"Ideal" sliders vs. Madden experience

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"Ideal" sliders vs. Madden experience

Hi all,

So I've crawled out of my NCAA hole in the ground this year, as from 2011 to present that's all I played. Haven't been much of a Madden guy since the HB Highlight stick days, and of course the never-ending addiction to Madden 2005 that we all enjoyed. I briefly played Madden 12 or 13 on my brother's 360 or at a friend's house here and there, but the feel of the game was obviously a million miles off from what I was used to, so I wasn't feeling it.

Now, I've traded in all my PS3 gear for a PS4 and made Madden 15 my first Madden in quite some time, as you can tell. I can do alright with the default Pro sliders, but I know that to get the full experience, especially in CFM, I need to use a good slider set. The only thing is, weighing difficulty selection + slider set + my own (questionable) skills is proving to be confusing.

I'm not so great at passing, for one thing, and obviously the run game is a lot more difficult (read: realistic) than in NCAA, of course, so while I understand how to read defenses and not throw into coverages, I still stink at passing, much like I did in NCAA sadly. I love using Rodgers and my Packers, but I still throw 1-3 picks a game on average. It's ugly. So, my question is, where do I begin? For a while I tried using Sword & Armor's All-Pro slider set, but with Pro difficulty instead, and even that proved to be a frustrating experience for my first 15-20 games played so far. I realize that being a relative noob all over again is going to take some time to develop my skills, but I'm not sure how to approach this. Do I use a community-recognized All-Pro slider setup and accept that I need to improve a little every day despite the struggle? Or do I search for a Pro setup (are there any?) so I can actually enjoy the game, which is obviously what Madden is all about for me in the end.

Really, it's more of a balance of fun, difficulty, and overall "learning curve" now that I think about it. I hate to simulate, and it seems like every 2 or 3 games I turn the ball over too many times and end up super simming out of frustration, which results in games that miraculously finish 56-48 with 600 yards of offense on either side or some crazy nonsense like that, which is ridiculous and not what I want either, obviously. I need to be patient with my own progress of course, but where is a good starting point for a Madden prodigal son such as myself?

Thanks for any words of advice; I apologize for the rambling..

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Re: "Ideal" sliders vs. Madden experience

start with Swagger's All Pro Chameleon Sliders as your base. Good Luck
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