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A Day by Day KC Chiefs Dynasty

So, I usually post these on reddit but I figured they'd get some love here as well. I'll be starting the OSF story already a season through, but don't worry you didn't miss much and I'll put a link to them at the end of the page.

Here's the 2006 recap, and 2007 offseason recap.

After being interviewed by the Chiefs owner, who I wanted to work for, I received 3 coaching offers. Don't remember the other teams, but they paid much better. I chose the Chiefs because that's were I wanted to be.

I retained the entire staff for the first year, even though they were Herm Edwards regime, I gave them all a chance.

I run a west coast pass heavy offense, and a 46 defense. My coordinators did not. There was a huge disconnect between my players and staff all season.

My QB, a huge reason I chose KC in the first place, lost 17 overall during the course of the season. Trent Green was 36, 93-75 overall ranges. [Ranges in this game depend on production in practice all week and during gameday. They alter heavily.]

I assume his age played a role in this, he ended the season 75-63 overall. I think my OC being low level, and QB coach being low level, he couldn't learn the system in time to maintain his elite stature he had with Dick Vermeil.

Trent struggled all season. I brought in a 90 speed free agent QB Reggie McNeal to compete, but he couldn't pass to save his life.

We played very similar to the Washington Football Team this season.

We led the league in INTs, but had a top 5 passing TD offense as well. We also had the #1 defense in the league this year [I even got a trophy for my trophy case] even though my GM really hung me to dry.

All 3 of our starting CBs were 30+, as well as both of our safeties. My Oline (the wall of KC) were 29+ with a 36 year old Willie Roaf at LT.

We won the division tied with OAK at 10-6, and lost the first round of the playoffs.

I fired my OC, DC, and QB coach because they didn't fix my scheme and they sucked.

All of our WRs were 83 and below btw.

Drafted a 83+ CB, WR, TE, and FB.

Our HOF FB Tony Richardson retired at 36.

Tony Gonzalez's overall dropped from 99-80 to 90-75. Noticing his age, and after being burnt by Trent Green, I decided to trade him while the sun was still up. I got a CB with 85ish overall.

Since I don't call the defensive side of the ball, and my defense wasn't being used correctly last season I made my DC's job easy and removed a lot of the non-blitz plays.

If you'd like to see week by week pics of the last season, go to https://www.reddit.com/r/NFLHeadCoachSeries/ and search NFL HC06.
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Re: A Day by Day KC Chiefs Dynasty

Alright, so here's the where we begin.

Prior to the draft, I traded my first round pick for Vince Young. He's 83 overall at best, but mobile. Every QB prospect was under 80 overall and Vince was a top 10 pick last year in a QB room with Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers.

We won week 1 by a mile, lost week 2 by a slim margin.


Our game planning meeting told us that we'd play the Chargers next. Drew Brees, LT, Antonio Gates, Quinton Jammer, Donnie Edwards were are top concerns.

Brees is a boss in the game, but Marty Shottenhiemer had just retired and they had a rookie coach, so I didn't know what to expect.

Thankfully we had a bye week this week, so we had double the amount of practice to prepare for our division rivals.

After the first week, all our starters were fully prepped and at their max potential, so I got a rare opportunity to give more reps to my 2nd and 3rd team players. (I usually give my starters 7 reps, and 2nd teamers 3 each practice.)

We maxed probably 20 plays on offense and defense, something that's rarely done. And gave my backups a chance to shine and develop.

The Jags GM emailed me about a trade, he wanted 33 year old Dexter McCleon (83 overall max CB) and to give me a 28 year old LOLB. (weak point for us, 83 overall max and younger.)

I went for it, even though our starting CB Patrick Surtain has a terrible injury that's put him off the field for 9 weeks and our CB room wasn't terribly crowed.

It was a great way to build some trust with the Jags GM, so that it'd be easier to snag a steal from them in the future.

In our weekly staff meeting all of my staff members had great things to say, and I gained a lot of trust with each of them. My TE coach suggested starting my newly draft 90 overall max TE over 94 overall max Dallas Clark whom i traded for in the offseason.

I thought that was a ridiculous idea, and shot him down. He lost some trust with me, but after a great week of practice, he only lost what he had already gained.


Monday night football at Arrowhead stadium.

The very first play of the game, Kawika Mitchell [who my LB coach suggested start over the newly traded LOLB] picked Drew Brees for a pick 6.

Drew Brees didn't miss a step the entire game after that, which is suprising because in this game, after a INT, the QBs overall drops to their lowest overall with is usually in the 70s.

This game was a defensive game no doubt about it.

Our offense struggled, and so did theirs. Even though the scoreboard said we slaughtered them, that just wasn't the case.

A key play in the game was a Vince Young dart to Dallas Clark 10 yards downfield, who fumbled it and gave the ball to the Chargers. Noted.

We ended up winning by a decent margin. They went down and scored a TD with 1 min left of the clock and we responded by returning the following kickoff.


Everyone was disappointed with their squads. Even though we won, all of my coaches lost some trust with me. [This is important because they can quit mid season in this game if they lose too much trust.]

We only had 50+ rushing yards with Larry Johnson

And our WR coach [who is one of our best coaches, despite having a weak WR room] was disappointed because we had less than 100 WR receiving yards.

I run a west coast offense. I have 2 90 max overall TEs, a 90 speed FB and Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes at HB. They get most of our receiving yards, so it'll be hard to keep him happy in the future.

My TE coach suggested starting our rookie TE post game as well, as kind of a "I told you so" so I agreed to keep him happy.


Vince Young 81.9RAT 13/25 159YDs 2TD 1INT, 34RUSH 4ATT

Larry Johnson 51YDs 15ATT, 2REC 25YDs 1TD

Dallas Clark 4REC 63YDs

Samie Parker 4REC 36YDs 1TD

Drew Brees 73.1RAT 22/44 222YDs 2TDs 1INT

Antonio Gates 7REC 90YDs
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