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Herschie's 9-7 All-Pro Sliders

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Herschie's 9-7 All-Pro Sliders

Enjoy this years Madden, but sick and tired of either blowing out the computer or getting blown out? Irritated that Connected Franchise plays far different than Play Now? Or perhaps you're tired of all the picks, being unable to stop the run, or the fact that opponent's quarterbacks complete ninety percent of their passes. Whatever the case may be, the graphics and presentation are awesome this year, and it would be nice to have the gameplay that goes with it.

Fear not, for I have an awesome slider set here. I've had some great games, and this slider set should have you somewhere around, well, 9-7 and struggling to make the playoffs. What's in a name?

Ok, so I'll quit my rambling. Here goes:

NOTE: This is without any tuner, so if you downloaded it, I'd delete it, as I haven't tested these out with the current gameplay tuner.

Offline CFM Settings

Skill Level - All-Pro
Quarter Length - 12 min
Accelerated Clock - On
Minimum Play Clock - 18
Game Speed - Slow

Team Settings

Strafe Assist - On
Pre Snap Menu - On
Coaching Tips - Off
Player Names - Pre Snap
Heat Seeker - On
Ball Hawk - On
Switch Assist - On


Player Skill

QB Accuracy - 11
Pass Blocking - 40
WR Catching - 44
Run Blocking - 70
Fumbles - 50
Pass Defense Reaction Time - 33
Interceptions - 35
Pass Coverage - 79
Tackling - 50

CPU Skill

QB Accuracy - 13
Pass Blocking- 50
WR Catching - 50
Run Blocking - 38
Fumbles - 50
Pass Defense Reaction Time - 32
Interceptions - 24
Pass Coverage - 65
Tackling - 50

Special Teams

FG Power - 50
FG Accuracy - 38
Punt Power - 50
Punt Accuracy - 53
Kickoff Power - 50

I was 0-3 when I started these, but here's the games I've played since and their scores:

Bears 26 vs Packers 14 W
Bears 32 @ Panthers 29 W
Bears 19 @ Falcons 23 L
Bears 31 vs Dolphins 21 W
Bears 21 @ Patriots 24 L
Bears 6 @ Packers 31 L
Bears 21 vs Vikings 14 W

So far I'm 4-3, and seem to be beating weaker times while losing to stronger ones. I still throw picks, but now it's when I make a poorly-timed or bad throw, not when the computer comes from out of nowhere to make a horse-crap grab. I allow a lot of rush yards, but they're to teams that have strong running backs. Also, I was able to hold Matt Cassel in check, but got torn apart by Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. And I'm having more success being able to throw the ball long, but not so much that it's unrealistic.

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Re: Herschie's 9-7 All-Pro Sliders

Just uploaded these to the community. I'm Herschie91 on PSN. Let me know what you all think.

Basically, I just sat down one day and decided that I was going to try and fix what was wrong. I was allowing too many rush yards because my defense was getting pushed around. So I lowered the CPU rush-blocking slider. I wasn't getting any rush yards myself, so I raised that for the player. The quarterback completed 90% of his passes, so I lowered his accuracy and increased my coverage. Finally, I was tired of all the unfair picks, so I adjusted those sliders accordingly.

I started out with arbitrary numbers, and made adjustments along the way. And I've been getting some great games out of it.

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