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Adjustable Ratings Spreadsheet

Hello PC World, it's me Stay Odd from the PS4 World, nice to make your acquaintance.

I've got a question that I think someone from the PC mod world may have an answer for or at least may be able to help.

I am looking for a ratings spreadsheet that is accurate to the adjustments you make in game. Meaning that the attributes you adjust in the spreadsheet give you the correct overall post adjustments. This requires knowing the weights of each attribute given in relation to how it effects each position group and the overall rating of the adjusted player.

I went down a rabbit hole of advanced mathematics and weighted values which got me pretty close to getting the formula correct for... punters and kickers... which is only 3 variables. Doing something like this for position groups that require 20-25 variables was deemed a stupid quest 4 hours into my journey.

Does anyone know of a spreadsheet available or if there is a way to rip the information in the code that calculates these weighted values for each attribute? I would assume it is something you could see if you read through the code in that area (I think, not a PC Mod guy so just a guess)

Kind of a shot in the dark but worth a shot.

If anyone has any leads that aren't the old post on reddit from Madden 16 that shows the weights of each attribute in relation to the position groups archetype that would be a huge help.


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Re: Adjustable Ratings Spreadsheet

Maybe this will help you. While looking through I just saw that K/P only have three entries there, and I remembered your post


Thanks to Primetime, he uploaded the file on discord.


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