[PC] Potential Dropback Glitch Workaround

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[PC] Potential Dropback Glitch Workaround

so like lots of other people here i've gotten really frustrated with the pocket passer/strong arm dropback glitch and i think i found a workaround on PC

first, you'll need the franchise editor from https://github.com/bep713/madden-fra...ditor/releases and a copy of excel

if you open your franchise in the franchise editor, you can navigate to the player table by searching "player" in the open dropdown menu, like so:

from there you can ctrl+e to export it as an excel file

if you don't have excel there's no way to ctrl+f and it's tedious at best to edit what you need to, so it's pretty necessary

from excel, you'll need to go to column JF or "PlayerType" for whatever QB you're editing and just change it from the field general or strong arm value to QB_Improviser
Excel PTable.jpg

this will change their archetype to improviser, and in the game you'll see that their overall has gone down to whatever they are as an improviser

after making changes and saving the file, go back to the franchise editor, ctrl+i to import the table back in, and save and close the editor

in the test game with jared goff, i saw him move around the pocket and throw a nice td pass on the run, even with his "QB style" trait set to "pocket", which leads me to believe it's entirely the archetypes

unfortunately this is a workaround because it resets after advancing the week, but as a slow sim player the dropback glitch is gamebreaking and this isn't that big a deal to mitigate it

i put "potential" in the title because i'm not totally sure if it was placebo or not, so i'd really appreciate if other people were able to confirm that this method works for them

hopefully this goes without saying but BACK UP YOUR FRANCHISE FILE BEFORE MESSING WITH THE EDITOR and always make sure that you're not in the franchise in game while you're editing the file

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Re: [PC] Potential Dropback Glitch Workaround

example of what the QB overall should look like if you do the editing correctlyIMG_20201128_152113.jpeg

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Re: [PC] Potential Dropback Glitch Workaround

I will definitely be able to tell you more soon. I have now completed the first tests for mobile QBs. It's mainly based on the traits, how they behave.
Pocket QBs are next on the list.

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Re: [PC] Potential Dropback Glitch Workaround

1. Didn't know this was a thing on M21, mostly cause I've never played it lmao
2. If anyone doing this is reading this, when exporting to Excel you can highlight the Player Type column, control F to search for field general, and you can REPLACE all instances of field general (and then strong arm) player types with the improvisor type, saving you a lot of time.
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