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Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Originally Posted by kb0731
My post was just a joke lol. I really don't mind how the QB plays

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I speaking more to the masses.....I know you had a blast playing that game!!!
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Re: Armor & Sword's/Marino's All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Originally Posted by Armor & Sword
Hello Maddenites!!!

I am very excited to say I have finally made the leap to Next Gen with the PS4. And the primary reason I pulled the trigger earlier than I thought I would was because of this game. I am very excited for Madden football this season. As some of you know I played Madden 25 on the PS3 (still have a classic season replay going as I post this) from launch and still going. I thought it was the best Madden I had played since Madden 2005. I was able to develop a pretty solid slider set that focused on player ratings, the no user catch on offense, and no switch rule on defense.

When I say no user switch on defense I mean once you select your player you do not switch ever. You let your CPU teammates make the play if your not near the ball. This adds a big layer of strategy in who you decide to control each play, and puts a focus on team building. It really opens up the CPU offense in that regard. It is up to you how you want to play. But I want to make this fairly important disclaimer that this slider set will be developed playing this style of Madden football.

I also want to stress as I always do that no slider set is universal. Please use the set as a base and tweak to your skill level. Some people will love this set, some will not. I ask for those who are blowing out your CPU opponents on a regular basis and what not...just move on then. This set may not be for you. I consider myself a good sim style Madden player. And I can crush the CPU (as most players who have been playing Madden for like...forever) if I exploit the game. That is not what I am trying to do. I want to keep the thread with good, insightful and helpful posts from mature players who approach the game in a similar fashion. Posting box scores/videos is always welcomed. Basically....let's keep it clean fellas!

As far as general settings I can say I will be playing with 15 minute quarters no doubt. I always do. As far as the clock runoff I am holding out until I play the game and get used to the new play calling menu to see how much time I will need. On M25 I had a runoff to 18 seconds.

Game speed will be on slow and my default camera is zoomed. I am looking forward to using the camera toggle on the fly though to keep the game fresh. I can also say I will be using the new defensive player cam on obvious passing situations as I love to play on the DE/DL. When I play as a LB or Safety I will use the zoomed camera. I love the fact we can toggle on the fly.

As far as play calling rules, it's pretty simple. Use your entire playbook, keep yourself from cheesing the CPU with any money play you may discover in your time with the game. Again. I don't user catch, I don't switch on defense and I call a highly diverse playbook both on offense and defense.

I will have the game tomorrow and will begin playing and testing on All-Pro. That could change as I played on All-Madden last year but from everything I am reading/seeing, All-Pro presents a great challenge this year vs the CPU.

In the past I always have found playing on slow with no user catching triggers the many awesome catch animations you hear about. That is a cornerstone to this slider set. Playmakers was my primary influence in regards to unlocking that aspect of the game. I have always enjoyed his work in the past.

User catching update - I typically never user catch. However this year I have noticed on deep post's, streaks etc the WR's regardless of ratings are not fighting for the ball while the DB's are attacking it. So with that I began to take control of the WR on bombs only when they are covered tightly. If they break free and get a couple of steps I just lead them to the ball and do not have to user catch...but most of the time they are covered (thank you EA for making deep balls rewarding again) so as soon as I release I take control of the WR to go get the ball. It's fun, it feels earned and have at it. It won't affect your joy and simulation of the game at all. But do not do it on all other passes. Just streaks, post's and hail mary's!

I do have a twitch account and will post when I will broadcast a full game for viewing if anyone is ever interested. When I play on twitch I will not skip too much broadcast elements other than not allow some mindless replays to play out so we can get the next play called and move the game along.

So strap on the helmet, and let's get ready for some Madden 15!!!

1.4 will be my final settings. The only thing that can get me testing again is after the big patch drops and if they have game play fixes in the notes. But I see them doing tuners this year for gameplay any tuners or patches will be looked at.

Thank you everyone, for the feedback....of course discussion amongst yourselves regarding the sliders etc is always welcomed, box scores etc.

I will be posting my CFM box scores and game stories here for your enjoyment.

I am now officially in playing Madden mode and also getting back to my MLB The Show franchise and classic season replays. If your a follower of my channel (Todem23) on Twitch join me for some game broadcasts (Show and Madden) in the future.

Once again enjoy the game, have fun, and don't get slideritis!!! Nitpicking the game will drive you mad. It's not perfect, there are things you have to accept...sliders don't fix everything. But gentlemen, this is hands down the best console football game ever made bar non IMO....put to bed the ghosts of 2K past...seriously..they are dated on the field compared to this...just my opinion of course. I also suggest player lock on defense in the defensive cam if you want a real challenge! Amazing fun.

Tuner Update!!! EA released a tuner on 9/5/14 which addressed the user pass rush. I am happy to report EA has fixed this issue and no QB edits are needed at all to enjoy the game. I have played 3 test games thus far and have updated the slider set below to 1.4

These sliders were tested and developed exclusively for play in CFM only. I do not play Madden in "play now". Play now does play different than CFM due to confidence, XP and schemes.

Version 1.4 Sliders on Madden Share!!!

File name = ARMORSWORD
PSN = Todem

9/5/14 V 1.4 Final Settings

Settings CFM

Instant Starter - Off
Salary Cap - On
Skill Level - All-Pro
Quarter Length - 15 Minutes (12-15 user choice)
Accelerated Clock - On
Minimum Play Clock - 15
Game Speed - Slow
Player Progression Frequency - End of the season
Coach Firing - On
Game Play Tuning - Yes
Injury - On
Pre Existing Injury - Off
Trade Deadline - On
trade Type - Enable All
Relocation Settings - Normal
League Type - All

Team Settings

Play Call Style - Enhanced
Coin Toss 1st Choice - user choice
Coin Toss 2nd Choice - user choice
Strafe Assist - On
Pre Snap Menu - On
Coaching Tips - Off
Player Names - Pre Snap
Heat Seeker - On
Ball Hawk - On
Switch Assist - On
Camera Settings - Zoom
Defensive Graphics - Full
Kick Aiming Arc - On
Previous Play Information - On
Play Call Button Layout - Square, Cross, Triangle
Camera Toggle - On
Tutorial Popups - Off

CPU Settings
Fill Roster - Off
Re-Sign Players - Off
Progress Players - Off
Sign Off-Season Free Agents - Off
Simulate Game Prep Activities - Off


Player Skill

QB Accuracy - 10 (+5)
Pass Blocking - 60 (-10)
WR Catching - 75 (+17)
Run Blocking - 55
Fumbles - 48 (-2)
Pass Defense Reaction Time - 40 (-5)
Interceptions - 35 (+10)
Pass Coverage - 40 (-10)
Tackling - 30 (-5)

CPU Skill

QB Accuracy - 10 (+5)
Pass Blocking- 75 (-10)
WR Catching - 75 (+25)
Run Blocking - 65 (+10)
Fumbles - 48 (-2)
Pass Defense Reaction Time - 40 (-5)
Interceptions - 35 (+10)
Pass Coverage - 45 (-5)
Tackling - 30 (-5)

Special Teams

FG Power - 50
FG Accuracy - 45 (-3)
Punt Power - 42 (-8)
Punt Accuracy - 50
Kickoff Power - 50

Game Options

Injuries - 51
fatigue - 60 (+6)
Min Player Speed Threshold - 0


Offside - 52 (-2)
false Start - 52 (-2)
Holding - 52 (-2)
Face Mask - 51 (-1)
Defensive PI - 99 (+49)
Offensive PI - 99 (+49)
Punt Catch Interference - 50
Clipping - 52 (-2)
Intentional Grounding - 10 (+5)
Roughing Passer - 50 (-2)
Roughing Kicker - 50

Auto-Subs Developed and tested by aholbert32

These Auto-Subs were tested and work with Fatigue at 60 and playing on 13-15 minute Quarters with a 15 second accelerated clock runoff.

You just set these up inside your CFM. Click on the Roadmap tiles under your team page to access the auto-subs menu.

QB Out - 0
QB In - 3
RB Out - 78
RB In - 82
WR Out - 30
WR In - 35
FB/TE Out - 30
FB/TE In - 35
OL Out - 0
OL In - 3

DT Out - 50
DT In - 55
DE Out - 50
DE In - 55
LB Out - 50
LB In - 55
CB Out - 30
CB In - 35
S Out - 30
S In - 35

Auto Subs input process for your CFM:

1. Make sure you set fatigue to 60 in your sliders section inside CFM
2. Make sure you play 13-15 minutes quarters with accelerated clock set down to runoff to 15 seconds.
3. When your in the team page of CFM select the tile "team roadmap" and go to the auto sub screen.
4. Input the auto sub settings above and your done.

If you would like to create and post box scores in this thread...go here to do so.

Anybody tried these on normal speed?
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Re: Armor & Sword's/Marino's All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

The only solution I see to getting rid of high sack numbers is to stop playing the timing game with your defense lineman. I think I'm going to play linebacker. I know it takes some of the fun, but I like realistic stats. I know the game want be perfect.
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Re: Armor & Sword's/Marino's All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Originally Posted by RoDogz85
Anybody tried these on normal speed?
I have been, liking my results so far but have only played 2 games
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Originally Posted by Yeah...THAT Guy
Is anyone else noticing that CBs are just abysmal since the tuner update, or is this just the experience I'm having? I'm literally watching the AI WRs make a cut over the middle of the field and my CBs will just keep running down the field another 20 yards until the AI QB makes the throw. Even the Fitzpatrick's of the world are lighting me up in the passing game now. I wish there was a way to just delete this tuner update. These sliders work great in every other area of the game, but it's beyond frustrating that I couldn't stop Sean Renfree if my life depended on it.
I came back into the thread looking for old slider set versions precisely for this reason.

I started seeing completion percentages and individual completions that just made no sense whatsoever and so I started watching some replays and what I noticed is that defenders in man are getting beat by 15 yards on drag routes and defenders in zone bite on non-existent fakes, vacate their zones for no reason, only to give up huge plays to single receivers in their area.

It's weird, I'll tell you that, and it's not what I'm used to seeing from this year's game.

I might consider removing the tuner if going back to an earlier version of the sliders doesn't ameliorate this problem.
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Originally Posted by sbattisti
After today's games I think those stats look pretty darned realistic.
Just see my Falcons in shoot out with Saints.
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

"No QB edits are needed" Are you saying not to use the modified QB roster that we've used in the past?
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

OMG just had a pass interference call in the game I'm playing now
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