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BZito Penalty First All Madden Online ONLY CFM Sliders

Hey all, I figured I would throw my hat into the ring on some sliders. I'm starting to think that the penalty sliders have more of an impact on gameplay that the "normal" sliders. These are for ONLINE CFM ONLY!

I have also integrated a game speed and threshold hybrid, this means with each click up or down, there's a 25 point thresh change with normal being 50.

Gameplay: All Madden
qtr length:15 min
accel clock: 14 sec
injuries: 60
fatigue: 55
game speed / threshold: Very Slow/0 Slow/25 Normal/50 Fast/75 Very Fast/100
ball hawk: off
strafe assist: off
heat seeker assist: off
switch assist: off

HUM/CPU (same for both)

qb acc: 10
pass blocking: 50
wr catching: 45
run blocking: 50
Fumbles: 40
Reaction time: 50
interceptions: 25
Pass coverage: 50
tackling: 50

Special teams

FG power: 52
FG Accuracy: 50
Punt power: 50
Punt Accuracy: 90
kickoff power: 50

Auto subs: aholbert32 100% nailed the auto subs this year. Props to him.

Penalties - my theory is the lower the setting, the less inclined the refs would be to call it, and honestly, no penalties are called anyway so just try it and see what you think.

Offside: 85 (slower CPU & CPU human jump at the line. Yes the DLine will be antsy, but that's mainly due to the new jump snap technique in the game)
False Start: 15 (this pertains to OLine pass blocking only, lower setting means quicker jump at the line which means quicker into the pass block
Holding: 75 (new tuner made running slightly overpowered, higher setting means blockers release faster as to not get "called" for the hold
Facemask: 5 or 55 ( user choice, want more wrap tackles? Go to 5. Want more penalties? Go to 55. This penalty only pertains to aggressiveness in the tackle animation. The higher the setting, the higher on the body the tackle will be made)
DPI: 25 (to match the int slider. The lower the setting the more aggressive the D is on being physical on the ball. Keeping both at 25 ensures no pick Fest on all madden)
OPI: 65 (the higher the setting, the more lax the receiver is to contest the pass. This works hand in hand with completion percentage)
PUNT CATCH interference: 50 (honestly I am still testing this. I feel like it's tied defensive aggression on the ball and from sideline to sideline)
Clipping: 25 (running based slider, the lower the setting, the faster the OLine will get to the second level of the D and engage, mixed with a higher holding call results in a faster up field push but not a total lock down in the D being able to fight off the block)
int grounding: 25 (THIS slider helped me realize this entire theory. Everyone has had an issue with bloated sack totals, well the lower this setting is, the faster the qb will be to make a decision in the pocket. I like 25 because it balances out all of the qbs in the league. At 1, every qb becomes cam newton. At 25 each qb plays true, brees will move in the pocket when feeling pressure, but won't take off as much as say geno smith.)
roughing the passer: 53 (another sack help slider with a touch of "called" penalty feel. At this number, D will be less aggressive in their pass rush for fear of the penalty which results in more pocket time. However, if the D wants to get aggressive, anything 2 seconds after the throw will result in a penalty thus giving you more organic penalty numbers on paper)
roughing the kicker: 50 (still testing, leaving this at default for now)

Give them a shot and tell me what you think. The only thing I ask is not to come here and say "they suck" and leave without any evidence to support. My job is to take the feedback and make these better. Enjoy everyone.

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