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Re: WR Curls

Originally Posted by tc020791
I've been doing some testing and I can't seem to find any way that the CB actually plays a curl correctly. I came to realize that pass reaction is backwards and when I put it on 0 the DBs of the Texans were able to mirror every receiver no matter the CB, but when I make Jordy Nelson do a curl against Jonathan Joseph, one of the best cover corners, Joseph has him right til the break and then as we all know he goes running 5-10 yards in the opposite direction before he seems to realize the WR has stopped. I wish he would stop turning around so much, just back paddle and then break when the receiver turns. Does anyone have any clue how to fix this? Personally for me this game is unplayable if a corner of Joseph's caliber can't stop a curl route, EVER.

Is this True?
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Re: WR Curls

Originally Posted by HopiDesertPriest
Is this True?
Yes if you're not playing press coverage your corner has a terribly hard time stopping the curl route
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