When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

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Old 01-30-2012, 08:38 PM   #393
Kcordloh's Arena
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Matchup Preview *|* December 12, 2015
#16 Baylor Bears
(9-3 (6-2), 5-0 Away)
#4 Missouri Tigers
(11-1 (7-1), 6-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
5983 (#11)Total Offensive Yards6906 (#4)
4022 (#10)Passing Yards3705 (#18)
1961 (#70)Rushing Yards3201 (#3)
39.2 (#17)Points Per Game55.0 (#1)
Defensive Stats Comparison
5364 (#100)Total Yards Allowed4513 (#38)
3566 (#105)Passing Yards Allowed3565 (#104)
1798 (#29)Rushing Yards Allowed948 (#1)
Injury Report

LG. S Taylor

WR. B Hannah

FS. N Stewart
Game Notes
The Missouri Tigers (#4/3/4) are in a familiar position. Last year they dominated the Big XII, lost a conference game to a top opponent late, and had to win the Big XII to even cinch a BCS Bid.

This year the same rules apply, although Missouri needs help if they want to get back to the BCS National Championship.

Baylor, despite losing 3 games this year, has not lost on the road yet. Granted they hosted, and lost to two of the three ranked teams they faced this year.

Baylor's offensive attack is a spread with big tight ends, not a standard fare. Look for Missouri to try and force Baylor to run, but Baylor's got a deadly recieving back also, so good luck to the Tigers.

Missouri's offense is still growing and evolving since the losses of key players.

Missouri 35, Baylor 32
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Old 01-31-2012, 09:01 PM   #394
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Missouri Tigers crush Baylor Bears 39-3

The #4 Missouri Tigers (11-1, 7-1) seemed primed for another upset. Facing yet another top 10 passing offense in the Baylor Bears, the Tigers had to be wary. They have faced the #1 passing attack in the Kansas Jayhawks and gave up only 195 yards. They faced the #3 passing attack in the Arkansas Razorbacks and gave up 424 yards. They also gave up 471 yards to the #7 passing attack in the Middle Tennessee State University Blue Raiders.

The Baylor Bears resemble the Razorbacks and Blue Raiders more than they do the Jayhawks, with their schemes and pacing. So the Tigers were on their toes, and the defense was ready to hit somebody.

Live from the Cotton Bowl Stadium!

First Quarter

The Missouri Tigers hard hitting defense came to play, but so did Baylor's. The Tigers couldn't get into the end zone, and M. Coleman shanked a 37 yarder, missing just to the left. Baylor couldn't get a 53 yard field goal to fall, and it was 0-0 with 5 minutes left in the period.

T. Leach came free off of the corner on a 3rd and 12 from the 4 yard line and smacked A. Graham for a 5 yard loss, and a safety. Missouri's offense didn't go nuts right away, but they took the punt and marched down the field and made it 5-0 with less then 3 minutes left in the first quarter. Baylor's offense stalled out again, and Missouri held onto their 5-0 lead.

Thanks to Leach the Tigers took a lead they would never let go of

Second Quarter

Missouri was clicking, but not touchdown clicking, just yet anyways. The Tigers relied on M. Coleman to make it 8-0, and then it was 8-3 when they held the Baylor Bears from 1st and goal on the 4 to kicking a 21 yard FG.

Missouri took a good solid lead at the end of the second quarter when C. Graham stepped in front off a pass and hauled in an interception, setting up Missouri for a quick touchdown to end the second quarter ahead 15-3.

C. Graham doing his thing with another interception

Third Quarter
Missouri's defense was relentless in the third quarter, forcing Baylor to give up negative yardage, as the Baylor Bears went for -20 yards rushing and 15 yards passing in the third period. The Bears had to go to their backup and then their backups backup, and it still did nothing.

Absolute Dominant: The Tigers Defense in the 3rd stanza

Fourth Quarter
The Tigers relentlessness allowed them to mess around in the fourth quarter, and they walked to an easy victory. It was a hard fought game, but the Bears were outgunned and outclassed by a large margin.

Missouri POTG: T Leach, 12 tackles, 9 solo, 2 sacks
C. Graham 1 INT, 8 tackles
J. Ross 22 carries for 145 yards
A. Harrell 19 carries for 89 yards and 1 TD

Baylor Bears at Missouri Tigers
Dec 12, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#16 Baylor Bears (9-3)03003
#4 Missouri Tigers (11-1)510141039
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense247501
Rushing Yards32269
Passing Yards215232
First Downs1327
Punt Return Yards023
Kick Return Yards6633
Total Yards313557
3rd Down Converstion7-154-10
4th Down Conversion0-10-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals5-0-17-4-2
Penalties2 for 17 yards4 for 45 yards
Posession Time23:1724:43
Scoring Summary
5:20(MIZZ) T. Leach sacked A. Graham for a safety02
2:49(MIZZ) M. Coleman 24 yard FG05
6:01(MIZZ) M. Coleman 30 yard FG08
2:30(BAY) K. Todd 21 yard FG38
0:27(MIZZ) M. Smith 15 yard pass from N. Bailey (PAT)315
7:51(MIZZ) M. Moore 10 yard pass from N. Bailey (PAT)322
1:04(MIZZ) A. Harrell 18 yard pass from N. Bailey (PAT)329
9:01(MIZZ) A. Harrell 2 yard run (PAT)336
1:28(MIZZ) M. Coleman 50 yard FG339
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Utes lock up Pac-12, and a date with destiny

2004: The Utah Utes finished a perfect regular season by thrashing BYU and earning the title of first ever BCS Buster. They wrapped up the season as champions of the Fiesta Bowl, and 13-0.

2008: The Utah Utes killed top 5 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and was the first ever two time BCS Buster, and 2-0 in BCS Bowls, finishing their second 13-0 season in 4 years.

In 2012 the Utah Utes were mere moments away from playing for the national championship, but two blown games to the Oregon State Beavers cost them dearly.

In 2015 the Utes finally got it done, as they got revenge for their single loss with a 50-40 victory over Oregon in the Pac-12 title game, which gave them enough of a boost to stay ahead of the Missouri Tigers in the BCS.

Utah barely beat the Ducks. The Ducks and Utah traded leads, with Oregon starting the fourth quarter ahead 27-25. Utah kicked a field goal to take a 28-27 lead, then Oregon took a 33-28 lead after a touchdown and a failed 2 point conversion. Utah closed to 33-31, and then took a 34-33 lead before Oregon snuck ahead 40-34. Utah tied it at 40-40 apiece, and then hit a 38 yard field goal with 17 seconds left to take a 43-40 lead. Oregon fumbled the ball on a pass attempt, and Utah scopped it up to rumble 25 yards for a 50-40 victory.

ACC #11 Georgia Tech (12-1) pounded Boston College (8-5) 41-28
Big East Cincinatti (8-4) won the ACC with a 5-2 conference record
Big 10 #6 Ohio State (12-1) slipped past #14 Michigan State (9-3) 38-35
C-USA#21 Rice (10-2) won Conference USA
MAC #15 Ohio (12-1) beat #25 Northern Illinois (10-2) 45-20
MWC #3 Nevada (13-0) beat #1 Air Force (12-1) 59-54 in 5OT
Pac-12 #2 Utah (12-1) beat #23 Oregon (8-5) 50-40
SEC Kentucky (10-3) overcame #9 LSU (9-3) 19-3 to win the SEC
Sun Belt #13 Middle Tennessee State (11-1) won the Sun Belt
WAC Alliance Utah State (8-4) won the WAC Alliance
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Tigers finish 3rd in BCS by less than 1/1000th of a point

How do you compare 2 teams in college football?
Teams that never played?

It's been a flaw in the system for over a hundred years, and despite the best efforts of man it continues to exist.

The Utah Utes (#2/#3/#2) finished ranked #2 in the BCS rankings with a .992013 score.
The Missouri Tigers (#3/#2/#3) finished ranked #3 in the BCS rankings with a final score of .992009. That's a difference of .000004. In the era of huge margin swings, that is a draw.

But Utah gets a shot at #1 Nevada (13-0) for the BCS National Championship. Nevada won the MWC over a fairly rugged schedule, and deserves their shot at the national championship.

Utah beat 2 opponents that finished top 25. They lost to one of those opponents also earlier in the season (the #24 Oregon Ducks, 8-5).

Missouri beat 6 teams that finished ranked, and their only loss was to #8 Arkansas (8-4). They never got a shot at revenge, but their resume includes beating 3 top 15 teams, Utah didn't even beat one!

Missouri, (12-1, 8-1) will play at large #6 Miami (10-2) in the 2016 Fiesta Bowl.
Orange Bowl #10 Georgia Tech (12-1) will host #12 Middle Tennessee State (11-1)
Rose Bowl #5 Ohio State (12-1) will host at large #4 Air Force (12-1)
Sugar Bowl #25 Kentucky (10-3) will host Cincinnatti (8-4)
BCS National Championship #1 Nevada (13-0) will host #2 Utah (12-1)
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Big East loses AQ Status, +1 for next year
Despite BCS policies usually going public years in advance, less than a year before we know who plays for the BCS National Championship next year we found out controversies like this year will be more limited.

A new +1 format will be added, where #1 plays #4, and #3 plays #2 each year in an extra bowl game at the start of bowl season, before the winners (now #1 and #2 respectively) will play for the BCS National Championship.

Also the Big East finally lose their AQ Status. The numbers were horrible.

Lousiana Tech left the WAC Alliance and joined Conference USA. Middle Tennessee State also leaped to C-USA, abandoning the Sun Belt.

Notre Dame, after seeing revenues and name brand drop, is apparently going independent again in 2017. Who the replacement is, or if one of the current members gets the boot is among rampant speculation. Rutgers is the likely one to be asked to leave. Although Texas is apparently interested in going to the Big 10, one must ask why, but apparently there is heavy interest there.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Rumors abound that the Big East will no longer sponsor football as of 2017

Mere hours after the announcement that starting in 2016 the Big East will no longer be a BCS AQ conference, the Big East football conference is apparently not sponsoring football as of 2017. All of the Big East teams have been extended invites to join Conference USA as football only members, or full members. SMU already officially applied for C-USA, and that was what started this mad folding of the Big East sponsoring football. Nothing is official yet, but every campus in the Big East is talking.

Un-officially Louisville, SMU, and Cincinnati are going to join C-USA. The MAC is also a possibility, and the Big-10 might try to grab a Big East team since Notre Dame is apparently leaving.

The SEC, Big 10, and Pac-12 have apparently all attacked the Big XII at once also, as each one is trying to grab Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. Missouri is also being targeted, but the Kansas Jayhawks are getting little love from the Big 3.

In other news, Ohio State Head Coach Johnny Rock is apparently all but a lock for the DII job at Missouri Western State University in St Joseph, MO. If a job in Iowa, Kansas, or Missouri opens up in a DI school he will apparently take it, but otherwise MWSU is his destination.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

Missouri schedules Utah and Stanford for 2016

The Missouri Tigers have been very successful the past few years by scheduling top ranked opponents in out of conference play.

The Missouri Tigers have reached an agreement with the Utah Utes to play a two game, home and home series in 2016 and 2018. They will play at the Ute Stadium in 2016, and in Columbia, MO in 2018.

Missouri and Stanford have agreed to a home and home series for 2016 and 2019.

They will meet in Columbia in 2016.

Missouri's schedule will be absolutely loaded this year. Ohio, Stanford, Wisconsin, and Utah will all be top 25, and most of them top 15 teams next year.
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Re: When the Defense Roars: Missouri Tigers Dynasty

damn they put Utah over you?? So you can take out a whole conference?? Despite the teams I added to the big east its still pretty weak in my dynasty lol
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