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Madden Fantasy SVU League [PS4, Fantasy Draft]

Madden Fantasy SVU League [PS4]
Commissioners: Crowbombs, ThatDudeBSmith
Managed through: Discord
Established Since: 2019
League Vision: Don't Be a *unt! #DBAC

We will complete a Fantasy Draft (30-40 rounds if necessary). Time and Date have yet to be announced. Will attempt to accommodate the majority.
This league will advance Every 48 hours at 10 pm MST (12am EST, 11 CST, 9pm PST) or upon completion of previous week. Time will be allowed for user games to be scheduled and played and will take priority over games vs. CPU.

  • Game mode will be simulation style with 10 minute quarters and a 15 second runoff
  • We will play on All-Pro, with Matt10 Slider updates
  • All User vs. User games shall be broadcast and links posted on Discord page, however User vs. CPU games do not need to be broadcast
  • This is a no switch league. Players are not allowed to switch players defensively or offensively or to user pick/catch on pass plays while the ball is in the air, but are allowed to user pick or make plays with a player they were in control pre-snap. You may only switch to another player after the play is determined.
    • You may select: Aggressive, Possession, or Run after catch or any other catch trait when the animation calls for it, however you may not take control to undercut any route to give an unfair advantage to the 50/50 ball scenario.
  • There should be no Zig-Zag running to take advantage of A.I's poor pursuit ability.
  • No quick snapping before defense is set, there should be 3 second play clock run off prior to snapping the ball, unless play clock is running low
  • Each team should be allotted time to make coach's adjustments at the beginning of each half. This is to include roster adjustments. An exception to this rule would be if an injury occurs.

Offensive Play Calling:
  • A player should not call the same play from the exact same formation over and over.
  • A user should be varying your runs, varying your formations, and varying your routes. Do not resort to go-to plays every single third down #DBAC
  • No motioning one way and then sending him back. If you motion a player he must stay where you motioned him to.
    • You may not hike the ball until the guy in motion is set unless it is a designed motion play.
  • Do not immediately roll out of the pocket with the QB. If it is a designed roll out that's fine. If you’re under pressure you can roll out to avoid sacks.
  • A player cannot hot route more than 2 routes on any given play. Hot routing your HB /TE/FB to block counts as a hot routed player.
  • No huddle Offense should be used in the following circumstances:
    • Game is tied or you are losing
    • If the opposing defense came out with less or more corners than WRs so you can quickly pass or run against it.
    • You must only run no-huddle after completion or a successful run or pass and you must not run no-huddle back to back.
    • No limitation during 2 minute warning of the 1st half or when you are behind in 4th quarter.
4th Down Rules- #DBAC
  • Team must be 4th and 3 or shorter (opponents side of the field)
  • Between the 45 yard lines [Dead Man Zone]
  • 2nd Half: Down by 17 points or more
  • During the 4th Quarter (Winning or Losing)
Chew Clock
  • Owners are NOT allowed to use the chew clock setting until there is less than 2 minutes left in the 2nd or 4th Quarter
  • Conservative play calling should be utilized just as they would do in the NFL #DBAC, run the ball to keep the clock running.
    • This does NOT mean you have to run the ball all three plays. You may always attempt to gain a first down but there is a difference between being over aggressive and trying to get the first down to continue running the clock.
    • The user who is losing should never allow opponents to score
  • If under the 2 minute warning, and opponent does not have enough timeouts to receive the ball back you must take a knee. ANYTIME a knee or kneel downs are able to expire the remainder of the clock you must do so.
Defensive Play Calling:
  • Owners are expected to run a variety of defensive plays. Owners are required to call different coverages/blitzes throughout the game #DBAC
  • Running the same Formation and Play repeatedly throughout the game is NOT allowed.
  • You must rush at minimum 3 players. You cannot pick a play that rushes three then drop one back into coverage.
  • Switching to hot stick a receiver is banned. You may use the hit stick once a player has made a football move.

“USERING” - Player movement during a play
  • When “USERING” a player on defense, you must stay within the zone shown in the play art or expanded zone area (defined as including the area between two neighboring zones, but only to the border of the next zone)
  • There is NO running wildly all over / side to side without strafing in zone coverage UNLESS the QB has released the ball. Once the ball is released the play is LIVE and you can run (sprint) anywhere needed in Zone or Man coverage. #DBAC
  • You do NOT have to strafe when USERING man to man coverage
  • You must remain on the man from the play art if you are set to user a player and the opponent runs PLAY ACTION play and you bite on the play action, you are allowed to continue after the QB to make a sack, or drop back WITHIN your zone. (Obvious Football Play)
  • While USERING a player, you are allowed to pursue any SCREEN PLAY like it is a run play.
  • While USERING a player, you are allowed to pursue a QB that is rolling out of the pocket or looking to scramble.
  • While USERING a player (specifically LB or DB), you are allowed to “bite down” on an uncovered underneath route in zone coverage, but you must stay with that route after doing this.

Changing Defensive Alignments/Assignments

  • You may make any Pre-Snap Adjustments
  • You can always change over top, underneath, play the sticks, D-line, & LB shifts. These are defensive adjustment you can always change from a Purple Zone to Hard Flat / Cloud Cover and vise-versa by covering underneath or cover over the top in the adjustment pre snap menu. These are defensive adjustment, not zone changes or changes to assignments.
    • If you wish to change the defensive adjustments & assignments it must be realistic and non-robotic fashion.
  • You are NOT allowed to user a PLAYER who has had their assignment MANUALLY changed/Hot routed. Manual Change is defined as changing a specific player’s assignment.
    • Example: changing a player who is blitzing into zone coverage.
  • Defenders may not be manually repositioned #DBAC. This is to prevent any exploits or nano-blitzing.
  • You may audible at any time, however you may not make additional hot route adjustments

Scheduling Methods:
  • Owners are expected to use PSN network, and/or Discord to communicate with each other to find a suitable time to play for both individuals
  • Arrangements to play should be coordinated prior to the scheduled advance. If necessary, we will always prioritize User vs. User games over User vs. CPU games when looking for an advance extension. If your game will impede on the scheduled advance you must let the commissioner know that there will be a delay until your game has concluded.
  • Super Simming is NOT allowed during User vs. User Games

  • When you begin any game, and you experience lag, you have every right to restart the game. Just pause the game and let your opponent know and try to reconnect.
  • If you are disconnected during a game there are a few options
    • Start over
    • Take the result as is
    • “Spot” the team the amount of points they were leading by and replay the full game.
    • User 1 is winning 14-3 in the middle of the 3rd Quarter, You will play the 1st quarter and the first 5 minutes of the 2nd Quarter of a new game, thus adding the points together and determining the winner.

Roster Requirements
  • · Owners are required to have a full 53 man roster at all times
  • · Position Changes
    • It needs to make sense! #DBAC
Trade Rules & Regulations
  • Trades between users are acceptable if both parties agree on terms
  • Trades with AI/CPU are limited:
    • You may not trade for any player above 85 overall
    • You may not accumulate more than two 1st, or 2nd Round Picks
  • Each Owner is allowed a MAX of 4 trades per season. [Re Sign - Super Bowl]
  • A player on a team’s roster must have completed a full season for that before being eligible to be traded. (Trades involving only draft picks are unlimited)
  • Rookies are eligible to be traded.
  • Players cannot be traded twice in the same season.

Penalty System
Rules Violations:
Repeated violations will follow a general escalation policy upon commissioner review(s). It is expected that there will be immediate and sustained improvement, otherwise further disciplinary action up to and including termination of involvement in the league.

Reporting Violations
Any potential gameplay violations of the rules below are to be reported to the Commissioners. Since all User vs. User games are to be broadcast, time stamps should be reported for commissioner review. Any violations/complaints should be reported in a timely manner.

Verbal complaints should be handled between owners, since we are adults you are expected to act like one. Be accountable for your word and actions. However, escalations will occur to which point the commissions will act as mediators to the discussion.

**Rules/Gamplay guidelines are always reviewed for fairness and competitive balance. Our goal is to embrace the "fun" factor by embracing new and exciting changes that EA releases every year. "The same old rules" does not apply in our league. We stay current with EA's implementation towards fixing, and adjusting gameplay. We are not arrogant towards trying new ideas, rules, and guidelines to make gameplay balanced**
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Re: Madden Fantasy SVU League [PS4, Fantasy Draft]

If interested in joining let me know Psn: Crowbombs

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