M19 2002 Roster with subsequent draft classes (XBOX)

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M19 2002 Roster with subsequent draft classes (XBOX)

Hello all, I have finally finished a project I started well over 2 years ago which is a realistic and functioning 2002 roster with attention to detail especially to equipment.

My roster features all 32 teams' 2002 roster as close to accurate as possible with a pool of about 125 free agents. I focused on making sure that numbers, equipment, heights, faces, and weights were as accurate as possible thanks to the help of the folks at Pro Football Reference. I was able to develop my base roster using PFR and a YouTube channel which I cannot remember the name of at the moment who had videos flipping through the Madden 2003 rosters. I made this roster to be used in either Play Now or Franchise mode as you can take my roster and rebuild your favorite team and rewrite history with my subsequent draft classes.



There are 10 players in the 99 Club (RE Michael Strahan, FS Brian Dawkins, MLB Ray Lewis, ROLB Derrick Brooks, DT Warren Sapp, WR Marvin Harrison, LT Jonathan Ogden, RB Marshall Faulk, LG Larry Allen, and TE Tony Gonzalez).


I did extensive testing playing with each team and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and had plenty of good and competitive games in exhibition. As we all know, Madden's roster editor is not the best and some corners had to be cut on realism such as Mark Brunell and Michael Vick being rookies (corrected ages, though). There are some misspellings as well due to the character limit for the last name, so I had to get creative with players like Kyle Vanden Bosch, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, and Albert Haynesworth.


As I stated, there is a pool of about 125 free agents in my base roster that were pulled from rosters of 2000 and 2001 (thank you again PFR). Unfortunately, this was one of the harder parts from the whole entire project. I did my best to fill all the free agents up with a realistic player, but was unable to find as many players as I needed. Players that weren't used are labeled as X. X. and should not be signed. Do as you wish with them. I used this same method in my draft classes which I will detail down below as listing unused players as UDFA. UDFA. and nerfing their statistics to make them undesirable to the CPU.


I took the time to create each draft class from 2003 through 2020 using Pro Football Reference once again along with combine results from nflcombineresults.com to put the finishing pieces on this project. I was able to find a Reddit post syncing up 40 times, bench press, and vertical, with the scouting ratings that Madden gives prospects. I tried to make these classes and realistic as possible just like the base roster with numbers, faces, heights, weights, colleges, and equipment as accurate as I can make with the limitations that Madden gives roster editors. I will continue to make draft classes for 2021 through 2026 using TheDraftNetwork.com's prospect ratings for 2021, and 247's high school ratings for some of the later classes as well. File names listed below, they all have the same format. I will be updating this thread once I have completed each class. Hopefully those will be done in the next 3-4 months.




I hope everyone has fun with these. This has been an exhausting project as I have spent about 60 days of my life working on and perfecting these. I hope everyone enjoys being able to rebuild their favorite team, see draft busts get redemption, and draft some of your favorite players over the years. Have fun!

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Re: M19 2002 Roster with subsequent draft classes (XBOX)

I don't have an Xbox, but thank you for this
I am building a website that will host classic sport gaming rosters from years past. We have lost many great rosters for good over the past several years due to expired links. If your interested in contributing, please PM me and let the work live on forever!
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Re: M19 2002 Roster with subsequent draft classes (XBOX)

cool roster, but Heisman Eric Crouch is missing. I see you have Scott Frost in the FA list as a QB, would like to see some accurate throwing ratings for Eric Crouch!
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Re: M19 2002 Roster with subsequent draft classes (XBOX)

A thousand thank you's for this project!

I can't even begin to imagine how much work went into not the only the roster, but also the subsequent draft classes. Plus, you went the extra mile with equipment, which I certainly appreciate as a fellow gear aficionado.

With exceptions, such as Black Kakari's work, it seems like Xbox users got the short of the end of the stick when it came to classic rosters in this generation. So, needless to say, I'm grateful to have such a well-made roster, much less one that can be the basis for rewriting over two decades of NFL history within Franchise.

I do have a couple of questions/comments, though:
  • I didn't spend a ton of time with M19 during its cycle as the newest game, but one thing I remember is iMac's trait edits making a pretty noticeable difference for the better. Would you expect those edits to jive well with your roster?
  • Your 2011 draft class isn't showing up in Madden Share.

Now, let's see if Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens can bring that elusive 6th Lombardi to San Francisco!
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Re: M19 2002 Roster with subsequent draft classes (XBOX)

this roster/draft set is a dream of mine for madden, but no one has ever completed a project to this depth for the ps4. congrats on your achievement
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