The WAC is Back--NCAA14

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The WAC is Back--NCAA14

For many of you, you are already following my thread "A New Era of College Football". I am in year 23 of that Dynasty and have bounced around introducing multiple coaches over the 23 years, built BSU into a National Power, and have won alot of games. Well winning is fun and recruiting loads of talent is nice to see, I miss alot of what makes this game fun. The grind of buidling up a program, the wondering if I will win enough games to make a bowl. The excitement of landing my first 4*. So I am taking a break from my other thread and want to start sharing a new project with you. I hope you will all still follow along, because honestly it's the community of followers/readers that make it worth sharing. Hopefully you will enjoy..

Many of you have amazing house rules, progression/regression, rolls of the dice, and it is my plan to steal/borrow/take many of your ideas and build them into this thread.

I am horrible with editor, so I will be running the normal BCS Bowl options, no playoffs ect.. I did however download a somewhat up to date roster, so you will probably see some current names on some rosters for awhile.

As you can probably tell from the title I am bringing back the WAC. For those of you who don't know, I live on the Westcoast, specifically the Pacific Northwest (Born in Idaho, lived there most of my life, lived in Washington for 8 years and now in Oregon). I am a die hard BSU fan as well as WSU. Had season tickets to both schools when i lived nearby. So I have a soft spot for the WAC for all the years BSU was in it..
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Re: The WAC is Back--NCAA14



2013-Northern Colorado OC (13-1, WAC Champions, New Orleans Bowl winner)
2014-Northern Colorado OC (11-3), WAC Champions, New Orleans Bowl winner)

2013-Miami Hurricanes (14-0, Beat Notre Dame)
2014-Alabama (14-0, Beat Clemson)

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Re: The WAC is Back--NCAA14

The NCAA announced today that the SunBelt Conference has closed it's door's, with several schools announcing their decision to shutdown their Div I Football programs.

UL Monroe, UL Lafayette, Western Kentucky and Troy are all moving back to Div I-AA, well other members like Texas State, Arkansas State, Georgia State, UTSA have all made the move to CUSA..

The Exodus from Div I to Div I-AA didn't stop there as the MAC was also hit hard with schools like Buffalo, Kent State, Ball State, UMass also announcing their decision to step down along with Old Dominion who had been sitting in limbo as a Independent.

With the announcement of all these teams leaving and the SunBelt closing up shop, NCAA ReAlignment Commish-Pepper Wolf announced that the "W.A.C." also known as the Western Athletic Conference was making a comeback.

Independent members Idaho and New Mexico State were the first 2 teams to make their announcement they were joining, leaving 10 openings in the 12 team conference.

Joining New Mexico State in the South Division will be

Northern Arizona Lumberjacks
West Texas State Buffalo's
Southern Utah State Thunderbirds
Northern Colorado Bears
Death Valley State Dingos

Joining Idaho in the North Division will be
Portland State Vikings
Eastern Washington Eagles
North Dakota State Bison
Minnesota State Mavericks
Kalispell Warhawks.

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Re: The WAC is Back--NCAA14


**As you know I am a big fan of geographical conferences from my New Era thread. I never understood why teams like West Virginia were in the Big 12 with schools from the Midwest/Texas. I also don't understand why the Big Ten would invite Maryland and Rutgers over schools like Notre Dame or Pitt. Why is Texas A&M in the SEC and not the Big 12 against schools like Texas,Texas Tech, TCU ect... So with that said here is the new look...

ACC (12 teams, keeps it's Orange Bowl bid for Champs)

Atlantic-FSU, Miami FL, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Virginia, Boston College

Coastal-Duke,North Carolina, Wake Forest, NC State, Maryland, Clemson

AMERICAN (12 teams, no Automatic Qualifier for Champs)

Division A (need a cool name)-Louisville,Rutgers,Cincinnati, Syracuse, Mid Tenn State, Memphis

Division B (same)-UCF, USF, FIU, FAU, Marshall, ECU

BIG 12 (12 teams, keeps it's Fiesta Bowl for Champ)

Midwest-Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Tulsa

Lone Star-Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, SMU

BIG TEN (14 teams, Champ plays in the Rose Bowl)

Leaders-Ohio State,Notre Dame, Northwestern, Penn State, Pitt, Purdue, Indiana

Legends-Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois

CUSA (12 teams, no qualifier for Champs)

East-Arkansas State, Georgia State, South Alabama, UAB, Tulane, Southern Miss

West-N. Texas, Rice, La Tech, Texas State, UTEP, UTSA,

MAC (Only 10 teams)

N. Illinois
Western Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Central Michigan
Bowling Green
Miami OH

MOUNTAIN WEST (Currently 14 teams but will most likely move BSU and someone to the Pac-12 at some point, opening up the possibility for a WAC team to move over as well. No BCS Qualifier for Champs)

Mountain-Boise State, BYU, Utah State, Air Force, Colorado State, Hawaii, Wyoming

West-Fresno State, San Diego State, Nevada, UNLV, San Jose State, New Mexico, *Houston

*Always thought it would be cool to see Houston battle it out with BSU and also have the MWC have a Texas school with TCU leaving, almost moved TCU back and put Houston in the Big 12..

PAC-12 (12 team's Champ goes to the Rose Bowl, will most likely expand to 14 teams at some point.)

North-Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Stanford, Cal

South-USC, UCLA, Colorado, Utah, Arizona State, Arizona.

SEC (14 team, Champ goes to the Sugar Bowl)

East (need a cool name)- Georgia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Florida, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Kentucky

West (same)-Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss State, Missouri, Arkansas

WAC (12 teams, no qualifier)

See above post......

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Re: The WAC is Back--NCAA14


Northern Colorado wasted little time making a splash as they make a bold hiring McCaffrey going into their first season in the WAC.

The former Stanford All-American and 13 year NFL WR Ed McCaffey will leave Valor Christian High School and become the Bears new Head Coach.

McCaffey isn't just well known as a football player and coach, but also as the Dad to some pretty talented sons. Christian is a star RB with the Carolina Panthers, Max a former WR at Duke who will join Dad as a WR Coach at UNC, Dylan a QB for Michigan and youngest son Luke who is committed to Nebraska.

Also joining McCaffrey at UNC will be OC Ryne Sands. Not much is known about Coach Sands other then he is just 25 years old and reports are he comes from a long history of football coaches in his family. A former RB for Minnesota State. Sands will get a chance to line up against his former school as both the Bears and Mavericks transition to the WAC...

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Re: The WAC is Back--NCAA14


Northern Colorado Depth Chart - 2013
Regular Offense
WRSR J. Davis (83)SR W. Lolotai (75)JR D. Stimphil (71)SO D. Vander Velde (67)
TESR A. Wiebers (72)SR W. Lolotai (69)JR S. Monson (67)
LTSO S. McGill (70)SO J. Tuner (69)(R) FR A. Ochiato (64)
LGSO J. Hanoa (75)SR T. Olker (72)SO A. Hendrickson (67)
CSR Z. Thrall (79)JR C. Pawlak (70)(R) SO M. Piechowski (71)
RGSR J. Soloman (75)(R) SO N. Shepard (69)
RTSR J. Carroll (73)SO T. Wilemon (68)
WRSR W. Jefferson JR (80)SR D. Mack (72)JR M. Peoples (75)SO AJ Battle (70)
QBSR S. Lobato (78)SR T. Tancik (67)RS FR J. Walters (61)(R) SO S. Rubalcaba (67)
FBSO Q. Zomora (68)(R) FR D. Graham (65)
HBSR T. Dennis (82)SR C. Rettick (74)SR Q. Hildreth (69)JR R. Holland (65)
Base 3-3-5 Defense
LDESR R. Holmes (84)SR I. Jones (71)(R) SO C. Urbaniak (68)
NTJR L. Smith (81)SR S. Alexander (79)JR M. Gackle (76)SO M. Overton (70)
RDESR G. Miller (72)JR D. Chapple (70)SO C. Russell (67)
LOLBSR D. Sierra (84)SO R. Gackle (79)JR M. Walters (70)
MLBSR C. Bumpas (85)SO AJ Isenburg (76)SO B. Miller (64)
ROLBJR L. Willingham (84)SO J. Walker (71)SR C. Sparacio (64)SO M. Forward (63)
CBJR M. Morse (81)JR C. Hall (76)SO T. Singleton (67)SR E. Hamilton (65)
SSJR T. Dogins (83)SO L. Eckner (68)
FSJR K. Griffin (74)SO L. Eckner (68)
SSSO T. Risner (70)
CBJR J. Davis (80)FR J. Boyd (68)(R) SO L. Sanders (75)
Special Teams
KSR D. Eden (77)
PSO J. Holzmer (75)
PRSR Q. Hildreth
KRSR Q. Hildreth


SR Seth Lobato was named to the PreSeason 2nd Team All-WAC. Listed at 6'5 230lbs, Lobato is a pocket passer with the best arm on the team (85 THP/78 THA).

SO Sean Rubalcaba is considered the QB of the future and will redshirt this season and expect to challenge any incoming freshman for the starting job next year. Rubalcaba has some decent legs (74 speed) but will need to work on his arm (79 THP/73 THA)

SR Tim Tancik will be the primary backup. Tanick is just 5'10 185lbs, who doesn't throw very far (72 THP) but he does boast the most accurate arm on the team (79 THA)


A trio of Senior's are atop the depth chart, led by Tromiane Dennis who is expected to be the workhorse. Christian Rettick is a similar skill similar size runner who will be the primary backup well 5'7 Quentin Hildreth is the change of pace back boasting (90 speed, 93 ACC). Hildreth will also return kicks and punts.


Again a Trio of SR's led the group. Jace Davis and Will Jefferson JR are both solid targets and will give Lobato a chance. JR Marcell Peoples is just 5'9 and is expected to challenge for the slot role (#3) well backup TE Waylon Lolotai will serve as the #4 WR (82 speed, 77 catch).

Speaking of TE, SR Austin Wilbers is the primary starter and also has solid hands (85 catch) and could likely lead the team in receptions.


3 Senior starters in the middle and right side well a pair of SO's will protect the left. It's a solid group with a couple decent backup's but this will need to be a target area this recruiting season.


3 Seniors sit the top of the depth chart on the outside, with Ryan Holmes (81 speed), Galvin Miller (78 speed) and Isiah Jones (71 speed) With JR Lexington Smith manning the middle in this 3-3-5 setup.. SR DT S. Alexander will step in when they go with a 4 man front.


SR Clarence Bumpas is the leader in the middle, and the Bears best player Overall, but JR Leilon Willingham and SR Dom Sierra isn't to far behind and makes this unit one of the best in the WAC. As both Willingham and Bumpas were 1st team selections and Sierra was a 2nd team selection.


The entire starting 5 are Juniors making this a very strong unit, plus add in SO L. Sanders (75) who is redshirting and I expect this unit to help carry the Bears to some victories.

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Re: The WAC is Back--NCAA14


With 10 teams transitioning in from Div I-AA joining the 2 worst teams the past 10+ years in Div I it's anyone's guess who will come out the winner in Year 1 of the WAC.

However many football experts have studied the rosters, the coaches, and looked at the schedules and here is a look at where they think these 12 teams will finish.

Northern Arizona (65 OVR/65 OFF/66 DEF) is expected to finish #1.
Led by a solid defense, it looks like the Lumberjacks will lean heavily on SR RB Zach Bauman (77) to lead the offensive attack.

Death Valley State (63 OVR/63 OFF/65 DEF)
The Dingo's also should be looking at a run first offense, led by JR Bennie Turner (80), SR Alan Finely (74) at RB and RS FR QB M. Buford (70, 79 speed)

Southern Utah (63 OVR/63 OFF/65 DEF)
Don't be shocked if SUU comes away with a decent record. They kept all 3 of their non-conference games vs FCS programs allowing them to potentially build a winner culture before starting conference play.

Kalispell (60 OVR/59 OFF/61 DEF)
This isn't your Mr Hurricane Warhawks.. FR QB Marquice Walker (79) is probably one of the best dual threat QB's in the conference and maybe even the entire Westcoast. But he is going to need some help.

Minnesota State (65 OVR/65 OFF/65 DEF)
The Mavericks have a solid QB in Jon Wolf, a talented FR RB in Kenny King and a NFL caliber WR in Adam Thielen. Honestly I think they have a great shot at

Northern Colorado (81 OVR/77 OFF/85 DEF)
The Bear's on paper have the most and best talent. But with 23 of their 68 man roster as Seniors, Coach McCaffrey and Sands will need to do a solid job in recruiting to keep the talent flowing in (I honestly didn't realize they were rated so high when I picked the roster)

Eastern Washington (67 OVR/67 OFF/68 DEF)
SO Vernon Adams (72 Ovr,79 Speed) is one of the best dual threat QB's in the conference and FR WR Cooper Kupp has the skills to someday play on Sunday.

West Texas State (67 OVR/68 OFF/66 DEF)
SR QB Dustin Vaughn (84) is probably the best QB in the conference, and talented FR J. Cate (75) is ready to take over next year, but besides them the cupboard is sorta bare.

North Dakota State (70 OVR/68 OFF/71 DEF)
The Bison have a solid QB in SR Brock Jensen (79), but their secret weapon is probably current #2 SO Carson Wentz (79).

Portland State (63 OVR/65 OFF/65 DEF)
The Vikings have okay talent but alot of it is young (15 players rated 70-72) Give them a couple of years and they should be better.

New Mexico State (67 OVR/65 OFF/70 DEF)
JR RB O'Maury Samuels (77) is their best player but they have a trio of WR's that are solid as well with JR Drew Dan (76) being the best. Question is how good is JR QB Jonah Johnson (70)

Idaho (53 OVR/53 OFF/57 DEF)
The Vandals are just bad. SR Mason Petrino (63) will get the first crack at QB with FR Nikhil Nayar (63) waiting in the wings.

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Re: The WAC is Back--NCAA14

Feel free to comment from here on out. I will be working saved posts and updating this week before I head out for yet another Disc Golf adventure this weekend.
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