The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?

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The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?

In a bizarre turn of events, lifelong fan Ryan Gates is now the owner of the Jaguars. A bad team already, it isn't looking much better.. according to the experts. "I don't think this is going to turn out well. It's one thing to support a dean, it's completely different to run a team." - Skip Bayless is one of many to doubt the Jaguars, is he right? Or is he wrong? No one know if he is right, or what is in store for the Jags... but weather good or bad, a new era has begun...

Difficulty: All Pro
Team Control: 32 Teams
Trades: Realistic/fair
Rosters: Madden 15 Rosters with my own edits
Quarters: 15 Minutes(may change)

The Jaguar Way Index
1. Chapter 1: The Beginning

Hey guys. This is my first dynasty on the football boards here and I'm hoping I can exceed expectations for a first timer. If you'd like I have a White Sox dynasty below and my primary setup in on the last page/posts, although it will be pretty different since this is football. Hope you enjoy!

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Re: The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?

The New Owner

As recently reported, life long fan Ryan Gates has acquired the Jaguars for a confidential price. Heres your latest on the owner...

Reporter 1: Ryan, how do you feel now that you're running the team you grew up loving?

Ryan: It feels great. Honestly I never expected anything like this to happen and it has been my lifelong dream. I can't wait to get started with this team.

Reporter 2: What do you have to say to analysts that doubt you, which is mostly all of the sports world?

Ryan: What do I have to say? All I have to say is one thing. 'The Jaguar Way' has just begun

Preseason Overview:

Just after a few days of being sold to a lifelong Jaguar fan, the new owner announced 'The Jaguar Way' and banners were hung in the stadium saying the 'life' of this 'Way.' It says '2014 - forever.' But lets get back to football. According to the new owner, no one is safe in the preseason, and the coach and GM of the Jags agree with this, saying no matter who you are, weather an all star or a bum, these 4 games will decide your fate. The plan is risky but it also shows that the team wants to win. With the lowering of ticket prices, it seems as if the owner is hoping to get more fan support, and preseason battles such as the ones below will likely attract them.


Most think this is probably a clear cut race with Blake Bortles the winner, but Chad Henne is a veteran QB that has been dominant in the past, and will challenge Bortles for the starting spot. The Jaguars may also opt to take a conservative approach and let Bortles get some knowledge of the playbook and his players before he runs the offense, although if you're going by skill, Bortles likely wins the battle.

Right Guard

This is a position that will be a fierce battle between rookie Brandon Linder from Miami and 4 year veteran Jacques McClendon. Most project rookie Linder to take the starting spot but this veteran has experience on his hands that could make it a tough decision. Which guard will be the one who protects the winner of the QB battle?

Kickoff Returner

Maybe some consider it a minor position, but it's a major battle. Ace Sanders and Will Blackmon are likely atop the list, with Blackmon being faster but Sanders having better agility. Both are above average options and I don't see why one is a better fit over the other. On the other hand, backup RB Jordan Todman will likely chip into the battle, as the RB is likely faster then both options and won't have a starting role in the first place, it makes the 5'10 RB a suitable option.

Backup DT:

This will be a harsh battle. With Marks likely the clear cut starter, guys like Roy Miller and Jordan Miller compete for backing up at the position. Abry Jones could be a underdog option as well. Roy Miller is good at shedding off blocks and has great strength and good tackling skills to put him atop the list, but Jordan Miller's speed and acceleration could boost him up as well. It will be a tough battle.

The Men likely to get cut

Theres always guys who are clearly going to be cut, but who are they on this team?

1. Gerald Rivers

The second year vet is already at a tough position at LE, with guys like Red Bryant, Tyson Alualu fighting for the starting job, and a bigger option in rookie DeAndre Coleman leaves Rivers to be the odd man out at LE.

2. Lamaar Thomas

Thomas is likely the first guy cut from a somewhat deep WR class. Hurns, Taylor and Brown likely all possess more skill then Thomas, and with Shorts, and Blackmon likely making the roster easy with Sanders, Lee and Robinson there for depth, it isn't looking good for the New Mexico recruit.

3. Kerry Taylor

As said above this WR class is pretty deep. Although Taylor may have more skill then rookie Allen Hurns, Hurns likely provides more speed, a bit of a younger look and better hands. Although it's not for sure Hurns makes the roster either, it's likely Taylor gets cut in week 1 barring a great performance.
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Re: The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?

Hopefully performances like this don't continue lol. I'm hoping it's just some Madden rust since I returned last years Madden like a week after playing it. Feel free to comment, I will be making sure to write more to the story line and will have more posts tomorrow since I won't have time tonight.

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Re: The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?


Jags Crush Bears-- Make Cuts

After getting blown out by the Bucs, the Jags whole team knew they had to step up, and they did. The Jags started off with a fumble, which turned into a 14 yard pass to stud WR Jeffery, which put the Bears ahead, but Blake Bortles marched the offense up the field, and proceeded by throwing a TD pass to Justin Blackmon.

The Bears responded by getting a fumble of their own, and Bortles didn't fail to amaze as he threw the ball to RB Gehart on a screen where he ran 9 yards to get into the end zone. Bortles played the whole first quarter, and was fantastic, going 11/15 while throwing 2 TDs with 123 yards. In the 2nd quarter Ched Henne came in, trying to show how good he was. If he did what he wanted then he should be cut..

For some reason Henne played 2 quarters... but stopped passing after going 8/16 with two interceptions. So the Jags went to the running game. Where Denard Robinson made his case for the starting job, posting up 111 yards and 5.2 YPC, while the man in the front of the battle got 15 yards with 2.1 YPC. Yikes. Bad performances from Todman and Johnson didn't really make the running game look to good for the Jags.

Anyways, Denard Robinson also had two touchdowns, which brought it to a 28-7 lead. 7? No.. 14... since Carey decided he should catch a 3 yard pass from David Fales in the 2nd quarter. Nearing the end of the 3rd, Schobee punched in a 34 YD field goal. Then the QB Fales decides to march up the field and give Rosario a 17 yd pass which became a touchdown.

In the 4th, the Jags allowed 2 QBs to fight for the 3rd string. Neither got much time, but they'll likely see more in the next 2 games. Stanzi came in and went 0/5.. throwing 3 of the worst passes I've ever seen. The other two were dropped by Taylor. Rookie Stephen Morris came in to replace him, and wasn't much better. Assisted by TE Brandon Barden, he managed to go 2/4 with 16 yards, and because he got the ball from an interception, managed to ride a bad performance by Storm Johnson to the end zone and a 2 pt conversion to win the game 42-21.

The Cuts:

For the coaches and GMs it was a tough decision. I mean finding 1 guy that could be cut was easy.. but everyone had played pretty well.

Starting with the obvious, the Jags have tons of WRs, and considering Taylor dropped two passes and Brown ran terrible routes... made them both suitable options to be cut. But they decided to give Brown another week and decide between him and Hurns, and just cut Taylor.

The rest of the 4 players cut were the following:

CB Mike Harris
FS Joe Young
LG Patrick Lewis
OLB John Lotuelelei

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Re: The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?

Jaguars Season Outlook: The Jaguar Way Has Begun?

Well folks, as we do every year, we'll be giving a season outlook for the Jags. Although, this year is a bit different, because the new owner of the Jags made a big announcement, and that apparently 'The Jaguar Way,' has just begun... well here are the 53 players on the roster and the season outlook for the Jags:

Jacksonville Jaguars Depth Chart -
Regular Offense
WRJustin BlackmonAllen RobinsonAce Sanders
TEMarcedes LewisClay HarborMarcel Jensen
LTLuke JoeckelCameron Bradfield
LGZane BeadlesDrew Nowak
CLuke Bokwando
RGBrandon LinderJacques McClendonCameron Bradfield
RTAustin PastzorSam Young
WRCecil ShortsMarqise LeeTandon Doss
QBBlake BortlesChad HenneStephen Morris
FBWill Ta'Ufo'Ou
HBStorm JohnsonToby GehartDenard RobinsonJordan Todman
Base 4-3 Defense
LDERed BryantTyson Allualu
LDTSen'Derrick MarksJordan Miller
RDTZiggy HoodChris Smith
RDEChris ClemonsAndre BranchChris Smith
WLBGeno HayesTelvin SmithLaRoy Reynolds
MLBPaul PoslusnyAllen BradfordNathan Stupar
SLBDekoda WatsonLaRoy Reynolds
CBDwayne GratzDemetrius McCrayJeremy Harris
SSJonathan CyprienChris Prosinski
FSWilliam GuySherrod Martin
CBAlan BallWill Blackmon
Special Teams
KJosh ScobeeBryan Anger
PBryan AngerJosh Schobee
PRWill BlackmonJordan TodmanAce SandersCecil Shorts
KRAce SandersWill BlackmonJordan TodmanCecil Shorts
LSZane BeadlesBrandon Linder

The biggest surprise is likely at RB, where Storm Johnson is starting."I said guys had to EARN their spot at their position, and Storm did that." During preseason, Toby Gehart was terrible, posting a YPC rate of below 3, along with suspected backup Jordan Todman. Denard Robinson was up and down, and rumors say Gehart could be moved, but they are likely far fetched, but no one knows for sure. Johnson, will be starting along side fell UCF rookie, Blake Bortles. Both were fantastic, Johnson mainly in the last two games, where he posted 6 YPC and showed he can rip apart defenses.

Bortles, on the other hand was great every day, having an overall 71% completion percentage. Bortles was throwing to his young and steady receiving core, led by Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts, but don't let those names shield away the real talent-- Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee. Both were fantastic, catching everything that came there way. Some even thought Megatron was suddenly playing for the Jags.

On defense, it is headlined by a tough defensive line, which led the league in sacks this preseason. Marks, Clemons, Bryant and co were fantastic, but the linebackers were even better. Paul Posluszny led the NFL in tackles and looked like the best LBer in the league this preseason. Allen Bradford, who was expecting a cut posted up a sack every game, and had tons of tackles to go with it. LaRoy Reynolds made the case to be a starter, but Dekoda Watson was just to good.

In the secondary, it doesn't look amazing, and in the preseason QBs feasted on them. Headlined by the struggles of Gratz and Ball, but also had some good moments. McCray managed 3 interceptions, and Will Blackmon looked alright. Jeremy Harris, who wasn't a favorite to win a roster spot, posted up a interception and 7 passes defended. Scary good.

Overall, the Jags seem poised to have a good offense with some struggles on the OL and the running game(although they have lots of depth), but the defense will likely be the problem, especially since they start off against one of the best offensive teams in the league, the Eagles.

Projected Record: 5-11

Ryan Gates: "You ask me these ridiculous questions, but I'll answer them all again, in 5 simple words: The Jaguar Way has begun."
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Re: The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?

Very intrigued by the fact you decided to role with 4 running backs. Looking forward to seeing how this goes! Also bad-*** little newspaper sorta review there.
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Re: The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?

Originally Posted by Number999
Very intrigued by the fact you decided to role with 4 running backs. Looking forward to seeing how this goes! Also bad-*** little newspaper sorta review there.
Haha. On the RBs I honestly couldn't cut either one... I'll admit to being a fan of Denard Robinson(not sure how that works, I'm a PSU homer 100%). As bad as they were, I'd rather deal one then cut them... I have no clue how I'm gonna work out but I'll see how it goes... I'm most excited for scouting... since I traded in last years game I never really got the chance to take my time to scout... anyways glad to have you on board!
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Re: The Cardinal Way - The Patriot Way - Why Not.. The Jaguar Way?

Jags Upset Eagles in Thriller 21-20

It's sunday. NFL Sunday. Today, the Jaguars and Eagles take their first snaps of a much anticipated game. The game would start with a 2 yard run, but Bortles would get the offense running with a 14 yard pass. Another poor run would lead to no gain, but Bortles had faith in Johnson, and gave it to him again and he got 9 yards, but after getting 4th and 1 and going for it and failing, the Eagles got their chance. They pushed it up field but the defense finally stopped them, but they kicked a FG to make it 3-0. Bortles threw a dart to Lewis, but he dropped it, and then Bortles managed to complete one to the other team that was brought into the end zone to make it 10-0 early.

Responding from a sack was the running game, as Johnson pushed it through for 15 yards, but Bortles and the receivers couldn't get it going and were forced to punt. The defense would do their job though, stopping the eagles and getting Jacksonville the ball. After marching up field, Bortles failed to complete a couple passes, so they resorted to their kicker and made it 10-3. The Eagles pushed up and would suffer the same fate, but they would miss their FG. Bortles was rolling, but after Shorts dropped a pass they were forced to stop for a FG. The defense would do their job yet again, stopping the high profile offense. The Jaguars were rolling, but Bortles threw his 2nd interception of the game and the half would come to an end.

The Eagles looked like they finally got going, but once again this defense forced the offense to a field goal. This offense finally got rolling, but a pass to Shorts where Shorts got crushed may have been the worst, as he was sent to the sideline to be reviewed for an injury. It was then reported Shorts had an upper body injury, and could have been sent back in the game but the coach wanted Shorts to rest a bit first. Bortles made sure his WRs sacrifice didn't go to waste, as he punched it in to tie the game. The Eagles offense came out and scored right away, making it 20-13 with 1:31 left in the 3rd.

The offense was rolling, but got stuck on a fourth and medium. Bortles and the offense went for it, and converted, throwing a nice 7 yard pass, but would get stuck on fourth again, 2 yards from the end zone, and the fullback couldn't come through. As bad as it was, the defense made it amazing. Getting a rare safety to make it 20-15 and give the ball back to the offense! They got the gal back and couldn't be stopped. Taking 5 minutes to run the clock down to 1 minute and getting a touchdown. Although they failed to convert the 2 point conversion to make it 23-20, they were in a good position.

This defense needed to come up big, and they did. The first play resulted in a sack, and then they forced Foles to throw a 3 yard pass to stop the clock. A sideline pass for 7 yards made it 4th and long, and Red Bryant made the biggest play of the game, sacking Foles to assure the win! The Eagles had timeouts though, and two bad runs suggest the Eagles may get the ball back, but Storm Johnson stormed through defenders like he did all game, getting the 1st down to end it.

Top Jaguars:
Blake Bortles - 28/46, 258 yards, 2 int
Storm Johnson, 35 att, 125 yd, 1 TD, 41 YAC
Justin Blackmon - 7 rec, 109 yd
Allen Robinson - 5 rec, 53 yd
Cecil Shorts - 6 rec, 55 yd
Red Bryant - 2 TFL, 5 tackles, 1 sack
Dekoda Watson - 7 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 sack

Around the Organization: Owners Seat

CB Merrill Armstrong: This CB looks good. Seems like a prototype corner with solid man-to-man skills. Good stamina and durability with a good jump that allows him to excel in man-to-man situation. Armstrong looks good.

Merrill Armstrong will be a #StrongPick in this years draft. - Anonymous

Jonathan McFadden: McFadden is a speed rusher, has great physical skills and can tackle well. Only problem is he is average at shedding off blocks, but has tremendous hit power and good tackling skills.

Daryll Givens: Givens has great physical skills and is another prototype corner. About average in man and zone coverage. Could be an easy steal considering he is projected 5th rounder.

@JaguarsFan: #GiveUsGivens

RB Situation:

"Well Mr. Gates, I've been exploring all options for the RB situation. Been on the phone talking around and interest in Gehart isn't what we'd like. We may be able to get decent value but we should probably platoon him with Johnson for now." - David Caldwell


1. Jaguars 1-0-0
2. Titans 0-1-0
3. Colts 0-1-0
4. Texans 0-1-0
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