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Instead of 100 different slider threads

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Re: Instead of 100 different slider threads

Originally Posted by charter04
Actually the real blame for all the sliders threads is EA. If they would actually give us slider that work and tell us what they do and give us more slider options it would at least make to were we wouldn't have to just guess about some of it.

There would still be slider threads but, there would be less confusion.
I never understood why NCAA and Madden have different sliders like fumbles, fatigue and injuries. Why did they take the RBA away from Madden? The run game is hard to fine tune with just run blocking.
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Re: Instead of 100 different slider threads

I think what he means how come all slider guys get to together and come up with one sets for everybody a universal set.instead of you saying the passing is great and the other say running is to easy
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Re: Instead of 100 different slider threads

Originally Posted by Armor & Sword
All I can say is the game. Fire up a CFM and just start playing.

As far as slider sets.....and why people have their own slider threads? I can't answer for anyone except myself.

I am a passionate sports video gamer. I have been playing sports games since the Atari 2600. I was that guy who kept a pen and notebook for Bases Loaded 2 The Second Season and kept detailed player stats for my team because the game did not (plus I had to have a log of the codes to be able to continue my season LOL). I have a particular approach to how I play sports games whether that be baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, boxing, golf etc. It's that approach coupled with my own personal knowledge (or lack there of) of the said sport that goes into how I develop a slider set.

I am pretty certain the players who gravitate to my settings (to simply use a base for them to tweak to their delight...or not) read my OP (where I always give a detailed description of my philosophy and approach) and find a common ground and decide to give those a try. I have always been a slider fiddler with my sports games regardless of my skill level. I just want a game to play realistic but also be a lot of fun. Realistic to me does not mean superbly hard. I should crush weak teams and on occasion I should get beat by a weaker know...upset's do happen in sports. Finding that balance is always my goal.

It's not that complicated.

My advise is play the game first and foremost....have fun...then once you settle into how your skill level is for that particular some slider threads that address what approach and what your looking to get out of the game. That will usually allow you to eliminate a lot of the many sets/threads and narrow it down to 2-3 sets to try out.

Have fun man.
Dude, I used to play 4th and inches on commodore 64 with a notepad right next to it. I renamed a bunch of teams, and plugged in the roster names for my tar heels and had my own NCAA football!

I played the heels whole season and had the top 25, and kept stats on the notepad. Afterwards I'd total everything up and write out box scores and articles and a new top 25 each week. I'd play the other big games each week, with stats, and get a Heisman race going.

I remember how excited I was when madden first had stats and seasons available. Despite the annual frustrations I never forget what it was like as a kid and that sports gaming is now a dream come true.

Good stuff man.
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Re: Instead of 100 different slider threads

So u haven't opened the game yet because u are not sure which slider set to use???
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