Best sliders I have played with

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Best sliders I have played with

Hey everyone,

I'm usually a guy chilling among the threads and occasionally commenting some feedback. I've been experimenting with a ton of sliders, but for me the best ones I have used are the first set I used. I'm making my own thread because in order to find these you have to read Charter 04's thread and go a few pages in. He doesn't have these on his original post. So all credit for these sliders go to Charter 04. I'm currently 3-8 with these sliders in an online franchise where I've played mostly computers. If you take away my games against human players I am 2-7. I'm playing with the Redskins who have pretty much nothing but a left tackle (sorry Redskins fans). However, I thought I'd share these for anyone who wants a balanced game. These sliders assume that the cpu have a 25% boost on AM.

Speed: Slow or normal (I use slow)

Player Skill
QB Acc: 10
Pass Blk: 50
WR ctch: 50
Run blk: 40
Fumbles: 50
Reaction TM: 50
INT: 50
Pass Cov: 50
TKL: 50
FG Power: 50
FG ACC: 50
Punt Power:50
Punt Acc: 50
KO Power: 50

CPU Skill
QB Acc: 7
Pass Blk: 37
WR Ctch: 37
Run Blk: 30
Fumbles: 37
Reaction TM: 37
Int: 37
Pass Cov: 37
TKL: 37
FG Power: 50
FG Acc: 50
Punt Power: 50
Punt Acc: 50
KO power: 50

Offsides: 52
FS: 52
Hold: 52
FM: 52
DPI: 99
OPI: 99
PCI: 50
Clip: 52
IG: 5
RP: 52
RK: 52

These were the penalties before he said they didn't matter, I believe.

Injuries: 50
Fatigue: 50 (I've been wanting to bump up to 60 for auto subs)
Speed threshold: 0

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