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PGA Tour 2K21 Ė more realistic difficulty settings

Iíve been getting too good results lately in Career, and I want to make the game a bit harder for me. Instead of just changing the default Gameplay Difficulty Presets to a harder one, I would like to change the setting to be realistic. Or, to be precise, more realistic, because 100 % realism would probably be too difficult for me.

I havenít really played golf IRL (well, some rounds a long time ago), nor have I watched much golf from TV (though I did watch the Masters), so I donít have much of a conception what it would be like to be a pro golfer. Using my imperfect knowledge, I reasoned the following settings to be (more) realistic. Iíd like to hear your views on them. (I donít play online, so there would only apply to Career or Play Now local.)

Swing Difficulty is comprised of 3 parts: Timing, Plane, Power
Iím not sure if I understand any of these concepts. I guess that Plane means how straight I pull and push my gamepads stick. And Timing might refer to the speed I do the pull and push (backswing & downswing?). But what is Power and how do I increase or decrease it? Does it mean how far back I pull my club at backswing? It would be useful to understand what these concepts mean.
Watching the Masters, it seems that this is where even best pros sometimes make mistakes. They donít get their shots straight, or their distance right. So if I want realism, I might want to change from Pro to Master, or even Legend.

Swing Timing (downswing timing -> hook/slice)
So too slow swings give me slices and too fast swings give me hooks. Does this apply to real golf, also? My guess is not. So I might want to put this Off, even though it makes the game easier. But setting Swing Difficulty to Legend could compensate this.

Distance Control Meter (On, Putting only, Percentage only, Off)
I tried this with Off and Percentage only, and it was horrible. I canít estimate the right power for the shot just by looking how far my players backswing goes. So I have to have it On. But my excuse is that pro golfers know their clubs, and they have the right ĒpercentageĒ for shots in their muscle memory. Distance Control Meter is the videogame equivalent for those.

Distance Control Assist
If On, this probably means that if my shot power needs to be less than 100 % (like 80 %), I canít go too much over the required power. But if this is Off, I can go all the way to 100 % and shoot way over the hole. If this is true, realism would mean Off.

Putt preview
I havenít used this so far. I guess that using it would make putting very easy. I woudnít have to read the green anymore, and if I get the power right, itís always in the hole. I wouldnít say that putting preview is not realistic, because pros probably can visualize their shots well. But I still feel it would make putting too easy. Hence, Off.

Course Yardage (On, Book only, Off)
Even though Off would be most difficult, I think it is unrealistic, because it only shows the lenght of the hole. I assume that the pros have more detailed information about the courses they play. Book only means I have to check my distance to the flag from the map, while On means I can see it right in front of me. They both give the same information, which a pro probably has, so I go with On.

Pro Vision Trajectory (On, Aim only, Off)
Real golfer donít see blue lines in front of them. But of course, with their experience, they can visualize their shots. Iím not really sure which option would be realism, but Iíll try Off.

Scout Camera (On, UI Off, Off)
Scout Camera has made my game too easy, especially with all Pro Vision helps on. And even though pro golfers know their courses and visualize where their shots will land, Iíll choose Off.

Pro Vision (Wind, Lie penalty, Lie angle, Elevation, True shot)
These should probably be all Off. Though again, pro golfers have a lot of experience, and can evaluate how these elements effect on their shots. Mastering these in a videogame would mean a lot of practise, and I donít have that much time to practise. But Iíll try Off, anyway.

Lie Grid
This only works if I have True shot On, and since I donít, Iíll choose Off.

Green Grid
This a very important setting, as can be seen by its value on XP multiplier. Real golfers donít see grids on greens. BUT, they are standing on a green. They can kneel and see closer, how the surface breaks etc. I canít do that when Iím watching the green from my screen. So Iíll replace the real golferís hands-on feel of the green with a videogame golferís grid On.

Pin Preference
This isnít really a difficulty setting. Iíll leave the pin In.

Aim Marker (On, Marker only, Off)
This is an interesting one. At first I thought that this should be Off, and the marker itself doesnít give much help anyway. But with On, I get the information about elevation. Real golfers in a real, 3D environment can see the elevation (and maybe even feel it, if they walk uphill/downhill). But elevation is much harder to estimate from a 2D screen. Aim marker On is the only place where I can see information about elevation, so Iíll leave it On.

Wind Display (Wind speed, Meter only)
Real golfer can feel the wind in their skin, they can throw grass in the air etc. I canít do that as a videogame golfer. So Iíll take Wind Speed (i.e. numerical information).

Distance Display (Carry, Total)
I think pro golfers know their clubs so well, that they can estimate the roll. So Iíll take Total.

So thatís all the ĒrealisticĒ settings with my limited knowledge and reasoning. Now Iíd like to hear your views.

I think the real Ēgame changerĒ is the Swing Timing (hook/slice). If it is realistic to take that Off, it becomes much, much easier to hit straight shots. To compensate that, I would have to make the reading of the situations much harder (as I did above). But if the Swing Timing (hook/slice) in the game is correct, then the game becomes very difficult for me.
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Re: PGA Tour 2K21 Ė more realistic difficulty settings

Unless you are totally off that day Pro is much too easy. Try Master. IF you find that too easy try Legend. See if that is realistic enough for you.
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Re: PGA Tour 2K21 Ė more realistic difficulty settings

I have played some holes with these settings (Swing Difficulty = Legend & Swing Timing = Off). In an easy course, I played about par. In a difficult course, I was way above par. My game looked realistic, i.e. I occasionally hit the rough or bunker. Just like real pros in Masters.

Why I didn't always hit the fairway? Because I couldn't read the situation (wind, elevation etc.) right. So my swing wasn't the problem. I wonder do the pros also make mistakes because of "misreading", or is it because of swing problems?

And another question to those who know more about golf: do slow swings really cause slices and fast swings hooks?
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Re: PGA Tour 2K21 Ė more realistic difficulty settings

Originally Posted by sivuosaoskari
And another question to those who know more about golf: do slow swings really cause slices and fast swings hooks?
In my experience as a golfer, unintentional, slow downswings cause pushes, and unintentional fast downswings cause pulls. The swing path causes hooks and slices, for example: an inside-out swing path causes hooks and an outside-in swing path causes slices. HB Studios actually has the cause & effects backwards in this game, but I think they did it this way to negate the "zero axis" controllers and controller hacks, as the hook/slice penalties are proportionally more severe than the push/pull.
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