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Speed Threshold Question

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Re: Speed Threshold Question

I almost feel like 25-30 would be perfect. Although big mixx are you playing on all-madden?
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Re: Speed Threshold Question

I've seen lots of thoughts on this and wanted to share my mine. A 90 speed RB should NOT get caught from behind by A 86 speed player WITH SAME OR LOWER ACC...ever. I'm not sure why people would like that to happen but it shouldn't because it wouldn't on the field. I've been playing with it set to 0 for years because I got tired of defenders beating me in a foot race with lower speed and ACC ratings. If there are too many big plays, maybe turn down the run blocking effectiveness but try not to nerf one of the few areas where natural ability should win every time. My $.02
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Re: Speed Threshold Question

I've been playing with Threshold @ 25 n like balance I see on the field with my sliders.

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Speed Threshold Question

Keep in mind that the Eagles led the league in 20+ yard plays with a little over a 4 game. So between two teams look for around 1-7 a game. I didn't say 8 because the Eagles don't play themselves. 8 would be the high side I guess. I think around 5 a game between two teams. That's any play over 20 though. Not all of them will be 70 or 80

Some games might not have one I guess. I'm not sure how often that happens IRL

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Re: Speed Threshold Question

I am not sure EA could ever code this right and maybe certainly not with the current engine...but...

Watching so many games yesterday it would be great if EA could vary the effort play to play.

What I mean is every play in madden everyone goes just about the same speed the entire play.

But for instance in that falcons game yesterday twice it appeared like the ball carrier was shot out of a cannon and the D just wasn't ready for it.

You never see that in madden ever. I don't need some silly over powered speed burst but sometimes a player hits the hole and makes a move in real life and he is gone.

You take someone like JJ Watt who has a non stop motor and his speed should never change. But some 3rd Rolb should def take a play off here and there.

But now we are getting into a motor rating which won't work right either.

I feel this same thing though when I am watching the Fifa 15 preview vids, it looks like everyone is running the same speed always. It just doesn't look right.

This is what the speed threshold slider should address. Instead I am not really sure I see it working in any way.
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Re: Speed Threshold Question

My first slider adjustment is put it on 0, every version for years.

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