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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Northwestern @ #1 Stanford
Stanford Stadium
Palo Alto, CA
August 30, 2014

A glimpse of tomorrow
Stanford's promising future gives a peek of what's to come

PALO ALTO, CA - Stanford and Northwestern may be similar in their elite academic status, but on the football field, they are miles apart.

The Cardinal demonstrated that in the 2014 season opener, taking a sledgehammer to the Wildcats to the tune of 69-14.

Brett Nottingham threw for 210 yards and three touchdowns, and Remound Wright 156 yards of total offense and two touchdowns, as Stanford quickly ran away from the Wildcats, giving the majority of the second half to the second stringers.

The turning point in the ballgame came late in the second quarter, with Stanford leading 24-14. Northwestern drove deep into Cardinal territory, but Stanford's defense finally shut the door on them, forcing an incompletion on 4th and goal from the one yard line. After a fullback dive play to get some breathing space, Stanford went playaction and sent senior wideout Ty Montgomery on a fly pattern down the field. Nottingham wound up and fired off a rocket, and 96 yards later, Montgomery strolled into the endzone, completely changing the face of the game.

Stanford coach Brian Kudron pulled his starters early in the third quarter, and
Cardinal fans got a glimpse of redshirt freshman quarterback Shane Williams for the first time. Williams completed only three of eight passes, but threw two touchdowns, one of which was a 44-yard laser that sophomore wideout Gary Harris high-pointed in the back of the endzone for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Redshirt freshman running back Garrett Cason also had a big debut, ripping off an 83 yard touchdown. On defense, redshirt freshman corner Johnathan Cole forced a pair fumbles, one of which was returned for a touchdown by fellow redshirt freshman AJ Grant.

Aaron Johnson, the five-star wideout from Oaks Christian who highlighted Stanford's 2014 recruiting class, had an electric 43-yard punt return in the second quarter that left the crowd breathless.
Northwestern Wildcats at Stanford Cardinal
Aug 30, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Northwestern Wildcats (0-1)770014
#1 Stanford Cardinal (1-0)1717211469
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense401644
Rushing Yards78376
Passing Yards323268
First Downs2118
Punt Return Yards969
Kick Return Yards065
Total Yards410778
3rd Down Converstion6-176-13
4th Down Conversion0-31-1
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/04/1
Posession Time16:4231:18
Scoring Summary
7:50(STAN) Williamson, 46 yard FG03
6:55(NW) Stevens, 35 yard pass to Jones (Sparks kick)73
5:31(STAN) Nottingham, 32 yard pass to Wright (Williamson kick)710
1:14(STAN) Nottingham, 2 yard pass to Jackson (Williamson kick)717
11:32(NW) Stevens, 2 yard pass to Mitchell (Sparks kick)1417
7:08(STAN) Wright, 17 yard run (Williamson kick)1424
4:30(STAN) Nottingham, 96 yard pass to Montgomery (Williamson kick)1431
0:00(STAN) Williamson, 19 yard FG1434
9:01(STAN) Cason, 4 yard run (Williamson kick)1441
6:51(STAN) Cason, 83 yard run (Williamson kick)1448
4:00(STAN) Williams, 6 yard pass to Moore (Williamson kick)1455
5:19(STAN) Williams, 44 yard pass to Harris (Williamson kick)1462
2:24(STAN) Grant, 71 yard fumble return (Williamson kick)1469
Northwestern Wildcats
R. Stevens23/4732320
T. Green17653.80
R. Stevens11-17-1.50
A. Smith3268.60
J. Peoples362.00
R. Mitchell100.00
C. Jones1-2-2.00
C. Jones511823.61
T. Green5489.60
C. Dickerson34214.00
R. Mitchell33913.01
S. Young23015.00
J. Konopka22512.50
W. Williams11010.00
A. Smith177.00
J. Peoples144.00
J. Rogers121.000
S. Holland11000
C. Bryant9000
C. Burke5000
I. Campbell5000
B. McLaughlin7000
M. Chapman6000
M. Sparks0/02/22
M. Sparks830337.81
C. Jones188.00
A. Smith111.00
Stanford Cardinal
B. Nottingham11/1621030
S. Williams3/85820
K. Purcell16905.60
R. Wright151248.21
G. Cason512625.22
K. Young5428.40
J. Hicks263.00
S. Williams1-9-9.00
T. Montgomery1-3-3.00
K. Jackson44912.21
T. Montgomery29648.01
M. Davenport2199.50
R. Wright13232.01
G. Harris14444.01
J. Lewis188.00
M. Moore166.01
W. Reed133.00
R. Mitchell11111.00
K. Estes9000
S. Mitchell6000
C. Webb7000
T. Simmons4000
L. Callihan32.000
J. Vaughters6000
C. Ham22.000
W. Lyons4000
J. Hemschoot41.000
L. Pope21.000
W. Peterson11.000
A. Turner61.000
J. Williamson2/39/91546
J. Rouse313143.62
W. Lyons26532.50
A. Johnson36822.60
C. Webb111.00
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 1 Recap

Week 1 Scoreboard
#1 Stanford 69, Northwestern 14
#10 Wisconsin 45, Washington State 7
#12 Washington 42, Hawai'i 24
#13 Penn State 27, Temple 0
#14 Arizona 32, UNLV 29

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Aug 31, 2014
11Stanford (40)101504
55Michigan State001214
1313Penn State10721
1515Oklahoma State00616
1717Boston College00518
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Army @ #1 Stanford
Stanford Stadium
Palo Alto, CA
September 6, 2014

Stanford sacks Army
Cardinal defense ramps up the pressure in another blowout win

PALO ALTO, CA - Visiting South Bend to face Notre Dame is always a perilous task, but if the first two games of the season are any indication, Stanford will be a heavy, heavy favorite in northern Indiana next Saturday.

The Cardinal blitzed and stunted and threw everything from every direction against Army on Saturday, accumulating 10 sacks and putting the hammer down on the Black Knights' option offense in a 62-13 drubbing.

Brett Nottingham and Remound Wright were overwhelmingly dominant once again, and Garrett Cason had a surprising outburst in mopup duty in the second half again as well, and may be pushing Kelsey Young for the #2 spot in the backfield.

"Overall I can't help but be pleased with our performance overall," Brian Kudron commented on his team's first two contests. "I think we can still clean some things up defensively, but it's hard to nitpick too much right now. Our guys had a great fall camp, and they've entered the season with the right mentality, and they're playing the right way, and we'll see if they can keep it up next week in South Bend."

Army Black Knights at Stanford Cardinal
Sep 6, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Army Black Knights (0-1)330713
#1 Stanford Cardinal (2-0)1017211462
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense261552
Rushing Yards94374
Passing Yards167178
First Downs1318
Punt Return Yards097
Kick Return Yards080
Total Yards261729
3rd Down Converstion6-176-12
4th Down Conversion0-01-2
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/15/1
Posession Time18:5629:04
Scoring Summary
8:37(ARMY) White, 30 yard FG30
5:40(STAN) Williamson, 37 yard FG33
1:54(STAN) Nottingham, 7 yard pass to Jackson (Williamson kick)310
5:13(STAN) Williamson, 32 yard FG313
2:35(ARMY) White, 40 yard FG613
1:23(STAN) Wright, 41 yard run (Williamson kick)620
0:34(STAN) Nottingham, 24 yard pass to Harris (Williamson kick)627
6:08(STAN) Nottingham, 1 yard pass to Hicks (Williamson kick)634
3:20(STAN) Wright, 90 yard run (Williamson kick)641
1:23(STAN) Young, 2 yard run (Williamson kick)648
10:33(STAN) Williams, 6 yard pass to Harris (Williamson kick)655
5:19(ARMY) Moody, 21 yard pass to Hughes (White kick)1355
4:00(STAN) Purcell, 3 yard run (Williamson kick)1362
Army Black Knights
G. DeBartolo8/2314601
C. Moody1/12110
G. DeBartolo22231.10
J. Tully11121.10
R. Maples5367.20
J. Crucitti5234.60
J. Griffin36220.60
J. Hughes26030.01
L. Stevens155.00
C. Harris11919.00
P. Laird11919.00
J. Tully122.00
T. McLees111.000
C. Ginn5000
L. Schumacher8000
D. Williams6000
R. Alexander41.000
J. Freeman4000
J. Miller4000
T. White2/21/1740
T. White831439.20
Stanford Cardinal
B. Nottingham18/2316330
S. Williams2/31510
R. Wright1623114.42
G. Cason1213811.50
K. Young4205.01
B. Nottingham2-20-10.00
K. Purcell252.51
S. Williams1-5-5.00
J. Hicks155.00
K. Jackson56813.61
T. Montgomery4317.70
G. Harris33511.62
R. Mitchell3103.30
J. Hicks111.01
M. Davenport199.00
W. Reed11111.00
K. Young1-2-2.00
T. Bradford11515.00
T. Simmons71.000
J. Vaughters8000
W. Lyons81.000
C. Hopkins62.500
J. Hemschoot81.000
L. Callihan52.500
C. Ham22.000
S. Mitchell2010
J. Williamson2/28/81437
J. Rouse29045.01
W. Lyons38026.60
A. Johnson89712.10

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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 Scoreboard
#1 Stanford 62, Army 13
#2 LSU 30, #11 TCU 26
#3 Michigan 63, FCS Midwest 0
#4 Alabama 34, Memphis 3
#5 Michigan State 34, Northern Illinois 7
#6 Oregon 38, FCS East 7
#7 USC 49, FCS West 7
#8 California 56, Virginia Tech 7
#9 Georgia 45, #18 Clemson 24
#13 Penn State 54, FCS East 0
#14 Arizona 52, FCS West 14
#15 Oklahoma State 44, FCS Midwest 7
Utah 56, #16 Tennessee 17
#17 Boston College 52, Syracuse 17
#19 Florida 38, Eastern Michigan 9
#20 Pittsburgh 35, Florida International 6
#21 Miami-FL 27, Illinois 21
#22 USF 50, FCS Southeast 10
#23 Baylor 41, Buffalo 40
West Virginia 17, #24 Oklahoma 14
#25 Rutgers 43, ULM 26

Week 2 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#1 Stanford 62, Army 13B. Nottingham (STAN): 163R. Wright (STAN): 231K. Jackson (STAN): 68
#8 California 56, Virginia Tech 7K. Boehm (CAL): 106D. Lasco (CAL): 214M. Harris (CAL): 50
Utah 56, #17 Tennessee 17T. Shreve (UTAH): 288M. Lane (TENN): 144D. Anderson (UTAH): 119
San Diego State 39, FCS West 18B. Woods (SDSU): 187A. Muema (SDSU): 146A. Muema (SDSU): 59
#14 Arizona 52, FCS West 14T. Parham (ARIZ): 152K. Carey (ARIZ): 204M. Cooper (ARIZ): 70
Nevada 48, Washington State 17C. Fajardo (NEV): 229T. Caldwell (NEV): 280L. Peterson (NEV): 94
#6 Oregon 38, FCS East 7B. Bennett (ORE): 184T. Carson (ORE): 130C. Lyerla (ORE): 88
Oregon State 28, Hawai'i 16S. Mannion (OSU): 295D. Rankin (OSU): 110B. Cooks (OSU): 118
#7 USC 49, FCS West 7C. Kessler (USC): 297I. Fields (USC): 112C. Thomas (USC): 133
Arizona State 51, FCS Northwest 3J. Showers (ASU): 268M. Bush (ASU): 96T. Tatum (ASU): 89
Colorado State 38, Colorado 21K. Concepcion (CSU): 246J. Robinson (CSU): 180T. McCulloch (COL): 183
UCLA 42, FCS Southeast 18B. Hundley (UCLA): 187S. Robinson (UCLA): 142C. Stevens (UCLA): 77
Ole Miss 38, Boise State 21J. Sanders (BSU): 291B. Everson (MISS): 130M. Miller (BSU): 144
BYU 24, Georgia Tech 10C, Jones (BYU): 161D. Hill (GT): 119R. Apo (BYU): 64

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Sep 7, 2014
12LSU (32)101496
21Stanford (21)201487
33Michigan (7)101360
44Alabama (1)101299
55Michigan State101238
1213Penn State20786
1415Oklahoma State10684
1617Boston College10585
24NRMississippi State20190
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

#2 Stanford @ Notre Dame
Notre Dame Stadium
South Bend, IN
September 13, 2014

Stanford stomps Notre Dame
Blistering pass rush doesn't miss a beat against the Irish

SOUTH BEND, IN - Stanford ran into a situation they're not accustomed to: their vaunted running game was stopped dead in its tracks.

Remound Wright was shut down, averaging only three yards a carry on 25 touches. Thankfully, senior quarterback Brett Nottingham was more than up to the challenge, throwing for 235 yards and three touchdowns in Stanford's 29-13 win in South Bend against rival Notre Dame.

The Cardinal pass rush was unstoppable once again, sacking Irish quarterback Andrew Hendrix an eye-popping nine times. Freshman outside linebacker Adrian Turner, in particular, is beginning to impose his will on opposing tackles. The 6'7, 230-pound Arizona native had two sacks among his six total tackles, and is looking more and more comfortable with each game.

"Well, obviously we want and need to run the ball better than we did tonight," coach Brian Kudron said under the Notre Dame Stadium lights after the game was over. "But we've got a fifth year quarterback in his third year as a starter, a deep group of receivers and tight ends, and a great defense that we can lean on and feel confident in. So while we absolutely need to run the ball better, we're definitely not a one-dimensional team."

Stanford Cardinal at Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Sep 13, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#2 Stanford Cardinal (3-0)3714529
Notre Dame Fighting Irish (1-1)700613
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense316305
Rushing Yards81111
Passing Yards235194
First Downs1817
Punt Return Yards027
Kick Return Yards120
Total Yards328332
3rd Down Converstion6-185-17
4th Down Conversion0-22-5
2-Point Conversion0-00-1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/12/0
Posession Time32:5215:08
Scoring Summary
5:24(STAN) Williamson, 34 yard FG30
3:58(ND) Atkinson III, 1 yard run (Brindza kick)37
11:56(STAN) Nottingham, 11 yard pass to Jackson (Williamson kick)107
6:30(STAN) Nottingham, 23 yard pass to Harris (Williamson kick)177
3:03(STAN) Nottingham, 12 yard pass to Montgomery (Williamson kick)247
7:22(STAN) Safety, Mitchell sacked Hendrix in the end zone267
4:28(STAN) Williamson, 39 yard FG297
2:39(ND) Hendrix, 1 yard pass to Daniels (2-pt. failed)2913
Stanford Cardinal
B. Nottingham22/3823530
R. Wright25763.00
B. Nottingham9-36-4.00
K. Young3258.30
K. Purcell11515.00
J. Hicks111.00
K. Jackson55410.81
T. Montgomery44310.71
R. Wright3258.30
K. Young22713.50
G. Harris25427.01
J. Hicks2115.50
T. Bradford1-4-4.00
W. Reed155.00
R. Mitchell199.00
M. Davenport11111.00
S. Mitchell81.000
C. Hopkins82.000
W. Lyons71.000
A. Turner62.000
C. Webb6000
J. Hemschoot5000
J. Vaughters5000
L. Callihan62.000
L. Pope21.000
J. Williamson2/23/3939
J. Rouse313244.01
W. Lyons11212.00
T. Bradford100.00
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
A. Hendrix13/2719410
C. Roberson0/1000
G. Atkinson III20874.31
A. Hendrix17-3-0.10
C. Roberson4235.70
N. Meeks252.50
L. Cannon111.00
J. Page1-2-2.00
L. Cannon34615.30
D. Daniels34314.31
J. Page35719.00
A. Welch23316.50
A. Bridges11818.00
G. Atkinson III1-3-3.00
S. Tuitt51.000
K. Moore11000
T. Niklas9000
J. Atkinson6000
M. Golden8000
L. Nix III72.000
A. Lynch51.000
E. Hardy7000
I. Williams5000
K. Brindza0/31/11
K. Brindza26834.00
D. Daniels22713.50
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 3 Recap

Week 3 Scoreboard
#2 Stanford 29, Notre Dame 13
#3 Michigan 52, San Jose State 7
#4 Alabama 49, Western Michigan 10
#5 Michigan State 62, MTSU 3
#6 Oregon 42, New Mexico State 19
#7 USC 35, #16 Boston College 20
#22 Clemson 20, #8 California 9
#9 Georgia 28, South Carolina 13
#11 Washington 41, Illinois 17
#12 Penn State 25, #23 Rutgers 17
#14 Oklahoma State 52, Eastern Michigan 7
#15 TCU 44, Texas Tech 24
#17 Florida 38, Texas A&M 17
Florida State 22, #18 Pittsburgh 21
#19 Miami-FL 38, Wake Forest 28
#20 USF 26, NC State 14
West Virginia 45, #21 Baylor 31
Auburn 42, #24 Mississippi State 7
#25 Utah 42, Memphis 14

Week 3 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#2 Stanford 29, Notre Dame 13B. Nottingham (STAN): 235G. Atkinson III (ND): 87J. Page (ND): 57
#25 Utah 42, Memphis 14T. Shreve (UTAH): 232L. Radley (UTAH): 110T. Reese (UTAH): 132
Arizona State 35, New Mexico 7J. Showers (ASU): 205D. Bush (ASU): 102E. Bishop (ASU): 79
#22 Clemson 20, #8 California 9C. Stoudt (CLEM): 185B. Bigelow (CAL): 126S. Watkins (CLEM): 61
Arkansas State 21, Boise State 6A. Williams (ASU): 106F. Jackson (ASU): 113J. Tompkins (BSU): 72
BYU 42, Colorado 19C. Jones (BYU): 350T. Briggs (COL): 102R. Apo (BYU): 156
#6 Oregon 42, New Mexico State 19A. Manley (NMSU): 165D. Thomas (ORE): 110R. Cox (NMSU): 83
Washington State 31, FCS Southeast 13C. Halliday (WSU): 332C. Halliday (WSU): 59B. Ratliff (WSU): 136
San Diego State 28, Nevada 21B. Woods (SDSU): 179A. Muema (SDSU): 187R. Telfer (NEV): 87
#11 Washington 41, Illinois 17R. O'Toole (ILL): 171B. Sankey (WASH): 102J. Perkins (WASH): 92
#7 USC 35, #16 Boston College 20C. Kessler (USC): 156I. Fields (USC): 108K. Prater (USC): 101

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Sep 14, 2014
11LSU (33)101497
22Stanford (26)301451
33Michigan (1)201386
44Alabama (1)201304
55Michigan State201243
1112Penn State30866
1314Oklahoma State20740
2016Boston College11379
21NRFlorida State20262

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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

McKnight makes the call

September 15, 2014

PALO ALTO, CA - There was never any other option for Jason McKnight.

The only thing that could've kept the nation's #3 defensive end from Stanford was the possibility of not meeting the steep academic requirements needed for admission.

That hurdle was cleared Monday, and with that, Stanford is on the board for 2015.

"It was a really anxious time for me and my family," the Pittsburg (CA) native said. "I wanted Stanford, my parents wanted Stanford, and Stanford's coaches wanted me. So when I got the news that I'd been admitted, it was such a relief. I can't wait to get there."

At 6'7, 252 pounds, McKnight figures to bulk up and play defensive end for the Cardinal, or even explore the possibility of playing a rush linebacker type in the 3-4.

In other recruiting news, the battle for the country's best offensive tackle is heating up. Tempe (AZ) Corona Del Sol star Kyle Davis has offers from Stanford and Auburn, and heavy, heavy interest from Oregon, USC, Michigan, Iowa, Texas, and others. Stanford's presence in the state of Arizona is working in their favor.

Meanwhile, in Texas, the Cardinal is finally about to go head to head with the Texas Longhorns in recruiting. Houston (TX) Eisenhower cornerback Corey Thomas has Stanford and Texas offers in hand, and has the two schools tied at the top for his services, with TCU, Alabama, and LSU rounding out his top five.

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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Matchup Preview | September 20, 2014
Boise State Broncos
(0-2, 0-2 Away)
#2 Stanford Cardinal
(3-0, 2-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
664Total Offensive Yards1512
415Passing Yards681
249Rushing Yards831
13.5Points Per Game53.3
3Passing TD12
0Rushing TD7
30First Downs54
4Red Zone Attempts16
2-2Red Zone TD-FG11-3
100Red Zone Percentage87
Defensive Stats Comparison
788Total Yards Allowed967
429Passing Yards Allowed684
359Rushing Yards Allowed283
59Points Allowed40
1Fumble Recoveries6
29.5Points Per Game13.3
10Red Zone Attempts7
8-1Red Zone TD-FG4-1
90Red Zone Percentage71
Injury Report
Alton Brown, LG, broken wrist
8 weeks

Game Notes
Boise State is in unfamiliar territory, their season reeling after an 0-2 start. The Broncos' ineptitude on offense through their first two games is puzzling, as they are certainly not lacking for talent. Junior quarterback Jermaine Sanders (6'4, 237) has an immensely powerful and accurate arm, and junior running back Damon Morrow (6'3, 235) is a sledgehammer, yet Boise has only three touchdowns in two games, all through the air. The Broncos have two excellent pass catchers in senior wideout Matt Miller and junior tight end Maurice Walker.

Defensively, Boise State has no senior starters, with two juniors and two sophomores on the defensive line, two juniors at linebacker, and two sophomores and three juniors in the secondary of the 4-2-5 defensive scheme. Boise's defense features several former Stanford targets or prospects, such as sophomore defensive end Robbie Goins (6'3, 259, 82 overall), sophomore defensive tackle Justin Ralph (6'5, 317, 85 overall), junior linebacker Reggie Ervin (6'1, 212, 86 overall), sophomore corner Jonathan Morris (6'1, 186, 83 overall), and sophomore corner Larry Scott (6'0, 169, 82 overall).

Speaking of defense, rumor out of Stanford practices this week is that Cardinal coach Brian Kudron may be exploring the possibility of mixing in some new schemes among the base 3-4. With Stanford's surplus of defensive tackles, a more 4-3 look may be deployed at times, with freshman linebacker Adrian Turner putting his hand in the ground and rushing from the weak side.

Boise State Depth Chart
Regular Offense
WRMatt Miller (r-SR, 6'3, 215, 90)Matt Cronin (r-SO, 6'0, 196, 78)
TEMaurice Walker (JR, 6'3, 226, 86)Michael Lewis (r-FR, 6'3, 237, 81)
LTStephen Miller (JR, 6'5, 321, 76)
LGEthan McCullough (SO, 6'2, 282, 71)
CDusty Barrett (SR, 6'4, 309, 77)
RGRees Odhiambo (r-JR, 6'3, 311, 82)
RTJonathan Hill (r-SO, 6'6, 335, 75)
WRJerome Tompkins (r-SO, 6'2, 186, 80)Steve Olson (r-SO, 6'2, 182, 77)
QBJermaine Sanders (JR, 6'4, 237, 86)Anthony Henry (r-SO, 6'4, 223, 85)
HBDamon Morrow (JR, 6'3, 235, 96)Eric Riley (SO, 6'2, 229, 84)
Base 4-2-5 Defense
LDERobbie Goins (SO, 6'3, 259, 82)Kevin Porter (SO, 6'1, 233, 70)
LDTBobby Hicks (JR, 6'2, 304, 87)Hakim White (r-FR, 6'2, 304, 75)
RDTJustin Ralph (JR, 6'5, 317, 85)Hakim White (r-FR, 6'2, 304, 75)
RDEDJ Myrice (SO, 6'1, 257, 81)Kevin Porter (SO, 6'1, 233, 70)
SLBReggie Ervin (JR, 6'1, 212, 86)
WLBRoderick Robbins (r-JR, 6'4, 227, 78)
CBJonathan Morris (SO, 6'1, 186, 83)Rasheed Callahan (SO, 5'9, 188, 81)
SSBrandon Heard (JR, 6'0, 210, 82)Matt Ashley (FR, 6'0, 194)
FSBeau Glover (JR, 6'0, 204, 80)
SSVince Buckley (JR, 6'0, 200, 79)Matt Ashley (FR, 6'0, 194)
CBLarry Scott (SO, 6'0, 169, 82)Bryan Douglas (r-SR, 5'9, 162, 81)
Special Teams
KMatt Bridges (SO, 6'0, 171, 81)
PMatt Bridges (SO, 6'0, 171, 81)
PRMatt MillerDamon Morrow
KRMatt MillerDamon Morrow
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