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Franchise Team

Hey Guys,

Currently looking to start up a Franchise and post it here, really having trouble deciding what team to use and looking for some input. My choices are as follows.

Jaguars - Move on from Ramsey and see if Gardner can become a Star QB and move on from Foles and some overpaid stars on Defence.

Cardinals - Kyler Murray and some solid young WRs, need to rebuild that O-Line and also Defence.

Redskins - Build around Haskins and change up that D. Move on from the Gruden Era.

Chiefs - offence is fine but needs a #1 back and a entire new O-Line, not to mention the entire D apart from Honey Badger needs an upgrade, lots of work on that side of the ball.

Ravens - has everything it needs at the moment but need to see if Lamar is a QB or just a glorified HB.

Dolphins - Need help everywhere, look to develop Rosen and look to draft Lawrence or Fields.

Any other options are always accepted as well.

Cheers Guys

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Cory Levy's Arena
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Re: Franchise Team

I would vote for either the Jaguars, Cardinals or Redskins. They all have interesting QB prospects and if you're committed to actually trying to make them work it'd be cool to see if they do actually work out. They also all need building up and that's always more interesting to read to me than an already established, star studded team (which is why I would vote against Chiefs or Ravens).

The Dolphins are the hot pick to rebuild or use for re-location franchises (poor roster so it's easy to dice up plus their bounty of draft picks makes it nice to add whoever you want from the draft to your new team) so I wouldn't want to see them, personally.
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Re: Franchise Team

Kansas City
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Re: Franchise Team

Personally I'm not a fan of Haskins, Murray, or Mahomes.

But in terms of a dynasty it depends on which way you wanna go. If rebuilding is your choice there's quite a few to choose from like Washington, Miami, Jax, etc.

If you want a new era team that has a new coach but solid roster, go with someone like Detroit or Green Bay.

Or if you wish to continue a dynasty you could go with Brady and NE.

Many options to choose from bro. Or do what i'm doing and control all 32!
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Re: Franchise Team

I'd like to seek what somebody would do with those 3 first round picks Miami has, especially with the end of the Brady era near for the AFC East.
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