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OS Poll: What do you want to see more of from sports games in 2013?

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Poll: What do you want to see more of from sports games in 2013?
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What do you want to see more of from sports games in 2013?

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Re: OS Poll: What do you want to see more of from sports games in 2013?

Refinement. Playing the games aren't boring, but there are ALWAYS complaints about the existing features.
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Originally Posted by DirtyJerz32_OS
I could careless if we get any new features. I just want to current features to work properly and clean up gameplay.

Stop looking for the back of the box features.

This should be on the back of the box. "GAMEPLAY IS IMPROVED."
Absolutely. Folks just can't be content with SOLID GAMEPLAY. They just HAVE to have that shoe editor, that ballpark editor, those new helmets or some silly online feature. And, that's what game publishers want to hear. It does two things for them. One, it gives them the EASY BUTTON because it's a lot harder to actually make sliders do what they're supposed to do and to make the AI work like it should, so let's just create some new eye candy for the ADD public. Secondly, by creating all sorts of new junk it just brings out the supporters who will justify the crap by saying "But, but, but ....just wait until NEXT YEAR when NewFeatureXYZ is improved! By the way, my wife and I were talking last night about putting an end to console games for us, and just getting a PC and only buying games from publishers who actually care for their customers. It might still be games like NBA 2K, but at least modders out there will be able to make things better.
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I want to see more realism/sim elements. Many fans want to have very deep experience. The sports have to give us more customization options and in-depth features.
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One thing - a non exclusive nfl license.
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since most games have some sort of signature skill feature, why not get rid of player ratings for on line play. or make them even across the board based on player position.
that would limit the cheesing etc, outcomes would be based more son on user skill .
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I want the developers to actually care about the games they are creating.

Madden: Bring back importation feature to import players AND COACHES from NCAA.

I want the Madden developers to fix all of the jacked-up issues with CCM. Bring back coordinators & allow players to start as a coordinator & work toward a head coaching job, or if starting as a head coach, you can pick your staff. Users can use their own scheme (offense OR defense), or choose their offensive/defensive schemes by hiring a coach with the desired scheme & tweak the scheme. Also, allow users to start as a player, retire, then come back as a coach.
I want Madden developers to create more blocking motion capture, so that players won't get sucked into blocking animation & will actually fight off blocks down field, or simply get knocked down, or off balance.
I want blocks in the back called.
I want to be able to create a player with a game face, then save that player & created another player with a different game face, instead of one game face only being allowed to be used & applied to any character with "Game face."

I want to be able to use Game face in other EA games, like NHL & Battlefield.

NCAA: Bring back exportation feature, to export players AND COACHES to Madden. Also fix the same blocking issues & allow for Game face importation.

NHL 14: More servers in other regions.
Make stamina actually count for something in EASHL (players need to go sit on the bench to rest & are replaced by a CPU player until they are ready to return to the ice. Or, better yet, allow for two lines (12 players) & make the games a little longer, so you can do a line change & have your second line come on the ice. If Battlefield can host up to 24 players in a game, why can't EASHL host up to 12 in a game?
Some type of Team builder program for making created teams which will allow users to add custom logos.
More uniform style options. Allow custom team names & cities for create offline team mode (or allow importation of a created team from a Team Builder-type program). Allow the created team to be added to European & Scandinavian leagues.
Stock pattern & designs that users can change the colors of & apply to generic goalie masks, to personalize their goalie a little more. Make weight account more in checking (instead of having 5'8" 160lbs players who can easily knock a 6'2" 220lbs skater with good balance on his butt.
In "Be a Pro Mode" allow users to be a pro in AHL, European, or Scandinavian leagues & possibly move up, or over to the NHL.
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Re: OS Poll: What do you want to see more of from sports games in 2013?

Refinement. Madden NFL.

While playing M13, there are a lot of game breaking issues with off-line Connected Careers. Cant say about online since I dont have any interest in playing online but off-line, this game missed a lot of stuff during testing (if it was even tested to begin with is a huge question mark).

The scheme setup needs to be eliminated because it screws everything up. For example, despite importing a roster, the overall rating for players will either increase, decrease or stay the same depending on the scheme. The main problem with this is the fact that when you actually play the games themselves, all the players are rated what they should be based on the roster you imported.

Not only does this make schemes not make any sense whatsoever but the biggest problem is that the CPU teams dont adjust their depth charts in-game so for example, I have Vikings MLB Jasper Brinkley rated 75 in the roster I imported and while he's 75 during the actual games, the CPU signed an MLB to replace him even though in-game, both are rated the same. This completely screws everything up.

The worse thing about schemes is that it doesnt make any sense whatsoever because obviously, the players DO fit the scheme or they wouldnt be on the team to begin with in reality.

Auto Subs is flawed. I have to set fatigue at 0 because as a 49ers fan, they only have two OT's (Staley at LT and Davis at RT). With fatigue set at 50 and all auto subs at 1/1, I get LS Brian Jennings (who I moved from TE to C) subbing in at RT. Quite simply, this is flawed and there should be an on/off option like in Madden NFL 2005.

CCM being encrypted is horrible because even after lowering players like McNabb, Vince Young, etc. to 0 and importing my roster, they still have their default overall rating. And even if I move them to K (which I did), the game has many hidden players like A.J. Feeley and others as FA QB's. I hate all of this because I dont want any of these guys to be signed.

I basically have to play CCM with trades off and to import the roster with every team already set at 53 players so they wont release and then sign players who shouldnt be on the team in the first place. Last night, while testing, I saw the Lions release a 79 rated DT Sammy Hill who's only in his 4th season. No way in hell does this happen especially when an old veteran like DT Corey Williams is on the team.

Add in that the depth chart setup is horrible. I'm seeing a top three rated WR as a second TE on the depth chart. LT's at RT and vice versa. It's horrible. The depth chart should have the same amount of slots as there are players at each respective position. For example, if I have two QB's, there should be two slots. If a team has four QB's, there should be four slots. In other words, both should be the same number.

Also, when adjusting the depth chart, only players listed at that position should be listed. I should not be seeing WR's and TE's being available to select as my 2nd or 3rd FB just because they have a higher rating.

While not the last problem, another major one is the fact that you're stuck dealing with minimum player position requirements. Sorry but this DOESNT exist in reality in the NFL. If a team wanted to have 53 QB's on their roster, they can do so. I have to constantly adjust player positions to solve this problem which is horrible because I shouldnt have to.

Gameplay wise, the main thing is that the difficulty levels are so unbalanced. With human set at 50 and CPU set at 100, I blew out the Packers 24-6 and the Lions 34-6. I lowered the human sliders to 45 against the Vikings and had an OT thriller. Down 24-7, I battled back and tied the game at 24 late in the 4th. Game went into OT. I won the coin toss and ran back the kickoff 100 yards with LaMichael James for a TD and a 30-24 win. It's amazing how a little adjustment of just five points/slots/whatever changes the entire difficulty curve and balance. Second thing is that the tackling animations need a lot of work. Majority of the time, the defenders arent even wrapping up the ball carriers and when tackling, the defenders have one arm in air with the other in the ball carriers back like he's giving him a forearm like in wrestling. Third thing is the camera on deep passes. Instead of being close, it zooms further away. I play on the default camera because I can see everything but just wished that after I lob up a deep pass, the camera zooms in instead of out.

Those are just some of the things that need severe refinement in Madden. Seriously, it is so sad that after eight years of being exclusive, there are still so many basic problems and new problems that shouldnt even exist. What's worse is that I dont think the game gets tested at all, period because I find so many things that make me scratch my head and say how the hell did they miss this when you can see and spot it a mile away??? The truly sad part is that gameplay wise, I enjoy M13 and actually have fun with the game but there's just so many problems outside of the gameplay that after a while, the fun and interest is gone and I just want to sell the game and not look back.

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EAsports need to make it's coaching only mode like NCAA football it be more fun. You would just call the plays and not be able to use the joystick. Wish there were other football games to play.
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