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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Stanford hits the ground running in Arizona

August 30, 2016

It's a banner year in the state of Arizona, and Stanford coach Brian Kudron has grand plans of taking advantage. During his time as head man in Palo Alto, Kudron has signed seven Arizonians: TE Marcus Davenport, OLB John Arnold, DT Andrew Edwards, OLB Adrian Turner, OT Kyle Davis, DT Juan Johnson, and DT Carlos Roberts. In 2017, he may look to sign that many in one class, as seven prospects from the Copper State are on Stanford's radar.

1. Jeremy Taylor, HB
Phoenix Desert Vista

Scouting Report: Taylor is below average at moving side to side, making tacklers miss, and accelerating away from defenders - yet he is ranked as the #10 player in the country, because he is a runaway train with the football, leaving a path of destruction in the wake of his 236-pound frame. His stamina matches his running style, as he delivers just as much brutality in the fourth quarter as he does in the first. Taylor is as close to college-ready as a high school prospect can be. He could step onto the college field tomorrow and not look out of place.

Recruitment: Taylor has not been offered by Stanford yet (though that is a formality, as he is an elite student in the classroom), but the Cardinal have a spot in his top group, along with Texas and Pac-12 North rivals Cal and Oregon.

2. Jordan Ross, CB

Scouting Report: While a bit on the light side at just 167 pounds, Ross, the nation's #2 cornerback, has plenty of room to add weight at 6'2, and in addition to blazing 4.38 speed, Ross doesn't let his slight build deter him, as he is tenacious in man coverage and pressing his man at the line of scrimmage - two attributes Stanford holds in high regard when evaluating cornerback prospects. Ross is not the best tackler in the world, but that is more of a technique issue than a mentality issue, meaning proper coaching can correct it.

Recruitment: Ross has said he is wide open, and is hearing from a who's who of college football: Stanford, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, Cal, Oregon, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, and Auburn. He likely won't decide for sometime, but if/when a Stanford offer comes through, the Cardinal are expected to be serious contenders for his services.

3. Anthony Morris, QB

Scouting Report: The 6'3, 220-pound Morris is the 2nd-ranked QB in the country, and #26 player overall. It's unfair to heap such lofty expectations on him, but it's hard to watch him play and not see shades of Shane Williams in his game. What makes Morris elite is his ability to perform in any offense. He is polished enough to perform in a pro-style offense, and he has the arm strength and accuracy to make all the throws. But he also possesses enough speed and athleticism to keep defenses honest, just like Williams does now in Stanford's offense.

Recruitment: Morris already has an offer from in-state Arizona, and is in touch with USC, Stanford, Cal, Ohio State, Nebraska, and others. The Wildcats run an appealing offense to a star QB like Morris, but he says he feels no tug to stay home, and will evaluate each school that pursues him objectively.

4. Todd Price, OLB
Tucson Canyon Del Oro

Scouting Report: Just as Anthony Morris may be seen by some as "Shane Williams lite," Price could be viewed as Adrian Turner 2.0, modeled after the Tucsonian now in his third year as a starter coming off the edge in Stanford's 3-4 defense. Price, at 6'6, 240, is similar in size to what Turner was in his senior year at Tucson Palo Verde (6'7, 230), and his skillset is comparable, although the consensus is Price is a step down in all aspects compared to Turner. That's certainly not a bad thing, since Turner was a fringe 5* recruit.

Recruitment: Price already has a tenative top five of Arizona, Stanford, Nebraska, USC, and Cal, with no leader. The Wildcats and Cornhuskers have already offered.

5. Paliana Kukolonu, C
Chandler Hamilton

Scouting Report: The Hawai'i transplant is a brute force in the middle of Hamilton's offensive line at 6'3, 330 pounds. Most teams prefer their center to be more of the athletic type of lineman, especially teams that run spread offenses. Kukolonu, though, is powerful, and more importantly, exceptionally smart. He seems tailormade to anchor the center of a Stanford offensive line.

Recruitment: Stanford is a regular presence in the hallways at Hamilton, so they are very, very high on Kukolonu's list. The in-state Wildcats and Sun Devils have already stepped up to the plate with scholarship offers, and Stanford, USC, and California may not be far behind.

6. Chase Rose, C/G
Cave Creek Cactus Shadows

Scouting Report: Rose is more balanced than Kukolonu, where the latter bases his game on brute strength and power, Rose adds a touch of finesse at 6'3, 283 pounds. To that end, Rose has better footwork than Kukolonu, while needing time in the weightroom to add muscle. Both players are considered center prospects right now, but both could make the switch to guard without issue.

Recruitment: Cal and Nebraska have already offered Rose, and currently sit atop his list, with Nebraska, USC, and Stanford close behind.

7. Gavin Brown, TE
Surprise Shadow Ridge

Scouting Report: Brown doesn't look the part of a Stanford tight end at only 6'3, 241 pounds, but he is a very good pass catcher, and is also a tenacious run blocker, which could make him an interesting fullback prospect ala Jay Hicks or Phil Anderson.

Recruitment: Of the seven Arizona natives on Stanford's radar, Brown is, at the moment, the least likely to be offered, as the Cardinal coaching staff is evaluating numerous tight end/fullback prospects. In the meantime, Brown is hearing from teams all over the Pac-12, including USC, Washington, BYU, Utah, Nevada, and Oregon State.
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

#2 Stanford @ #22 Notre Dame
Notre Dame Stadium
South Bend, IN
September 3, 2016

Stanford Stampede in South Bend
Cardinal shows no mercy in brutal dismantling of Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, IN - Stanford coach Brian Kudron has been largely diplomatic during his tenure in Palo Alto, always opting for the high road and praising his opponents and deflecting praise.

But being the Michigan Man at heart that he is, the sight of his team taking Notre Dame out to the woodshed was too much to keep his emotions in check.

The usually stoic Stanford coach was vocal and demonstrative, fist pumping and whooping it up on the sideline in the fourth quarter as Stanford broke Notre Dame's will with a 30-0 rout in Notre Dame Stadium.

"This kind of gets lost among our rivalries out west with Cal, Oregon, USC," Kudron said. "Notre Dame is one of our most bitter foes, and our guys played like it tonight. I challenged our defense coming into this game to play with hatred in their hearts, and they answered the call, and punished those guys in front of them; made their asses quit."

Stanford Cardinal at Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Sep 3, 20161ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#2 Stanford Cardinal (2-0)797730
#22 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (0-1)00000
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense396140
Rushing Yards12459
Passing Yards27281
First Downs235
Punt Return Yards518
Kick Return Yards230
Total Yards424158
3rd Down Converstion10-201-11
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3/30/0
Posession Time38:599:01
Scoring Summary
1:19(STAN) Williams, 8 yard pass to Davenport (Clayton kick)70
7:16(STAN) Clayton, 20 yard FG100
2:35(STAN) Clayton, 21 yard FG130
0:26(STAN) Clayton, 22 yard FG160
4:27(STAN) Cason, 6 yard run (Clayton kick)230
6:21(STAN) Williams, 5 yard pass to Lewis (Clayton kick)300
Stanford Cardinal
S. Williams25/4527221
G. Cason231255.41
S. Williams10-13-1.30
W. Brown5122.40
J. Lewis610517.51
M. Davenport56012.01
G. Harris4205.00
J. Hicks4194.70
G. Cason33411.30
M. Moore122.00
R. Mitchell11717.00
T. Bradford11515.00
C. Webb5000
T. Galloway4000
G. Fisher4000
A. Edwards3000
T. Miller22.000
A. Grant4020
J. Charles11.000
M. Ross0010
D. Wilson1020
C. Clayton3/53/31222
J. Rouse521142.22
A. Johnson12323.00
A. Johnson155.00
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
L. Davis6/278105
N. Meeks16724.50
L. Davis5-13-2.60
A. Wood22814.00
N. Meeks24120.50
S. Walter133.00
T. Allen11313.00
T. Stovall10000
M. Culp81.000
I. Young8000
L. Young6000
M. Robinson9010
D. Nelson6000
R. Yates42.000
G. Mullins21.000
L. Broussard0/10/00
R. Harris623939.81
A. Wood11414.00
M. Robinson144.00
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 Scoreboard
#1 USC 56, #7 Boise State 27
#2 Stanford 30, #22 Notre Dame 0
#3 Michigan 56, Rice 3
#5 Georgia 55, FCS Southeast 17
#6 Penn State 56, FCS Southeast 0
#8 Virginia Tech 31, Missouri 28
#9 Auburn 37, FCS West 7
#10 TCU 59, Arkansas 21
#11 Oklahoma 32, West Virginia 18
#12 Ohio State 49, FCS Midwest 17
#13 Florida 37, Utah State 0
Nevada 31, #14 Oregon 21
#15 Alabama 37, #18 Michigan State 34
#16 Wisconsin 45, FCS Midwest 21
#17 California 28, Central Michigan 3
#19 Air Force 35, UCF 17
#20 LSU 35, Southern Miss 12
#21 Washington 34, Western Kentucky 3
#23 Arizona 42, San Jose State 14
#24 Mississippi State 31, FCS Northwest 6
#25 Rutgers 41, Northern Illinois 10

Week 2 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#2 Stanford 30, #22 Notre Dame 0S. Williams (STAN): 272G. Cason (STAN): 125J. Lewis (STAN): 105
UCLA 38, FCS Northwest 3E. Cox (UCLA): 196C. Pope (UCLA): 131D. Hodge (UCLA): 103
BYU 32, Buffalo 31J. Walton (BYU): 264D. Young (BYU): 115J. Johnson (BYU): 84
Utah 28, New Mexico State 21F. Rice (NMSU): 212G. Barber (NMSU): 133S. Ridgeway (UTAH): 102
#1 USC 56, #7 Boise State 27J. Ford (USC): 293T. Wallace (USC): 103A. Austin (USC): 99
#17 California 28, Central Michigan 3M. Allen (CAL): 192B. Ernst (CAL): 130A. White (CAL): 96
Arizona State 48, Ball State 21J. Bellamy (ASU): 251M. Bush (ASU): 107C. James (BSU): 114
#23 Arizona 42, San Jose State 14D. Ingram (ARIZ): 398D. Ingram (ARIZ): 104B. Stokes (ARIZ): 162
#21 Washington 34, Western Kentucky 3T. Everett (WASH): 108T. King (WASH): 85R. Culver (WASH): 55
Oregon State 38, FCS Midwest 10A. Owens (OSU): 324V. Mullins (OSU): 66J. Cutler (OSU): 155
Colorado 40, Colorado State 21J. Walker (COL): 186D. Bradley (COL): 73D. Reese (COL): 180
San Diego State 56, FCS Northwest 7B. Woods (SDSU): 323T. Harvey (SDSU): 88M. Carpenter (SDSU): 139
Nevada 31, #14 Oregon 21D. Hill (ORE): 250S. Fletcher (ORE): 108T. Matthews (ORE): 90

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Sep 4, 2016
11USC (40)101504
22Stanford (21)201366
66Penn State101140
78Virginia Tech101044
1112Ohio State10856
137Boise State01767
1719Air Force10546
2124Mississippi State10307
2218Michigan State01300
24NRBoston College10219
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

#2 Stanford @ Arizona State
Sun Devil Stadium
Tempe, AZ
September 10, 2016

Valley of the Shane
Williams unleashes a firestorm on the Sun Devils as payback for 2014

TEMPE, AZ - Stanford coach Brian Kudron didn't come out and say it directly, but his facial expression said it for him. This game meant more to him and his team than usual.

Facing Arizona State for the first time since the Sun Devils stunned them in the 2014 Pac-12 Championship Game and ruined their national title hopes, Stanford showed no mercy Saturday night in Tempe, as Shane Williams threw for 485 yards and six touchdowns in a 65-21 blowout.

"I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a factor," Kudron said when asked about the revenge factor. "A lot of our kids were on that team two years ago, so yeah, there was some measure of satisfaction involved there. But most of all, we're all just happy that we played well, and got a win against a good opponent."

Perhaps the most remarkable about Williams' dominant performance was that his six touchdown passes were to six different receivers, displaying Shane's mastering of the offense.

"So far there's a big difference between this year and last year for me," Williams said. "Everything is moving much slower for me now. Last year I would get panicky at times, whereas this year things are coming to me more naturally, and I'm more comfortable. With all our talent on offense, it really feels about as smooth as possible for me. I just have to take care of the ball and be smart, and I know there will be plays to be made."

Stanford Cardinal at Arizona State Sun Devils
Sep 10, 20161ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#2 Stanford Cardinal (3-0, 1-0)331102165
Arizona State Sun Devils (1-1, 0-1)707721
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense665331
Rushing Yards18018
Passing Yards485313
First Downs2512
Punt Return Yards2719
Kick Return Yards8525
Total Yards777375
3rd Down Converstion9-146-14
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3/32/0
Posession Time36:0711:53
Scoring Summary
3:52(STAN) Clayton, 29 yard FG30
3:35(ASU) Bellamy, 67 yard pass to Sullivan (Nelson kick)37
10:52(STAN) Clayton, 19 yard FG67
7:32(STAN) Williams, 53 yard pass to Harris (Clayton kick)137
3:46(STAN) Williams, 11 yard pass to Davenport (Clayton kick)207
1:33(STAN) Williams, 38 yard pass to Johnson (Clayton kick)277
0:56(STAN) Williams, 50 yard pass to Lewis (Clayton kick)347
2:49(STAN) Purcell, 7 yard run (Clayton kick)417
1:32(ASU) Bellamy, 8 yard pass to Zeigler (Nelson kick)4114
0:00(STAN) Clayton, 21 yard FG4414
11:20(STAN) Grant, 33 yard INT return (Clayton kick)5114
7:20(ASU) Bush, 4 yard run (Nelson kick)5121
5:38(STAN) Williams, 1 yard pass to Hicks (Clayton kick)5821
3:37(STAN) Williams, 22 yard pass to Moore (Clayton kick)6521
Stanford Cardinal
S. Williams28/4148561
G. Cason21924.30
W. Brown8405.00
S. Williams7273.80
K. Purcell22010.01
J. Hicks111.00
M. Davenport810112.61
M. Moore68113.51
J. Hicks4194.71
G. Harris36622.01
A. Johnson210854.01
G. Cason231.50
J. Lewis15050.01
R. Mitchell11313.00
T. Bradford14444.00
T. Galloway6000
C. McBride9000
A. Turner32.000
C. Webb4010
D. Wilson5000
L. Pope6000
M. Ross5000
M. Turner5000
A. Grant2011
K. Estes2010
C. Clayton3/38/81729
J. Rouse210150.50
A. Johnson28542.50
A. Johnson12727.00
Arizona State Sun Devils
J. Bellamy18/3531323
M. Bush16281.71
J. Bellamy5-18-3.60
W. Allen3-1-0.30
I. Anderson393.00
S. Russ6599.80
M. Sullivan521042.01
T. Tatum294.50
M. Bush2105.00
C. Zeigler188.01
W. Allen199.00
I. Anderson188.00
D. Bonds111.000
S. Wilkerson11000
C. Robertson10000
D. Bailey9000
M. Jackson61.000
B. Robinson6000
S. West41.000
T. Johnson5000
B. Bentley5010
E. Nelson0/03/33
J. Johnson730643.71
C. Zeigler12525.00
C. Zeigler11919.00
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Week 3 Recap

Week 3 Scoreboard
#1 USC 52, BYU 10
#2 Stanford 65, Arizona State 21
#3 Michigan 31, Notre Dame 17
#16 California 52, #4 Texas 42
#5 Georgia 48, South Carolina 29
#6 Penn State 34, #7 Virginia Tech 10
#8 Auburn 38, #21 Mississippi State 28
#9 TCU 47, Texas Tech 21
#10 Oklahoma 35, FCS Southeast 7
#12 Florida 20, Florida Atlantic 10
#13 Boise State 31, Utah 19
#14 Alabama 45, FCS Northwest 9
#17 Air Force 29, Oklahoma State 28
#19 Washington 41, Arkansas State 34
#20 Arizona 35, Western Michigan 7
#22 Michigan State 31, UAB 10
#24 Boston College 30, Buffalo 14
#25 Oregon 24, San Diego State 21

Week 3 Pac-12 Scoreboard
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#2 Stanford 65, Arizona State 21S. Williams (STAN): 485G. Cason (STAN): 92M. Sullivan (ASU): 210
#25 Oregon 24, San Diego State 21D. Hill (ORE): 252S. Fletcher (ORE): 101S. Flynn (ORE): 116
#13 Boise State 31, Utah 19A. Henry (BSU): 249D. Fletcher (UTAH): 62S. Ridgeway (UTAH): 130
#20 Arizona 35, Western Michigan 7D. Ingram (ARIZ): 245D. Ingram (ARIZ): 90A. Sullivan (ARIZ): 108
#19 Washington 41, Arkansas State 34D. Clay (ASU): 212W. Palmer (ASU): 120J. Merritt (ASU): 96
Army 44, Washington State 0C. Britt (ARMY): 123D. Jones (ARMY): 166J. Griffin (ARMY): 79
Colorado 52, FCS East 24J. Walker (COL): 252T. Lumpkin (COL): 124D. Reese (COL): 95
#16 California 52, #4 Texas 42M. Allen (CAL): 350B. Ernst (CAL): 92J. Williams (UT): 64
#1 USC 52, BYU 10J. Ford (USC): 334I. Fields (USC): 176M. Williams (USC): 163
Nevada 35, Oregon State 33A. Owens (OSU): 297K. Watson (NEV): 160M. Woods (OSU): 95
UCLA 49, UNLV 13E. Cox (UCLA): 333C. Pope (UCLA): 117D. Hodge (UCLA): 112

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Sep 11, 2016
11USC (36)201500
22Stanford (21)301451
33Michigan (1)301397
46Penn State (1)201329
55Georgia (1)201270
68Auburn (1)201058
911Ohio State10872
1213Boise State11741
157Virginia Tech11706
1717Air Force20580
2122Michigan State11312
2324Boston College20274
25NRGeorgia Tech10204
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

Matchup Preview | September 17, 2016
#12 Boise State Broncos
(1-1 (1-1), 1-0 Away)
#2 Stanford Cardinal
(3-0 (1-0), 1-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
316.5Total Offensive Yards589.0
221.0Passing Yards383.0
95,5Rushing Yards206.0
29.0Points Per Game51.0
5Passing TD13
2Rushing TD5
30First Downs71
9Red Zone Attempts21
5-2Red Zone TD-FG10-7
77Red Zone Percentage80
Defensive Stats Comparison
481.5Total Yards Allowed278.7
275.5Passing Yards Allowed198.3
206.0Rushing Yards Allowed80.3
75Points Allowed31
0Fumble Recoveries4
37.5Points Per Game10.3
10Red Zone Attempts3
7-1Red Zone TD-FG2-0
80Red Zone Percentage66
Injury Report
Michael Lewis, TE, broken hand
5 weeks

Jonathan Hunter, OLB, foot stress fracture
6 weeks

Boise State Depth Chart
Regular Offense
WRJerome Tompkins (r-SR, 6'2, 188, 88)Matt Cronin (r-SR, 6'0, 198, 85)
TESteven Cabral (SR, 6'4, 256, 84)Lance Bonner (FR, 6'3, 244, 68)
LTEric Atkinson (Sr, 6'6, 338, 78)
LGNate Wesley (SO, 6'5, 311, 79)
CAndre Land (SO, 6'1, 281, 79)
RGEthan McCullough (SR, 6'2, 286, 78)
RTJonathan Hill (r-SR, 6'6, 339, 81)
WRTim Branch (SO, 6'0, 189, 88)Steve Olson (r-SR, 6'2, 185, 84)
QBAnthony Henry (r-SR, 6'4, 225, 93)Justin Sanders (r-SO, 6'3, 212, 85)
FBPaul Ross (SO, 6'0, 245, 71)
HBEric Riley (SR, 6'2, 232, 94)Cody Harris (r-JR, 6'1, 204, 90)
Base 4-2-5 Defense
LDERobbie Goins (SR, 6'3, 263, 89)Nick Rogers (r-SO, 6'3, 251, 73)
LDTHakim White (r-JR, 6'2, 309, 82)Justin Potts (r-SO, 6'5, 289, 73)
RDTMarcus Washington (r-JR, 6'4, 277, 77)Lorne Hardin (r-FR, 6'2, 288, 71)
RDEKevin Porter (SR, 6'1, 238, 85)Nick Rogers (r-SO, 6'3, 251, 73)
SLBVincent Andrews (r-SR, 6'4, 257, 92)James Young (r-SO, 5'11, 210, 73)
WLBJared Phillips (SO, 6'1, 231, 74)James Young (r-SO, 5'11, 210, 73)
CBJonathan Morris (SR, 6'1, 186, 92)Rasheed Callahan (SR, 5'9, 189, 89)
SSTony Parrish (r-SR, 6'5, 219, 90)
FSNehemiah Stewart (r-SO, 6'1, 201)Rasheed Callahan (SR, 5'9, 189, 85)
SSMatt Ashley (JR, 6'0, 196, 84)
CBLarry Scott (SR, 6'0, 169, 91)David Wilson (r-SR, 6'3, 186, 83)
Special Teams
KMatt Bridges (SR, 6'0, 174, 90)
PMatt Bridges (SR, 6'0, 174, 90)
PREric Riley (SR, 6'2, 232, 98)Tim Branch (SO, 6'0, 189, 98)
KREric Riley (SR, 6'2, 232, 98)Tim Branch (SO, 6'0, 189, 98)
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

wow your offense is stacked, you should be able to easily hold boise state and win big
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Re: Stanford Cardinal (NCAA 12)

#12 Boise State @ #2 Stanford
Stanford Stadium
Palo Alto, CA
September 17, 2016

Stanford horse collars the Broncos
Offense rolls along as defense forces seven turnovers in 56-point laugher

PALO ALTO, CA - This game was summed up midway through the fourth quarter, when Stanford corner Devin Wilson stepped in front of a telegraphed pass by Boise quarterback Anthony Henry and essentially jogged down the sideline, headed for a 27 yard touchdown return. The jog was reduced to a mere trot at the end, as Wilson coolly crossed the goal line while Henry dove futilely at his feet, eating the Stanford Stadium dirt.

It was that kind of day, as Stanford broke the will of the Broncos in a 62-6 humiliation, exacting a measure of vengeance on Boise for last year's 38-33 loss on the Smurf Turf.

Shane Williams started out white hot before cooling off in the second half before watching from the sideline; he finished with 231 yards and two touchdowns, while also being intercepted by former Stanford safety Tony Parrish.

The Cardinal defense forced four sacks and seven turnovers, scoring on two of those. The first of those two scores - Curtis Webb's fumble return early in the third quarter - blew the floodgates wide open as Stanford rolled to a 42-0 second half.

"That was the turning point, no doubt," Brian Kudron said of Webb's defensive score. "I thought we played well in the first half, and obviously we were up by two scores, but it was that play that really lit the fire under us for the second half and helped us put the boot on their necks."

Boise State Broncos at Stanford Cardinal
Sep 17, 20161ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#12 Boise State Broncos (1-2, 1-2)33006
#2 Stanford Cardinal (4-0, 2-0)137212162
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense303466
Rushing Yards34235
Passing Yards269231
First Downs1514
Punt Return Yards08
Kick Return Yards1972
Total Yards322546
3rd Down Converstion4-170-10
4th Down Conversion0-31-2
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0/25/2
Posession Time19:0128:59
Scoring Summary
10:05(STAN) Williams, 4 yard pass to Moore (Clayton kick)07
8:38(BSU) Bridges, 31 yard FG37
5:30(STAN) Clayton, 24 yard FG310
1:39(STAN) Clayton, 44 yard FG313
9:36(BSU) Bridges, 27 yard FG613
7:17(STAN) Cason, 17 yard run (Clayton kick)620
8:44(STAN) Webb, 11 yard fumble return (Clayton kick)627
6:57(STAN) Cason, 65 yard run (Clayton kick)634
1:55(STAN) Brown, 1 yard run (Clayton kick)641
5:52(STAN) Williams, 17 yard pass to Davenport (Clayton kick)648
5:44(STAN) Wilson, 27 yard INT return (Clayton kick)655
2:51(STAN) Purcell, 2 yard run (Clayton kick)662
Boise State Broncos
A. Henry23/4726905
C. Harris18402.20
A. Henry6-26-4.30
B. Johnson3217.00
E. Riley2-2-1.00
T. Branch111.00
M. Cronin10616.10
T. Branch510320.60
C. Harris2126.00
S. Cabral2147.00
S. Olson210.50
B. Johnson14242.00
J. Tompkins13636.00
J. Morris6000
N. Stewart9000
L. Scott6000
K. Porter71.000
T. Parrish6010
J. Phillips6000
R. Goins31.000
M. Washington11.000
M. Bridges2/20/0631
M. Bridges623639.30
T. Branch11919.00
Stanford Cardinal
S. Williams18/3223121
G. Cason151459.62
K. Purcell6437.11
S. Williams5-32-6.40
W. Brown5132.61
R. Miller25226.00
A. Johnson11414.00
M. Davenport813917.31
M. Moore3186.01
G. Harris36120.30
T. Bradford2147.00
J. Lewis122.00
G. Cason1-3-3.00
M. Turner61.000
C. Webb6001
G. Fisher6000
C. McBride5000
A. Edwards61.500
M. Ross4000
A. Turner50.510
L. Pope51.000
A. Grant5020
D. Wilson1021
C. Clayton2/28/8144
J. Rouse628647.63
A. Johnson24623.00
D. Wilson12626.00
A. Johnson188.00
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