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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 3 Recap

Week 3 Scoreboard
#1 Oregon 35, Wyoming 28
#2 Stanford 51, Nevada 0
#3 Michigan 42, #21 Notre Dame 21
#4 Georgia 28, #25 South Carolina 21
#5 Florida 45, Texas A&M 28
#6 Oklahoma 22, Tennessee 17
#7 Pittsburgh 26, #9 Clemson 21
Texas 31, #8 California 24
#10 Nebraska 34, FCS Southeast 21
Mississippi State 24, #11 Auburn 21
#12 TCU 42, Texas Tech 7
Utah 21, #13 Penn State 17
#14 Wisconsin 34, Fresno State 33
#15 Michigan State 55, FCS Midwest 3
#17 USF 34, Indiana 7
Miami-FL 22, #18 Maryland 21
#19 Boise State 38, UCLA 17
LSU 44, #22 Arizona State 13
Air Force 31, #23 Oklahoma State 22

Week 3 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#2 Stanford 51, Nevada 0S. Williams (STAN): 145G. Cason (STAN): 185K. Jackson (STAN): 74
Bowling Green 30, BYU 24 (OT)C. Jones (BYU): 175C. Jackson (BGSU): 114P. Pearson (BGSU): 57
#19 Boise State 38, UCLA 17J. Sanders (BSU): 200S. Robinson (UCLA): 119K. Scott (UCLA): 75
Colorado 51, FCS Southeast 3S. Dorman (COL): 333J. Owens (COL): 160N. Spruce (COL): 151
Utah 21, #13 Penn State 17E. Richard (PSU): 250D. Sanders (UTAH): 82W. Kirby (UTAH): 81
#1 Oregon 35, Wyoming 28A. Porter (WYO): 272B. Brooks (ORE): 100M. Williams (WYO): 141
Oregon State 29, San Diego State 9A. Owens (OSU): 301D. Rankin (OSU): 124L .Clark (SDSU): 85
Texas 31, #8 California 24B. Burgess (TEXAS): 172B. Ernst (CAL): 222M. Munoz (TEXAS): 69
Virginia 27, Washington State 20J. Laughrea (WSU): 264J. Smith (UVA): 153J. Peters (WSU): 205
LSU 44, #22 Arizona State 13M. Eubank (ASU): 189B. Bishop (LSU): 114J. Davidson (ASU): 113
Washington 55, Hawai'i 7H. Wallace (HAW): 200B. Sankey (WASH): 115J. Lilly (HAW): 96

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Sep 13, 2015
11Oregon (37)201501
22Stanford (23)201428
33Michigan (1)201384
1115Michigan State20746
1619Boise State20553
1820Ole Miss10506
21NRMississippi State20351
2213Penn State12345
23NRBoston College20247
2521Notre Dame02181
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Matchup Preview | September 19, 2015
#2 Stanford Cardinal
(2-0 (1-0), 1-0 Away)
#24 Arizona Wildcats
(0-1 (0-0), 0-1 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
503.5Total Offensive Yards408.0
184.0Passing Yards252.0
319.5Rushing Yards156.0
44.0Points Per Game35.0
3Passing TD2
7Rushing TD3
43First Downs15
14Red Zone Attempts3
6-5Red Zone TD-FG3-0
78Red Zone Percentage100
Defensive Stats Comparison
270.5Total Yards Allowed538.0
191.0Passing Yards Allowed324.0
79.5Rushing Yards Allowed214.0
17Points Allowed44
3Fumble Recoveries0
8.5Points Per Game44.0
3Red Zone Attempts7
0-1Red Zone TD-FG4-3
33Red Zone Percentage100
Injury Report

Kevin Dunlap, WR, sprained elbow
2 weeks
Game Notes
Rich Rodriguez has settled in nicely in Tucson, experiencing much more success and stability at Arizona than he did at Michigan. Saturday will mark the first meeting between Rodriguez's Wildcats and Brian Kudron's Stanford Cardinal.

Senior quarterback Trevor Parham is the ideal dual-threat QB that Rodriguez looks for in his spread offense. He's not the game breaker that Pat White or Denard Robinson were at Rodriguez's previous stops, but he has the wheels to keep the defense accountable. The Wildcats will deploy two senior tailbacks to run alongside Parham - bruiser Troy Gray (6'0, 218) and burner Jared Baker (5'9, 189). UA will sorely, sorely miss senior wideout Kevin Dunlap against Stanford, though. The 6'5 senior won the Biletnikoff Award last season after a monstrous season with 102 catches, 1587 yards and 11 touchdowns. He had five catches for 130 yards in the season-opening loss to Auburn two weeks ago, but he injured his elbow during that game, and will not be available against the Cardinal. Arizona will have to rely on a combination of Jason Hickman, Patrick Onwuasor, David Richards, and tight end Michael Cooper to pick up the slack.

Defensively, the Wildcats run a 3-3-5 defense under Jeff Casteel, who rejoined Rodriguez's staff when Rodriguez took the Arizona job. Running such an unorthodox defense could spell disaster against a punishing offense like Stanford. UA's senior trio of linebackers, Domonique Petties, Timothy Burton, and Hank Hobson, will have to be at the top of their game. Senior Adam Love and junior Herb Weber give Arizona a solid pair of corners, and seniors Brad Davis and Cortez Johnson do the same at safety, rounding out a very experienced defense.

Arizona Depth Chart
Regular Offense
WRJason Hickman (SR, 6'2, 214, 81)Brandon Stokes (r-SO, 6'5, 216, 79)
TEMichael Cooper (r-SR, 6'5, 241, 85)Eric Clark (SR, 6'4, 223, 79)
LTJohn Barrett (JR, 6'7, 294, 74)
LGPatrick Upshaw (JR, 6'3, 304, 83)
CJoe Newsome (JR, 6'2, 292, 77)
RGRobert Daniels (JR, 6'0, 331, 76)
RTKyle West (JR, 6'6, 319, 76)
WRPatrick Onwuasor (r-SR, 6'2, 195, 80)Anthony Sullivan (r-JR, 6'2, 171, 78)
QBTrevor Parham (SR, 6'2, 212, 85)David Ingram (r-JR, 5'11, 191, 79)
WRDavid Richards (r-SR, 6'3, 204, 80)
HBTroy Gray (r-SR, 6'0, 218, 88)Jared Baker (r-SR, 5'9, 189, 82)
Base 3-3-5 Defense
LDEGeoffrey Johnson (SR, 6'5, 292, 83)Dame Ndiaye (r-SR, 6'4, 227, 80)
NTMike Patterson (SO, 6'2, 287, 69)Carl Bolden (r-FR, 6'7, 293, 69)Mark Jones (r-FR, 6'3, 285, 69)
RDEAllen Downing (r-JR, 6'4, 269, 82)Dame Ndiaye (r-SR, 6'4, 227, 80)
LOLBDomonique Petties (r-SR, 6'1, 222, 83)Rob Hankins (r-SR, 6'1, 228, 78)
MLBTimothy Burton (SR, 6'1, 243, 79)Matt Brown (r-JR, 6'4, 249, 78)
ROLBHank Hobson (r-SR, 6'2, 223, 79)Rob Hankins (r-SR, 6'1, 228, 78)
CBAdam Love (SR, 6'1, 177, 85)Travis Clarke (r-JR, 6'1, 204, 79)
SSCortez Johnson (r-SR, 6'2, 193, 87)Travis Clarke (r-JR, 6'1, 204, 73)
FSBrad Davis (SR, 6'3, 187, 85)Tra'Mayne Bondurant (r-SR, 5'11, 170, 77)
SSTra'Mayne Bondurant (r-SR, 5'11, 170, 75)Travis Clarke (r-JR, 6'1, 204, 73)
CBHerb Weber (r-JR, 6'1, 181, 84)Nick McFarland (r-SR, 6'0, 194, 74)
Special Teams
KZac Morrow (JR, 6'0, 171, 76)
PDavid Morgan (JR, 6'4, 203, 90)
PRPatrick Onwuasor (r-SR, 6'2, 195, 95)Brandon Stokes (r-SO, 6'5, 216, 95)
KRPatrick Onwuasor (r-SR, 6'2, 195, 95)Brandon Stokes (r-SO, 6'5, 216, 95)
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

#2 Stanford @ #24 Arizona
Arizona Stadium
Tucson, AZ
September 19, 2015

Stanford dodges one in the desert
In a twist, Williams saves the day for the Cardinal - with his legs

TUCSON, AZ - It was hyped internally as a much-anticipated homecoming for the Arizonans inhabiting Stanford's roster. And it went well, as Copper State natives Adrian Turner, Andrew Edwards and John Arnold all made big plays for the Cardinal, while two Arizona high schoolers on Stanford's radar attended the game as unofficial visitors on UA's sideline.

In the end though, it was Shane Williams busting out the new wrinkle to Stanford's diverse offense, executing a perfect zone read play out of the shotgun, pulling the ball out of Garrett Cason's stomach as Arizona defensive end Allen Downing crashed down on him. From there Williams jogged into the endzone untouched, providing the winning margin in Stanford's 35-28 win over the Wildcats with only 23 seconds remaining.

"I don't want people to get the wrong idea, we're not turning into Oregon here," Brian Kudron laughed after the game. "But Shane has the athleticism to be a threat on the ground, so we'd be foolish not to take advantage of that. Now obviously his rushing stats aren't the best because of the sacks he's taking, haha...but the zone read plays we're installing in our offense add a dimension that we feel makes our offense that much tougher to defend."

Stanford Cardinal at Arizona Wildcats
Sep 19, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#2 Stanford Cardinal (3-0, 2-0)14621335
#24 Arizona Wildcats (0-2, 0-1)7714028
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense275285
Rushing Yards1092
Passing Yards166283
First Downs1413
Punt Return Yards026
Kick Return Yards1520
Total Yards427311
3rd Down Converstion3-138-15
4th Down Conversion0-00-1
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/42/0
Posession Time27:5120:09
Scoring Summary
11:48(STAN) Johnson, 100 yard kickoff return (Clayton kick)70
10:52(STAN) Grant, 33 yard INT return (Clayton kick)140
1:28(ARIZ) Baker, 6 yard run (Morrow kick)147
9:59(ARIZ) Parham, 2 yard pass to Richards (Morrow kick)1414
2:34(STAN) Clayton, 40 yard FG1714
0:00(STAN) Clayton, 27 yard FG2014
8:41(ARIZ) Parham, 47 yard pass to Richards (Morrow kick)2021
4:49(ARIZ) Parham, 30 yard pass to Onwuasor (Morrow kick)2028
2:03(STAN) Safety, Arnold tackled Gray in the endzone2228
11:23(STAN) Clayton, 29 yard FG2528
7:37(STAN) Clayton, 34 yard FG2828
0:23(STAN) Williams, 4 yard run (Clayton kick)3528
Stanford Cardinal
S. Williams14/2416600
G. Cason211225.80
S. Williams11-11-1.01
A. Johnson1-1-1.00
K. Young1-1-1.00
K. Jackson67913.10
R. Mitchell34314.30
J. Hicks3113.60
A. Johnson11111.00
M. Davenport12222.00
A. Turner7000
T. Simmons61.010
T. Galloway6000
D. Wilson5000
C. Webb7000
G. Fisher6000
L. Pope31.000
M. Turner21.000
J. Cole4010
A. Grant4011
A. Edwards11.000
K. Estes3010
C. Clayton4/43/31540
J. Rouse733447.71
A. Johnson212160.51
D. Wilson23115.50
A. Johnson200.00
Arizona Wildcats
T. Parham16/2828334
T. Gray1410.10
T. Parham13-21-1.60
J. Baker7243.41
D. Richards1-2-2.00
P. Onwuasor67612.61
D. Richards59719.42
J. Hickman38026.60
D. Jamison199.00
E. Clark12121.00
T. Burton91.000
H. Hobson61.000
M. Patterson62.000
B. Davis7000
G. Johnson41.000
H. Weber4000
A. Love5000
C. Johnson4000
T. Bondurant61.000
Z. Morrow0/04/44
D. Morgan415839.50
P. Onwuasor3268.60

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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 4 Recap

Week 4 Scoreboard
#1 Oregon 42, San Diego State 3
#2 Stanford 35, #24 Arizona 28
#4 Georgia 27, Alabama 17
Virginia 34, #5 Pittsburgh 20
#6 Florida 42, Tennessee 38
#9 TCU 20, Oklahoma State 17
#11 Michigan State 37, #25 Notre Dame 20
#12 Clemson 24, Central Michigan 14
#13 USF 34, Eastern Michigan 31 (OT)
#14 USC 41, #15 California 21
#16 Boise State 20, UL Lafayette 9
#17 Auburn 52, Arkansas State 7
#18 Ole Miss 42, Fresno State 31
#19 Utah 42, Nevada 17
#21 Mississippi State 38, Southern Miss 24
#22 Penn State 49, Temple 14
#23 Boston College 35, Syracuse 13

Week 4 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#2 Stanford 35, #24 Arizona 28T. Parham (ARIZ): 283G. Cason (STAN): 122D. Richards (ARIZ): 97
Arizona State 42, FCS East 10M. Eubank (ASU): 317M. Eubank (ASU): 63T. Tatum (ASU): 185
#16 Boise State 20, UL Lafayette 9C. Edmonds (ULL): 213E. Riley (BSU): 122M. Walker (BSU): 93
#1 Oregon 42, San Diego State 3B, Woods (SDSU): 149S. Fletcher (ORE): 144A. McPherson (SDSU): 85
#14 USC 41, #15 California 21M. Wittek (USC): 202A. Carlisle (USC): 148R. Rodgers (CAL): 95
UCLA 27, BYU 20B. Hundley (UCLA): 249B. Hundley (UCLA): 54D. Hodge (UCLA): 153
Colorado 38, Colorado State 29S. Dorman (COL): 317J. Robinson (CSU): 110N. Spruce (COL): 145
#19 Utah 42, Nevada 17N. Morgan (UTAH): 234D. Sanders (UTAH): 148J. Davis (UTAH): 71

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Sep 20, 2015
11Oregon (40)301504
22Stanford (21)301441
1011Michigan State30891
1416Boise State30616
1718Ole Miss20524
2021Mississippi State30409
2222Penn State22330
2323Boston College30330

Heisman Watch - Updated: Sep 20, 2015
Anthony WoodQBMichigan361 passing yards, 57%, 6 TDs, 2 INTs
Barry BrooksHBOregon258 rushing yards, 6.5 YPC, 3 TDs, 64 receiving yards, 5 TDs
Darryl SmithHBMichigan State314 rushing yards, 6.2 YPC, 6 TDs
Garrett CasonHBStanford536 rushing yards, 8.1 YPC, 2 TDs
Amir CarlisleHBUSC289 rushing yards, 6.6 YPC, 5 TDs

Pac-12 North Conference Standings - Updated: Sep 20, 2015
#1 Oregon3-01.0001-011245W3
#14 Boise State3-01.0002-08840W3
#2 Stanford3-01.0002-012345W3
Oregon State1-20.3301-13974W1
#24 California1-20.3300-180100L2
Washington State0-20.0000-02053L2

Pac-12 South Conference Standings - Updated: Sep 20, 2015
#18 Utah3-01.0001-010069W3
#13 USC2-10.6601-18663W1
Arizona State2-10.6600-09768W1
San Diego State0-20.0000-21271L2
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Stanford returns to the Valley of the Sun

September 22, 2015

The state of Arizona has been very kind to Stanford over the years, sending notables like Devon Carrington, Blake Murphy, Drew Terrell, Harold Bernard and Quinn Evans to the Farm, with head man Brian Kudron maintaining the pipeline since he took over in Palo Alto, signing Marcus Davenport, John Arnold, Andrew Edwards, Adrian Turner, and Kyle Davis in his first four classes. Hamilton High School in Chandler has been especially Stanford-friendly, sending Carrington, Terrell and Edwards to the Bay Area.

This year Stanford is back in Arizona, pursuing two of the West's top interior defensive linemen, one of whom attends that same Hamilton High School.

The nation's 14th ranked defensive tackle, Juan Johnson, has been keeping an eye on former high school teammate Andrew Edwards, who is growing into a dominant force on Stanford's D-line. His success has Johnson's interest piqued.

"It means a lot to me, seeing Andrew succeed there," the 6'2, 290-pound Johnson said. "Our coaches at Hamilton have nothing but good things to say about Stanford, they've taken care of our guys up there, so I feel very comfortable with them, and knowing how world-class a Stanford education is, if I can get in, it'd be really hard to say no."

Whereas Edwards is a 350-pound run stuffing nose guard, Johnson is built more in a pass rushing mold. While playing the waiting game with Stanford admissions, Johnson is also hearing from Ole Miss, Oregon, USC, Michigan, Illinois, and others.

Meanwhile, 170 miles to the southeast, near the Arizona-Mexico border in the city of Sierra Vista, is the country's #19 defensive tackle, Carlos Roberts. Roberts is more of a run stopper at 6'0, 316 pounds, and he's developed a friendship with his fellow Arizonian defender.

"Me and Juan have become close friends over the past year or so," Roberts said. "We've met up on the camp circuit a few times, and we were both at the Stanford/Arizona game on Saturday. We've got a lot of the same schools after us, and Stanford's one of them. I think it'd be cool to be teammates in college."

While the Cardinal may be emerging as the favorite for Johnson, the competition for Roberts will be more heated, as the local schools Arizona and Arizona State, along with Cal and Texas, round out his top five.
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Matchup Preview | September 26, 2015
#2 Stanford Cardinal
(3-0 (2-0), 2-0 Away)
#14 Boise State Broncos
(3-0 (2-0), 2-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
427.3Total Offensive Yards359.0
178.0Passing Yards214.3
249.3Rushing Yards144.7
41.0Points Per Game29.3
3Passing TD6
8Rushing TD5
57First Downs66
19Red Zone Attempts17
7-9Red Zone TD-FG8-2
84Red Zone Percentage58
Defensive Stats Comparison
275.3Total Yards Allowed309.0
221.7Passing Yards Allowed176.0
53.7Rushing Yards Allowed1330
45Points Allowed40
3Fumble Recoveries0
15.0Points Per Game13.3
5Red Zone Attempts8
2-1Red Zone TD-FG4-2
60Red Zone Percentage75
Game Notes
Boise State has stumbled through their last two seasons, but they sent a warning shot through the Pac-12 when they walked into the Coliseum in the season opener and choked out powerful USC. They now sit at 3-0, and appear up to the challenge of facing Stanford, with their fabled blue turf aiding them.

Senior quarterback Jermaine Sanders is not the most accurate passer, so he won't remind anybody of Kellen Moore, but he has grown into a very reliable leader and has the arm strength to make just about any throw. Flanking him will be Boise's bruising duo of 238-pound Damon Morrow (214 yards, 5.6 YPC, 2 TDs) and 229-pound Eric Riley (169, 4.9, 1). Meanwhile, BSU's #1 offensive weapon is junior wideout Jerome Tompkins, who leads his team with 19 receptions, 228 yards, and five touchdowns through the first three games. But he is certainly not the Broncos' only receiving threat: junior wideouts Steve Olson and Matt Cronin, and tight ends Maurice Walker and Michael Lewis round out a very talented corps of skill position players.

Defensively, Boise State still runs an unorthodox 4-2-5 defense, and they remain one of the most fundamentally sound units in America. Juniors Robbie Goins and DJ Myrick are very dangerous pass rushers off the edge, and with Stanford's sketchy pass protection so far, they could be very disruptive. At linebacker, Jonathan Hunter leads BSU with 3.5 sacks and 21 tackles overall, followed closely by Roderick Robbins' 20. Star middle linebacker Reggie Ervin missed BSU's last game with injury, but is expected to be 100% for Stanford.

In the secondary, Boise is supremely experienced and very talented junior Jonathan Morris is in his third year as a starter and is becoming one of the Pac-12's best cornerbacks. Opposite Morris, fellow junior Larry Scott is also in his third year of extensive playing time, giving the Broncos an abundance of experience. Even nickelback Rasheed Callahan has been playing since his freshman year. The three safeties that play in Boise's 4-2-5 are all seniors, and are all big, sure tacklers: Beau Glover (6'0, 204), Brandon Heard (6'0, 211), and Vince Buckley (6'0, 200).

One item of note is the diversity of the Broncos in terms of location. As they've risen to prominence, Boise State has gone national in their recruiting: Jermaine Sanders is from Oil City, Pennsylvania. Their two tailbacks are from Delaware and Minnesota. They have wideouts and tight ends from Texas, Washington, Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida. Their starting five up front are from Massachusetts, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, and Alabama. Their four starting defensive linemen hail from Illinois, Mississippi, Washington, and Arizona. Their three-man rotation at linebacker features an Idahoan, a Californian, and a West Virginian. Their top three corners are from Oregon, Utah, and Ohio, and their three starting safeties are from North Carolina, Washington, and Texas. Even their placekicker is from Wisconsin.

Boise State Depth Chart
Regular Offense
WRJerome Tompkins (r-JR, 6'2, 186, 84)Tim Branch (FR, 6'0, 189, 83)
TEMaurice Walker (SR, 6'3, 227, 90)Michael Lewis (r-SO, 6'3, 241)
LTStephen Miller (SR, 6'5, 321, 79)
LGAlton Brown (SR, 6'5, 284, 88)
CAndre Lane (FR, 6'1, 277, 75)
RGRees Odhiambo (r-SR, 6'3, 312, 87)
RTJonathan Hill (r-JR, 6'6, 339, 77)
WRMatt Cronin (r-JR, 6'0, 198, 81)Mike Whitaker (r-JR, 6'2, 167, 77)
QBJermaine Sanders (SR, 6'4, 238, 90)Anthony Henry (r-JR, 6'4, 224, 89)
WRSteve Olson (r-JR, 6'2, 184, 80)
HBDamon Morrow (SR, 6'3, 238, 98)Eric Riley (JR, 6'2, 229, 88)
Base 4-2-5 Defense
LDERobbie Goins (JR, 6'3, 261, 85)Kevin Porter (JR, 6'1, 236, 80)
LDTBobby Hicks (SR, 6'2, 306, 91)Hakim White (r-SO, 6'2, 307, 78)
RDTJustin Ralph (SR, 6'5, 319, 89)Marcus Washington (JR, 6'4, 275, 74)
RDEDJ Myrick (JR, 6'2, 260, 84)Kevin Porter (JR, 6'1, 236, 80)
SLBReggie Ervin (SR, 6'1, 214, 89)Taylor Loffler (r-SR, 6'4, 205, 80)
WLBRoderick Robbins (r-SR, 6'4, 230, 82)Jonathan Hunter (r-JR, 6'0, 247, 80)
CBJonathan Morris (JR, 6'1, 186, 87)Rasheed Callahan (JR, 5'9, 188, 85)
SSBrandon Heard (SR, 6'0, 211, 87)Matt Ashley (SO, 6'0, 195, 80)
FSBeau Glover (SR, 6'0, 204, 85)Vince Buckley (SR, 6'0, 200, 82)
SSVince Buckley (SR, 6'0, 200, 83)Matt Ashley (SO, 6'0, 195, 80)
CBLarry Scott (JR, 6'0, 169, 87)Eric Agbaroji (r-SR, 6'1, 184, 82)
Special Teams
KMatt Bridges (JR, 6'0, 173, 85)
PMatt Bridges (JR, 6'0, 173, 85)
PRDamon Morrow (SR, 6'3, 238, 99)Eric Riley (JR, 6'2, 229, 95)
KRDamon Morrow (SR, 6'3, 238, 99)Eric Riley (JR, 6'2, 229, 95)
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

#2 Stanford @ #14 Boise State
Bronco Stadium
Boise, ID
September 26, 2015

Stanford feels the Blues
Frenzied Broncos force uncharacteristic Stanford mistakes that lead to the upset

BOISE, ID - It was probably inevitable that Shane Williams would make some mistakes as a young quarterback that would likely lead to a hole Stanford couldn't climb out of.

It came down to the wire, but it happened Saturday night, as the Cardinal turned the ball over three times in the redzone in a close 38-33 loss to Boise State on the Smurf Turf in southwest Idaho.

The three turnovers were exceptionally brutal: the first was a pass that Williams fired just behind wide receiver Terrance Bradford and into the arms of BSU safety Vince Buckley, who returned it 86 yards to the endzone. On the next possession, Garrett Cason broke loose for a 20 yard run and was inside the five yard line, only to be undercut by Boise DB Beau Glover. The ball flew into the air as Cason's legs were cut out from under him, and Buckley scooped it up on one hop.

The third was the worst of all. Late in the fourth quarter, it seemed like Stanford was going to overcome all the mistakes and defensive lapses, as Williams drove the Cardinal to the brink of the goalline, trailing 31-26 - only to misjudge a throw over the middle intended for tight end Kevin Jackson. The pass didn't have enough air under it, and was picked off in the endzone by linebacker Rod Robbins. Each team would add a touchdown, but that turnover essentially sealed Stanford's fate.

"This is one of the hardest places in the country to play," Stanford coach Brian Kudron said. "You can never come in here with anything less than your A game and expect to win; that's just not possible, because Boise is so good on their home field. We just made too many mistakes. And Shane feels bad. He knows he's got to do better, but it's something that'll happen with young quarterbacks. This'll be a learning experience, hopefully for our whole team as a whole, but definitely Shane in particular."

Stanford Cardinal at Boise State Broncos
Sep 26, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#2 Stanford Cardinal (3-1, 2-1)27101433
#14 Boise State Broncos (4-0, 3-0)71071438
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense602433
Rushing Yards24157
Passing Yards361276
First Downs2512
Punt Return Yards1511
Kick Return Yards14296
Total Yards759540
3rd Down Converstion5-136-14
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3/11/0
Posession Time30:2717:33
Scoring Summary
4:59(BSU) Buckley, 86 yard INT return (Bridges kick)07
1:03(STAN) Safety, Galloway blocked punt out of the endzone27
9:16(BSU) Morrow, 1 yard run (Bridges kick)214
5:14(STAN) Williams, 6 yard pass to Bradford (Clayton kick)914
1:45(BSU) Bridges, 37 yard FG917
6:52(STAN) Clayton, 24 yard FG1217
5:25(BSU) Sanders, 38 yard pass to Tompkins (Bridges kick)1224
2:17(STAN) Young, 14 yard run (Clayton kick)1924
9:05(BSU) Sanders, 67 yard pass to Tompkins (Bridges kick)1931
6:52(STAN) Williams, 17 yard pass to Davenport (Clayton kick)2631
1:42(BSU) Morrow, 53 yard run (Bridges kick)2638
1:23(STAN) Williams, 31 yard pass to Lewis (Clayton kick)3338
Stanford Cardinal
S. Williams28/4636132
G. Cason12746.10
S. Williams9849.30
K. Young9859.41
A. Johnson1-2-2.00
K. Jackson911512.70
T. Bradford6538.81
M. Davenport55811.61
J. Hicks4307.50
A. Johnson26130.50
J. Lewis13131.01
M. Moore11313.00
T. Simmons71.000
C. Webb7000
A. Turner100.500
G. Fisher5000
A. Edwards6000
M. Turner52.000
T. Miller60.500
C. Clayton1/24/4724
J. Rouse419147.71
D. Wilson47318.20
A. Johnson36923.00
A. Johnson2157.50
Boise State Broncos
J. Sanders17/2537620
D. Morrow21944.42
J. Sanders5-34-6.80
S. Olson2-2-1.00
P. Ross111.00
M. Cronin1-2-2.00
M. Cronin611619.30
S. Olson45914.70
J. Tompkins316454.62
M. Walker2168.00
T. Branch11717.00
D. Morrow144.00
L. Scott11000
B. Glover10000
R. Goins5000
R. Ervin6000
B. Hicks43.000
V. Buckley7011
R. Robbins9010
B. Heard7000
J. Morris6000
J. Ralph31.000
D. Myrick3000
M. Bridges1/15/5837
M. Bridges618530.81
D. Morrow26130.50
E. Riley13333.00
S. Olson122.00
D. Morrow11111.00

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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 5 Recap

Week 5 Scoreboard
#14 Boise State 38, #2 Stanford 33
#3 Michigan 50, Western Michigan 0
LSU 35, #4 Georgia 21
#5 Florida 35, Kentucky 21
#6 Oklahoma 34, Tulsa 0
#7 Nebraska 31, Southern Miss 10
#8 TCU 24, Kansas 21 (OT)
#9 Wisconsin 17, Wyoming 13
#10 Michigan State 45, Purdue 17
#11 Clemson 28, #17 Ole Miss 17
#13 USC 27, San Diego State 14
Notre Dame 24, #15 Pittsburgh 14
#20 Mississippi State 40, Missouri 10
#21 Virginia 38, UTEP 17
#22 Penn State 19, Northwestern 14
#23 Boston College 28, Army 19
#24 California 38, UNLV 7

Week 5 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#14 Boise State 38, #2 Stanford 33J. Sanders (BSU): 376D. Morrow (BSU): 94J. Tompkins (BSU): 164
#13 USC 27, San Diego State 14B. Woods (SDSU): 232I. Fields (USC): 131L. Clark (SDSU): 109
Nevada 23, UCLA 21B. Hundley (UCLA): 196K. Watson (NEV): 122B. Rodgers (NEV): 76
Washington 52, Florida Atlantic 21D. Brown (WASH): 219B. Sankey (WASH): 184P. Campbell (WASH): 88
Oregon State 35, Marshall 32A. Owens (OSU): 320R. Cato (MARSH): 92T. Zimmerman (OSU): 189
BYU 27, Buffalo 3C. Jones (BYU): 219S. Allen (BYU): 84J. Thompson (BYU): 146
Arkansas State 27, Arizona 14D. Clay (ASU): 322B. Flowers (ASU): 69A. Brown (ASU): 199
#24 California 38, UNLV 7M. Allen (CAL): 170B. Ernst (CAL): 202R. Rodgers (CAL): 67
Arizona State 41, Washington State 10M. Eubank (ASU): 237M. Eubank (ASU): 117E. Wright (ASU): 95

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Sep 27, 2015
11Oregon (39)301503
23Michigan (21)301370
35Florida (1)401261
910Michigan State40947
1114Boise State40865
1820Mississippi State40453
2022Penn State32350
2117Ole Miss21348
2223Boston College40331

Heisman Watch - Updated: Sep 27, 2015
Darryl SmithHBMichigan State374 rushing yards, 6.2 YPC, 8 TDs
Anthony WoodQBMichigan404 passing yards, 59%, 6 TDs, 2 INTs
Barry BrooksHBOregon258 rushing yards, 6.5 YPC, 3 TDs
Bobby MarshallHBBoston College666 rushing yards, 5.5 YPC, 6 TDs
Kelly MorganHBTCU467 rushing yards, 5.8 YPC, 6 TDs

Pac-12 North Conference Standings - Updated: Sep 27, 2015
#11 Boise State4-01.0003-012673W4
#1 Oregon3-01.0001-011245W3
#8 Stanford3-10.7502-115683L1
Oregon State2-20.5001-174106W2
#25 California2-20.5000-1118107W1
Washington State0-30.0000-13094L3

Pac-12 South Conference Standings - Updated: Sep 27, 2015
#16 Utah3-01.0001-010069W3
Arizona State3-10.7501-013878W2
#14 USC3-10.7502-111377W2
San Diego State0-30.0000-32698L3
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