Future Classic Rosters?

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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

Originally Posted by doncropper
StormsWarning - I think you are on point with your comments ....... I've never been a huge contributor to Madden rosters (as I am first & foremost a baseball guy & a '60s one at that!) -- but recently -- I've had the pleasure of interacting with tommycoa on his masterpiece All-Time-Greats which assante brought to life & kinda have been swept into it all .....

tommycoa is now working on some individual team sets dating all the way back to the late '50s and his plans are extensive to say the least .......

I think my dream '60s & '70s individual teams set is on the horizon because of tommycoa's dedication, determination & expertise .....

All that said above - is on the xBox One ---- BUT I have firm belief with solid reason to Believe .......... tommycoa will soon be also joining the PS4 team of modders for Madden 19 ......... it maybe a few months down the road but it is coming & once he's on board combined with all these masterful classic roster makers already on the PS4's Madden 19 bandwagon then utopia may be at hand !!!

The sky is a beautiful blue at the moment !!!

Oh, as a bit of spice, tommycoa also knows a lot about Baseball too !
Canít wait to get on the PS4 train. Only reason i bought an xbox 360 and xbox one was because playmakers was making rosters on those systems. Not nearly as many classic roster makers on xbox. I always wanted to jump in PS4 classic roster threads, but stayed away because i didnít have the same machine. Iím not sure as to how many classic rosters are out right now. I know of 1970 and 1985. Whatís the others?

Capa, a trick to get teams to throw deep more often. Make sure deep accuracy and deep route running are signicantly higher for qbs and wrs. had tons of success with this. Also put qbs force passes to balanced. Use the 49ers playbook for those types of teams. Itís the best Air Coryell playbook invented on a football game. They stay in the i formation a good bit with this book too.
For an alltime legends team on xbox, search usertag haughtypine7723

The file is called xboxassantesgreatestever.

Teams finished:
Bears, bills, browns, KC, Dall, Miami, Philly, ATL, SF, NYG, Jags, GB, NE, OAK, Rams, Ravens, WASH, NO, PITT, broncos, Texans, panthers, vikings, colts
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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

Originally Posted by Iteachpercussion
A couple people have discussed the All-decade or All-time type of rosters. While I appreciate those types of rosters, and play them occasionally, it is not really something I am really interested in creating.

I much prefer to do the single season type of rosters. I like to be able to play through an entire season and keep stats and see how close things play out to real life.

If I move to making only Play Now rosters would anyone be concerned about player age and experience? I figure that sense there is not franchise retirement and such to deal with, it really should not matter. But what do you all think?

I am also considering the following:
Let's day I make a specific year roster, I will take my current 1985 roster for instance. I could then use that roster to make 1986 and create the rookies and either put them on the teams that drafted them, or put them in Free agency and then you could "draft" as you see fit. Thoughts?
I think this would be a way we could keep seasons going without Franchise mode. You would have total control over who retires as well if you wanted and could adjust the draft and trades as you see fit. Trades in season would require you to save a new version of the roster for your personal play, but it is not difficult as I have done it in the past. Thoughts?
Yes i always wanted to do tht

I think you should make an all purpose spreadsheet dedicated specifically for retro rosters.. Just one main spreadsheet equals less work

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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

I canít express how much I appreciate the roster community not only here for Madden, but also on The Show and NBA 2K

I have decided to stay with 19. I have just grown so weary of the Madden patch grind the last two cycles.

The game is never right till after February each and every year. The constant tug of war between online player whining (yeah the kids who are a totally different type of sports gamer than us pioneer franchise mode type sports gamers) and tweeting till the cows come home to the dev teams.....I could go on and on.

So 19 is where I am at with Percussions 1985 roster, and all the draft classes Storms directed to me plus the 2002 roster and the draft classes from that set.

I am good.

I think it really is best wait with Madden moving forward and allowing the vicious patch cycle to end after the ďMadden BowlĒ before picking up the newest game.

The only series that is a yearly buy is The Show. They consistently improve offline gameplay.

2K I have stuck with 2K18 and have no regrets with that either.

I loom forward to whatever any of the great roster makers release.

And if you guys go to Madden 20 I will eventually snag the rosters in 2020 after the game is done with updates.

I have 19 playing like butter for me. I just want to play!!!

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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

Originally Posted by StormsWarning
Well i'll say this...

the names i'm seeing in this thread I consider true pioneers in creating not on rosters but a whole entirely different level to these games over the years. my dude brown33 on the xbox one side has single handily created almost 40 years of football over the years. just for madden 15 & 16.

i mean i can remember when Capa almost did the same and his team for 2k5, Percussion's well his work speaks for itself, for the past 16-19 he has provided major seasonal rosters to these games.

There have been definitely a few others that have stood out on the cause for trying to give us all a great fun experience in these games. Armor&Sword & Josh stand out to me when it comes to sliders as well as Tdawg. so for those i dont mention dont take it personal but these are guys i consider the best because they have been there answering mine & other's questions within the community, making mine & others gaming experience fun, and most of all taking countless hours out of there personal lives to make another person have a better day, or put a smile on that person face as they relive there gaming moments.


Well for me concerning Madden 20?

yeah i been sitting back behind the scenes watching, yeah there bringing out a lot of mechanics, that technically should have been in the game long ago.

can i justify another purchase, I dont think so, not this time.

for me to buy madden 20, there going to have to really bring back and allow things ive wanted since 2004. and personally in one years time i just dont think they have it in them to make that kind of game.

for years we have been asking for so much, doing all the little things, we've lost so much within this own community, yet alone as a whole within the entire site of OS. Dev managers, QA Testers, Game Changers, Content Creators, I mean people are just tired.

I feel like where at that generational tear where games went one way and we as gamers went another, and we were never able to meet back in the middle on common ground. all over....

$$$. let that sit a minute in ya mind.

look at the modes in games these days opposed to the past, yes we cant live in the past, but we also should not forget it, nor how we got here in the first place. Oldschool paved the way for these company's and games out now and look where where at i feel we should be so further ahead than we are and its sad that's it not.

Percussions, Don, Capa & others thats within the community thats willing to give some blood sweat & tears, i'm saying this to you...

personally i say we roll with 19 all the way, and i mean all the way, for me theres 3 roster set seasons i've always wanted but never seen surface in football.

Thats 1972, 1996 & 1998.

What I'm good at?

creating players, equipment edits, proper bio information, ratings i suck at. and i'm keeping it completely honest when i say i'm willing to help madden 19 into the ultimate classic football edition.

i mean like a serious edition that we all can call our last stand edition until ea either decides to finally make the game we want or sadly we all just hang up our controllers for good.

smh i dunno guys its gone take real dedication which i know at least the names i've already spoken about no doubt have.

dont get me wrong i understand i was introduced to madden in 1992. and now here madden 19 i feel like i honestly could not play another edition, granted its not perfect but its still good enough for me at this point. i'm tired of spending money on promises and hype only to get it and it takes the entire year to patch in or basic fixes that should be there.

i purchased a second controller for this game and now i have access to playbooks and even custom play books and classic uniforms that i didn't have by using one controller. sad thing? "It use to be in the game"...

I think were all tired of the same ol same ol, and granted there hyping this madden 20 up to the fullest, i'm just not seeing it anymore, im not feeling it, ima let the younger generation have that now, we been there and done it.

so yall have my support, i stand on Madden 19 Officially.

lets make it a Classic in our own way to enjoy not just now but show'em how Oldschool really can get down!

Feeling Like Rock in V

"Yo EA...One Mo Round We Aint Heard No Bell".

Yall let me know Peace.

Since I already did 1970 roster on PS4 I suppose I could do the 1972 one that is requested. The 70 roster should provide a good base.

However, if another year is being done first and requires a co-op team effort I am all for that as well.

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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

Heres what im doing with the spreadsheet
Feel free to add or subtract


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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

Originally Posted by capa
Since I already did 1970 roster on PS4 I suppose I could do the 1972 one that is requested. The 70 roster should provide a good base.

However, if another year is being done first and requires a co-op team effort I am all for that as well.

Capa gonna shoot you a PM bro.
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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

Overall I like where everyone is at this point. I think we can really make some amazing roster for M19.

I have started some preliminary work on a 1980 roster. I also have some work done on 1990.

Another aspect that we need to look at is playbooks. I created a playbook to go with Capa's 1970 roster. Overall I like how it plays out, both offensively and defensively. We need more playbooks to really make the rosters come alive.

I started working on an 80s style balanced playbook. The idea was to use it for the 1980 roster as well as for some teams with the 1985 roster. But we will need more.
For 1970s offensive, the variety will in playbooks will be limited. Schemes were not too different from team to team. Yes, we could get really specific team by team or coach by coach, but I am not sure we would ever get it right. Instead, I think we should concentrate on main types of playbooks.

The 1970s should have no shotgun formations except what the game forces you to have, even when you remove them. Mostly 2 back sets with a tight end and 2 WRs. Generally, they should be run heavy in nature and feature some work for the fullback as well. Two or three different playbooks should honestly do it for the 70s.

The 1980s started to see more variation. The 49ers short passing game (yes I know it started in the 70s), a Don Coryell playbook (yes, it could be used for his teams in the 70s as well, a two back power run playbook, a more balanced playbook, a singleback playbook (think Falcons), a singleback Redskins playbook with lots of motion and odd sets. Still, any shotgun formations should be limited in use until the mid-late 80s.

Of course we need defensive playbooks too. Modern defensive playbooks do not work well with classic rosters.

These are just thoughts and ideas, but I think they are musts if we are really going to make the classic roster thing work.
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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

I switched from 96 for the moment, and I officially started today on 1989. You have 90 and I plan to just try and keep going as we go through the years.

The play books I agree with you are a must and now that you broken it down a bit, when I need a break from the creating side I can try my hand at the play books.

I'm definitely not doing cfm, but I'm designing the rosters with correct info and edits as much as I can, so when I pull out real team schedules and some of the basic stats, mvp of the league etc atleast we can have genuine write ups.

The only thing that sucks is we cant edit coaches in play now, unlike in cfm. But cfm is really broken in terms of classic sets, especially if your trying to recreate, coaches, and team play with the playbooks.

That's also the beauty of play now, it plays better imo than cfm, and custom playbooks for both teams. Along side with uniforms.

So 1989 is up first for me, with permission from you guys percussions and capa, every once in awhile I'd like to post some bios and pics of random players in no particular order in this thread.

Maybe we can all use this thread, as our main thread for classics for 19. Since we are making this our main game. Maybe a mod here could sticky it for us so it's not bumped down, kinda like the NCAA thread with Vt. & crew.


Sabo00FF created a very nice Oldschool Offense playbook.

As well as a 3-4 & 4-3 defensive books, alongside with a hybrid.

Have a look at those when you get the time, honestly that oldschool for offensive is all that is needed imo. But the defense I'm unsure of, they looked great as well.

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