Penalties at 0....

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Penalties at 0....

I've been reading a lot about penalties on here. I figured one good way to see how they affect the game, is to set all of them to 0, and leave the game play sliders at 50. The only other thing I changed was speed threshold to 35.

So, All Pro, Slow, speed threshold 35, penalties all at 0, game play sliders at 50.

Here's what it played like:

-Muffed punt catches even when there wasn't anybody around. Guy looked spooked like he was worried somebody was going to run through him.

-QB's fought, stiff armed, and moved to throw the ball.

-Players on both sides of the ball playing like if they didn't win, they'd be sent to prison

Essentially it played out like it would in real life. If nobody is worried about penalties, they do whatever they want, and play full tilt.

I've never made a slider set before, and I could be way off on this, but after experiencing how the game plays without penalties, it seems tlike a decent place to start from. I've never played 4 downs of Madden, paused the game, made a change, and when the game resumed there was such a drastic change in how it played.

Anyway, if you haven't ever tried this, give it shot and let me know what your thoughts, etc.
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Re: Penalties at 0....

That isn't the craziest idea I have ever heard...from a theoretical standpoint, it makes sense. Given how infrequent penalties already are in this game, even when maxed out, this might make some sense.
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Re: Penalties at 0....

This worked really well in madden 13, actually as well. U, of course, don't get any penalties called, but I felt like the players played 'free'. Because, the sliders weren't forcing them to do things and the physics just played out, and yes, I think all players played jailhouse rules. Lol. It really does play fun. For me, I want some penalties called, and I want something a little more 'realistic' gameplay. But, if you're looking to just wile out and play some playground football, turning all penalties off is a fun way to play.

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Re: Penalties at 0....

because of this i decided to leave penalties at default. At 100 they were rarely any penalty. so i prefer to just leave it at default. Game seems to play better this way than with penalties at 100.
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Re: Penalties at 0....

the biggest problem about madden and any football game with sliders is, it's impossible to get a balanced dynamic game.. whatever slider set you have every game will be the exact same way.. with MLB the show every game can dynamically change you might see a no hitter or a ACE getting hit for 5 earned in 1 innings/.

I found no matter how much I play with madden sliders it's impossible to get dynamic different games.. you have one set every QB will throw 20-33, you try and change that set every game will then be QB throwing 15 -30.

Until someone can work out a true realistic balanced set where say a A Rogers throws for 400 yards 20/27 against the cowboys and against Seattle only goes for 15/26 for 178 yards... then we will never have the dynamic games we want.
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Re: Penalties at 0....

I'm trying hard to get a good set for coach mode...do you leave switch assist, heat seeker and the others on or off? Thank you in advance.
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