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Re: Armor & Sword's/Marino's (All Madden) All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Anyone lower USER catching have any feedback? Was thinking of knocking it down maybe 10 points to help offset the high USER completion percentage. Another one is USER QB accuracy slider. Any difference at 5 instead of 10?
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

I'm going to ask this here with hopes for an answer since it does relate to the A&S slider set.

First, i've only played like 10 first half 5min quarter games since release, fiddling with sliders.
I've not by any means won any games, and generally at the end of the first half am trailing.
I was certain i was close on having the game play about how i'd like, except a bit too accurat cpu qb, and not enough cpu rush yards.

My sliders like i said were close and they looked like this:

QBA - 10/15
PBLK - 50/85
WRC - 50/50
RBLK - 55/65
FUMBLE - 50/50

PRTIME - 50/50
INTS - 50/50
PCV - 50/50
TAK - 50/50

FGP - 50/50
FGA - 50/50
PP - 50/50
PA - 50/50
KOP - 50/50

The only changes i made:
WRC - 50/35
TAK - 45/45
FGA - 45/45
PP - 42/42

I also bumped Injuries to 51 from 50
bumped Fatigue to 60 from 50
put in the suggested auto subs
and put qtr length at 8 min.

So i play a Chiefs vs. Chiefs game (play now), which is all i have been doing, and i mean for the quarter and a half i played, i steam rolled them, could rush at will, and i had sacked them 3 times (and over abundance of sacks has Not been a problem for me per say).

I played int the 2nd quarter just about 3 minutes, and checked stats, and the cpu was at -22 passing, 0 rushing, just an utter mess.

My question is, did one of my slider changes have an impact on the overall game play?
Moving up to 8 min quarters?
Does Momentum factor in? I had a good few fun plays, and a long pass, and it seemed like everything was all down hill for the cpu.

I'm going to get some serious play time tonight going forward, just looking for your opinions on what happened. Am i going back to the drawing board, or was that game a fluke?

Thanks, and Thank you A&S for hooking up the hard work.
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Originally Posted by kchuskey
I played these last night in a test CFM with the Chiefs. I put them in EXACTLY like the 1st page, with the exception of Ball Hawk, Auto Strafe, Heat Seeker, and Switch Assist. I left them all off. Other than that... Sliders were exactly the same. I played game one of the preseason vs the Bengals, and was leading at half time. Chiefs 21, Bengals 7. I had 150+ yards rushing, and they had close to a hundred. I had 39 yards passing, and they had around 70. I didn't have time to play the second half, and I didn't copy down all the stats.

My first impression based solely on my experience, was that it seemed a tad easy to run, as I had a 56 yard TD run from Charles, and a 40+ yard TD run from Joe McKnight. I understand it was just one half of one game, but wanted to comment.

I will twitch my next game, as I don't have the time to write down all the stats etc.. after game. I'll let you know when I do. Side note.... I use the ask madden feature mostly. However I will move up and down within the suggestions to pick a play. Typically I usually run the one that is strategy based. Also I never switch players, or user catch.
I've had the same experience in 2 games in a Bills CFM. CJ Spiller has 364 yards in 2 games and is averaging 7 per carry. Both of my opponents have rushed for 150+ yards against me with little to no passing game at all. I haven't had much luck passing but EJ Manuel is terrible so that isn't too surprising. Going to try bumping up tackling (user and cpu) since RBs seem to be breaking a lot of tackles and getting lots of yards after the first hit.
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Sometimes I think an important thing get's lost in translation this year with Madden 15.

Game planning, calling the right plays, making the right adjustments, using the right defender with user control for said play etc etc etc. Confidence and game prep are also huge. I worked on Brent Grimes confidence leading into this game and the first play from scrimmage he takes a INT all the way to the house for a quick 7-0 lead. FANTASTIC!!!!

One thing I am paying very close attention to is the wonderful new play calling interface with have at our disposal. It literally tracks every single play you call for the season and the avg yards for or against it has produced.

I could not run the ball a lick today vs KC. And I tried outside, inside, power, slash, toss etc. They were just shutting me down. So I took what I could get in the passing game and fortunately I called a great defensive game plan today. Otherwise I would have been stomped by a better offensive team. Mind you Jamal Charles was out and in the end I feel that was the difference.

I am telling you this is the most organic Madden game ever made. And IMO best overall console football game ever made. Each game takes on a life of it's own. I don't see patterns or trends for the most part. Games are unfolding in a highly realistic manner. You must exploit weaknesses to win. You must call a good diversified play book. Another huge tip and suggestion I will share defense in the defensive cam perspective. It is amazing. It really makes you earn it on defense. Whether that is snuffing out a running play, rushing the passer, playing LB and staying home in your zone or being a head hunting truly has changed the way I am playing Madden (I play NCAA 14 this way).

I think EA Tiburon has finally given us a Madden game that we can play all year and maybe even beyond if no improvement comes on 16 or if they go back to the tourney online ball garbage that sidetracked the vision started on 10.

This Madden reminds me of Madden 10 in the way the player weight is truly making the difference between players. For the very first time ever in a console football game I can really tell the difference between elite players, average players, lousy players. I can tell the difference between a speedster at RB or WR vs a power back or physical WR.

Elite players are truly elite now.

With a good patch this game is going to go down as the GOAT in video game football.

It's that good.
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Finally started my REAL Online Connected Franchise with the Tennessee Titans. (XBOX ONE)

Using sliders/settings as in OP.

Downloaded a set of 53 man rosters that look almost perfect. Did the QB adjustments myself. Even did all the Free Agent QBs.

Notes: Turned Titans back into a 4-3 defense, so had to swap depth chart around for DL and LBs like crazy lol.

Signed QB Terrell Pryor to compete with Locker. Signed WR Stephen Hill to add some depth to WRs.

Preseason Game #1 vs Green Bay:

Titans 30 Packers 20

Total Offense: 480 vs 349. I had the edge here only because of the 2nd half when all the backups were in.

Rushing: 236 vs 53. Pryor and Greene tore up their backup DEF. They just didn't run the ball too much.

Passing: 244 vs 296. They passed a lot lol.

Each team had 3 turnovers.

Couple of Penalties on each side.

Completion %: Rodgers 77, Locker 75, Flynn 70, Pryor 63

YPC: Green 4.4, Pryor 8.4, Starks 3.4, Sankey 4.5, Lacy 3.3

Sacks: Titans 4, Packers 3

INTs: Titans 2 (both by Sensabaugh), Packers 1

Game felt great. Was close the entire time. Think this is going to be a great year of Madden for me!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Any AM sliders yet?
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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

Thanks for this set and all the hard work, I've had fun with them.. I've loaded the roster with the qb edits and everything else as suggested on page 1.

Can someone PLEASE answer me this question or two?

1. I keep hearing the sim stats are messed up in offline cfm, what does that mean exactly? Should I not be playing offline cfm? Is this why the rushing stats of the other teams running back are ridiculous? I sim some of the game at times and kept thinking my run defense sucks.. Maybe it's the cowboys, don't know...

2. I know last year the sliders needed to be loaded at the main screen outside of CFM, is that the same this year? I loaded them after I started my CFM. They seem to be sticking but I just wanted to make sure...

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Re: Armor & Swords All-Pro Slow Simulation Style Sliders

In my Broncos CFM I got blown out by the Seahawks which had a huge impact on the team as the confidence dropped into the 30's and it took 2 weeks to get confidence back with in the normal range for all the starters. You could also see the impact as I struggled in the first half against the Cardinals and as confidence increased in the second half the Broncos took the game over. The following week the Broncos were in full form blowing out the Jets and had my best game passing and rushing. Manning went 30/40 for 457 yards and 3 TD's. Ball ran 27 for 180 yards and 2 TD's. I love this new confidence feature.
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