently, and it's paying off, as they run spread offense with a scrambling accurate quarterback. Their backup QB has 83 speed, 81 THP, and 92 THA! It's just ridiculous how good they are compared to my squad, which is loaded with talent. I honestly don't know how they compete when you compare their roster to mine, Oklahoma's, Texas's, and Arkansas's.

I am about to fire up the Kansas/Missouri rematch after the Broncos game. I have a bad feeling about it, I got lucky in that other game with some user interceptions and fumble recoveries. I can't get in a shootout with them, and besides year 2, I have never been able to consistently stop Kansas.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

2014 Big XII Championship Game

The Big XII took off 2011-2013 for a championship game, and the return of it was highly anticipated. After November 29th, 2014, Missouri and Kansas were destined to meet again to see who would win round II. If it weren't for a fumble with a minute left, or a knocked down pass on fourth down in the endzone, who knows who would have won the 2014 version of the Border War.

In the first time ever that Kansas and Missouri have played twice in a year, the #1 Kansas Jayhawks (12-0) hosted the #5 Missouri Tigers (10-1) to decide the Big XII Championship, and most likely one half of the BCS National Championship game.

The last time the Big XII Championship determined who went to the National Championship was 2009, when then #3 Texas won 13-12 to earn the right to face Alabama for the 2009 BCS National Championship. In fact only the 2002, 2006, and 2010 versions of the Big XII championship had no chance at affecting the BCS National Championship.

The 2014 Game started with Kansas kicking off to Missouri. Missouri quickly marched down the field in 7 plays, capped off by G. White breaking two tackles and running 36 yards for a touchdown and a 7-0 after O'Connor hit the PAT.

Steele who?
G. White broke this 36 yard to give Missouri a 7-0 lead early

Missouri bent but did not break, allowing Kansas to get to the fifty yard line before forcing a punt. Missouri took over at their own 20 yard line. Missouri ran a no-huddle hurry up offensive style, picking up several short 4-7 yard passing gains before K. Terry stepped in front of a Nick Bailey pass and intercepted the ball. Terry returned in to the 25 yard line, giving Kansas excellent field position

K. Terry intercepted Bailey early on in the game

Missouri's defense, backed into a corner, allowed Cummings to hit a 9 yard slant to J. Smith before then sacked Cummings for an 8 yard loss, and then K. Hall picked him off and returned it 4 yards. The interception gave Missouri the ball back at the 15 yard line, and also let Bailey off the hook for the previous interception, the score still 7-0.

K. Hall picks off Cummins, bailing Missouri out of trouble

Bailey hit J. Thomas for 16 yards to make it 13-0, soon to be 14-0 after the PAT kick by O'Connor. Bailey had marched the Tigers down the field 85 yards with 9 plays to make it 14-0 with 3 passes to J. Thomas, a screen pass to G. White, and several solid mid-length runs by G. White.

Kansas's next drive died a quick death when L. Harris came free and sank Cummings with a sack for a loss of 8 yards, making it 3rd and 14. Cummings next pass was knocked down by M. Wilson, giving the Tigers defense a 3-and-out and putting that slowly tiring Kansas defense back on the field.

Missouri wasted no time, their first play was 44 yard over the top pass to an unguarded TE S. Smith. The next play was a draw play to G. White which went 30 yards for the touchdown. In two plays and about 20 seconds Missouri had went 74 yards and had a 20-0 edge. After the PAT it was 21-0, and Kansas looked like they were about to be routed.

Bailey breaks a tackle and throws a wobbly pass to S. Smith to head towards a 21-0 lead

Kansas finally got angry, and marched down the field quickly. They got to the 11 yard line before Missouri's S. Ray made a huge tackle on A. Pierson for a 6 yard loss on an option play, and then the line and secondary held, forcing a 4th and 8. Kansas went for the points, A. Mueller hit the 26 yard field goal to give Kansas their first score of the day.

The first quarter ended with D. McDonald intercepting N. Bailey at the 48 yard line and returning it to Missouri's 39.

After First Quarter
#5 Missouri (10-1) 21
#1 Kansas (12-0) 3

Kansas failed to make the most of the possession, once again getting into the red-zone but having to settle for just a field goal as A. Mueller once again hit an academic 26 yarder.

Missouri retaliated quickly, with N. Bailey hitting M. Smith for a 67 yard catch and go over the top for a touchdown. The drive only lasted 2 plays, but Missouri took the touchdown and PAT, giving them a 28-6 lead with 6:49 left in the first half. The catch and go put Bailey at 260 yards passing on the day, in the first half alone!

Kansas's offense stalled as the Tigers once again collected a three and out. Missouri got a 41 yard field goal from O'Connor to take a 31-6 lead. Missouri and Kansas then traded punts before the Jayhawks started working their way down the field with a series of short runs and mid-length passes.
Kansas scored a touchdown when R. Wheeler got the handoff and pushed his way 5 yard on the outside for a touchdown. Kansas went for two, but Cummings pass was knocked down, making it a 31-12 ballgame with 1:10 left in the first half.

Missouri took a few shots down the field before J. Ross hauled in a 41 yard pass from N. Bailey and then O'Connor nailed the PAT and Missouri took a commanding 38-12 lead with 0:07 left in the game.

Score at halftime
#5 Missouri (10-1) 38
#1 Kansas (12-0) 12

Kansas and Missouri started the third quarter embroiled in a defensive battle. Missouri couldn't get a first down, and Kansas couldn't get past the red zone. Kansas made it to the 19, and then missed a chip-shot field goal.
Missouri faltered going 3 and out, and then Kansas, with perfect field position, fumbled the ball on the 11 yard line. C. Graham scooped up the fumble, giving the ball to Missouri on the 11 yard line with 4:10 left in the game.

Kansas's defense was upset, and C. Robinson, a junior corner, made a great play on the ball and intercepted Bailey, giving Kansas their 3rd pick of the day. Kansas got the ball on Missouri's 33, and look to finally score in the second half. In typical Jayhawk fashion they got to the 22 yard line, and then stalled out, having to settle for a 39 yard field goal from A. Mueller, making it 38-15 with 1:28 left in the third quarter.

G. White was a big reason for Missouri being in front 38-15

Missouri returned the favor, getting on the board for the first time in the game off a 2 yard Bailey scramble, making it 44-15. O'Connor missed the PAT, and it stayed 44-15 as the fourth quarter began.

After Three Quarters
#5 Missouri (10-1) 44
#1 Kansas (12-0) 15

Kansas opened the fourth quarter down 29 points. They used their standard hurry up no huddle offense, and marched 87 yards on 13 plays capped off by a 22 yard pass to J. Shepherd for a touchdown. After the PAT it was 44-22, with Missouri holding the lead.

N. Bailey took the field to lead his Tigers. Bailey was 23/33 through the first quarter with 386 yards passing, 3 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. He promptly got a first down, and then the offense stalled.

Kansas took over and pushed down the field, getting into the red-zone yet again. This time M. Cummings went for a touchdown in a 2 Jayhawk to 1 Tiger situation and lost, as C. Jones timed the pass perfectly and intercepted the ball in the endzone. Missouri took over on their own 20 yard line with 4:50 left in the game.

G. White fumbled the ball, and Kansas scooped it up to put Missouri's defense back on the field in roughly the same spot they were 10 seconds earlier.

C. Jones prevented Kansas from getting a touchdown with this interception

Only this time Cummings threaded the needle with a 27 yard pass to M. Howard for a touchdown and to make it 44-28. Missouri prevented the 2-point conversion with a M. Brennan interception that was returned 37 yards before Cummings himself prevented the return for 2 points.

M. Brennan intercepted M. Cummings to prevent the 2pt conversion

For some reason Missouri kept pushing instead of going ball control, and drove down the field 70 yards in 8 plays to make it 51-28 when Bailey hooked up with J. Thomas for 19 yards and another touchdown.

Kansas replied with a 5 play 79 yard drive capped off by another Cummings to Shepherd connection for 14 yards and a touchdown. Pierson ran in the 2pt conversion to make it 51-36 with 1:52 left in the game. Kansas got the onside kick, but it did not travel far enough, so Missouri took over on Kansas's 36 yard line, up 51-36.

To finish the game G. White broke a tackle and went 10 yards to make it 58-36 with Missouri in complete control with 52 seconds left. The game ended when M. Cummings hit J. Shepherd for a 17 yard pass and it ended as time expired.

Final score
#5 Missouri (11-1) 58
#1 Kansas (12-1) 36

Missouri POTG
N. Bailey 29 of 41 for 434 yards, 4 TD, 3 INT, and was sacked 1 time
G. White had 212 yards and 3 TD on 36 carries
S. Smith (TE) had 6 catches for 116 yards but no touchdowns
M. Wilson had 13 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF
K. Hall had 9 tackles and 1 INT

Kansas POTG
M. Cummings was 34 of 51 for 556 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT, and was sacked 4 times. He was also knocked down an additional 10 times, and hurried 12.

J. Shepherd had 9 catches for 198 yards for 2 touchdowns
R. Wheeler had 8 catches for 149 yards but no touchdowns

Missouri Tigers at Kansas Jayhawks
Dec 13, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#5 Missouri Tigers (10-1)211761458
#1 Kansas Jayhawks (12-0)3932138
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense669620
Rushing Yards23564
Passing Yards434556
First Downs2023
Punt Return Yards289
Kick Return Yards124113
Total Yards821742
3rd Down Converstion5-137-18
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-01-3
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals7-4-08-2-2
Penalties2 for 20 yards2 for 15 yards
Posession Time14:5817:02
Scoring Summary
7:01(MIZZ) G. White 36 yard run (PAT)70
3:10(MIZZ) J. Thomas 16 yard pass from N. Bailey (PAT)140
1:43(MIZZ) G. White 30 yard run (PAT)210
0:30(KU) A. Mueller 26 yard FG213
7:10(KU) A. Mueller 26 yard FG216
6:49(MIZZ) M. Smith 67 yard pass from N. Bailey (PAT)286
4:10(MIZZ) C. O'Connor 41 yard field goal316
1:10(KU) R. Wheeler 5 yard run (2pt conversion failed)3112
0:06(MIZZ) J. Ross 41 yard pass from N. Bailey (PAT)3812
1:28(KU) A. Mueller 39 yard FG3815
0:02(MIZZ) N. Bailey 2 yard run (missed PAT)4415
6:29(KU) J. Shepherd 22 yard pass from M. Cummins (PAT)4422
4:39(KU) M. Howard 27 yard pass from M. Cummings (2pt conversion failed)4428
2:45(MIZZ) J. Thomas 19 yard pass from N. Bailey (PAT)5128
1:52(KU) J. Shepherd 13 yard pass from M. Cummings (2 pt conversion good)5136
0:54(MIZZ) G. White 10 yard run (PAT)5836
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Quick thoughts about Missouri winning Big XII Title Game

Missouri won the 2014 Big XII Championship and put themselves in great position to make the BCS National Championship Game.

Since the Big XII Title game started earlier than the MWC, PAC-12, and Big-10 title games we will not know what the lay of the land looks like for a few more hours.

Quick thoughts
  • Will Missouri's victory be enough to jump to #2?
  • Is Cummings still the favorite for the Heisman with his 500+ yard performance even though Kansas lost?
  • Could Michigan stay ahead of Missouri with a win over #9 Rutgers?
  • How deep is this Missouri roster?
  • Did Bailey win himself the starting job in their bowl game with todays performance?
  • Who gets ranked higher? Kansas or Arkansas

Certainly D. Steele won't leap M. Cummins in the Heisman race since he was sitting out with an ankle injury. It's too early to say for sure, but Cummins will most likely still take home the Heisman. He had a career year, and looked incredible all year, even against Missouri. When 556 yards and 3 TD is considered anything other than a great game then you are in a different league than most players.

Arkansas is hoping Kansas drops below them in the BCS Standings, but it's too early to tell. If Michigan, TCU, and Boise State all lose, then the Big XII could conceivably end up with #1-#3 in the BCS Standings.

Stay tuned for the updates!
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Michael Cummins wins the Heisman
Michael Cummins just accomplish the impossible. He continued a 3 year streak for Kansas, with their third Heisman trophy winner in three years.
Cummins passed for 5941 yards on 344/472 passing for a 72.9% completion rate. He had 5 interceptions, was sacked 38 times, and had 59 passing touchdowns!

David Steele for Missouri finished second. He had 247 rushes for 1496 yards and 21 touchdowns. He fumbled twice.
He added 39 catches for 578 yards and 7 more touchdowns.

Trey Miller from Navy finished 3rd, Travis Williams from Arkansas 4th, and Matt Brown from TCU 5th.

Missouri finished with 15 total All-Americans. Missouri had 9 1st team All-Americans, 3 2nd-team All Americans, and 3 unique players on the Freshman All-American team that did not appear on the 1st and 2nd teams.

2011 NCAA 1st Team All-Americans
PosPlayer NameHtWtYear
QBMichael. Cummingham, Kansas6'0201Jr.
HBDavid Steele, Missouri6'0205So.
HBRod Smith, Ohio State6'3226Sr.
WRDon Pearson, Navy6'3215Sr.
WRJerod Dawson, Arkansas6'2189So.
TEJeff Burns, TCU6'1229Jr.
OLJosh White, Missouri6'2301Fr.
OLStephen Taylor, Missouri6'4312Fr.
OLQuinn Curry, Missouri6'1292Fr.
OLNick Demian, Missouri6'6304Sr.
CA.J. Sanders, Ohio State6'5272Fr.
DLMo Latu, Arizona State6'3324Jr.
DLShane Ray, Missouri6'4285Jr.
DLMarques Smith, Missouri6'4276So.
DLViliami Moala, California6'2345Jr.
LBJake Ryan, Michigan6'3232Sr.
LBMatt Wilson, Missouri6'1243Jr.
LBDion Bailey, USC6'1202Sr.
DBSean Easley, Penn State6'0198Jr.
DBAnthony Harris, NC State6'1174So.
DBKeith Hall, Missouri6'1189So.
DBAdonis Saunders, Kansas5'11187Sr.
KAlex Garoutte, Arizona State6'1193Sr.
PMichael Stewart, TCU6'0235Jr.
RetVince Sauners, Ole Miss6'1192Sr.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

No undefeated teams left as Kansas and Boise State drop

#1 Kansas (12-0 and #2 Boise State (12-0) seemed destined to meet for the BCS National Championship. Or perhaps a Missouri vs Boise State showdown if Missouri knocked off Kansas.
No-one expected Fresno State to upset Boise State, but they did. And now we have to wait for the final BCS Standings before we know exactly what is happening this year.

Conference Championship Weekend Results
#5 Missouri (11-1) beat #1 Kansas (12-1) 58-36Missouri wins the Big XII title, and most likely a BCS National Championship Berth
#22 Fresno State (11-2) upset #2 Boise State (12-1) 28-24Fresno State clinched a BCS Bowl bid, and Boise watched their BCS National Championship hopes go up in smoke
#3 Michigan (11-2) beat #7 Rutgers (11-2) 38-35Michigan might be the second team to ever make the BCS National Championship with 2 losses
#4 TCU (12-1) beat #23 California (9-4) 45-28TCU looks great, but can they leap Michigan for a BCS Championship berth?
#11 LSU (11-2) thumped #17 Georgia (8-5) 42-28LSU heads to the Sugar Bowl looking great
Central Michigan (10-3) upset #18 Ohio (11-2) 38-25CMU ruined Ohio's dream season, looks for a decent bowl bid
#25 Maryland (9-4) beat Virginia (9-4) 34-31Maryland cinched another Orange Bowl berth

Conference Champions
ACC#25 Maryland94
Big East#14 USF111
Big XII#5 Missouri111
Big 10#3 Michigan112
MACCentral Michigan103
MWC#22 Fresno State112
Pac-12#4 TCU121
SEC#11 LSU112
Sun Belt#16 Middle Tennessee State101
WAC AllianceUtah State93

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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

BCS Poll released: Rematch for BCS National Championship

September 13th, 2014. #1 Missouri defeated #17 Michigan 22-17. It was a close game, a good game, a game most said Michigan might have won had it not been at Columbia. It began Michigan's turnaround though, as since then they have won 11 straight games.

Well January 9th, 2015, Michigan gets that rematch. On a neutral site. For the BCS National Championship. Michigan becomes the second team ever to go to the national championship game with 2 losses. Their win over top 10 Rutgers gave them the sway with the voters in both the Coaches and Harris polls.

Michigan finished 1st in the coaches with 35 1st place votes, and 2nd in the Harris with no first place votes. Missouri finished first in the Harris with 47 1st place votes and 2nd in the coaches poll with 21 1st place votes.

Kansas finished 4th in the Coaches and 5th in the Harris. They recieved no first place votes. Arkansas, 5th in the Coaches and 4th in the Harris, recieved 3 first place votes each.

It is interesting that Missouri beat Arkansas soundly, and beat the only team to beat them soundly, yet some voters think Arkansas deserves the national championship over them. Those votes did not exist last week, so Kansas supporters must be bitter about Missouri beating them.

NCAA Football Rankings - BCS Rankings - Updated: Dec 14, 2014
62Boise State121.969
810Michigan State92.959
99Ohio State102.956
1622Fresno State112.893
1716Middle Tennessee State101.884
1819Virginia Tech93
24--Penn State84
25--Utah State93
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