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All Hail Football [PS4 New CFM]

All Hail Football is a league that has been running since M16

We are now opening a fresh start for the first time on OS.

This league uses discord and daddyleagues


What is gameplanning to you?
Is the Salary cap a necessary benefit or a true curse?
What 3 teams are you interested in?
Will you stick out tough seasons if you aren't having success?


League settings are under review


No Huddling Is only allowed in the following situations, Down by 17, 2 min left in 2nd Qtr, Down by 9 or more in the 4th, Down with 3 min to go in 4th Qtr.

Mix your play calling up on offense and defense do not abuse money plays.

The user is NOT allowed to switch players while ball is in the air on offense or defense. You may not select the catch type. Wideouts will play to their style this way.

Back up hbs must receive at least 2 carries per 10 carries by your starting hb. (20%)


No Switch on Defense – This is for a more realistic game and realistic scores throughout a season.

On special teams and turnovers you may switch once to get off the kicker

No resetting all of your players before the snap. You must use man align and shifts to reposition your players. Only the player you’re controlling can be moved.If you move a player you must user that player for that play.

There must be at least 3 players rushing the QB on every play. Do not put 9 players into coverage.

No quick snapping, you must allow the defense time to get set. You must wait at least 3 seconds. You can snap the ball if your QB walks to the line. (if he is sprinting to the line this is not allowed) This includes when you break the huddle late. Use your timeouts if necessary.

Do not run scores up on your opponent show respect to your fellow league members. If the other team is still no huddling and trying to score u may run the offense.

Playing CPU


Breaking Records for Passing Yards, Passing Tds, Rushing Yards, Rushing TDs, Receiving Yards, Receiving Tds, and Receptions is prohibited against CPU teams.

Mix up your playcalling, no repetitive glitch/spam playcalling. NO STAT PADDING. This will be strictly enforced.

Users cannot beat the CPU by more than 28.

If you intentionally quit your game at anytime for any reason other than a mutual agreement you could be penalized.

-Excessive Griefing and gameplay deemed glitchy by the majority of the league's users will result in a warning and any repeat offense is subject to punishment listed in the punishment section.


All trades must be approved by the Committee.
You cannot trade rookies or players on the first year of their contracts.

Once trade is posted on forums, neither party can change their mind and withdraw from trade.

There will be NO trades with a CPU team – DON’T EVEN ASK


Contract Restructures
1 Contract restructure per season

When signing someone off another team's practice squad you MUST have them in the rotation of depth chart (ex. CB4, WR5, etc..) and keep them there for the rest of the year.

It is forbidden to release a player and sign him back on your roster during season unless you experience an injury in that position.


- Post the player’s fair offer picture and wait for approval before offering the resign.

- You can add or subtract 1 year from the players fair offer. All contracts must be 5 years or less.

-Max of 5 re-signs per year..... players 74 ovr and under and rookie UDFA’s do not count towards 5. (K’s/P’s/FB’s are exempt)


Each free agency we will have a 12HR FA bidding process handled on DISCORD, this will be timestamped.

You will have 15 bid points, you can not lower bid points on a player unless you have been outbid.

After 8HOURS there will be a lock on bidding on players who already have bids on them, therefore you cannot wait until the 12th hour and steal off a bid.

For the remaining 4 hours you can win bidding wars for the players you previously had bids on or add bids on new players that cannot be contested.


The bonus offered can not exceed 50% of the total deal

You CANNOT bid on a player you have not already bid on during the advance period window. You may only bid on players you have already bid on OR players with no other bids. This advance period window is 30 minutes to an hour.

You cannot decrease your bid when the person you outbid withdraws to spend points elsewhere


You must use the position change thread to request a position change.

4-3 DE’s can play 3-4 OLB and likewise
3-4 DE’s can play 4-3 DT and likewise
Lineman and safeties can be swapped from strong side to weak.
CB to FS is allowed
4-3 DE must weigh 250+ lbs
4-3 DT must weigh 280+lbs
3-4 DE must weigh 280+lbs
3-4 DT must weigh 310+lbs
3-4 OLB must weigh 250+ lbs

This is only to move players. If you draft a 245lb 4-3 DE then he is eligible at that position, if you draft a 255 pound DE he can't play 3-4 DE, obviously must play 3-4 OLB.
If a player IN Real Life plays at a position underweight ^^ he is allowed to stay there.

You may trade picks during the draft but they must be approved and accepted before your pick is over, we will not pause the draft for you.
No user can enter the draft with more than 2 first round picks UNLESS the team already has more (2019 Dolphins / 2018 Raiders)


Each player must post their availability in the scheduling thread within the first 24 hours. After if one player’s availability window is extremely smaller, he will take the sim loss or be put on autopilot
No shows at scheduled times will result in a force loss or autopilot

We look forward to meeting you
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Re: All Hail Football [PS4 New CFM]

Teams Taken :

Saints, Patriots, Vikings, Buccaneers, Texans, Cowboys, Ravens, Steelers

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