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West Virginia Mountaineers (NCAA Football 2004)

So, I've decided to start this up to compliment the dynasty I've started with Madden NFL 2004 with the Carolina Panthers. I will be running a dynasty with my favorite collegiate football team, the West Virginia Mountaineers (my alma mater is undefeated all-time in college football...because they don't have a football team).

This is an interesting year to do a dynasty with West Virginia as it is the last year the "old school" Big East was together. After 2003, Miami and Virginia Tech would set sail for the ACC. And after the 2003 season Boston College would also leave for the ACC and Temple would become a 1-A Independent. Cincinnati, UConn, Louisville, and South Florida would join the Big East to bring the conference back up to eight schools, but it would never quite be the same. And, really, it was the beginning of the end of the conference.

This was an interesting year for WVU in real life, as they started 1-3, but nearly took down No. 2 Miami at the Orange Bowl in a close 22-20 loss which Miami won on a last-second field goal. The Mountaineers at 2-4 then knocked off No. 3 Virginia Tech in Morgantown to hand the Hokies their first loss of the season, and won seven consecutive games after a 1-4 start to end the regular season 8-4. Unfortunately, they got clobbered by Maryland in the Gator Bowl 41-7, after having dropped their regular season meeting between the two teams in College Park 34-7.

This was back in the Rasheed Marshall era at quarterback for WVU, and was Quincy Wilson's senior year. Kay Jay Harris was also on this year's team, and would go on to set the single-game school rushing record against UCF in the 2004 season. Chris Henry was a freshman this year, but unfortunately he didn't make it into the game's 55-man roster.

Speaking of rosters, I don't have a named roster file, and I have only named West Virginia's roster. I did not name any other teams, but in instances where I discuss other players' performances in my reports, I will make sure to look up their names. However, the stats will just read "QB #7" for now, as I don't have the patience to go through and rename rosters for over 100 teams. Additionally, NCAA Football 2004 doesn't have the auto-name roster function that later editions of NCAA Football had, unfortunately, so the numbers will have to do until I get far enough into the dynasty that generated recruits start taking the field.

NCAA Football 2004 also doesn't seem to have properly rotating conference schedules, which is unfortunate and made me take some pause before starting this. However, at least in the Big East everyone plays a round-robin seven-game conference schedule, so we'll get to play everyone every season. Unfortunately, this does mean we'll have to face the same teams in the same order each year. So, we'll always open the conference season with a loss against Miami.

The reporting style I'll be using will be very similar to what I am using for my Carolina Panthers franchise.

So, without further ado, I present to you "The Run", which is from the 2003 season (yes, they lost this game!)...

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2003 West Virginia Roster

(Number / Name / Rating / Height / Weight / Class)


2 Rasheed Marshall (86) 6'1, 190, RJr
14 Charles Hayes (66) 6'0, 190, Jr

3 Quincy Wilson (90) 5'9, 210, RSr
1 Kay Jay Harris (85) 6'2, 240, Jr
24 Jason Colson (80) 6'0, 200, RFr
21 Bryan Ryan (76) 5'9, 210, RFr

46 Moe Fofana (80) 5'10, 245, Sr
36 Adam King (70) 5'11, 230, RSr

Backfield Notes: This is a strong unit. We have tremendous depth at running back and Rasheed Marshall is also an excellent runner, so we should be dangerous running the football this year. Marshall isn't a great passer, but that's not what our offense is predicated on.

83 Miquelle Henderson (83) 6'2, 205, Jr
20 Cassel Smith (72) 5'11, 195, RSr
80 Aaron Neal (71) 6'4, 205, Sr
88 Scott Beresford (70) 6'4, 220, Sr
82 Rayshawn Bolden (70) 6'5, 195, RFr
85 Dee Alston (61) 5'11, 175, RSo

44 Tory Johnson (71) 6'2, 255, RSr
49 Josh Bailey (65) 6'5, 230, RSo

Receivers Notes: This unit is pretty mediocre, and we lose a lot of talent this year, so next year could be even worse. Henderson is a good threat, but outside of him we don't have any really good receivers. It would be nice if Chris Henry was on NCAA Football 2004's roster, like in real life.

60 Tim Brown (91) 6'5, 295, RSr
70 Travis Garrett (75) 6'5, 290, RSo
78 Josh Stewart (73) 6'5, 300, RSo
76 Dan Mozes (66) 6'3, 290, RFr

61 Geoff Lewis (84) 6'4, 295, RSr
68 Jeff Berk (80) 6'5, 275, RJr
72 Gary Lindor (75) 6'2, 305, RFr

67 Ben Timmons (78) 6'5, 270, RSr
57 Jeremy Hines (63) 6'1, 265, RFr

Offensive Line Notes: Our offensive line is really good, and combined with our strength at running back, should allow us to run the football really well this year. Tim Brown is one of the better left tackles in the nation.


96 Keilen Dykes (75) 6'4, 285, RSr
92 Ben Lynch (69) 6'4, 265, RJr
97 Addae Wright (66) 6'2, 270, RFr
90 Warren Young (63) 6'4, 265, Fr

99 Ernest Hunter (73) 6'3, 270, RSo
66 Craig Wilson (71) 6'2, 300, RFr
63 Ed Velickoff (63) 5'11, 265, RFr

Defensive Line Notes: There's not a lot to like here. We'll probably have trouble getting to the quarterback this year unless we bring extra pressure via blitzes.

6 Grant Wiley (93) 6'1, 230, RSr
52 Leandre Washington (78) 5'11, 220, Sr
33 Scott Gyorko (67) 6'0, 200, RJr
53 Marc Magro (57) 6'2, 215, RFr

10 Adam Lehnortt (72) 6'3, 230, RJr
55 Alex Lake (59) 6'1, 230, RSo

Linebackers Notes: Grant Wiley is really good, and will be the leader of the defense. The rest of this unit isn't great, but with Wiley it's our best unit on the defense.

19 Lance Frazier (81) 5'10, 190, RSr
9 Adam Jones (77) 5'11, 180, So
37 Jermaine Moye (63) 6'0, 170, RSo
39 Thandi Smith (61) 5'11, 160, RJr

11 Brian King (79) 6'0, 180, RSr
47 Lawrence Audene (69) 5'11, 190, RJr
17 George Shehl (17) 6'0, 190, RFr

48 Jahmile Addae (78) 6'0, 205, Jr
28 James Woodruff (64) 5'7, 190, RSr
23 Mike Lorello (52) 6'0, 185, RSo

Secondary Notes: This is a solid, if unspectacular, unit. Frazier is good at cornerback, and Adam "Pacman" Jones is young and only going to get better. Brian King and Jahmile Addae are also capable safeties.


12 Brad Cooper (68) 6'4, 180, Jr

38 Todd James (83) 6'3, 205, RSr

Specialists Notes: Brad Cooper leaves some to be desired at place kicker, and will limit what we can do with field goal attempts as he's going to struggle to kick from past 40 yards out or so. Todd James is a good punter, and should help us win the field position game.

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2003 Preseason Outlook

Top 25
1. Ohio State (38)
2. Oklahoma (21)
3. Miami
4. Texas
5. Kansas State
6. Auburn
7. Virginia Tech
8. Georgia
9. USC
10. Michigan
11. NC State
12. Pittsburgh
13. Florida State
14. Washington
15. Maryland
16. LSU
17. Tennessee
18. Virginia
19. Florida
20. Notre Dame
21. Arizona State
22. Alabama
23. Purdue
24. Texas A&M
25. Wisconsin

Big East Preview
1. #3 Miami
2. #7 Virginia Tech
3. #12 Pittsburgh
4. West Virginia
5. Boston College
6. Syracuse
7. Temple
8. Rutgers

Season Schedule
8/30 - #25 Wisconsin
9/6 - at East Carolina
9/13 - Cincinnati
9/20 - at #15 Maryland
10/2 - at #3 Miami
10/11 - Rutgers
10/22 - #7 Virginia Tech
11/1 - Central Florida
11/8 - at Boston College
11/15 - #12 Pittsburgh
11/22 - at Syracuse
11/29 - Temple
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Jim Sorgi's Four Picks Sink Badgers

MORGANTOWN, WV - Jim Sorgi threw four interceptions, two of which came in the fourth quarter, as the Wisconsin Badgers (0-1) fell on the road to the West Virginia Mountaineers (1-0) this evening in both teams' season-openers, 17-7.

Sorgi passed for just 67 yards to go along with his four interceptions, and completed just four of his 22 pass attempts. His 7.4 QB rating certainly provides ample evidence this is a game he'd like to forget.

The No. 25-ranked Badgers did have a lot more success on the ground with Anthony Davis, who rushed for 112 yards on 19 carries, but the Wisconsin passing attack was ultimately too inept for it to matter much as Wisconsin only punched the ball into the end zone once all game.

Rasheed Marshall was effective for West Virginia, completing 12/19 passes for 179 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions, both of which came in the first half. He also added 49 rushing yards on 10 carries. The Mountaineers used a platoon of running backs as starter Quincy Wilson rushed for 57 yards on 18 carries and Kay Jay Harris added 40 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries.

Aaron Neal caught Rasheed Marshall's only touchdown pass and caught four passes for 61 yards.

West Virginia got on the board first with a score from seven yards out in the first quarter as Marshall hooked up with Neal for the game's first score. Wisconsin knotted it up at 7 apiece with 32 seconds remaining in the first quarter in what would ultimately prove to be the final score of the half.

West Virginia finally took the lead for good with 3:04 remaining in the third quarter as Kay Jay Harris rumbled into the end zone from a yard out to push WVU up 14-7 and Brad Cooper added a field goal in the waning seconds as an insurance policy to make it 17-7. Cooper had missed a chip shot a few minutes earlier in the quarter after Rasheed Marshall missed a wide open Tory Johnson in the back of the end zone that would've put the Mountaineers up by 14.

West Virginia outgained Wisconsin 359-222 and won the turnover battle 4-2.

"I was disappointed with how we played offensively," remarked West Virginia head coach Rich Rodriguez. "We moved the ball well enough, but we had trouble converting our offensive production into points. You have to give credit to Wisconsin's defense for stepping up in the clutch situations, but we have to do better.

"Defensively, we played really well. Our rush defense was a little soft at times, but I can't say enough about the way our secondary played.

"In any case, winning a big game like this under the lights and the pressure of a national TV audience is something to be commended, so I'm really happy with the way the guys played tonight."

Lance Frazier intercepted two passes for the Mountaineers, and Brian King and Adam "Pacman" Jones each notched one of their own this evening.

Next Week, West Virginia travels to Greenville, NC to take on the East Carolina Pirates. Next week's game could be a dangerous trap game for the Mountaineers if they aren't careful coming off the high of tonight's season-opening victory over a top 25 team.

West Virginia 17, #25 Wisconsin 7

WIS - 07 / 00 / 00 / 00
WVU - 07 / 00 / 07 / 03

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter:
(3:05) WVU: 7 yard pass from Marshall to Neal (7-0 WVU)
(0:32) WIS: 3 yard run by FB #45 (7-7)

2nd Quarter:
(No Scoring)

3rd Quarter:
(3:04) WVU: 1 yard run by Harris (14-7 WVU)

4th Quarter:
(0:28) WVU: 32 yard field goal by Cooper (17-7 WVU)

Wisconsin Badgers

QB #19: 4/22, 67 Yds, 4 Int
HB #28: 1/1, 25 Yds, 19 Car, 112 Yds
FB #45: 6 Car, 29 Yds, TD
WR #9: 2 Rec, 32 Yds

MLB #46: 9 Tkl, 2 TFL
CB #21: 7 Tkl, TFL
DT 77: 6 Tkl, 2 TFL
ROLB: 6 Tkl, 2 TFL
LOLB #12: 3 Tkl, Int
SS #7: 3 Tkl, Int

K #97: 0/0 FG, N/A Long, 1/1 PAT
P #31: 2 Punts, 92 Yds, 46.0 Avg, 0 Inside 20

West Virginia Mountaineers
R. Marshall: 12/19, 179 Yds, TD, 2 Int, 10 Car, 49 Yds
Q. Wilson: 18 Car, 57 Yds
K. Harris: 10 Car, 40 Yds
M. Fofana: 6 Car, 20 Yds
A. Neal: 4 Rec, 61 Yds, TD
S. Beresford: 2 Rec, 53 Yds

B. King: 5 Tkl, Int
A. Lennortt: 5 Tkl
A. Jones: 3 Tkl, Int
A. Wright: 3 Tkl, TFL
L. Frazier: 2 Int

B. Cooper: 1/2 FG, Long 32, 2/2 PAT
T. James: 2 Punts, 71 Yds, 35.5 Avg, 1 Inside 20

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Re: West Virginia Mountaineers (NCAA Football 2004)

The Wisconsin passing "performance" gave me some pause, but the CPU has done fine passing the ball in subsequent games with the sliders I am using, so I think that was just an anomaly.
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