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Dynasty Elite CFM Madden 20 XB1 Leauge

XB1 Dynasty Elite CFM Madden 20 Leauge

32 Teams

8min qtrs

Trade rules

Sim Style

48-72 Adv

Discord app and FB

Only serious sim style players



Advances will be every 72 hours unless all games are played early.
At every advance it is the responsibility of each coach to schedule a game with their opponent within the 72 hour window. This is accomplished by creating a post on our league Facebook page. In your post you must tag your opponent and provide times you are available to play. This post must start between the two teams in the first 24 hour period after the advance. If you are the first coach to create the post it is then your opponent’s responsibility to comment on your post, still within the first 24 hours after advance. Work together through the comments to agree on a scheduled time that works for both teams.
You may also use the groupme app league chat to assist your communication, but the Facebook post makes the game time agreement official.
If a scheduled, agreed upon time for a game does not get played then try to work together to find a new game time. If an alternate time cannot be worked out, the team that backed out of the original scheduled time will have to go on auto for that game and the opponent will play the computer.

In-Game Conduct

We're 100% disciplined SIM-style football.
If you always go for it on 4th or run up stats, this is not the league for you. Show sportsmanship, no disrespectful trash talking! On our site you can boost your team but no bashing. We will not tolerate bashing other members, whether on public league chat or in private text message. If you have a legitimate complaint or concern, please send a private groupme message to a committee member. Do not use the league chat. This is a No drama league!

All complaints or suspected violations will be reviewed by the committee. The committee review may result in disciplinary action. This action may just be a warning. If further action is deemed necessary, this action may result in player suspensions, loss of draft picks, up to being banned from the APSL.

General Rules

Facebook is what we use for scheduling and communication. We use Facebook and Group me for league communication. We also use Daddy league for stats and week advancement time.
You are not required to spend all your time on the Facebook or Groupme, but check in for your game scheduling and to keep up with league updates.
You are expected to be on a few times between each advance to show your activity and keep up with the league. The league reserve the right to change the rules without warning and it is up to you to keep up with the rules.

Leave of Absence

When you're going away or otherwise cannot visit the league for 6 days or more you have to let the league know by posting a Leave of Absence on Facebook and the Groupme chat. This way we can set you on auto-pilot for that time period. You must state when you are leaving and when you expect to return. In one season you may not have more than 4 games on auto pilot or simulated. If you are on auto for 4 or more weeks during the season you will be required to be on auto during the playoffs if your team makes it. This 4 games includes the ones you were put on auto when a game time was agreed upon and you were not able to play at that time. We want active owners but do understand unexpected events happen.

Gameplay and Difficulty Settings

The league sliders will be adjusted during the regular season if a game flaw is encountered which requires a counter balance. We want to keep the game play as realistic as possible in a video game. No adjustments will be made in the playoffs.
Quarter length is 8 minutes with the no accelerated clock
The league's difficulty is set to All Madden with custom sliders. Ball hawk, switch assist and heat seeker are all turned off in the league settings and must be in each coaches settings as well. Kicking arc and Defensive graphics should be off as well. Please verify all of these in your settings.
Only coaches are allowed in this League and you must create a new coach. Do not use an existing coach.

CPU Gameplay

These CPU guidelines will also be used in determining improprieties in a User VS User game.
Do not stat-pad with your team against the CPU. The CPU are considered weaker than human players, which means you have to vary your game play and not focus on just one or two aspects of offense or defense.
Do not run the score up. You may only beat the CPU by 28 points or less. When you are up this many points the CPU is unlikely to make a huge comeback. Work on your weaknesses or bring in your second team to stay within the set guidelines.

Game guidelines

The following table is an example to indicate what would be the preferred limits in a game vs. the CPU, or human. They are not a restriction and exceeding these will not guarantee to be a violation of the rules. More than one factor will apply when determining if there is a violation.
If the game turns into a shootout it is possible to exceed the guidelines. By a little, but please sub out your starters if they hit these stats.

All teams no matter if you are a passing team like the Saints \ Broncos or a run heavy team like the Vikings \ Seattle, you should have balance in your play-calling. This not only includes offense, but on the defensive side of the ball as well. We realize there are star players, but do not overuse that player or continue to try to force the ball to just that one player.

The avg off plays in real NFL for Passing is 36 plays
Rushing is 27 plays
That is an average of 63 offensive plays
So mix it up

With the shorter quarters you may not get in 63 plays in madden 15
So we would like to see you do your best to keep this balance
Min passing plays is 15
Min run plays is 15

CPU OR User Allowed

420 Yards Passing - Not too many real NFL QBs get 400 yards in a game. If your game is close in 4th quarter we can understand you going over a little, but 430 passing yards is the maximum cap. At that point in the game you need to sub out your QB no matter how close the game is.

200 yards rushing - RB
120 yards rushing if QB/WR
Same with your running back. 215 yards is the max cap. You must sub your HB at that point in the game no matter what the time and score is.

200 yards receiving to one WR/RB
Same with WR. 215 yards is max cap. At this point your must sub out for the rest of the game.

As a team never go over 600 combined yards rush / pass

No player should have more than 3 sacks or 3 interceptions against the CPU.
4 sacks or interceptions against a USER. When you reach these levels you need to bench your player.

Tackles are hard to come by so at this time no limit.

6 Offensive TDs Rushing/Passing - Don't try to score only on passing plays or rushing plays. Do not try to run up the score. Combined rushing and passing should be no more than a total of 6 TDs maximum.

3 Non QB TDs - Try to limit any player who isn't your QB to 3 TDs. As stated there is a difference between being the focal point of an offense and being the sole part of an offense. No one player, exempting the QB, should be more than half your offense.

QB Tds - You can use your QB to score TDs but utilize all of your offense and your rushing as well. 4 TDs is a high number but is accommodating for teams with a mobile QB which can score on both passes and rushes.

Gameplay Rules and Guidelines

You are not permitted to;
Use glitches
Use money plays
These occurrences are depreciated and will not be tolerated.

You may not move more than 2 players on defense pre-snap, outside of designed shifts.

Punt Returns

no running an extra blocker back on punt returns.


You may use any play in your playbook as it is, but if you're calling defensive hot routes, you must have at least 3 rushers at all times.


If we see single game records being contested every single week, your stay in the league will be a short one.
No one should be breaking records or having a bunch of games with skill players over 200 yards, this is not sim. Feed different people!

Running up the score

Running up the score is not permitted whether you are facing the CPU or another player. Run the clock down as much as possible when winning by a big margin and only score when you absolutely have to. Preferably you take a field goal instead of a touchdown when up big and out of reach of the other team.


Please if up 21 and in 4th please run clock out kick FG sub starters
Great sportsmanship is what it's all about kneel ball!
Scoring over 50 is not allowed! You can be booted for that. Madden 15 is about def should never allow more than 50 points or need to score that many points.

Onside Kicks

"Surprise Onside Kick" is not allowed.
“Regular Onside Kick” only authorized in the 4th quarter if you are losing.

Going for it on 4th Down

1. Whenever you are losing in the 2nd half .
2. Whenever you are down by 21 or more points at any point.

Hurry Up Offense

Hurry up is permitted only when:
2 min left in half and or game
down by 21 or more at any point in game
down in the 3 qt by 17 or 4th qt 14
if game is tied back up and its not the 2 min warning must go back to non hurry up

Game Disconnects

Only allowed 6 disconnects a year
If more than that we may boot and /or loose trade or draft picks
We are not unreasonable, if there is a good excuse for having many disconnects, we will hear you out. But you should be coming to us before we come to you to discuss it.

Disconnect in 1st quarter: Game is restarted. unless one team was up big points 14-0 Game is recreated at
Disconnect in 2nd - 4th quarter: Game is recreated. Same score and same amount of time left in the game.
The team that did not get disconnected gets the ball. This is a penalty for causing the disconnection.
*If a team is up by 14 with the ball with 4 minutes or less remaining, the winning team MUST play CPU.*

Player Coach Rankings

Rookie (New team owner)
We all start here.
Unable to trade any picks or players.
Rookies are not allowed to agree to any trades, regular season or off-season until they reach the Veteran rank.

Veteran (Team owner for one full season 16 regular season games)
Allowed 3 major trades per lifetime, and 2 picks for picks trades per offseason.
Allowed to trade any ability player and\or any draft picks.
Once you have coached a team for 16 regular season games, you'll be moved up to a Veteran if you had no warnings or suspension against you.
If you had a violation you could lose a trade or have to wait before you advance to the rank of a Veteran coach.
If you are currently a Veteran coach and you receive a violation you may lose trades or Veteran rank status.


Coaches may trade with any team, including CPU teams
All veteran coaches will receive 3 lifetime trades that can be used to trade for any player or picks (pending approval).
During the offseason all veteran coaches will receive 2 picks-for-picks trades. Picks-for-picks trades are trades that only contain picks. NO players!
Coaches may offer a CPU team a Picks-for-picks trade thru a bidding system by offering their best picks to the committee. Best trade will be allowed to be offered to CPU, and CPU must accept offer. Committee can not force a trade thru just because it's the winning trade offer.
All trade offers must be proposed by a facebook post for the committee to review. This post must include pictures from the console or Daddy League of all players attributes involved.
All trades must get majority approval through the committee before trying to process the trade.
Trade point system created by the committee will be used to help evaluate the proposed trade. If trade is within 5 points it is automatically approved.
Rookie players on both the user and CPU teams are not eligible to be traded away or traded for. You must wait until these players are in their 2nd NFL season for them to be trade eligible..
Free Agents signed in the current season are not eligible to be traded.

Trading Point System

Trades should start with the players overall stat:
Position tiers:
Quarterback Overall Rating:
99 – 90 is worth 190 points
89 – 85 is worth 125 points
84 – 80 is worth 100 points
79 – 75 is worth 80 points
74 – 70 is worth 40 points
69 – 65 is worth 30 points
64 and under is worth 0 point

Wide Receiver, Running Back, Tight End, Cornerback, Safety's, Linebackers, Offensive Line, Defensive Line Overall rating:
99 – 90 is worth 150 points
89 – 85 is worth 85 points
84 – 80 is worth 60 points
79 – 75 is worth 45 points
74 – 70 is worth 30 points
69 – 65 is worth 15 points
64 and under is worth 0 point

20-23 years old, add 40 points
24-25 years old, add 10 points
26-28 years old, add 0 points
29 years old, minus 20 points (29 year old Quarterback Minus 0 points)
30-33 years old, Minus 60 points to overall (30-33 year old Quarterback Minus 0 points)
34 years or older, minus 80 points to overall (34 year old Quarterback minus 20 points)

Development trait also plays a key role:
Slow, minus 40 points
Average, add 0 points
Fast, add 60 points
Superstar, add 100 points

Draft picks are hard to gauge, because a 7th round pick could be a star of the future, and a 1st round could be a total bust. Nevertheless, a 1st round should be the most expensive because it's the 1st pick of the entire litter:
7th round pick worth 1 point to overall
6th round pick worth 2 points to overall
5th round pick worth 4 points to overall
4th round pick worth 8 points to overall
3rd round pick worth 25 points to overall
2nd round pick 45-64 is worth 55 points
2nd round pick 33-44 is worth 60 points
1st round pick 21-32 is worth 70 points
1st round pick 13-20 is worth 80 points
1st round pick 11-12 is worth 100 points
1st round pick 9-10 is worth 115 points
1st round pick 7-8 is worth 120 points
1st round pick 6 is worth 150 points
1st round pick 3-5 is worth 170 points
1st round pick 2 is worth 190 points
1st round pick 1 is worth 210 points

If the point total you are offering is within’ 10 points of the trade the other player is offering, then the trade will be approved.
All trades must be within a 10 point radius to be approved. Some exceptions might be made if the point total is not equal, and that falls under the decision of the committee.

Aaron Rodgers
Overall 98 = 190
Age 33 = minus -10
Development star = 100
Total worth 280 point value

A.J. Green
Overall 93 = 150
Age 29 = 0
Development star = 100
Total worth 250 point values

Myles Garrett
Overall 84 = 85
Age 22 = 40
Development star = 100
Total worth 225 point values

During the Season Free Agency

Every team is allowed to sign a limit of 1 player per game week, regardless of the players overall rating. (injury exceptions can be requested)
In season free agent period starts when preseason week 4 is advanced to the first week of the regular season game.
In season free agent period ends when stage 1 of the off-season is advanced to free agent signing.

Off Season Free Agency

There are no restrictions on the actual signing of Free Agents in the offseason (stage 2 through 4) other than your own team’s salary cap.
Reminder: Players signed in free agency must stay on your team for one full season before you can trade them.
Off-season free agent period starts in stage 2 of the off-season.
Off-season free agent period ends when preseason week 4 is advanced to the first week of the regular season..
After the draft, but still in the off-season you may only sign 2 free agents per week with a 66 overall rating or higher.
No limit on the amount of players you can sign with an overall 65 or below.

Position Changes

Player position changes are allowed, but are strongly discouraged. This is due to the attribute changes that may and probably will take place when the position change happens. This drop in attributes will decrease the players overall rating. This change may decrease a players speed for example by several points and the game does not remember the players rating from the previous position. There is no going back to the original player position with the original ratings. We would not like to see a coach make a player position change and then get frustrated by the final results.

Cutting and Re-Signing

Rookie Coach (New team owner)
Unable to cut any player from your roster that has an overall rating of 75 or higher. You are able

Veteran Coach (Team owner for one full season 16 regular season games)
Able to cut any player from your roster regardless of player overall rating.


**No cutting and re-signing a player for cap relief. You are not able to cut a player and re-sign them in the same season.** Be careful building your teams and spend wisely.
You are allowed to cut Rookies you just drafted. (Unless you are a Rookie Coach and the player is a 75 or higher overall)
Player cut will go to waivers.
If a Rookie Coach comes into the league in a bad situation we may allow special needs.
Suspicious contracts may come under commissioner / committee review.

Free Agent Waivers

When a player is cut with an overall rating of 70 or higher that player will go to the Free Agent Waivers list.
Coach must create a post on Facebook announcing the player cut and reason. Coaches in order will use the comments to announce if they are claiming the player or not. Order is determined by the current Free Agent Waiver Order. Team with the worst record gets the first comment. If that coach chooses not to claim the player the next worst team gets the chance to make a comment. This continues until a team claims the player.
If your team claims the player you are moved to the bottom of the waiver order.
** It is a violation to sign a player currently on waivers if you are not the claiming team. You will be required to cut this player and your action will go to the committee for review.**


You must have 53 players on your roster.
You must carry 3 QB’s on your roster.

Practice Squad
There will be no restriction on practice squad stealing. If you cut a player to a Practice Squad, they can be stolen.


You can use any teams play book
Custom playbooks are allowed.
Use a variety of formations and plays within your playbook.
"Gun Monster" and "Gun Monster Stacked" formations are banned until further notice.

Rookie Name Changes

Starting in the 2nd season, Coaches may request up to 2 rookies on their team receive name changes. Names must be either real Collage players or real names. Name requests that are funny, offensive or silly will be rejected.

All changes will be made by a member of the Committee and will be aired live on Twitch with another member of the Committee watching. The Twitch must also be made available to all members of the league via posting link in GroupMe.

*All Rules Subject to change, notice will be posted.
*Note that just because something isn't here, doesn't mean it is legal.
Anything you're doing to exploit a weakness in the game can get you punished.

Use common sense.

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