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So after my UNC dynasty got corrupted, I decided to reboot my Westlake State Dynasty.

Sliders And Settings

- Cajunomics' 2016-17 roster as a base.
- Heisman of course, slightly tweaked version of Jkits' set as I do play with fatigue off.
- 9 minute quarters
- HFA off
- Normal coach progression. For whatever reason, hot streaks are much less common with this setting. Credit goes to JoshC for that one, it's legit, I played a season with Vanderbilt before starting this up.

House Rules


- Tuscaloosa's kicking system
- I edit all Scrambling QBs who are under a 90 AWR to make them into a Balanced, less cheap sacks where they just run into the LE.
- Run/Pass D for my coach goes one tick to the left to open up the CPU pass game.
- Injury rating edits for my team.
- I also edit a lot of ratings for realism's sake, especially on CPU teams. A corner with 95 speed, man and zone, but 79 agility is useless and unrealistic, so that guy's agility will be bumped to 92 or so. Just one example.
- I will use my coordinators' playbooks as base playbooks. I can add and remove plays as I see fit, but I must maintain the base scheme. Option will be an exception should I ever get a coordinator running it.
- I will deduct 10 points from the catching ratings of my linebackers and defensive backs, in an effort to reduce my team's INT numbers. ATH will be excepted from this rule.

Recruiting/Team Building

- I may only apply as many recruiting upgrades to my coach as equal to 2x the number of wins that I had in the previous season. A down year will then mean tougher recruiting in the following season. (Stolen from moose141, I really like this)
- "Kitchen Sink" and "Royal Treatment" may only be upgraded 2 of 3 levels.
- No cherrypicking unsigned 5 stars.
- Any player that I'm up 1000 or more points on is considered a verbal commit. I can then only spend 50 points a week on him unless my lead dips below 1000.
- After week 4, I can only add as many guys to the board as my team has prestige stars. Up until, and including week 4, I can modify the board as I see fit.
- Players in pipelines states who are 3* or lower may be scouted one time at 50%. No scouting of 4* or 5* players until they are signed or lost. Then they will be legitimate gems/busts once they are scouted after the fact. Any player may be scouted in the offseason signing period. (again stolen from moose141)
- No redshirting 5 star or JUCO recruits (bar QB, OL), and I must make an effort to play 5 star recruits.
- No redshirting anyone who would make the 2 deep depth chart. (OL, QB are exceptions as those guys don't rotate)
- I cannot persuade any player projected to go in the first 3 rounds to stay in school.
- Anyone persuaded to stay, whether transfer or draft must start or see significant reps (#2 back, nickel corner, slot WR etc.)
- Biggest one is I'm using Kawkeye's Dynamic Progression System. This should keep my team from gaining +20 OVR within 3-4 seasons like what will usually happen in this game.
- Lastly, no gameplay or coordinator skill trees.


- I must schedule my non-conference games in advance.
- I may only schedule one "tune-up" opponent per season.
- No FCS games.


- I will be employing a system to generate suspensions, as well as preseason injuries.
- Each year, I'll be looking through the non-starting QBs for potential grad transfers. I might do this for other positions as well, but QB will be the main one.

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Table Of Contents

Barkley handed the keys at Westlake State

2018 Westlake State football preview

Tough loss for Swarm in Barkley's first game as HC

Swarm fall to Boise as starter Henderson goes down

Swarm keep it close against #6 Ohio State

Henderson leads Swarm to first win under Dion Barkley

Another tough loss as Swarm fall to Tulane

Swarm beat Cincy 42-36 in OT

Barkley nabs his first trio of recruits

Swarm blow out UConn 42-7

Conference realignment announced, Swarm grab 3 more recruits

Swarm make it 3 in a row behind huge game from B.J. Henderson

Swarm lose a heartbreaker to 0-7 USF

43-28 loss to Arkansas State as Henderson throws 3 picks

Swarm clinch division, beating Memphis 42-24

Swarm outlast ECU in an OT shootout to become bowl eligible

Conference Championship Week Preview

Swarm nearly pull off the upset in AAC title game

CCG results

End of 2018

Westlake State individual stats, 2018

2018 Coaching Carousel

Players Leaving

National Signing Day, 2018 Offseason

NCAA announces massive conference realignment

Grad Transfer QBs, 2019 Preseason

2019 Preseason Newsflash

2019 Westlake State football preview

Swarm open 2019 with a big win over Nevada

Martez Scott goes for 297, 6 scores on the ground to sink the Swarm in a shootout

Swarm win in in the last minute over ECU

Near-perfect game from Henderson as Swarm hang 62 on Memphis

Swarm pick off Moore 4 times for a big win over Cincy

Henderson leads 4th quarter rally over USF

#3 UCF beat Westlake State on last-second FG, secure division

Kevin Campbell suspended after spat with B.J. Henderson

Henderson turns it over 6 times, Swarm fall 45-28 to FAU

Swarm move to 8-4 on Senior Day

Swarm secure 16 enrollees on Early Signing Day

Henderson leads Swarm to Russell Athletic Bowl upset over #21 Miami

2019 Bowl Results

2019 CAC Wrapup

Dion Barkley inks 7 year extension

Swarm come away with #61 recruiting class

2020 Westlake State Football Preview

2020 CAC Preview

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Program History

To be updated at the conclusion of each season

All-Time Record: 30-56

Conference Championships:

National Championships:

Heisman Winners:

Bowl Games

Player Awards


1st Team All-Conference: DE Bryan Young (2018), DT Pierre Turner (2018), FS Shannon Wilkinson (2018)

2nd Team All-Conference: MLB Andy Davenport (2018), CB Mark Landrum (2018), FS Shannon Wilkinson (2018)

Freshman: DT Pierre Turner (2018)

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So what I've done here is I've taken my Westlake State Swarm teambuilder as well as MrHurriicanes Kalispell Warhawks, and placed them into the FBS, replacing Idaho and New Mexico State. I've simmed to 2018 (to get rid of all base players) and done some recruiting to get the team up to the high 70s in overall. I haven't touched Kalispell, nor do I plan to, just thought it'd be cool to have them in there. Both teams are in the American, us in the East and Kalispell in the West. Aside from that, all I've done is follow Brendan's conference realignment guide.

So here's how the sim has shaken out:

Westlake State are 15-45 all-time, with our best year being 6-6 in 2016. QB Justin Young, a 3 star gem, passed for 10306 yards and 82 scores over his 4 year career, setting passing records that probably won't be broken for a while.

In 2013, Oklahoma won an all big-12 title game, beating Texas 42-14. Deshaun Watson won the Heisman with 3800 pass yards, 600 rush yards and 39 total touchdowns. There were a few interesting head coaching moves. Lincoln Riley went to Indiana, Lane Kiffin to Ohio. Bobby Petrino took the Auburn job after Gus Malzahn went 5-7. Scott Frost was fired from UCF and went to South Alabama.

Also, something that I doubt anyone but me remembers, but I got Shakif Seymour (HB, Toledo) and Sharif Saleem (DE, UMass) as transfers, just like I did in the very first offseason of my very first Swarm report.

2014 saw Miami defeat New Mexico, of all teams, in the title game by a score of 34-22. Miami's Joseph Yearby won the Heisman with 1366 rushing yards and 20 scores, although UNM's Richard McQuarley posted better stats, matching Yearby's 20 scores but rushing for 1752 yards.

Alabama went 7-6. They actually haven't won a national or even SEC title thus far, although they did go 13-1 with an SEC title game loss and Orange Bowl win in 2017. Vanderbilt, interestingly, went 10-3. They then went 5-7 and 1-11, which saw Derek Mason fired.

2015 brought FSU the chip, beating LSU 49-21 in the title game. Deondre Francois won the Heisman, throwing for 3318 yards, rushing for 792 more, and scoring 42 TDs altogether.

In 2016, Westlake State went 6-6, with Justin Young putting together a stellar junior season: 3729 yards, 34 scores, 4 picks. Wideout Rufus Jensen caught 102 balls for 1490 yards and 11 scores.

Ohio State won the title, edging out Clemson 31-26. Mike Weber took home the Heisman, rushing for 1597 yards with 14 scores, and adding 457 more yards and 7 more scores through the air.

Georgia Tech fired Paul Johnson after a 5-7 year, hiring Lane Kiffin, fresh off a MAC title and GoDaddy.com bowl win with Ohio. They went 2-10 next year lol.

Lincoln Riley's tenure at Indiana was a failure, as he went 4-8, 3-9 and 2-10 before being fired, with Bill Clark (UAB I believe) taking over.

Texas is back! The Longhorns won the 2017 BCS National Championship, defeating Georgia 42-21. Nebraska's Charles Jenkins (generated player) won the Heisman, throwing for 4158 yards and a whopping 55 scores, tacking on 785 rush yards and 6 rushing scores for good measure.

Lane Kiffin lasted one year at Georgia Tech. He went 2-10 and signed a deal to become Oklahoma's OC. Gus Malzahn resurfaces as Maryland's HC.

Westlake State couldn't build on their 6-6 season, going 4-8 in 2017. Enter Dion Barkley...
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January 19th, 2018

Barkley handed the keys at Westlake State

Westlake, OH -- 5 seasons ago, Westlake State joined the FBS ranks. Ambitious athletic director Joey Williams spurned the FCS to instead put his brand new program right in the belly of the beast. Results have been mixed, with the Swarm managing a 6-6 campaign in 2016 behind the arm of undersized gunslinger Justin Young, who went undrafted in 2017 and signed with the Patriots. Unfortunately, the team couldn't build on that season and went 4-8 in Young's senior year.

Athletic director Joey Williams announced this morning that Iowa legend and Super Bowl champion Dion Barkley would be taking the reins as head coach. He replaces Robert Jackson, who left to take the job at Colorado. Barkley's name came up 5 years ago in the initial search for his new job, but he allegedly turned it down.

Barkley, a Heisman winner turned career NFL backup, is best remembered for his memorable performance in the second half of Super Bowl XLIX, where he was forced to step in for injured superstar Aaron Rodgers, and led the Green Bay Packers to a 34-28 win over the New England Patriots.

Note: Barkley is a player from a Madden 12 franchise. He was never on my team, but I remember him being a backup on like 5 Super Bowl teams. Stepped in the one time for Rodgers, as a second year player. He was a weird player, came in mid-70s and didn't ever pass 82. Unfortunately for him he backed up Aaron Rodgers for most of his prime.

Barkley sounded optimistic when asked about Westlake football.

Originally Posted by Dion Barkley
I'm excited to be here. Coach Jackson and his staff did a good job recruiting, I'm impressed with the talent level of such a young program. These guys aren't messing around, and I can't wait to get my hands on this team and see what we can do. I get to reunite with a QB and a wideout I coached back in Vegas, so that's dope too.
This is Barkley's first college job. From 2014 up until last year, he was the offensive coordinator at Faith Lutheran (Las Vegas), the 3rd ranked high school in the state of Ohio. He coached this year's presumed starting QB, B.J. Henderson, in 2014 and 2015 as Lutheran made a state title appearance in 2015. Henderson signed with Westlake State two years ago, turning down Nevada and Texas Tech, who wanted to see him play wide receiver.

At Lutheran, Barkley also coached current true freshman Robert Coley, a 6'3 speedster who could see some snaps for the Swarm this season.

Barkley will likely implement a pistol-shotgun offense predicated on utilizing the athletic talent that this team has.

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I don't think I've ever seen in any version of NCAA seen New Mexico make its way to the national title game. Looking forward to this and getting to know more about Westlake State!
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Originally Posted by Careless Whisper
I don't think I've ever seen in any version of NCAA seen New Mexico make its way to the national title game. Looking forward to this and getting to know more about Westlake State!
Yeah I was surprised at that too, the game is usually good with keeping those G5 teams out of the title game. Even Houston went 13-1 in the last season of the sim, and they didn't make the natty.


That's a link to the last Westlake State report I did, 2 summers ago, same uniforms and stadium (I'm going to change it at some point if the editor ever decides to work for me.) Would have picked that back up but I accidentally saved over the file one time, and my backup wasn't really up to date. I figured out the kind of presentation I wanted to do, and I only really abandoned this one because I was going through a period of massive change in my life, plus I was in high school, so 6 hours of school a day.

I'm actually going back to high school, did a semester of uni but hated the program so I'm redoing some courses online, mainly the maths and sciences that I didn't study hard enough for in HS. But I'll be able to game, I'll be home more and online classes don't take as long.

Thanks for following man, I'm going to have the season preview out soon, along with our future non-conference games and then the preview of the first game of this dynasty.
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Im looking forward to following along! I can’t wait to see what happens at WSU. Hopefully it’s a better fate than most of my super rebuild dynasties.

Anyway, can’t wait to follow along!
Live your life to fullest.

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