I think i have figured out defensive sliders

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Re: I think i have figured out defensive sliders

Originally Posted by kpkpkp
The CPU Tackle slider does affect CPU field goal power, but I use 50 default tackle so it doesn't matter to me.

What's good is Human tackle does NOT affect Human FG power. I use 50 default for that too.

I'm curious though, so you're saying tackle affects block shedding ability?

Maybe I'll try 45/50 Hum/CPU Tackle instead of 50/50. In an effort to reduce human sacks, I get too many, 45/50 might help. Also 45/50 wouldn't affect my FG power or the CPU FG power.

Yeah, sacks has been quite an issue to iron out in this game. What I've found is a fairly complicated mixture of sliders that ultimately affect this. I believe the 3 most important sliders affecting this (yes, 3, and really there may be more) are intentional grounding, CPU pass block, and hum pass coverage. I can't even begin to explain what the hell IG does in this game (meaning, I have no earthly idea what the madden programmers programmed into this particular slider. Well, I guess that goes for all sliders, but this one is weird also). U would think at a higher IG, the CPU would throw the ball away more often instead of taking sacks. This definitely isn't the case as I had it at 60+ for awhile and wasn't able to drop sacks. Ultimately, I have chosen 43 for this and feel it helps. It sort of gives the CPU the correct 2-3 timing window to make a decision. Often, if it is a smart QB, if someone is open right away, the QB throws for a completion. If everyone is covered, he may tuck and run right away. However, he may still hold onto the ball and take a coverage sack, so it's not the only slider affecting this. CPU pass block seems to say, 'the higher the pass block, the less sacks should be taken,' so once again this feels more like a timing thing than an actual blocking thing as u will still see blockshed. I currently have this at 63. The other thing is hum pass cov. And, this is where it gets real tricky to fine tune things. U see, if u have pass coverage too loose, with IG 43 and pass block 63, the QB will surely take less sacks, however, he will throw for 70+% because WRs are open and he sees this. If pass cov is too high, the QB will never think anyone is open and will throw it away some, tuck and run some, and will still take some coverage sacks, so believe me, this is possibly the hardest thing to tweak out of the game. I recently played a great game against the packers. They have geno smith now. (I'm 5 years into franchise). Something about geno works perfectly with my sliders. I only got 2 sacks and he threw the ball at the right time all game. And, he was around 60% which is fine by me. He threw over 40 times as well, so 2 sacks was amazing. However, with these very same sliders, I got 6 sacks the next game, and 5 the game after that and about half were the ridiculous coverage sack variety, so man, oh man, I just don't know. If you're interested in trying that out, I've got IG 43, CPU QB ACC 27, CPU pass Blk 63, and hum pass cov 57. I've got hum tackle at 24 as well as that may play into it as well. Int 15. Lol, honestly, I feel ALL of these affect sacks. It's a tough deal. Good luck, man.

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Re: I think i have figured out defensive sliders

i am going to try your new changes out
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