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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Land of Lincoln leads to #1 for 2016

September 29, 2015

Last year, Stanford coach Brian Kudron began his encroachment into the Midwest when he signed three players from the state of Ohio.

This year, it is Illinois that appears to be Stanford's primary target in the region, with four Illinois natives in regular contact with the Cardinal coaching staff. Tuesday, the first of those four decided it was time to end the process.

Safety Timothy Bradley of Glenbard West High School in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn became the first member of Stanford's 2016 recruiting class earlier today, committing to the Cardinal over North Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Notre Dame.

"It was the academics," Bradley said. "My parents told me they would support me no matter what, but they really wanted me to find the best place for me, academically. And it really doesn't get any better than Stanford."

The 6'2, 205-pound Bradley is rated as a three-star prospect and the #16 strong safety in the class of 2016. The other three Land of Lincoln prospects on Stanford's radar also reside in the Chicagoland area: 4* guard Billy Powers of Libertyville, 4* guard Alfred Harvey of Downers Grove North in Woodridge, and 3* tackle/guard Shaun Means from Zion Benton High in Zion.

Stanford Recruiting - September 29, 2015
Timothy BradleySS#16
Glen Ellyn (IL) Glenbard West6'2205

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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Matchup Preview | October 3, 2015
Houston Cougars
(2-2 (1-1), 0-0 Away)
#8 Stanford Cardinal
(3-1 (2-1), 1-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
431.3Total Offensive Yards471.0
319.3Passing Yards223.8
112.0Rushing Yards247.3
29.2Points Per Game39.0
11Passing TD6
3Rushing TD9
94First Downs82
21Red Zone Attempts25
11-4Red Zone TD-FG10-10
71Red Zone Percentage80
Defensive Stats Comparison
370.0Total Yards Allowed314.8
213.8Passing Yards Allowed260.3
156.3Rushing Yards Allowed54.5
106Points Allowed83
3Fumble Recoveries4
26.5Points Per Game20.8
21Red Zone Attempts6
11-4Red Zone TD-FG3-1
71Red Zone Percentage66
Injury Report
Tim Sowell, MLB, dislocated elbow
11 weeks

Game Notes
This has "trap game" written all over it for Stanford. The Cardinal still hasn't solved its pass defense woes, and will now welcome the high-flying Houston Cougars to Palo Alto. The good news is Houston quarterback Avery Smith throws the ball to the other team just as much as he does to his own team, matching his seven touchdowns with seven interceptions. Houston has a pair of talented tailbacks in Dan Rodgers and Kenneth Farrow, but they are absolutely a pass first, pass second, and pass third team. David Mason is UH's #1 receiver with 23 catches, but is a possession type, averaging only 7.9 yards per catch. Ira Taylor is more of the deep threat with 17.6 yards a pop, and the Cougars have two capable tight ends in Tyrone Reed and Andrew Green.

Houston Depth Chart
Regular Offense
WRDavid Mason (SR, 5'9, 185, 86)CJ McElroy (r-SR, 5'9, 176, 76)
TETyrone Reed (JR, 6'1, 261, 79)Andrew Green (SR, 6'5, 266, 79)Mark Rogers (r-JR, 6'3, 258, 77)
LTZachary Johnson (r-SR, 6'7, 313, 75)
LGJeffrey Young (SO, 6'4, 304, 74)
CAndy Mills (SO, 6'7, 280, 69)
RGNick Bray (r-JR, 6'4, 297, 80)
RTKourtlandt Atkins (r-SR, 6'4, 311, 80)
WRIra Taylor (SR, 5'10, 181, 83)Robert Malloy (r-SO, 6'2, 207, 75)
QBAvery Smith (r-JR, 6'3, 254, 79)James Williams (r-JR, 6'0, 212, 74)
WRMatthew Garner (r-JR, 6'0, 176, 80)Mark Roberts (r-SR, 6'3, 178, 75)
HBDan Rodgers (r-SR, 6'0, 200, 83)Kenneth Farrow (r-SR, 5'10, 200, 83)
Base 4-3 Defense
LDESteven Davis (JR, 6'5, 305, 76)Kenneth Drew (SO, 6'3, 230, 75)
LDTBrian McGrew (SO, 6'0, 284, 74)
RDTRoland Daniels (FR, 6'3, 275, 68)
RDEBobby Wyatt (SO, 6'2, 263, 76)Kenneth Drew (SO, 6'3, 230, 75)
WLBFreddie Blair (SR, 6'3, 227, 80)Trey Robertson (r-JR, 6'2, 224, 78)
MLBMarlon Williams (r-SO, 6'2, 200, 78)Trey Robertson (r-JR, 6'2, 224, 78)
SLBAshley Rogers (SR, 6'3, 223, 80)Marlon Williams (r-SO, 6'2, 200, 78)
CBTyler Guidry (r-JR, 6'0, 177, 81)Luke McIntosh (r-SO, 6'2, 174, 78)
SSAndre Smith (r-JR, 6'1, 204, 78)Darius Burch (r-JR, 6'1, 204, 77)
FSWilliam Carey (JR, 6'0, 199, 81)Manny Thomas (r-SO, 6'0, 189, 80)
CBPaul Hill (r-SO, 6'0, 184, 78)Terrence Flynn (r-FR, 6'1, 171, 75)
Special Teams
KCory Culver (JR, 6'1, 182, 81)
PCory Culver (JR, 6'1, 182, 81)
PRIra Taylor (SR, 5'10, 181, 97)David Mason (SR, 5'9, 186, 93)
KRIra Taylor (SR, 5'10, 181, 97)David Mason (SR, 5'9, 186, 93)
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Houston @ #8 Stanford
Stanford Stadium
Palo Alto, CA
October 3, 2015

Home Sweet Home
The Farm cures Stanford's woes in 68-24 rout of Houston

PALO ALTO, CA - At first glance, giving up 360 yards through the air is a sore spot that would have most coaches pulling their hair out during film review the next week.

In this case though, Stanford's Brian Kudron will probably live with it, as his Cardinal forced three turnovers and a safety on Houston's first four possessions, burying the Cougars early and coasting to an easy 68-24 victory on The Farm in Palo Alto.

The running game carried the load as usual for Stanford, as Garrett Cason, Will Brown, and Kevin Purcell all broke 100 yards. One of the highlights of the Cardinal's ground attack was the debut of the seven offensive linemen package that saw tackles Kevin Kelly and Brendon Austin, guards Jay Ramsey, Travis McDonald, Jarrett Green and James Garrett, and center James Sanders all on the field at the same time.

"Yeah, we'd been experimenting with that in practice for a while," Kudron said. "Jarrett and James are young guys but they've got bright futures up front for us, so giving them the chance to get on the field a few times each game in that package, I think it's a great way to get their feet wet. And we take great pride in our offensive line, both in recruiting the best in high school and then coaching them up to be the best in college, so to put seven of them on the field - we haven't encountered a defense that can cope with that kind of power yet."

Houston Cougars at Stanford Cardinal
Oct 3, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Houston Cougars (2-3)0710724
#8 Stanford Cardinal (4-1)192172168
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense455708
Rushing Yards95448
Passing Yards360260
First Downs2222
Punt Return Yards2628
Kick Return Yards0118
Total Yards481854
3rd Down Converstion4-157-16
4th Down Conversion0-12-2
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/14/0
Posession Time14:1933:41
Scoring Summary
11:09(STAN) Cason, 14 yard run (Clayton kick)07
9:28(STAN) Safety, Turner and Webb tackled Rodgers in the endzone09
8:49(STAN) Williams, 31 yard pass to Johnson (Clayton kick)016
7:29(STAN) Clayton, 42 yard FG019
8:35(STAN) Young, 33 yard run (Clayton kick)026
7:25(HOU) Smith, 6 yard pass to McElroy (Culver kick)726
6:44(STAN) Williams, 42 yard pass to Jackson (Clayton kick)733
1:34(STAN) Williams, 27 yard pass to Davenport (Clayton kick)740
5:09(STAN) Brown, 7 yard run (Clayton kick)747
4:21(HOU) Smith, 29 yard pass to Reed (Culver kick)1447
1:58(HOU) Culver, 23 yard FG1747
11:27(STAN) Brown, 13 yard run (Clayton kick)1754
6:28(STAN) Brown, 8 yard run (Clayton kick)1761
4:06(STAN) Purcell, 86 yard run (Clayton kick)1768
3:20(HOU) Farrow, 37 yard run (Culver kick)2468
Houston Cougars
A. Smith28/5936022
J. Williams0/1000
D. Rodgers13685.20
A. Smith5-36-7.20
K. Farrow25527.51
R. Malloy11010.00
M. Garner1-2-2.00
I. Taylor78411.90
M. Garner66611.00
D. Mason56813.60
C. McElroy44010.01
D. Rodgers3175.60
R. Malloy25628.00
T. Reed12929.01
W. Carey11000
M. Williams9000
A. Rogers91.000
T. Guidry8000
P. Hill6010
F. Blair21.000
C. Culver1/13/3623
C. Culver831839.73
I. Taylor22613.00
Stanford Cardinal
S. Williams17/3326031
G. Cason191065.51
W. Brown151479.73
S. Williams7557.80
K. Purcell610016.61
K. Young13333.01
A. Johnson177.00
K. Jackson511122.21
M. Davenport45213.01
T. Bradford3279.00
R. Mitchell12121.00
G. Harris199.00
M. Moore155.00
A. Johnson13131.01
G. Cason144.00
G. Fisher7010
K. Estes9000
L. Pope41.000
D. Wilson4010
D. Church21.000
A. Hayes21.000
T. Simmons5000
C. Webb6000
C. Thomas41.000
C. Ham21.000
C. Clayton1/19/91242
J. Rouse524048.01
A. Johnson35217.30
D. Wilson26633.00
A. Johnson22814.00

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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 6 Recap

Week 6 Scoreboard
#1 Oregon 38, Troy 17
Arizona 43, #2 Michigan 29
Alabama 38, #3 Florida 28
Baylor 21, #4 Oklahoma 16
#5 Nebraska 40, Maryland 24
#6 TCU 30, SMU 0
#18 Mississippi State 38, #7 Wisconsin 17
#8 Stanford 68, Houston 24
#9 Michigan State 31, Army 24
Georgia Tech 30, #10 Clemson 24 (OT)
#11 Boise State 41, Colorado State 10
#13 Georgia 41, Temple 17
#14 USC 28, Nevada 7
#15 Auburn 24, Vanderbilt 19
#16 Utah 21, #25 California 18
#17 Texas 39, Oklahoma State 29
#20 Penn State 20, Indiana 14
Missouri 28, #21 Ole Miss 21
#22 Boston College 38, Duke 21
Memphis 31, #23 LSU 17
#24 Pittsburgh 35, Miami-FL 28

Week 6 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#8 Stanford 68, Houston 24A. Smith (HOU): 360W. Brown (STAN): 147K. Jackson (STAN): 111
Washington 28, Arizona State 10D. Brown (WASH): 184B. Sankey (WASH): 77T. Tatum (ASU): 71
#14 USC 28, Nevada 7J. Ford (USC): 142I. Fields (USC): 184M. Jacobs (USC): 76
#16 Utah 21, #25 California 18N. Morgan (UTAH): 217B. Ernst (CAL): 144S. Ridgeway (UTAH): 99
Arizona 43, #2 Michigan 29T. Parham (ARIZ): 182T. Rawls (MICH): 98K. Dunlap (ARIZ): 157
#11 Boise State 41, Colorado State 10J. Sanders (BSU): 277D. Morrow (BSU): 120J. Tompkins (BSU): 92
Colorado 45, Washington State 35J. Laughrea (WSU): 460J. Owens (COL): 104J. Peters (WSU): 258
UCLA 21, San Diego State 6B. Woods (SDSU): 112D. Harwick (SDSU): 131C. Treangen (SDSU): 55
#1 Oregon 38, Troy 17S. Bailey (TROY): 297S. Fletcher (ORE): 131J. Harrison (TROY): 142
Kentucky 21, BYU 7R. Smith (UK): 162D. Sims (UK): 111L. Joseph (UK): 78

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Oct 4, 2015
11Oregon (38)401502
25Nebraska (21)401309
36TCU (1)501157
49Michigan State (1)501137
511Boise State501033
818Mississippi State50837
1922Boston College50480
22NRGeorgia Tech40441
2320Penn State42435

Heisman Watch - Updated: Oct 4, 2015
Bishop SankeyHBWashington494 rushing yards, 6.5 YPC, 6 TDs, 142 receiving yards, 4 TDs
Bobby MarshallHBBoston College835 rushing yards, 5.8 YPC, 7 TDs
Kelly MorganHBTCU593 rushing yards, 5.8 YPC, 7 TDs
Darryl SmithHBMichigan State396 rushing yards, 6.0 YPC, 8 TDs
Marcus MariotaQBOregon692 passing yards, 54%, 12 TDs, 4 INTs, 271 rushing yards, 2 TDs

Pac-12 North Conference Standings - Updated: Oct 4, 2015
#5 Boise State5-01.0003-016783W5
#1 Oregon4-01.0001-015062W4
#25 Washington4-01.0001-017052W4
#7 Stanford4-10.8002-1224107W1
Oregon State2-20.5001-174106W2
Washington State0-40.0000-265139L4

Pac-12 South Conference Standings - Updated: Oct 4, 2015
#9 Utah4-01.0002-012187W4
#14 USC4-10.8003-114184W3
Arizona State3-20.6001-1148106L1
San Diego State0-40.0000-432119L4
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Matchup Preview | October 10, 2015
Brigham Young Cougars
(1-3 (0-1), 0-2 Away)
#7 Stanford Cardinal
(4-1 (2-1), 2-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
342.8Total Offensive Yards518.4
203.0Passing Yards231.0
139.8Rushing Yards287.4
19.5Points Per Game44.8
6Passing TD9
3Rushing TD15
82First Downs104
18Red Zone Attempts30
7-2Red Zone TD-FG14-10
50Red Zone Percentage79
Defensive Stats Comparison
375.0Total Yards Allowed342.8
186.8Passing Yards Allowed280.2
188.3Rushing Yards Allowed62.6
81Points Allowed107
1Fumble Recoveries5
20.3Points Per Game21.4
11Red Zone Attempts9
7-2Red Zone TD-FG4-2
81Red Zone Percentage66
Game Notes
BYU has fallen on hard times since they joined the Pac-12 and Jake Heaps graduated. Quarterback Charles Jones is a mediocre passer, completing only 41% of his passes so far this season, with five interceptions to match his five touchdown passes. Tailbacks Sean Allen and Brian Romero are both averaging six yards a carry on the season, but they've both also only reached the endzone one time each so far.

BYU's QB woes are a shame, because the Cougars have a talented corps of pass catchers, led by senior wideout Jared Thompson (20 receptions, 268 yards). Sophomore tight end Kris Johnson is a reliable target in the middle of the field, and wideout Dave Boyd is a hulking 256 pounds.

Defensively, BYU lacks the ideal size generally required for the 3-4, but they do have a few playmakers Stanford will have to be aware of. Senior outside linebacker Johnny Ward leads the Cougars with 38 tackles and nine TFL, and junior Kenny Curry is a standout at the opposite outside linebacker spot with 30 tackles and 2.5 sacks. On the line, 290 pound senior Baker Pritchard leads BYU with three sacks.

BYU Depth Chart
Regular Offense
WRJared Thompson (SR, 6'2, 216, 85)Clint Dixon (r-JR, 6'2, 207, 83)
TEKris Johnson (SO, 6'4, 259, 77)William Johnson (SO, 6'3, 248, 76)
LTKevin Butler (r-SO, 6'4, 317, 76)
LGQuentin Maynard (SR, 6'6, 287, 82)
CMatt Mitchell (r-JR, 6'2, 301, 83)
RGDrew McPherson (r-SO, 6'6, 305, 77)
RTBrent Washington (r-JR, 6'4, 305, 84)
WRDave Boyd (r-JR, 6'1, 256, 84)DeMarcus Mann (r-JR, 6'2, 179, 80)
QBCharles Jones (SR, 6'0, 187, 78)Jeff Walton (r-SO, 6'1, 213, 76)
WRJason Johnson (r-JR, 6'1, 185, 83)Darin Carter (r-JR, 5'11, 178, 79)
HBBrian Romero (SR, 5'11, 215, 93)Sean Allen (SR, 5'11, 222, 90)
Base 3-4 Defense
LDEBaker Pritchard (r-SR, 6'3, 290, 81)Bryan Scott (r-SO, 6'0, 242, 75)
NTBrandon Jackson (JR, 6'0, 316, 78)David Stovall (JR, 5'11, 299, 76)Marcus McCarty (r-SO, 5'11, 267, 72)
RDEMoses Kaumatule (r-SR, 6'1, 266, 79)Bryan Scott (r-SO, 6'0, 242, 75)
LOLBJohnny Ward (SR, 6'4, 227, 85)Manoa Pikula (r-SR, 6'1, 232, 79)
LILBKevin Wade (r-FR, 6'0, 237, 76)Manoa Pikula (r-SR, 6'1, 232, 78)
RILBJason Williamson (r-SR, 6'5, 246, 79)Wendell Brown (SO, 6'2, 257, 78)
ROLBKenny Curry (r-JR, 6'6, 202, 90)Wendell Brown (SO, 6'2, 257, 79)
CBAkeem Pettway (r-JR, 5'10, 196, 80)Will Upshaw (r-JR, 6'1, 181, 76)
SSJeremy Outlaw (r-SO, 6'1, 201, 75)Johnny Hall (r-SO, 6'4, 191, 74)
FSRandall Sullivan (SO, 5'11, 194, 78)Dedrick Brantley (JR, 6'2, 204, 78)
CBGrant Joyce (JR, 6'2, 172, 77)Martin Harvey (r-SO, 6'1, 180, 75)
Special Teams
KKurt Branch (JR, 5'11, 180, 77)
PTJ Haynes (r-SO, 6'2, 191, 84)
PRDave Boyd (r-JR, 6'1, 256, 98)Brian Romero (SR, 5'11, 215, 94)
KRDave Boyd (r-JR, 6'1, 256, 98)Brian Romero (SR, 5'11, 215, 94)
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

BYU @ #7 Stanford
Stanford Stadium
Palo Alto, CA
October 10, 2015

Williams takes a bow
Stanford's star recruit is growing into a star quarterback

PALO ALTO, CA - At this rate, it might be a tossup as to whether or not Shane Williams returns to the Farm for his junior year, let alone his senior year.

The 6'5 Stanford signal caller is blooming into a star, following the elite lineage of Mater Dei quarterbacks to dominate the college ranks, Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley for USC and Colt Brennan for Hawai'i.

Williams threw for 359 yards and five touchdowns and added a sixth on the ground Saturday, leading a dominating 56-10 win over BYU in front of the home crowd at Stanford Stadium, setting the stage for a huge game next Saturday night at home against division rival Washington.

"There's a reason he was so highly touted in high school, and why everybody wanted him, and why we basically held a party when he passed admissions and committed to us," a smiling Brian Kudron said after the game. "He's a natural leader, and he has all the tools to be an elite quarterback. And because he's so smart, and so dedicated, he's starting to show all that potential after just six games as a starter. He's a special kid, and it's a treat to watch him grow."

Brigham Young Cougars at Stanford Cardinal
Oct 10, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Brigham Young Cougars (1-4, 0-2)730010
#7 Stanford Cardinal (5-1, 3-1)72814756
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense135582
Rushing Yards15204
Passing Yards120378
First Downs519
Punt Return Yards864
Kick Return Yards9481
Total Yards237727
3rd Down Converstion1-1211-17
4th Down Conversion0-11-2
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/04/0
Posession Time18:3929:21
Scoring Summary
4:29(STAN) Williams, 1 yard run (Clayton kick)07
2:18(BYU) Jones, 11 yard pass to Allen (Branch kick)77
8:36(STAN) Cason, 2 yard run (Clayton kick)714
5:04(STAN) Williams, 35 yard pass to Johnson (Clayton kick)721
3:43(STAN) Johnson, 64 yard punt return (Clayton kick)728
2:38(STAN) Williams, 60 yard pass to Bradford (Clayton kick)735
0:00(BYU) Branch, 43 yard FG1035
7:59(STAN) Williams, 37 yard pass to Davenport (Clayton kick)1042
3:18(STAN) Williams, 10 yard pass to Jackson (Clayton kick)1049
9:54(STAN) Williams, 11 yard pass to Mitchell (Clayton kick)1056
Brigham Young Cougars
C. Jones10/2512010
C. Jones10-12-1.20
S. Allen9192.10
B. Romero284.00
J. Johnson5459.00
D. Boyd35016.60
S. Allen22512.51
R. Sullivan71.000
K. Wade8000
J. Williamson9000
K. Curry5000
B. Jackson72.000
W. Upshaw41.000
J. Outlaw6000
M. Kaumatule31.000
A. Pettway3010
K. Branch1/11/1443
T. Haynes945650.63
D. Boyd24623.00
C. Dixon12222.00
J. Williamson12626.00
D. Boyd188.00
Stanford Cardinal
S. Williams19/3235951
C. Humphrey2/21900
S. Williams12494.11
W. Brown12514.20
G. Cason77110.11
K. Young5295.80
C. Humphrey2-8-4.00
K. Purcell1-3-3.00
A. Johnson11515.00
T. Bradford518136.21
M. Davenport46215.51
K. Jackson3299.61
J. Hicks3268.60
R. Mitchell2168.01
A. Johnson25527.51
J. Lewis155.00
M. Moore1144.00
T. Simmons4000
A. Turner33.000
T. Galloway41.000
M. Turner41.000
A. Grant3000
A. Edwards21.000
C. Ham11.000
C. Clayton0/08/88
J. Rouse311538.30
A. Johnson28140.50
A. Johnson16464.01

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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 7 Recap

Week 7 Scoreboard
#1 Oregon 28, #9 Utah 21
#2 Nebraska 41, Indiana 13
#3 TCU 30, Kansas State 23
#4 Michigan State 31, #23 Penn State 24
California 28, #5 Boise State 16
#6 USF 17, Navy 3
#7 Stanford 56, BYU 10
LSU 44, #10 Florida 37 (OT)
#11 Michigan 41, #15 Wisconsin 34
Tennessee 40, #12 Georgia 30
#18 Oklahoma 35, #13 Texas 21
#14 USC 26, Colorado 9
#16 Auburn 41, Arkansas 10
North Carolina 27, #17 Virginia 21
#19 Boston College 28, Pittsburgh 24
#20 Alabama 24, Ohio State 13
Virginia Tech 38, #21 Clemson 17
Maryland 21, #22 Georgia Tech 14
#25 Washington 35, Arizona 14

Week 7 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#7 Stanford 56, BYU 10S. Williams (STAN): 359G. Cason (STAN): 71T. Bradford (STAN): 181
Oregon State 42, Rice 14A. Owens (OSU): 289R. Williams (RICE): 97T. Zimmerman (OSU): 115
#1 Oregon 28, #9 Utah 21N. Morgan (UTAH): 258D. Sanders (UTAH): 67T. Sumler (ORE): 95
Arizona State 42, San Diego State 14M. Eubank (ASU): 252M. Bush (ASU): 60L. Clark (SDSU): 161
Washington State 21, ECU 13N. Briggs (ECU): 211J. Coleman (ECU): 55C. Workman (ECU): 73
#25 Washington 35, Arizona 14D. Ingram (ARIZ): 106R. Hall (WASH): 96P. Onwuasor (ARIZ): 82
UCLA 31, New Mexico State 26B. Hundley (UCLA): 223K. Mitchell (NMSU): 130R. Cox (NMSU): 103
California 28, #5 Boise State 16M. Allen (CAL): 261B. Ernst (CAL): 113R. Rodgers (CAL): 127
#14 USC 26, Colorado 9M. Wittek (USC): 279I. Fields (USC): 167M. Jacobs (USC): 108
Nevada 45, UNLV 14N. Sherry (UNLV): 165K. Watson (NEV): 103L. Weisbecker (NEV): 87

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Oct 11, 2015
11Oregon (34)501498
22Nebraska (21)501369
34Michigan State (4)601349
43TCU (1)601245
58Mississippi State (1)501179
105Boise State51727
1219Boston College60660
24NRAir Force40325

Heisman Watch - Updated: Oct 11, 2015
Bobby MarshallHBBoston College1048 rushing yards, 6.0 YPC, 9 TDs
Bishop SankeyHBWashington570 rushing yards, 5.8 YPC, 7 TDs, 190 receiving yards, 4 TDs
Andrew FarrisHBNebraska591 rushing yards, 6.6 YPC, 9 TDs
Kelly MorganHBTCU727 rushing yards, 5.7 YPC, 8 TDs
Shane WilliamsQBStanford1495 passing yards, 58%, 14 TDs, 4 INTs, 112 rushing yards, 4 TDs

Pac-12 North Conference Standings - Updated: Oct 11, 2015
#1 Oregon5-01.0002-017883W5
#17 Washington5-01.0002-020566W5
#10 Boise State5-10.8303-1183111L1
#7 Stanford5-10.8303-1280117W2
Oregon State3-20.6001-1116120W3
#22 California3-30.5001-2164144W1
Washington State1-40.2000-286152W1

Pac-12 South Conference Standings - Updated: Oct 11, 2015
#11 USC5-10.8304-116793W4
#9 Utah4-10.8002-1142115L1
Arizona State4-20.6602-1190120W1
San Diego State0-50.0000-546161L5
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Matchup Preview | October 17, 2015
#17 Washington Huskies
(5-0 (2-0), 2-0 Away)
#7 Stanford Cardinal
(5-1 (3-1), 3-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
416.2Total Offensive Yards529.0
179.4Passing Yards255.5
236.8Rushing Yards273.5
41.0Points Per Game46.6
13Passing TD14
14Rushing TD17
116First Downs123
22Red Zone Attempts35
17-3Red Zone TD-FG18-10
90Red Zone Percentage80
Defensive Stats Comparison
302.6Total Yards Allowed308.2
175.0Passing Yards Allowed253.5
127.6Rushing Yards Allowed54.7
66Points Allowed117
5Fumble Recoveries7
13.2Points Per Game19.5
12Red Zone Attempts10
6-1Red Zone TD-FG5-2
58Red Zone Percentage70
Injury Report
Jesse Wallace, OLB, broken tailbone
4 weeks
Garrett Cason, HB, torn pectoral
1 week
Jonathan Gutierrez, RT, bruised shoulder
1 week

Game Notes
Steve Sarkisian has substantially increased the talent in Seattle during his tenure, but the Huskies are still trying to get over the hump and reach the Pac-12 title game. Pulling off the upset of Stanford at Palo Alto would be a huge step in that direction.

Washington has consistently been one of the Pac-12's best running teams in recent years, and even with former Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill being the team's new offensive coordinator, that hasn't changed, as UDub averages over 236 yards per game on the ground. Fifth year senior Bishop Sankey is a scoring threat from anywhere on the field and is an early season Heisman candidate with 570 rushing yards (5.7 YPC) and seven touchdowns. His backup, Alaskan Ryan Hall, has 336 yards of his own. Quarterback Derrick Brown, also a fifth year senior, is a tank at 6'3, 241 yards, and has 13 touchdown passes on the year, and only a single interception. Senior wideouts Phillip Campbell and Josh Perkins are tied for the team lead with 18 receptions apiece, with Campbell just barely leading in yardage (223 to 218). Perkins is tied with Sankey for the team lead in touchdown catches with four, while Campbell and sophomore Ryan Culver each have a pair.

Defensively, the Huskies have made huge strides in recent years and now boast a very formidable unit that is capable of standing up against most Pac-12 offenses. Senior end Jarett Finau leads UW with 32 tackles, 13 TFL, and six sacks. The middle of Washington's defensive line will be perhaps the biggest challenge for Stanford's running game, especially with Garrett Cason sidelined with injury. Taniela Tupou and Danny Shelton form the best 1-2 defensive tackle combination in the conference, and perhaps the country. Shelton in particular is a monster at 354 pounds.

At linebacker, the Huskies usually start a trio of talented sophomores, but Jesse Wallace will miss the game with a broken tailbone. In his place will be fifth year senior Matthew Lyons, with star sophomores Charles Russell and Robbie Davis manning their usual positions. Former Stanford recruits Brenton Lambert and Josh Butler are backups now, but have exceptionally bright futures.

Washington's starting secondary features two seniors and two juniors: junior Charlie Rush and senior Marcus Peters at corner, and junior Nick Elliott and fifth year senior James Sample at safety. Sample is the leader of the Washington defense and one of the best players in the entire Pac-12, regardless of position. Elliott is not the fastest, but at 6'3, 184, he has great size and hits like a bus.

Washington Depth Chart
Regular Offense
WRPhillip Campbell (SR, 6'0, 189, 88)William Thompson (JR, 6'4, 210, 82)
TERyan Culver (SO, 6'4, 237, 81)Nathan Tyree (FR, 6'3, 237, 74)
LTDexter Charles (r-SR, 6'4, 309, 83)
LGTravis Bates (SO, 6'3, 332, 76)
CSiosifa Tafunga (r-SR, 6'2, 331, 99)
RGDesmond Walker (r-JR, 6'5, 299, 84)
RTJonathan Hill (FR, 6'7, 277, 76)
WRJoshua Perkins (r-SR, 6'3, 201, 84)Lester Cronin (JR, 6'2, 176, 81)
QBDerrick Brown (r-SR, 6'3, 241, 88)Trent Everett (r-JR, 6'4, 213, 77)
FBTerry Martin (r-JR, 6'1, 237, 86)Leon Thompson (r-JR, 5'11, 230, 83)
HBBishop Sankey (r-SR, 5'10, 207, 92)Ryan Hall (r-JR, 5'11, 200, 84)
Base 4-3 Defense
LDEJarett Finau (r-SR, 6'2, 267, 85)Kyle Schmidt (r-SR, 6'3, 247, 81)
LDTTaniela Tupou (r-SR, 6'1, 301, 95)Jesse Sanders (r-JR, 6'3, 278, 82)
RDTDanny Shelton (r-SR, 6'1, 354, 94)Stephon Barrett (FR, 6'1, 303, 75)
RDECorey Waller (r-SR, 6'1, 229, 87)Kyle Schmidt (r-SR, 6'3, 247, 81)
WLBMatthew Lyons (r-SR, 6'2, 208, 79)Brenton Lambert (SO, 6'5, 239, 78)
MLBRobbie Davis (SO, 6'2, 246, 80)Matthew Lyons (r-SR, 6'2, 208, 79)
SLBCharles Russell (r-SO, 6'3, 230, 82)Josh Butler (FR, 6'4, 235, 78)
CBCharlie Rush (JR, 6'2, 179, 83)Raymond Covington (JR, 6'0, 190, 81)
SSJames Sample (r-SR, 6'2, 195, 96)Chad Clemens (SO, 6'2, 210, 76)
FSNick Elliott (JR, 6'3, 184, 81)Jeffrey Watson (r-SO, 6'1, 221, 76)
CBMarcus Peters (r-SR, 5'11, 189, 82)George Jackson (r-SO, 5'9, 194, 76)
Special Teams
KNathan McFarland (SR, 5'11, 166, 90)
PNathan McFarland (SR, 5'11, 166, 90)
PRBishop Sankey (r-SR, 5'10, 207, 99)Phillip Campbell (SR, 6'0, 189, 97)
KRBishop Sankey (r-SR, 5'10, 207, 99)Phillip Campbell (SR, 6'0, 189, 97)
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