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Interception 0-100

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Interception 0-100

It would be nice if they explained sliders at all. Is interception your defenses ability to get an interception, or is it your likeliness to throw an interception? Does a lower number mean lower interceptions? Or does a lower number mean your rated lower, meaning you're more likely to throw an interception. Terrible UI and design choice for not explaining ANYTHING.

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Re: Interception 0-100

It means a lower chance
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Re: Interception 0-100

Your right. No one here knows exactly what every slider means. Some think they do and some know what a lot of them mean but its a joke. I am starting to think EA has not a clue what everyone of them do.
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Re: Interception 0-100

The INT slider is basic to figure out this year, it isn't reversed so it's simple. The INT will affect the ability of a defensive player to actually make an interception on the ball. Don't think so? Drop it low enough, and when you throw a bad pass right to a defender, that "invisible wall" you will see will prevent it from being intercepted.

Then again, raise it up and you will see the defensive player actually make an interception that hits him them in the hands. If you find a good balance, you can see interceptions made when a defender is hit in the gut with the ball, or you may see it actually hit his hands and he drops it, instead of that "invisible wall" all the time.

This is from actual testing, so I believe that to be the correct answer regarding your question. Last year, in M25 it was a different story, as the sliders were all mixed up/reversed. Not this year it seems after some testing.

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Re: Interception 0-100

i always assumed it to be a defensive slider too. i think Quinn is spot on.
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