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Re: Sphinx All Pro sliders - PS4

Can someone who uses these sliders help me out with the following:

1) About how long in real time does it take to play a game on 13 minute quarters?

2) What is the benefit of doing accelerated clock? Is it about getting more realistic stats when compared to the CPU, or do people just hate waiting around for the 40 Second game clock to tick down...especially at the end of games?

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Re: Sphinx All Pro sliders - PS4

Imported these into my CCM last night (simmed 1st season and moved the Raiders to London). Not great at playing defense so the computer can move the ball well on me at default All-Pro level. I was throwing way too many picks on default All-Pro.

These sliders gave me a much more competitive game.

Chicago Bears at London Black Knights
Chicago Bears ()3100013
London Black Knights ()3146326
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense178402
Rushing Yards30106
Passing Yards148296
First Downs1221
Punt Return Yards1448
Kick Return Yards1060
Total Yards202510
3rd Down Converstion37
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1 / 02 / 2
Posession Time21:3934:21
Chicago Bears
J. Cutler25/3919110
M. Forte12302.50
E. Bennett8698.60
A. Jeffery4379.30
M. Bennett3258.31
London Black Knights
T. Pryor31/4130713
R. Jennings24903.81
M. Reece5326.41
R. Jennings6142.30

I have not used the Auto-Sub sliders (which way are the numbers written on the OP? in/out or out/in).

Feel like there were too many passing attempts (but after doing some quick research highest avg in league was 42.6 and lowest was 26.2, so on the high side but not out of the realm of possibility) and it was too easy to stop the run. Not gonna judge the set until I get a few more games under my belt.

I feel like you have to be more careful than I had been on Default Pro in terms of the passing game, but I feel like if I throw 3 picks I should lose..not win by 13. The disparity in the passing yardage has me a bit concerned too. Again I'll post another box score tonight when I get the chance.

Looking for any input you guys may have.

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Re: Sphinx All Pro sliders - PS4

Next game vs NE. I'll preface by saying both T. Brady and R. Mallet were injured so I got the juicy matchup of T. Tebow...

London Black Knights at New England Patriots
London Black Knights ()776626
New England Patriots ()730717
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense426239
Rushing Yards15635
Passing Yards270204
First Downs2110
Punt Return Yards2224
Kick Return Yards9749
Total Yards545312
3rd Down Converstion5-141-10
4th Down Conversion2-30-2
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-30-0
Posession Time38:3017:30
London Black Knights
T. Pryor21/29 28921
R. Jennings25983.90
T. Pryor4266.50
N. Kasa5490
R. Jennings4750
New England Patriots
T. Tebow19/3126020
S. Verheen590
T. Tebow4260
J. Morgan5421
R. Gronkowski41171
S. Verheen3270

1.) Not listed on here but I had 10 SACKS. A few were clean missed pickups or overloads of one side or the other, but I would say AT LEAST half of them were basically coverage sacks. Yeah, he is a runner...yeah he holds onto the ball too long...but 10 sacks.

2.) I never seem to pick off the CPU, I was in position for 2 that without a doubt should have been picked. If it hits the computers' player models they seem to come up with the INT

3.) The CPU doesn't seem to have much of a run game...granted they abandoned it very early in this game for some reason (only 9 total attempts) despite them never really being so far behind they needed to go exclusively to the air.

4.) I did see another penalty. Hold call on a deep ball to Morgan that resulted in a TD being called back. Flag was thrown very late, which I have never really seen before.
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Re: Sphinx All Pro sliders - PS4

Liking the sliders Sphinx, thanks

Just a few niggles which I'm hoping you can advise me on:

Is there rubber banding in this game as when I'm down by more than 14/21+ the CPU seem to give up and let me back in.

I've had 13 turnovers in 5 games vs the CPU who have only had 5.

My offense feels like it's slightly too good. The minimum total yards I've had in one game was 337, most, 522. Due to this I don't have many issues scoring:

[email protected] 3-31 W
[email protected] 20-15 W
[email protected] 14-21 W
[email protected] 32-25 W
[email protected] 30-33 L

The run game seems fine, I've only had one or two big runs and when playing MIN, AP showed me how it's done by rushing 21 times for 153 and 2 TD's, averaging 7.3 yards per carry.

Any tips on how to reduce my yards gained per game slightly and how about INT's too. I can't seem to catch any even when using ball-hawk or whatever it's called.

Again, great work Sphinx.

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Re: Sphinx All Pro sliders - PS4

These sliders are pretty awesome!!

I'm very picky with sliders and I've been loving these.

I'm 5 games into a season with the Browns. I simed the first season and am playing year 2. I'm 5-0.
I beat the
49ers 17-13
Chargers 24-17
Jaguars 31-17
Ravens 31-24
Rams 23-17

This has been the most fun I've had. I struggle on offense sometimes, it's never easy to score. But I stay balance and produce quality average stats.

Defensively, I'm starting to dominate!! Every team seems to score a couple times and makes a few plays to put up some decent stats put over 5 games I have 11 ints and 33 sacks, 15 of those sacks by Kruger. I had 6 ints over the first 4 games and all of sudden against the Rams I picked off Bradford 5 times.

I upped CPU pass blocking from 45 to 48 to see if that helps?! Any other ideas?

Great job on these Sphinx!!
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Re: Sphinx All Pro sliders - PS4

I like the sliders but I have been using them with 8 minutes and 20 second accelerated clock. That way it takes a bit less than an hour for a game. My offensive yardage is generally on the low side though but the scores are realistic for some reason. My yards per carry is very high though.

How long does it take you to play a game with 14 minute quarters and accelerated clock at 13 seconds?

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Re: Sphinx All Pro sliders - PS4

Thanks to everyone who has posted feedback and improvements on these sliders. I've been real busy with work and haven't had a chance to really test out any new theories. I'm going to work on a few things today and tomorrow now that the 3rd patch has come out. Odds are this will be the last patch for this game so we should be able to get the game playable.
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Re: Sphinx All Pro sliders - PS4

I'll gladly test these out. If sacks are too high then reducing offsides and roughing QB penalties could help, also I find that tackling also increases a defenders ability to shed his block.

Just played a half with these as the Saints at home to the Chiefs. I like these sliders a lot. The game felt challenging but as the half went on I was adapting and improving at the pass and run whilst starting to shut Jamaal Charles down. I was 21-0 down after the 1st quarter and the score stayed that way, however, 2 tds were from fumble returns, so really it was more like 7-0.

I wonder whether the CPU tackling is too high, two fumbles in the first quarter is annoying and I am under a lot of pressure in the pocket due to the defenders shedding blocks quickly. Having said that, I have only been sacked twice, although have had a fair few incompletions due to the pressure. But I'm still completing over 50% of passes.

My one big issues here is that my LBs are not making any tackles. My CBs and Dline are getting them all. Does anyone else have the same?

I will test these sliders a lot more, they're the best I've used on next gen so far.

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