Rebuilding The Gators: A Florida Gators dynasty

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Rebuilding The Gators: A Florida Gators dynasty

So I picked up NCAA again. I tried playing my Westlake dynasty, but I was honestly sick of that team. I've been playing various Westlake State dynasties for 2 years now, and I wanted a real team. The generic cleats annoy the hell out of me. So I went into one of my many Swarm saves, found one that was in 2019, and looked for any interesting jobs. I found Florida. In game, they're coming off of their first losing season since 1979, and fired McElwain. The roster isn't great by SEC standards either, but I'll get into that later.

I've lost interest in reports before because I've tried to make them too in-depth. I like advancing through seasons fast, and I really don't have the time for all the extra stuff. So, I've decided that I'll be doing 4 updates per season: preseason, Week 8 which will include recruiting, end of season, and offseason. I think conference title games and bowl games will get the full preview and recap, but everything else will be in these 4 recaps.


Heisman difficulty

9 minute quarters

Slowest coach progression

I started off with JKits sliders, I've since tweaked them a lot

I do a fatigue reset at halftime, just switch it off for one play then right back on.

Coaching adjustment: slide your run/pass slider one tick to the left, opens up CPU passing game.

House Rules

I make a lot of creative liberties. I might take a 1 week injury, make it 5, edit a guy's ratings for the sake of a story or just realism. I.E, damn near every wideout having bad hands and good routes. 5'10, 160 pound corners with good coverage and like 85 speed. Corners having 90+ speed and acceleration but 78 agility. I don't cheat, I just edit ratings to make things more true to life for myself and also for the CPU.

I edit all injury ratings to produce more injuries, varies by position. I also make up injuries a lot, I generate them in preseason.

Recruiting wise, nothing much, but I'll keep it realistic. I won't abuse the low lock guys.

Any recruit who I have a lead of over 1000 points on is considered a verbal commit. I can't spend more than 150 on him unless the dips back below 1000.

I won't redshirt any 5 star recruits, or JUCO guys. 4 star guys would have to be buried on the depth chart. And if I have a guy 85 or higher as a sophomore, I won't recruit anyone over a 3* until that guy is set to graduate. (except for positions where 2+ guys will see a lot of time)

Ratings are subject to change based on performance. If a guy plays like s--t, he'll get his ratings nerfed. I also do some manual progression every offseason, using RNG.

I can't cut any incoming players or seniors.

Anyone who wants to transfer out can leave, players declaring will be allowed to leave if they'll be picked in the first 3 rounds.
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Re: Rebuilding The Gators: A Florida Gators dynasty

2020 Florida Gators Football Preview

Note: All ratings are before I've done my injury rating deductions, so they may come out several points lower.

Head Coach: Davonnie Banks (1st year)

OC: Doug Nussmeier (10th year)

DC: Brian Kelly (1st year)


I'm looking at a spread offense this year. We don't have a great line, so we need to create space.


#5, Gerard Hunter - 6'1, 186, SO, 4.58 40, 73 OVR: Threw for 223 yards and a score while completing 35.1% of his passes in 2019. Ran for 94 yards and a score. Decent athlete who can run if needed, but won't wow you with his speed, lacks short-area quickness. Subpar arm strength and accuracy.

#19, Ben Workman - 6'4, 222, FR, 4.56 40, 71 OVR: Threw for 2200 yards and 14 scores last year in HS, ran for 800 more yards. 4 star recruit, largely due to his upside in my opinion. Quicker and faster than Hunter, good arm strength, a bit of power to him as a ballcarrier. Very inaccurate, needs time but could be thrust into the spotlight if Hunter flops.

#17, Brian Cook - 6'6, 225, r-SO, 4.80 40, 73 OVR: Has thrown just 6 passes. Looked in camp to be the best thrower, by far worst athlete of this group. Pocket passer who can escape a bit, decent arm, subpar accuracy. Makes good reads but execution isn't there.

Position Grade: D+. None of these guys are good enough for the SEC.


#28, Jaymond Clemens, 6'1 - 202, r-SR, 4.52 40, 93 OVR: Terrific back who ran for 810 yards on 7 a carry last year, with 7 scores. Not the right back for this year's team. He will likely be a late round pick come spring, but he isn't great at anything, just very polished. His best attribute is his vision, but you can't hit a hole that doesn't exist. Fairly shifty, bit of power, but won't outrun people. Elite change of direction and first step. He'd run for 1500 behind a better line.

#20, Gary Singleton - 6', 208 r-SO, 4.55 40, 78 OVR: Similar to Clemens, but lacks his elite agility. Just 10 touches in 2019.

#27, Nyheim Fuller - 6'1, 212, r-FR, 4.34 40, 74 OVR: Burner. Agility lacks a bit, not shifty, very much a straight line runner. Fumble prone, not the most durable. Tore the meniscus in both knees in HS.

#39, Wes Allen - 6'1, 249, r-JR, 4.81 40, 73 OVR: Think what Matt Asiata did in the NFL, but in college.

#48, Caleb Stephens - 5'8, 191, FR, 4.50 40, 69 OVR: Not the athlete you want from a small back. Redshirt.

Position Grade: B-. Jaymond Clemens will play in the NFL, but he likes to dance around behind the line and wait for a hole to open up. That might not work in the SEC with this line.


#32, David Jackson - 5'9, 259, SO, 4.52 40, 77 OVR: Athletic fullback who will help us out next year after transferring in from UCF. Will redshirt and have 3 years left to play before 2021 season.

Position Grade: N/A


#88, Shawn Richardson - 6', 182, JR, 4.37 40, 90 OVR: Deep threat who deserves a better QB. Phenomenal route runner, great at tracking the ball downfield. 477 yards, 5 TD last year.

#10, Roderick Randall - 6'3, 201, JR, 4.38 40, 87 OVR: Julio Jones-esque profile. Not quite the ball skills, but physically very similar. Only 500 yards in first 2 seasons.

#89, Ryan Watson - 6', 194, r-SR, 4.59 40, 84 OVR: Most skilled wideout on the team. Lacks the physical tools, otherwise he'd be in the league right now.

#83, Tony Green - 6'2, 203, r-JR, 4.45 40, 81 OVR: Overall solid receiver who should be a good #4.

#86, Eric Vickers - 6'0, 184, r-SR, 4.66 40, 77 OVR: Another skilled, but unathletic receiver.

#23, Marc Larson - 6'1, 207, r-SO, 4.48 40, 77 OVR: Elite route runner, very agile, good speed and size. Very suspect hands, drops easy balls.

#85, Clarence Bozeman - 5'10, 171, r-SO, 4.43 40, 73 OVR: Pretty fast, not much else.

#87, Charles Patton - 6'1, 188, FR, 4.44 40, 69 OVR: Redshirt.

#82, Marcus Lewis - 6'2, 187, r-FR, 4.50 40, 69 OVR: Special teamer.

Position Grade: B. A lot of skill here, but are they going to get the ball much?


#12, Adam Jack - 6'5, 252, SO, 4.64 40, 83 OVR: Well-rounded tight end who lacks the athleticism to be a superstar.

#45, Joey Williams - 6'7, 254, r-FR, 4.78 40, 69 OVR: OK blocker, not a good receiver.

#80, Caleb Mangum - 6'4, 267, FR, 4.74 40, 55 OVR: Long snapper.

Potition Grade: C-. Jack is good, but no one else.


#76, Nick Davis - 6'5, 295, JR, 4.90 40, 82 OVR: Great pass blocker, good run blocker. Good strength.

#63, Jeremy Moore - 6'6, 283, JR, 5.00 40, 60 OVR


#65, Grant Clark - 6'2, 270, r-JR, 4.86 40, 83 OVR: Well-rounded blocker who lacks the strength you want, and isn't as quick as he should be at 270.

#73, Craig Manning - 6'2, 323, r-FR, 4,92 40, 71 OVR: Good run blocker by virtue of being massive. Out of shape, not strong.

#75, Jonathan Haumiller - 6'5, 298, SO, 4.98 40, 68 OVR:Redshirt


#64, Eric Bishop - 6'1, 305, SO, 4.86 40, 84 OVR: Started as a true freshman. Better run blocker than pass blocker. Decent strength.

#72, Anthony Horne - 6'3, 297, SO, 5.12 40, 74 OVR: Out of shape and unathletic.


#67, Mark Chase - 6'2, 319, r-SO, 4.90 40, 80 OVR: Borderline elite run blocker, struggles in pass pro. Can't handle a sustained attack.

#71, Brady Washington - 6', 292, FR, 4.97 40, 79 OVR: Better in pass pro than run blocking, short for a lineman but fairly strong.

#70, Ray Golden - 6'5, 282, FR, 5.10 40, 63 OVR: Redshirt.


#69, E.J. Williams - 6'4, 281, SO, 4.82 40, 74 OVR: Our most athletic O-lineman. Solid pass blocker who isn't as good in the run game.

#68, Adam Brown - 6'7, 291, r-SO, 4.88 40, 72 OVR: Not strong enough. Has the fundamentals down but needs to hit the weight room.

Position Grade: C+. The line isn't good. We don't have any elite linemen, and we will struggle in pass protection.

Defense and specialists coming soon.
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Re: Rebuilding The Gators: A Florida Gators dynasty

what tweaks did you make to jkits sliders? also when you say move coach run/pass slider to left one tick, i assume that you mean defensive coverage?
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