B-Dawg's Air Force Falcons: Flying high A.F.

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B-Dawg's Air Force Falcons: Flying high A.F.

B-Dawg hoists the crystal football after winning a natty at Western Michigan.

Guess who’s back, guess who’s back

Tell a friend: B-Dawg looks to create a monster at Air Force

The first clue of trouble in paradise was the headline: “Boredom setting in?”

B-Dawg had just led his Western Michigan Broncos to a 45-0 trouncing of Penn State, the Broncos’ third rout of a perennial national power in the 2024 season.

What should have been cause for celebration only sucked even more of B-Dawg’s enthusiasm as he improved to 8-0 in his 12th season at the helm after winning his first national championship the previous season.

Instead, he offered a cryptic quote that suggested he was about to turn in his controller and walk away from the game.

“I’ve had some life changes that have made coaching this team to another national championship less of a priority,” B-Dawg said at the time. “However, I’ve had nights in which I could’ve fired up the PS3, but the prospect of another blowout win didn’t seem exciting. I do have Ohio State sitting out there as my next opponent. We always get a great battle with Ohio State. I hope this next game is no different, even if we lose. Without the fear of losing, this game isn’t much fun.”

That game was posted on April 12, 2016.

Since then, it’s been radio silence from B-Dawg.

He played two more games that were never posted, trouncing Ohio State and Indiana to raise Western’s record to 10-0.

“I kept meaning to post those games, but then I figured, ‘Why bother?’” B-Dawg said. “The passion was gone.”

The “life changes” to which B-Dawg alluded was being in the first few months of a new relationship after his previous girlfriend of several years abruptly showed herself to be a cheating money-grubbing hoe who would rather be with guys who had money, even if they were fat MF’ers who didn’t treat her nearly as well. His new relationship turned into a marriage in November 2017.

B-Dawg was married before, but he began binge-playing NCAA Football and Madden well into the night starting in 2002 because, as he’s put it, “It wasn’t worth my while to go to bed early, if you know what I mean.” With a lot of free time on his hands and no sex life whatsoever, B-Dawg began posting his results almost daily at MaddenMania (pour a sip), first with the Detroit Lions in Madden 2003 and then the University of Michigan in NCAA 2004.

Fast-forward to 2016. The lack of excitement over the game, lack of free time and a change in priorities meant B-Dawg’s copy of NCAA ’14 began gathering dust. Oh, there would be sparks of interest in starting a dynasty as a new college football season began, but those sparks didn’t create any fire.

Then, on a cold winter day in January 2018, with an afternoon to kill before covering high school basketball that night, B-Dawg fired up the PS3 and started a new dynasty.

After scrolling through teams and imagining possibilities with each, he settled on Air Force for reasons we’ll get into later.

Unsure how things would go with so much time off and a switch from All-American to Heisman mode, B-Dawg decided to play a full season before he began posting his dynasty bit by bit. If the results seemed realistic enough, he would post. If not, nobody would ever know these games were played. He had no idea that, because of a combination of time availability and interest, it would take him until August of 2020 to complete the first season.

He began with 2018 rosters and nearly scrapped this and went to a dynasty with 2019 rosters and then 2020 rosters as he slowly worked his way through the first season. But he eventually got the bug to keep going and completed a season.

It took from Jan. 21, 2019 until Aug. 25, 2020 to play the first season. B-Dawg hopes to average one game a week now that he’s taken this ‘nasty out of the closet.

So, here we go. This won’t be a typical B-Dawg dynasty in terms of detail and pace of play, but by gradually posting games that have already been played, hopefully there won’t be long gaps between posts.

Falcon Stadium in Colorado Springs is B-Dawg’s new home.

Why Air Force?
The most important decision in any dynasty is selecting a team.

Do you run with your favorite team? Do you rebuild a struggling program in a power conference? Do you take a team from a mid-major and build it to national prominence, switching to a power conference along the way?

B-Dawg has rolled with his favorite team, Michigan, in two dynasties. That becomes way too easy way too soon. He’s used all three Mid-American Conference teams from Michigan, so another season in the MAC would have been mind-numbing.

The most intriguing crappy school in a power conference is Vanderbilt, but B-Dawg coached the Commodores in NCAA 2007.

B-Dawg is a patriotic sort who has always been intrigued with the military schools. He played an Army dynasty in NCAA 2003 that wasn’t posted. At the time, he considered coaching Army to a national championship, switching to Navy or Air Force, doing the same, then going to the final school. That seemed too time-consuming.

B-Dawg settled on Air Force, because it’s a military school and plays in the Mountain West Conference. That means playing on the beloved Smurf Turf at Boy-Z State every other year.

So, why not just run with Boy-Z State if he has such a fetish for blue fields? Well, that would be too easy, as the Broncos are a powerhouse in the Mountain West. A powerhouse team in a middling conference sounds like the worst dynasty imaginable.

Did you say Heisman mode? (Gulp!)
B-Dawg readily admits he’s not the best player out there.

As such, he doesn’t play manually and clings to All-American mode like a child does its security blanket.

But even coming up with sliders that favor the CPU in All-American mode creates a fairly easy game if you play regularly enough.

Heisman mode, however, scares the crap out of B-Dawg any time someone suggests it. Before playing this dynasty, he messed around with some Heisman mode games with default sliders, and the results were promising. He had to work to make plays.

The sliders could be a work in progress as the season goes along, but he’s starting out with default sliders. Yes, we all want to have a challenge where the game doesn’t become too easy. But we don’t want the game to become an exercise in frustration that causes us to break our only remaining PS3 controller.

We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!
I’m not going to go overboard with dynasty rules, since I’m already handicapping myself by playing on Heisman mode and I won’t play as often.

I’m not going to get silly with recruiting restrictions, other than I can’t recruit any players from Canada for obvious reasons. As I got started with this dynasty, it was apparent that recruiting isn’t going to be unrealistically easy.

Game-play wise, I’ll use a created offensive and defensive playbook and use the “ask coach” feature to call plays, making exceptions occasionally in hurry-up offenses or to get third-and-one when “ask coach” doesn’t give me a simple HB dive. I’ll play nine-minute quarters.

Reasons for optimism
Air Force goes into this dynasty with a decided lack of talent, which is by design. What’s the sense of building a dynasty when the pieces are already in place?

Air Force is rated C OVR or 74 OVR, depending on your preference. The Falcons are C+ (77) on offense, C (73) on defense and D on special teams. There’s definitely room for improvement.

The cause for optimism in Colorado Springs, besides having a coaching legend take over the helm, is the presence of talented youngsters on the existing roster.

Six of Air Force’s best players are sophomores.

Donald Hammond, an 83 OVR sophomore, will be the starting quarterback. Sophomore defensive end Jordan Jackson is rated 85 OVR, tying for the highest rating on the team.

Sophomore Kadin Remsberg is an intriguing player, leading the running back corps at 76 OVR and leading the entire team with SEC-like 95 SPD. Sophomore outside linebacker Lakota Wills is 76 OVR, tops among linebackers.

Two of the top offensive linemen are sophomores: 74 OVR guard Nolan Laufenberg and 73 OVR tackle Parker Ferguson.

“I’m not sure what the progression is for a program like ours, but these guys could be beasts at our level by their senior years if the progression system is generous,” B-Dawg said.

Long-term goal
B-Dawg doesn’t want to slum it in the Mountain West Conference forever, regardless of the trip every other year to the glorious Smurf Turf.

The goal is to get the Falcons into the Pac-12 Conference to get better competition and more enticing matchups if they can begin to dominate the MWC first. Playing the same teams gets old after a while, so it’ll be nice to switch it up and play in the Pac-12.

At the pace B-Dawg has been playing this dynasty, it could be a few years of real time before Air Force reaches that level of prominence.

Team ratings: C OVR, C+ offense, C defense, D special teams; 74 OVR, 77 offense, 73 defense
Coach stability: A
Coach prestige: B-
Conference prestige: C+
Program tradition: C+
Academic prestige: C+
Stadium atmosphere: C
Television exposure: C
Campus lifestyle: D+
Athletic facilities: D+
Championship contender: D
Pro potential: D
2018 strength of schedule: C-

Offensive skill: Heisman
Defensive skill: Heisman
Injuries: On
Fatigue: On
Quarter length: 9 minutes
Play clock: On
Game speed: Normal
Player min. speed threshold: 50
Home field advantage: On
Ice the kicker: On

Offsides: 55
False start: 55
Holding: 55
Facemask: 50
Offensive PI: 100
Defensive PI: 100
KR/PR interference: 100
Clipping: 50
Intentional grounding: 71
Roughing the passer: 45
Roughing the kicker: 64

USER: Everything 50 except interceptions are 10. (Interception slider was lowered a few games in.)
CPU: Everything 50 except interceptions are 20 and punt accuracy is 100.

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Re: B-Dawg's Air Force Falcons: Flying high A.F.

Team ratings: C OVR, C+ offense, C defense, D special teams; 74 OVR, 77 offense, 73 defense
Preseason ranking: No. 100
Final ranking: Unranked
Record: 7-5 (3-5 Mountain West, T-4th in Mountain Division)
Bowl game: Air Force 42, Eastern Michigan 38 (Military Bowl)
First-team All-Americans: RET Ronald Cleveland
First-team All-Mountain West: Donald Hammond (QB), Kadin Remsberg (HB), Mosese Fifita (DT), Brody Bagnall (MLB), Jeremy Fejedelem (FS), Ronald Cleveland (RET)
Second-team All-Mountain West: Griffin Landrum (OG), Jordan Jackson (DE), Milton Bugg (CB), Dailen Sutton (CB)
Award winners: Ronald Cleveland (Best Returner)
Passing leader: Donald Hammond (249-for-428, 3,577 yards, 22 TD, 17 int.)
Rushing leader: Donald Hammond (169 carries, 760 yards, 10 TD)
Receiving leader: Kadin Remsberg (72 catches, 1,406 yards, 13 TD)
Defense: Jeremy Fejedelem (73 tackles, 7 deflections), Kyle Floyd (20 TFL), Jordan Jackson and Mosese Fifita (8 sacks), Dailen Sutton (4 interceptions, 3 TD).
Synopsis: B-Dawg discovered a player who could go down as one of his all-time greats in sophomore running back Kadin Remsberg. Remsberg, whose 95 SPD made for mismatches against Mountain West Conference competition, set a school record with 1,406 receiving yards. B-Dawg transformed Air Force from a running team to a passing team, with the Falcons throwing for 4,125 yards. After a 3-4 start, Air Force won four straight games to secure a bowl bid. They were successful in that game, beating Eastern Michigan on a 5-yard catch by Geraud Sanders with 30 seconds left in the Military Bowl. Defense was a major concern for the Falcons, who allowed at least 30 points seven times.

ResultsHigh PassingHigh RushingHigh Receiving
9/1: Western Michigan (W 52-38)258, Hammond90, Hammond124, Remsberg
9/8: Utah State (W 31-19)194, Hammond101, Remsberg71, Waguespack
9/15: Boy-Z State (L 59-30)318, Hammond20, Remsberg126, Remsberg
9/22: Wyoming (L 34-24)340, Hammond78, Hammond95, Remsberg
9/29: Nevada (L 37-21)199, Hammond61, Remsberg109, G.Sanders
10/6: Navy (W 40-35)250, Hammond79, Hammond95, Cleveland
10/13: San Diego St. (L 38-15)167, Hammond22, I.Sanders110, G.Sanders
10/27: Brigham Young (W 49-35)393, Hammond108, Remsberg125, G.Sanders
11/3: Army (W 49-42)343, Hammond89, Remsberg225, Remsberg
11/10: New Mexico (W 38-17)309, Hammond54, Remsberg110, Remsberg
11/24: UNLV (W 49-41)414, Hammond94, Saucier264, Remsberg
12/1: Colorado St. (L 42-24)148, Worthman44, Hammond135, Remsberg
12/28: Eastern Michigan (W 42-38)269, Hammond175, Hammond71, Remsberg

Team ratings: C+ OVR, B- offense, C+ defense, C special teams; 79 OVR, 81 offense, 78 defense
Preseason ranking: No. 64
Final ranking: Unranked
Record: 5-7 (2-6, 5th MWC Mountain Division)
Bowl game: None
First-team All-American: DE Jordan Jackson
Second-team All-American: SS Garrett Kauppila
Freshman All-American: RET Luc Sturbelle
First-team All-Mountain West: QB Donald Hammond, DE Jordan Jackson, DT Mosese Fifita, MLB Kyle Johnson, OLB Lakota Wills, FS Jeremy Fejedelem, SS Garrett Kauppila, RET Luc Sturbelle
Second-team All-Mountain West: HB Kadin Remsberg
Award winners: DE Jordan Jackson (Nagurski, Lombardi)
Passing leader: Donald Hammond (241-for-404, 3,691 yards, 26 TD, 9 int.)
Rushing leader: Donald Hammond (170 carries, 962 yards, 7 TD)
Receiving leader: Kadin Remsberg (82 catches, 1,502 yards, 11 TD)
Defense: Garrett Kauppila 91 tackles; Jordan Jackson 22 TFL, 14 sacks, 3 FF; James Jones 2 interceptions.
Synopsis: B-Dawg missed a bowl game for the first time since his first season at Eastern Michigan in NCAA ’08, with all seven of his losses coming by seven points or less. Air Force lost its final three games, needing just one victory to clinch a bowl berth. Three of those losses were in overtime games during a four-game stretch around midseason. Turnovers in clutch situations doomed the Falcons. On the bright side, B-Dawg did have fun running up video game numbers with speedy halfback Kadin Remsberg, not as a runner, but as a receiver. Remsberg hauled in 82 passes for 1,502 yards. He has one season remaining, so B-Dawg will milk him as much as possible.

ResultsHigh PassingHigh RushingHigh Receiving
8/31: Colorado (W 45-27)335, Hammond106, Saucier200, Remsberg
9/7: Central Michigan (L 55-49)365, Hammond180, Hammond248, Remsberg
9/21: Nevada (L 37-34, 2 OT)238, Hammond112, Saucier114, Remsberg
9/28: UNLV (L 52-45, 2 OT)289, Hammond131, Hammond86, Remsberg
10/5: Navy (W 41-38)433, Hammond128, Hammond285, Remsberg
10/12: Utah State (L 38-35, OT)230, Hammond92, Hammond66, Waguespack
10/19: San Diego St. (W 42-13)322, Hammond83, Saucier107, Lewis
11/2: Army (W 38-22)258, Hammond60, Hammond84, Remsberg
11/9: New Mexico (W 47-10)335, Hammond60, Taylor89, Remsberg
11/16: Colorardo State (L 48-45)385, Hammond133, Remsberg140, Remsberg
11/23: Wyoming (L 31-14)201, Hammond120, Hammond78, Remsberg
11/30: Boy-Z State (L 28-23)280, Hammond69, Remsberg111, H.Williams

Team ratings: C+ OVR, B- offense, C+ defense, C+ special teams; 79 OVR, 83 offense, 78 defense
Preseason ranking: No. 103
Final ranking: No. 25 coaches, No. 25 AP
Record: 10-3, (6-2 Mountain West, T-1st in Mountain Division)
Bowl game: Memphis 47, Air Force 23 (Poinsettia Bowl)
First-team All-American: DE Jordan Jackson, FS Jalen Mergerson
Second-team All-American: MLB Christopher Musselman
First-team All-Mountain West: QB Donald Hammond, HB Kadin Remsberg, OT Parker Ferguson, OG Nolan Laufenberg, DE Jordan Jackson, DT Kamakani Crosby, MLB Christopher Musselman, FS Jalen Mergerson, SS Gary Mossop, RET Luc Sturbelle
Second-team All-Mountain West: HB Trey Taylor, CB Auston Deason, CB Eian Castonguay, K David Chapeau
Award winners: MLB Christopher Musselman (Bednarik), DE Jordan Jackson (Lombardi)
Passing leader: Donald Hammond (252-for-408, 3,268 yards, 12 TD, 13 int.)
Rushing leader: Kadin Remsberg (181 carries, 882 yards, 11 TD)
Receiving leaders: Trent Brown (68 catches, 998 yards, 1 TD), Kadin Remsberg (60 catches, 1,125 yards, 6 TD)
Defense: Christopher Musselman (81 tackles), Jordan Jackson (22 TFL, 15 sacks), Jalen Mergerson and Auston Deason (2 interceptions each)
Synopsis: Air Force cracked the top 25 for the first time, getting as high as No. 24 before losing 47-23 to Memphis in the Poinsettia Bowl. This season marked the swan song for the three greatest players in this dynasty so far, as quarterback Donald Hammond, running back Kadin Remsberg and defensive end Jordan Jackson continued to pile up numbers and raise the expectations for the program. The team hit a big-time low when Colorado State beat the Falcons 72-40, the most points ever allowed by a B-Dawg team in any version of NCAA Football. That was Air Force’s second straight loss, but the team responded with seven straight victories before losing in the bowl game.

ResultsHigh PassingHigh RushingHigh Receiving
8/29: Idaho (W 38-6)274, Hammond93, Hammond146, Remsberg
9/5: Old Dominion (W 24-9)292, Hammond72, Hammond123, Remsberg
9/12: Fresno State (W 49-32)202, Hammond115, Hammond126, T.Brown
9/19: Boy-Z State (L 42-28)327, Hammond54, Remsberg140, Remsberg
9/26: Colorado State (L 72-40)359, Hammond99, Hammond85, T.Brown
10/3: Navy (W 19-18)294, Hammond37, Remsberg, Hammond119, T.Brown
10/17: Utah State (W 20-14)160, Hammond48, Remsberg73, Williams
10/24: New Mexico (W 37-3)234, Hammond63, Remsberg79, Williams
10/31: Army (W 27-17)139, Hammond68, Hammond55, Remsberg
11/14: Hawaii (W 34-21)269, Hammond116, Remsberg156, Remsberg
11/21: San Jose State (W 55-45)283, Hammond150, Remsberg158, Remsberg
11/28: Wyoming (W 49-13)223, Hammond82, Remsberg174, Remsberg
12/20: Memphis (L 47-23)212, Hammond64, Hammond66, T.Brown

Team ratings: C OVR, C offense, C+ defense, B special teams; 75 OVR, 75 offense, 76 defense
Preseason ranking: No. 51
Final ranking: No. 16 BCS, No. 15 coaches, No. 15 AP
Record: 10-3 (6-2 Mountain West, 2nd in Mountain Division)
Bowl game: East Carolina 41, Air Force 21 (Poinsettia Bowl)
First-team All-American: HB Trey Taylor, MLB Demonte Meeks, FS Jalen Mergerson
Second-team All-American: SS Gary Mossop
Freshman All-American: CB Mark Monroe
First-team All-Mountain West: HB Trey Taylor, DT Kamakani Crosby, DT Josh Green, MLB Demonte Meeks, OLB Grant Donaldson, CB Auston Deason, FS Jalen Mergerson, SS Gary Mossop, K David Chapeau
Second-team All-Mountain West: QB Zachary Larrier, DE Quinton Sanders, CB Mark Monroe, RET Luc Sturbelle
Award winners: HB Trey Taylor (Heisman)
Passing leader: Zachary Larrier (296-for-443, 3,560 yards, 21 TD, 14 int.)
Rushing leader: Trey Taylor (289 carries, 1,469 yards, 25 TD)
Receiving leaders: Trey Taylor (56 catches, 454 yards, 3 TD), Cameron Everts (55 catches, 762 yards, 3 TD)
Defense: Demonte Meeks (81 tackles), Gary Mossop (17 TFL), Kamakani Crosby (8 sacks), Mark Monroe (4 interceptions, 7 deflections)
Synopsis: Junior running back Trey Taylor emerged from the shadows of Kadin Remsberg to win the first Heisman Trophy in Air Force history. The Falcons had a chance to do some really special things as a team, facing Boy-Z State in a showdown of 6-0 teams. However, Air Force blew a 28-7 halftime lead in a 41-31 loss to a team that would go on to win the Fiesta Bowl over Oklahoma. This was the first season post-Remsberg, meaning Air Force would need to find ways to win without chucking it deep to the speedy running back against mismatches at the first sign of trouble. With a 10-3 record, the Falcons did OK without Remsberg and fellow stars from the original roster Donald Hammond and Jordan Jackson, as seven players had at least 200 receiving yards and six had at least 32 catches.

ResultsHigh PassingHigh RushingHigh Receiving
8/28: New Mexico St. (W 49-14)258, Larrier141, Taylor96, Everts
9/11: Texas State (W 59-28)275, Larrier122, Taylor83, McConnell
9/25: Fresno State (W 28-24)174, Larrier109, Taylor105, T.Brown
10/2: Navy (W 55-10)340, Larrier109, Taylor91, T.Brown
10/5: New Mexico (W 34-17)261, Larrier87, Taylor101, H.Williams
10/16: Utah State (W 37-20)332, Larrier38, Taylor156, Everts
10/23: Boy-Z State (L 31-41)324, Larrier142, Taylor160, H.Williams
10/30: Army (W 38-14)175, Larrier87, Taylor47, H.Williams
11/6: San Jose State (L 37-40)380, Larrier62, Taylor166, Sturbelle
11/13: Colorado State (W 47-28)192, Larrier210, Taylor126, Everts
11/20: Wyoming (W 42-33)188, Larrier234, Taylor36, Taylor
11/27: Hawaii (W 38-31, OT)256, Larrier109, Taylor82, Everts
12/21: East Carolina (L 21-41)405, Larrier22, Larrier78, Taylor

2018: Air Force 42, Eastern Michigan 38 (Military Bowl)
2019: None
2020: Memphis 47, Air Force 23 (Poinsettia Bowl)
2021: East Carolina 41, Air Force 21 (Poinsettia Bowl)

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Re: B-Dawg's Air Force Falcons: Flying high A.F.

First-team All-MWC (2018)

Second-team All-MWC (2018)

Second-team All-MWC (2020)

First-team All-MWC (2021), second-team All-MWC (2020)

Returner of the Year (2018), first-team All-American (2018), first-team All-MWC (2018)

First-team All-MWC (2020, 2021)

First-team All-MWC (2021), second-team All-MWC (2020)

First-team All-MWC (2021)

First-team All-MWC (2018, 2019)

First-team All-MWC (2020)

First-team All-MWC (2018, 2019)

First-team All-MWC (2021)

First-team All-MWC (2018, 2019, 2020)

Nagurski Award (2019), Lombardi Award (2019, 2020), first-team All-American (2019, 2020), first-team All-MWC (2019, 2020), second-team All-MWC (2018)

First-team All-MWC (2019)

Second-team All-American (2019), first-team All-MWC (2019)

Second-team All-MWC (2018)

Second-team All-MWC (2021)

First-team All-MWC (2020)

First-team All-America (2021), first-team All-MWC (2021)

First-team All-America (2020, 2021), first-team All-MWC (2020, 2021)

Freshman All-America (2021), second-team All-MWC (2021)

Second-team All-America (2021), first-team All-MWC (2020, 2021)

Bednarik (2020, second-team All-America (2020), first-team All-MWC (2020)

First-team All-MWC (2018, 2020), second-team All-MWC (2019)

Second-team All-MWC (2021)

Freshman All-America (2019), first-team All-MWC returner (2019, 2020), second-team All-MWC returner (2021)

Second-team All-MWC (2018)

Heisman Trophy (2021), first-team All-American (2021), first-team All-MWC (2021), second-team All-MWC (2020)

First-team All-MWC (2019)

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Location: Michigan
Blog Entries: 1
Re: B-Dawg's Air Force Falcons: Flying high A.F.

Western Michigan’s Brian Brown had a 108-yard kick return in NCAA ’14, B-Dawg’s longest TD ever.


Yards: 659, Devin Gardner (Michigan) at Iowa, Nov. 2, 2013 (NCAA 2012); 566, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt) vs. Ohio State, Sept. 13, 2014 (NCAA 2007)
Touchdowns: 7, P.J. Piskorik (Buffalo) at Miami (Ohio), Oct. 8, 2005 (NCAA 2004)
Interceptions: 7, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan) vs. Texas A&M, Jan. 1, 2017 (NCAA 2008); 6, Antonio Haines (Michigan) at Iowa, Oct. 6, 2007 (NCAA 2004); Alex Engram (Western Michigan) vs. Northern Illinois, Nov. 11, 2006 (NCAA 2006); Mackenzi Adams (Vanderbilt) at Duke, Oct. 28, 2006 (NCAA 2007); Darryl Hayden (Vanderbilt) at West Virginia, Sept. 3, 2016 (NCAA 2007)
Completions: 47, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan) vs. Iowa, Oct. 4, 2014 (NCAA 2008); 40, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt) vs. South Carolina, Sept. 29, 2012 (NCAA 2007)
Attempts: 64, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan) vs. Iowa, Oct. 4, 2014 (NCAA 2008); 62, Mike Payne (Michigan) vs. Michigan State, Nov. 1, 2008 (NCAA 2004)
Sacks: 11, Clint Cunningham at Wisconsin, Oct. 5, 2013 (NCAA 2008); 10, Clint Cunningham at Iowa, Oct. 31, 2015 (NCAA 2008); 9, Antonio Haines (Michigan) at Iowa, Oct. 6, 2007 (NCAA 2004)
Longest pass: 100, James King (Baylor) to Brook Mosley at Colorado, Oct. 2, 2010 (NCAA 2004)
Consecutive completions: 20, Corey McDonald (Vanderbilt) at Tennessee, Nov. 23, 2019 (NCAA 2007); Bush Hamdan (Boy-Z State) at Idaho, 2008 (NCAA 2009)
QB rating (10 att.): 348.0, Todd Williams (Eastern Michigan) vs. Vanderbilt, Sept. 5, 2020 (NCAA 2008) (11-for-11, 207 yards, 3 TD, 0 int.)

Yards: 382, Malek Redd (Central Michigan) at Akron, Sept. 21, 2013 (NCAA 2011); 357, Jerome Jackson (Michigan) vs. Northwestern, Nov. 11, 2006 (NCAA 2004)
Touchdowns: 7, Matt Farrell (Buffalo) at North Carolina, Nov. 24, 2007 (NCAA 2004); 6, DeShawn Simmons (Michigan) at Michigan State, Oct. 29, 2005 (NCAA 2004); 6, James Presley (Michigan) at Iowa, Oct. 22, 2005 and at Hawaii, Nov. 18, 2006 (NCAA 2005); 6, Mike Ross (Eastern Michigan) at Purdue, Nov. 28, 2020 (NCAA 2008); 6, Malek Redd (Central Michigan) at Akron, Sept. 21, 2013; 6, Eric Cox (Western Michigan) vs. Iowa, Sept. 25, 2021 (NCAA 2014)
Carries: 50, Derek Jones (Western Michigan) vs. UCLA, Jan. 1, 2023 (NCAA 2014); 47, Joey McBride (Michigan) vs. Northwestern, Oct. 31, 2015 (NCAA 2005)
Longest run: 98, Robert Merriman (Vanderbilt) at Hawaii, Dec. 7, 2019 (NCAA 2007); 98, Sean Fernandez (Michigan) vs. Notre Dame, Sept. 9, 2017 (NCAA 2012)
Longest run by a QB: 91, Ray Terry (Vanderbilt) at Buffalo, Sept. 10, 2016 (NCAA 2007)
Fumbles: 5, Todd Williams (Eastern Michigan) vs. Iowa, Oct. 20, 2018 (NCAA 2008)
Yards from scrimmage: 430, John Morton (Oregon State) vs. Washington, Nov. 12, 2011 (30 carries, 330 yards, 4 TD; 6 catches, 100 yards, 0 TD) (NCAA 2009)
100-yard rushers: 3, at Iowa, Sept. 25, 2021 (NCAA 2004)

Yards: 386, Ryan King (Michigan) at Iowa, Nov. 2, 2013 (NCAA 2012); 375, Earl Bennett (Vanderbilt) vs. Mississippi, Oct. 27, 2007 (NCAA 2007); 354, Corey Burton vs. Ohio State, Sept. 13, 2014 (NCAA 2007)
Catches: 23, Dee Osborne (Michigan) vs. Northwestern, Nov. 15, 2008 (NCAA 2004)
Touchdowns: 4, Alphonso McCown (Michigan) at Northwestern, Nov. 17, 2007 (NCAA 2004); 4, Corey Burton (Vanderbilt) at LSU, Nov. 1, 2014 (NCAA 2007); Corey Burton (Vanderbilt) at Kentucky, Nov. 15, 2014 (NCAA 2007)
Longest catch: 100, Brook Mosley (Baylor) from James King at Colorado, Oct. 2, 2010 (NCAA 2004); 98, Perry Hess (Michigan) from Chad Henne at Notre Dame, Aug. 30, 2008 (NCAA 2005)
Drops: 6, Marcus Moody (Western Michigan) vs. Notre Dame, Sept. 2, 2023 (NCAA 2014)

Pancakes: 21, Dominic Moran (Western Michigan) vs. Akron, Oct. 21, 2006 (NCAA 2006)
Sacks allowed: 5, Mark Lee (Eastern Michigan) vs. Penn State, Nov. 17, 2018 (NCAA 2008)

Tackles: 17, Carvin Johnson (Michigan) vs. Air Force, Sept. 1, 2012 (NCAA 2012); 16, Quavian Lewis (Vanderbilt) at Memphis, Sept. 5, 2009 (NCAA 2007); Patrick Bolden (Vanderbilt) at Tennessee, Nov. 27, 2021 (NCAA 2007); Chris May (Eastern Michigan) vs. East Carolina, Dec. 30, 2009 (NCAA 2008)
Tackles for loss: 9, Jammal Lavin (Michigan) at Northwestern, Oct. 26, 2013 and vs. Michigan State, Oct. 4, 2014 (NCAA 2005); Fabian McCoy (Eastern Michigan) at Western Michigan, Nov. 6, 2010 (NCAA 2008) Note: Brandent Englemon (Michigan) had 11 tackles for losses at Minnesota, Oct. 8, 2005 and vs. Illinois, Oct. 15, 2005 in NCAA 2004 using a cheesy defense, so his record won’t count.
Sacks: 5, Desi Hatfield (Michigan) vs. Wisconsin, Sept. 27, 2008 (NCAA 2005); Jammal Lavin (Michigan) at Iowa, Oct. 19, 2013 (NCAA 2005); Ulysses Heckel (Vanderbilt) at Kentucky, Sept. 15, 2012 (NCAA 2007); Kenny Wilkins (Michigan) at Boy-Z State, Sept. 14, 2013 (NCAA 2012); Jordan Jackson (Air Force) vs. Idaho, Aug. 20, 2020 (NCAA 2014) Note: Brandent Englemon (Michigan) had 10 sacks at Minnesota, Oct. 8, 2005 and vs. Illinois, Oct. 15, 2005 in NCAA 2004 using a cheesy defense, so his record won’t count.
Interceptions: 4, Aaron Green (Michigan) vs. Northwestern, Nov. 15, 2008 (NCAA 2004); 4, Jimmy Fitzpatrick (Vanderbilt) vs. Mississippi State, Oct. 5, 2019, all in first half (NCAA 2007)
Deflections: 7, Rudy Horton (Vanderbilt) at South Carolina, Sept. 28, 2019 (NCAA 2007)
Touchdowns: 2, Tavarious Sanders (Buffalo) vs. Nevada, 2004 Humanitarian Bowl (NCAA 2004); Kyle Schmidt (Vanderbilt) at Florida, Nov. 6, 2021 (NCAA 2007); Alfred Moore (Eastern Michigan) at Akron, Sept. 14, 2013 (NCAA 2008); Brad Ransom (Eastern Michigan) at Ohio State, Sept. 29, 2018 (NCAA 2008); Jeff Cox (Oregon State) vs. The ‘Nati, Sept. 5, 2009 (NCAA 2009); Vince Agnew (Central Michigan) vs. Ball State, Oct. 2, 2010 (NCAA 2011); Delonte Hollowell (Michigan) at Purdue, Nov. 1, 2014 (NCAA 2012).
Interception return: 104, Jonathan Kuehn (Eastern Michigan) at Hawaii, Dec. 5, 2021 (NCAA 2008); 104, Paul McCollum (Western Michigan) vs. Colorado, Aug. 26, 2023; 103, Germara Williams (Buffalo) vs. Ohio, Oct. 25, 2003 (NCAA 2004); Barry Sanders (Vanderbilt) vs. Arkansas, Sept. 17, 2011 (NCAA 2007)
Fumble return: 91, Brandon Henderson (Western Michigan) vs. Southern Illinois, Sept. 17, 2005 (NCAA 2006)
Blocked kicks: 2, Albert Pruitt (Vanderbilt) at Mississippi, Oct. 27, 2012 (NCAA 2007); Ulysses Heckel (Vanderbilt) at Georgia, Nov. 17, 2012 (NCAA 2007); Brandon Slater (Eastern Michigan) vs. Northern Illinois, Oct. 18, 2008 (NCAA 2008)
Forced fumbles: 3, Charles Jenkins (Michigan) vs. Wisconsin, Oct. 10, 2015 (NCAA 2012)

Most field goals: 6, Garrett Rivas (Michigan) vs. Oklahoma, Jan. 1, 2006 (NCAA 2005); Byron Jennings (Michigan) vs. Iowa, Sept. 15, 2012 (NCAA 2005); Andre Diles (Vanderbilt) vs. Mississippi State, Oct. 3, 2009 (NCAA 2007)
Most field goal attempts: 8, Garrett Rivas (Michigan) vs. Oklahoma, Jan. 1, 2006 (NCAA 2005)
Longest field goal: 58, Will Hagerup (Michigan) at Ohio State, Nov. 24, 2012 (NCAA 2012); 56, Austin Babcock (Western Michigan) vs. Missouri, Jan. 1, 2020 (NCAA 2014); 55, Garrett Rivas (Michigan) vs. Ohio State, Nov. 24, 2007 (NCAA 2004); Byron Jennings (Michigan) vs. LSU, Jan. 3, 2013 (NCAA 2005)
Longest punt: 77, Brendan Hilton (Michigan) vs. Minnesota, Oct. 11, 2008 (NCAA 2004)
Longest kick return: 108, Brian Brown (Western Michigan) at Michigan State, Nov. 11, 2023 (NCAA 2014); 107, Clay Quinn (Buffalo) vs. Miami, Jan. 3, 2008 (NCAA 2004) and Eric Cox (Western Michigan) vs. Indiana, Nov. 20, 2021 (NCAA 2014)
Longest punt return: 89, Clay Quinn (Buffalo) vs. Virginia Tech, Jan. 2, 2007 (NCAA 2004); Luke Osborne (Baylor) vs. Colorado, Oct. 1, 2011 (NCAA 2004)
All-purpose yards: 516, Eric Cox (Western Michigan) at Washington, Sept. 12, 2020 (6-306, 1 TD KR; 2-21 PR; 17-110 rushing; 5-79 receiving) (NCAA 2014); 504, Burt Gross (Buffalo) at Maryland, Oct. 13, 2007 (12-290 receiving, 6-122 punt returns, 2-92 kick returns) (NCAA 2004)
Kick return TD’s: 2, Jeff Cox (Oregon State) vs. Stanford, Oct. 31, 2009 (NCAA 2009); Brian Randall (Oregon State) vs. Pittsburgh, Dec. 31, 2010 (NCAA 2009); Jeff Cox (Oregon State) vs. Washington State, Oct. 6, 2012 (NCAA 2009); Brian Brown (Western Michigan) at Michigan State, Nov. 11, 2023 (NCAA 2014)

Bryant McClellan (left) is B-Dawg’s single-
season rushing leader, while Jason Toth (right)
has the most catches in a season with 104.


Yards: 4,162, Ryan Coleman (Vanderbilt), 2017 (NCAA 2007)
Touchdowns: 35, Antwan Smith (Vanderbilt), 2011 (NCAA 2007)
Interceptions: 30, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012 (NCAA 2007)
Completions: 302, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012 (NCAA 2007) and Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2014 (NCAA 2008)
Attempts: 476, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012 (NCAA 2007)
Sacks: 55, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2013 (NCAA 2008); 45, Mackenzi Adams (Vanderbilt), 2008 (NCAA 2007)
QB rating: 181.9, Antwan Smith (Vanderbilt), 2009 (NCAA 2007)
Completion pct.: .738, Todd Williams (Eastern Michigan), 2020 (169-for-228) (NCAA 2008); .737, Todd Williams (Eastern Michigan), 2017 (179-for-243) (NCAA 2008); .730, Shannon Auguste (Vanderbilt), 2022 (173-for-237) (NCAA 2007); .721, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2014 (NCAA 2008)

Yards: 2,513, Bryant McClellan (Vanderbilt), 2015 (NCAA 2007)
Touchdowns: 36, Marques Horne (Vanderbilt), 2020 (NCAA 2007)
Carries: 488, Derek Jones (Western Michigan), 2022 (NCAA 2014); 418, Joey McBride (Michigan), 2015 (NCAA 2005); 404, Eric Cox (Western Michigan), 2021 (NCAA 2014)
Yards per carry: 7.1, Bryant McClellan (Vanderbilt), 2015 (NCAA 2007)

Catches: 104, Jason Toth (Vanderbilt), 2012 (NCAA 2007)
Yards: 2,275, Corey Burton (Vanderbilt), 2014 (NCAA 2007)
Touchdowns: 17, Corey Burton (Vanderbilt), 2014 (NCAA 2007)

Pancakes: 147, Dominic Moran (Western Michigan), 2006 (NCAA 2006)
Sacks allowed: 16, Dan DeMaster (Eastern Michigan), 2010 (NCAA 2008)

Tackles: 119, Ulysses Heckel (Vanderbilt), 2012 (NCAA 2007); Fabian McCoy (Eastern Michigan), 2010 (NCAA 2008)
Tackles for loss: 41, Jammal Lavin (Michigan), 2014 (NCAA 2005)
Sacks: 23, Jammal Lavin (Michigan), 2014 (NCAA 2005) Note: Brandent Englemon had 38 sacks in the 2005 season of NCAA 2004 through the use of a cheesy Dime Fire-2 defense, so his record won’t count.
Interceptions: 9, Corey Everson (Eastern Michigan), 2007 (NCAA 2008); Robert White (Eastern Michigan), 2012 (NCAA 2008)
Deflections: 28, Charles Stewart (Michigan), 2005 (NCAA 2005)
Touchdowns: 4, Corey Everson (Eastern Michigan), 2007 (NCAA 2008)
Forced fumbles: 12, Travis Davis (Vanderbilt), 2014 (NCAA 2007)
Fumble recoveries: 5, Ulysses Heckel (Vanderbilt), 2011; Dustin Carpenter (Vanderbilt), 2020 (NCAA 2007)

Most field goals: 27, Jamie Carlson (Vanderbilt), 2015 (NCAA 2007)
Field goal percentage: 1.000, Tavares Garcia (Vanderbilt), 23-for-23, 2022 (NCAA 2007)
Punting average: 47.0, Donnie Gray (Vanderbilt), 2021 (NCAA 2007)
Kick return average: 38.8, Brian Brown (Western Michigan), 2023 (NCAA 2014); 38.1, Stevie Morris (Oregon State), 2012 (NCAA 2009); 37.7, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2012 (NCAA 2009); 37.2, Jeff Cox, (Oregon State), 2009 (NCAA 2012); 36.1, Clay Quinn (Buffalo), 2006 (NCAA 2004)
Punt return average: 26.7, Sammie Stroughter (Oregon State), 2008 (NCAA 2009); 23.0, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2010 (NCAA 2009); 22.0, Clay Quinn (Buffalo), 2007 (NCAA 2004)
Kick return TD’s: 4, Eric Cox (Western Michigan), 2021 (NCAA 2014); 3, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2009 (NCAA 2009); 3, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2012 (NCAA 2009); 3, Stevie Morris (Oregon State), 2012 (NCAA 2009).
Punt return TD’s: 6, Jason Toth (Vanderbilt), 2012 (NCAA 2007)

Earl Bennett (left) has more career receiving yards than
any B-Dawg player. Joey McBride (right) is his all-time
rushing leader.


Yards: 13,591, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2013-2016 (NCAA 2008); 13,298, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012-2015 (NCAA 2007)
Touchdowns: 112, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012-2015 (NCAA 2007); 86, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2013-2016 (NCAA 2008)
Interceptions: 91, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012-2015 (NCAA 2007); 80, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2013-2016 (NCAA 2008)
Completions: 1,085, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2013-2016 (NCAA 2008); 921, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012-2015 (NCAA 2007)
Attempts: 1,576, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2013-2016 (NCAA 2008); 1,460, Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012-2015 (NCAA 2007)
Sacks: 100, Mackenzi Adams (Vanderbilt), 2006-09 and Ken Collins (Vanderbilt), 2012-2015 (NCAA 2007)
QB rating: 160.5, Ryan Coleman (Vanderbilt), 2016-2018 (NCAA 2007)
Completion pct.: .688, Clint Cunningham (Eastern Michigan), 2013-2016 (NCAA 2008); .671, Shannon Auguste (Vanderbilt), 2019-2022 (NCAA 2007)

Yards: 6,192, Joey McBride (Michigan), 2013-2015 (NCAA 2005)
Touchdowns: 105, James Presley, 2004-2007 (NCAA 2005)
Carries: 1,139, Joey McBride (Michigan), 2013-2015 (NCAA 2005)

Yards: 5,002, Earl Bennett (Vanderbilt), 2006-08 (NCAA 2007)
Catches: 246, Jason Toth (Vanderbilt), 2009-2012 (NCAA 2007)
Touchdowns: 34, Earl Bennett (Vanderbilt), 2006-08 and Jason Toth (Vanderbilt), 2009-2012 (NCAA 2007)

Pancakes: 204, Dominic Moran (Western Michigan), 2005-2006 (NCAA 2006)
Sacks allowed: 37, John Austin (Vanderbilt), 2008-2011 (NCAA 2007)
Tackles: Gang-tackling era: 413, Fabin McCoy (Eastern Michigan), 2009-2012 (NCAA 2008); Pre-gang-tackling: 360, David Henry (Vanderbilt), 2015-2018 (NCAA 2007)
Tackles for loss: 100, Jammal Lavin (Michigan), 2011-2014 (NCAA 2005)
Sacks: 57, Jammal Lavin (Michigan), 2011-2014 (NCAA 2005) Note: Brandent Englemon had 91 sacks from 2004-2007 in NCAA 2004 through the use of a cheesy Dime Fire-2 defense, so his record won’t count.
Interceptions: 22, Jason Lewis (Vanderbilt), 2010-2013 (NCAA 2007); 22, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 698 return yards, 2009-2012 (NCAA 2009)
Deflections: 67, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2009-2012 (NCAA 2009); 63, Charles Stewart (Michigan), 2005-2007 (NCAA 2005)
Touchdowns: 12, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2009-2012 (NCAA 2009); 4, Jason Lewis (Vanderbilt), 2010-2013 (NCAA 2007); Corey Everson (Eastern Michigan), 2007 (NCAA 2008)
Forced fumbles: 25, David Henry (Vanderbilt), 2015-2018 (NCAA 2007)

Most field goals: 96, Donnie Gray (Vanderbilt), 2018-2021 (NCAA 2007)
Most field goal attempts: 114, Donnie Gray (Vanderbilt), 2018-2021 (NCAA 2007)
Field goal percentage: .842, Donnie Gray (Vanderbilt), 2018-2021 (NCAA 2007)
Kick return average: 38.1, Stevie Morris (Oregon State), 2012 (NCAA 2009); 37.7, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2012 (NCAA 2009); 34.3, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2011 (NCAA 2009); 33.5, Clay Quinn (Buffalo), 2005-2007 (NCAA 2004)
Punt return average: 19.9, Clay Quinn (Buffalo), 2005-2007 (NCAA 2004); 19.5, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2009-2012 (NCAA 2009).
Kick return TD’s: 8, Jeff Cox (Oregon State), 2009-2012 (NCAA 2009); 7, Eric Cox (Western Michigan), 2018-21 (NCAA 2014)
Punt return TD’s: 13, Jason Toth (Vanderbilt), 2009-2012 (NCAA 2007)

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The quarterback of the future is also the quarterback of the present for Air Force. Sophomore Donald Hammond is the highest-rated quarterback at 83 OVR and comes with the speed (82) required to run the read option game which was successful for B-Dawg at Western Michigan. Hammond has 87 THP and 80 THA, so he could have interception issues, particularly at Heisman mode. Junior Isaiah Sanders (81 OVR, 82 SPD, 82 THP, 77 THA) and senior Arion Worthman (80 OVR, 85 SPD, 83 THP, 77 THA) aren’t much of a drop-off if Hammond falters or gets a rare long-term NCAA ’14 injury.


Kadin Remsberg, a 76 OVR sophomore halfback, is the most intriguing player on Air Force’s roster, because he’s the fastest. Remsberg has SEC-type speed with a 95 SPD roster, which has B-Dawg licking his chops over the possibilities of using him as a mismatch coming out of the backfield. B-Dawg hopes to get him on the edge as a runner, but isn’t sure how well that will work on Heisman mode with a so-so offensive line. The other running backs who should get regular work have precisely the type of SPD you’d expect from Air Force, with junior Nolan Eriksen possessing 86 SPD and junior Joseph Saucier checking in with 85 SPD. B-Dawg loves using his fullbacks, so junior Cole Fagan (80 OVR, 81 SPD) could get some touches.


Despite the “Air” in Air Force, the real-life Falcons aren’t known as a passing team. As a result, you get a wide receiving corps like the one B-Dawg inherited. There are linebackers as fast or faster than Air Force’s fastest receivers. Senior Ronald Cleveland is the fastest receiver with 88 SPD, while Marcus Bennett has 86 SPD. Expect Air Force to use its receivers in move-the-chains roles, not for game-breaking plays. That could be beneficial to 73 OVR slot receiver Geraud Sanders. Bennett has the best hands with 82 CTH. It gets pretty dismal after that.


How valuable is AWR in NCAA Football? That is the nagging question for B-Dawg as he assesses his tight ends. From a skill standpoint, freshman Chris Kane has an edge over junior Kade Waguespack. Kane has 70 CTH, 77 SPD, 67 PBK and 67 RBK. The thing holding him back, if it’s relevant, is his 61 AWR. Waguespack has 77 SPD, 68 CTH, 62 PBK and 69 RBK. His edge is his 80 AWR. This could go back and forth this season. The AWR gap is probably why Waguespack has a 69-67 edge in OVR.


Air Force has only one legitimate Division I player on its offensive line in 85 OVR guard Griffin Landrum. After that, it’s a patchwork building project. Junior tackle Scott Hattok is 74 OVR and sophomore guard Nolan Laufenberg is 74 OVR. It could be years before the Falcons have an offensive line where everyone is at least 80-plus OVR.


Air Force has a potential beast in its top-rated player, 85 OVR sophomore defensive end Jordan Jackson. Maybe he’s a future rocket scientist, because he comes in with a 91 AWR rating as a sophomore. Maybe that was an oversight by the roster editors. He has 76 SPD, 80 STR and 80 TAK. Whatever the Air Force record is for sacks, Jackson should own it after three seasons. The No. 2-ranked guy on the defensive line is junior tackle Mosese Fifita, who is 76 OVR with 86 STR and 70 TAK.


The future star in this group is 76 OVR sophomore outside linebacker Lakota Wills, who has 81 SPD and 75 TAK. The other starters won’t be around when Air Force begins contending, with 73 OVR senior Brody Bagnall at middle linebacker and 73 OVR senior Kyle Floyd at outside linebacker.


This secondary could get torched this season. The starting cornerbacks are 70 OVR junior Zane Lewis and 69 OVR Dailen Sutton. Jeremy Fejedelem, a 77 OVR junior free safety, and Garrett Kauppila, a 75 OVR red-shirt junior strong safety, could end up with a bunch of tackles while cleaning up the mess created by the cornerbacks. There’s not much hope for the future in this group, with 66 OVR sophomore Milton Bugg and 64 OVR freshman Auston Deason the only cornerbacks who will be around after next season.


Expect B-Dawg to go for it on fourth down a bunch this season in situations that would normally call for a field goal. His kicker, junior Jake Koehnke, possesses only 77 KPW and 73 KAC. Switching junior punter Charlie Scott to kicker wouldn’t help much, as Scott has 75 KPW and 65 KAC. Recruiting a kicker will be a priority to get the progression train rolling for two years from now.

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Team needs: 1 QB, 1 WR, 1 DE, 1 OLB, 1 MLB, 2 CB
Player interest: 70 have Air Force in their top 10

Andy Bean, WR-10, 4 stars, 72 OVR, Lake Wales, Fla. (Air Force fifth)
Brian Johnson, WR-54, 3 stars, 68 OVR, San Angelo, Texas (Air Force third)
Marcus Graham, WR-63, 3 stars, 68 OVR, Marshall, Texas (Air Force sixth)
Johnny Jones, DE-43, 3 stars, 71 OVR, Naperville, Ill. (Air Force fifth)
Chris Flowers, CB-17, 3 stars, 67 OVR, Girard, Ohio (Air Force third)
Adam McCoy, WR-71, 3 stars, 66 OVR, Redondo Beach, Calif. (Air Force fourth)
Spencer Fountain, ATH-65, 3 stars, 66 OVR, Highpoint, Fla. (Air Force second)
Trey Taylor, HB-50, 3 stars, 66 OVR, Sheffield, Ala. (Air Force fifth)
David Poland, HB-51, 3 stars, 67 OVR, Opelousas, La. (Air Force fifth)
Haaziq Daniels, QB-29, 3 stars, 66 OVR, Theodore, Ala. (Air Force fifth)
Zachary Larrier, QB-65, 3 stars, 65 OVR, Mount Vernon, Wash. (Air Force fourth)
Tyler Davis, QB-92, 2 stars, 59 OVR, Bethany, Okla. (Air Force fourth)
Ben Hoffman, OT-70, 3 stars, 65 OVR, Cottonwood Creek, Utah (Air Force fifth)
Quinn Henry, OT-100, 2 stars, 60 OVR, Draper, Utah (Air Force fifth)
Ryan Keating, OG-59, 3 stars, 66 OVR, Valley Center, Kan. (Air Force first)
Graham Lakin, OG-70, 3 stars, 64 OVR, Lakeland, Fla. (Air Force second)
Gary Campbell, OG-76, 3 stars, 66 OVR, Sallisaw, Okla. (Air Force sixth)
Luke Hallstrom, OG-83, 3 stars, 65 OVR, Cherry Hills Village, Colo. (Air Force first)
Johnny Jones, DE-43, 3 stars, 71 OVR, Naperville, Ill. (Air Force fifth)
Hayden Isenhart, DE-54, 3 stars, 69 OVR, Immokalee, Fla. (Air Force first)
Justin Keith, OLB-29, 3 stars, 68 OVR, Mount Clemens, Mich. (Air Force third)
Isaiah Nunez, OLB-76, 3 stars, 66 OVR, South Miami Heights, Fla. (Air Force fifth)
Josh Green, OLB-131, 2 stars, 63 OVR, Alamosa, Colo. (Air Force second)
Travis Cowan, MLB-97, 2 stars, 61 OVR, Castle Rock, Colo. (Air Force third)
Lawrence Jones, CB-52, 3 stars, 67 OVR, Pinch, W. Va. (Air Force third)
Taylor Palmer, CB-54, 3 stars, 61 OVR, Odessa, Texas (Air Force second)
Eian Castonguay, CB-95, 3 stars, 61 OVR, Chesteron, Ind. (Air Force second)
Jalen Mergerson, FS-24, 3 stars, 61 OVR, Hialeah, Fla. (Air Force first)
Demetris Dorceus, DE-116, 3 stars, 62 OVR, North Tonawanda, N.Y.
Nate Wilson, SS-51, 3 stars, 64 OVR, Shirley, N.Y.
Gary Madison, DT-124, 2 stars, 60 OVR, Eastchester, N.Y.
Brett Van, WR-45, 4 stars, 67 OVR, Arbutus, Md.
Brandon Davis, K-4, 3 stars, 82 OVR, Suitland-Silver Hill, Md.
James Peterson, TE-75, 3 stars, 62 OVR, Carney, Md.
David Whitefield, MLB-130, 2 stars, 56 OVR, Potomac, Md.
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1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Georgia
4. Wisconsin
5. Ohio State
6. Washington
7. Oklahoma
8. The U
9. Auburn
10. Penn State
11. Michigan State
12. Notre Dame
13. Stanford
14. Michigan
15. USC
16. Texas Christian
17. West Virginia
18. Mississippi State
19. Florida State
20. Virginia Tech
21. Central Florida
22. Boy-Z State
23. Texas
24. Oregon
25. Louisiana State
26. South Carolina
27. Florida
28. Utah
29. Oklahoma State
30. Florida Atlantic
31. Arizona
32. North Carolina State
33. Texas A&M
34. Boston College
35. Northwestern
36. Kansas State
37. Iowa State
38. Houston
39. Memphis
40. Troy
41. Iowa
42. Kentucky
43. Arkansas State
44. Fresno State
45. San Diego State
46. Washington State
47. South Florida
48. Duke
49. Louisville
50. Northern Illinois
51. Army
52. California
53. Missouri
54. Georgia Tech
55. Texas Tech
56. Baylor
57. UCLA
58. Mississippi
59. Wake Forest
60. North Carolina
61. Purdue
62. Arkansas
63. Nebraska
64. Arizona State
65. Tennessee
66. Pittsburgh
67. Syracuse
68. Minnesota
69. Maryland
70. Marshall
71. Indiana
72. Rutgers
73. Utah State
74. Virginia
75. Louisiana Tech
76. Western Michigan
77. Toledo
78. Ohio
79. Vanderbilt
80. Navy
81. Colorado
82. Brigham Young
83. Temple
84. Illinois
85. Middle Tennessee State
86. Tulane
87. Tulsa
88. Wyoming
89. Kansas
90. North Texas
91. Miami (Ohio)
92. Southern Methodist
93. The ‘Nati
94. Buffalo
95. Massachusetts
96. Nevada
97. Alabama-Birmingham
98. Oregon State
99. Louisiana-Monroe
101. Nevada-Las Vegas
102. Colorado State
103. Southern Mississippi
104. Eastern Michigan
105. Bowling Green
106. Central Michigan
107. Akron
108. New Mexico State
109. Texas-San Antonio
110. Old Dominion
111. Florida International
112. Western Kentucky
113. East Carolina
114. New Mexico
115. San Jose State
116. Connecticut
117. Ball State
118. South Alabama
119. Georgia State
120. Texas State
121. Hawaii
122. Louisiana-Lafayette
123. Rice
124. Kent State
125. Texas-El Paso
126. Idaho
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OVR: 14
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Location: Michigan
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Preseason ranking: No. 76
Ratings: C+ OVR, C+ offense, C defense, D+ special teams; 77 OVR, 79 offense, 75 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 73
Ratings: C+ OVR, C+ offense, C defense, C special teams; 77 OVR, 79 offense, 75 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 22
Ratings: B OVR, B offense, B defense, C+ special teams; 86 OVR, 86 offense, 87 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 88
Ratings: C+ OVR, C offense, B defense, D+ special teams; 79 OVR, 75 offense, 85 defense

SEPT. 29 — at NEVADA
Preseason ranking: No. 96
Ratings: C+ OVR, C+ offense, B- defense, D special teams; 79 OVR, 77 offense, 80 defense

OCT. 6 — at NAVY
Preseason ranking: No. 80
Ratings: C+ OVR, C+ offense, B- defense, C special teams; 79 OVR, 77 offense, 80 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 45
Ratings: B- OVR, B- offense, B- defense, B- special teams; 81 OVR, 81 offense, 83 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 82
Ratings: C+ OVR, C+ offense, C+ defense, C+ special teams; 79 OVR, 79 offense, 78 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 51
Ratings: C OVR, C offense, C+ defense, D+ special teams; 75 OVR, 74 offense, 76 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 114
Ratings: C- OVR, C offense, C- defense, D- special teams; 70 OVR, 72 offense, 70 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 101
Ratings: C+ OVR, B- offense, C defense, C special teams; 77 OVR, 81 offense, 75 defense

Preseason ranking: No. 102
Ratings: C OVR, B- offense, C defense, B special teams; 75 OVR, 81 offense, 73 defense

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