NCAA 14 to Madden 21 Export Draft Classes (Xbox Series X) by Badger 8th

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NCAA 14 to Madden 21 Export Draft Classes (Xbox Series X) by Badger 8th

Like many of you, I really enjoyed the fictional draft classes made by the community, but Iíve noticed a dearth of available classes for Series X, and Shotcallers is awesome but itís over there on Playstation. So, this year Iíve decided itís the perfect chance to take a stab at it myself. As soon as I post this write-up, Iíll make the first class available on Xbox Live, and you can download it and (hopefully kindly) let me know what you think!

Iím far from an expert when it comes to analyzing college players, and so the question is how do I make up a draft class when Iíve never done it before and still avoid implicit and explicit bias when it comes to selecting player skills and traits, and make sure thereís a realistic balance of schools? How do I make sure the class fits into a Madden franchise without upsetting the balance and keeps things realistic without over-inflating ratings? Also, how do I come up with an interesting season narrative and keep things fresh, following the rise and fall of different schools?

The answer: By letting NCAA 14 make all the decisions for me.

What Iíve done is use the current OS Community roster for NCAA 14, Simming a season as close to realistically as possible, and using the draft data in NCAA to then transfer over to Madden for a draft class. This isnít a perfect solution and involves a great deal of me writing things down in Excel and moving it over, but after probably 20 hours or so of work Iím pretty happy with the result. Iím using mjavonís Dynamic Dynasty tool so that players declare early more frequently, so while the class doesnít resemble the real life one coming up in April exactly, Iíve still taken a lot of steps to make it authentic.

The big idea here will be that while the first couple classes will be all real-world players, over time it will gradually and seamlessly transform into a fictional draft class system. My current goal is to make it to at least 5 classes, weíll see how much easier this gets as I get faster with it. Ten would be awesome, but Iím trying to keep my sanity, as much as I love making them, I still have a full-time job and other things going on.

Iíll attach a link to the draft spreadsheet for this class. The sheet will give you, among other things, a list of top 100 players, a brief breakdown on the top 25 teams and who won conferences and bowl games, and then a detailed breakdown of the all the players in the class.

Iíve created all 450 players, including undrafteds. For all players youíll see height/weight/age and also info like what the playerís architype was in NCAA 14, at a bare minimum.

For all players projected in the 1st-7th rounds, I did the following:

-Projected round is based on what NCAAís Draft Results page said, itís not possible to make it 1:1 due to how NCAA populates draft results, but I got it as close as it would let me (also changing a playerís projected round in Maddenís draft class menu is a HUGE pain in the ***)

-Position, Name, School, Height, Weight, Type is a direct carryover from NCAA.

-For Age, since a lot of playerís birthdays are not publicly listed I just did a simple approximation: 20 for RS sophomores, 21 for true juniors, 22 for RS juniors and true seniors, 23 for RS seniors.

-Each player has a section to tell you if they won any awards or were selected to All-American or All-Conference teams. These may or may not be hints toward things like higher ratings or dev traits.

- At the end of each playerís line is a brief scouting report on their skills, based on their NCAA ratings. This is what I used to create their ratings in Madden as well, based on what Madden recommends in the player edit screen. For example, if a player in NCAA has a 99 in a category, you can bet I went and set that skill in Madden on the Elite tier, plus or minus a few points for variety.

-I also did a number of equipment edits, they arenít exact, but I tried to use Google Image search to match each playerís helmet to what theyíre currently using in college and if they used a certain sleeve type or arm pad consistently I tried my best to replicate that.

-For skin color I got it as close as I could, if a player had dreads or long hair I tried to get that in as well. If I made any errors here please let me know and Iíll correct it.

-As for the undrafted players, in the interest of time I did a simpler process of making sure Name/School/Age/Number/Height/Weight/Skin color and just called it good. Undrafted players will not have ratings or equipment edits.

-The big question, how to decide dev traits? Well, what I did was keep the same AMOUNT of dev traits in each position group, and just move them around a little bit. Youíll still see more star/SS/X towards the top of the class, but I made sure to sprinkle some sleepers in there, with the production and scouting notes hopefully hinting where they are as a reward for the diligent GM. This is something I would definitely appreciate feedback for, but I am hesitant to over-inflate the class so Iíd like to keep it as close to stock as I can.

So, the drawback to using this method will be if you like hyper real and authentic classes. I know there will be a few negative aspects which I can address below:

-I have no doubt some of you are going to download the class, and the first thing youíll do is flick to the QB section, and say ďWTF, where are Zach Wilson and Trey Lance?Ē Well, Zach didnít declare yet in my NCAA dynasty, so heíll be in the 2022 class. And since NCAA 14 is just D1 FBS, thereís no North Dakota State players or other FCS guys. These are just two examples.

ďPlayer X is going to be a day one pick, why do you have him in the fourth round?Ē
-I have no doubt some of you will scoff at how players have been ranked, as weíre about to start getting into the NFL offseason and since the OS community rosters date back to earlier in 2020 before the college season began, players have emerged as stars and thus the NCAA roster this class is based on wonít reflect that. To these people, all I can say is Iím sorry, this was always more about getting to the fictional classes regardless and so Iím just trying to get it as close as I reasonably can *without* just ignoring NCAA and making it from scratch. Again, scouting college players and projecting where theyíll get picked is not a strength of mine, Iím leaning on NCAA to help make those calls for me.

That being said, if I did make any mistakes regarding skin color, or if I completely missed a playerís position being changed or something like that, I will correct them if you let me know, I donít want that to be mis-represented. Any significant mistakes regarding measurements or equipment will be corrected as well, if people want, but if itís a nitpicky thing I will probably just let users resolve that.

Constructive feedback is always appreciated. This is my first attempt at this, so what more are you guys looking for regarding the spreadsheet? Do you want to know more info about that college season, and if so, what do you want? Iím keeping multiple save files on NCAA 14 as I go, so I can always go back and look up more data if needed. I thought about making a returning players page to preview the next upcoming class, but if so, what do you want that to look like?

Iím still waiting for the March franchise update to begin my solo CFM, so my hope is to at least have 2-3 of these complete in the next two months. If thereís positive reception Iíll keep going. I sincerely hope that you guys give it a try, I would be ecstatic if even one person tried them out and enjoyed them. If you read this whole post, thanks so much for hanging in there, Iíll post the first class down sheet down below, and you can find the class itself on Madden as the following:

NCAA2021V1 by Badger 8th
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