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Catcher's All-Madden M15 Sliders

I'll keep the description short. Like everyone else, I couldn't find a slider set I liked. I didn't want to go through and have to mess with awareness ratings every year in my CFM. I hated the Robo QBs, Easy running game, CPU corners who all seemed to be Darrell Revis clones, etc. Anyway, this is my attempt to fix the main problems with the game. I've installed them into my 5 man CFM and they have received overall pretty positive reviews, I figured there might be someone else out there who liked them as well.

Human Sliders:

QB Acc: 45 (I feel like this distinguishes Great QBs from average QBs more)
Pass Blk: 47 (They were blocking a little too well, forces you to make quick decisions and build an OL)
WR ctch: 50
Run blk: 30 (Could run for days before, now it's tougher and you must mix in the pass)
Fumbles: 50
Reaction TM: 50
INT: 50
Pass Cov: 57 (Makes it a little tougher for CPU QBs)
TKL: 45 (Needed more missed tackles)

CPU Sliders:

QB Acc: 18 (Had Sean Renfree go 100% on me one day, this had to come way down. It feels much better 70-80s compeltion % now)
Pass Blk: 80 (Sometimes will feel like you can't get to the QB, but it's more realistic than getting 5 human sacks a game. You will still get pressure here)
WR ctch: 50
Run blk: 60 (CPU running game is much more effective)
Fumbles: 45
Reaction TM: 45 (CPUs can still make a break on the ball, but they don't come out of no where)
INT: 47 (Don't warp to the ball in midair and pick it)
Pass Cov: 47
TKL: 45

Kicking Game:

FG Power: 50
FG ACC: 40
Punt Power:50
Punt Acc: 50
KO Power: 50

Injuries: 50
Fatigue: 57 (You will actually see guys come out of the game on occasion, but you don't have like TEs sub in at WR or corners at runningback)
Player Min Speed Threshold: 40 (This is key, plays a big part in receiver separation)
Gamplay Speed: Normal


Offsides: 25 (DL is less aggressive overall)
False Start: 50
Holding: 53
Facemask: 50
Def PI: 60 (DBs are a little more aggressive)
Off PI: 5 (Receivers are much more focused on catching the ball first and foremost)
KR/PR Int: 50
Clipping: 50
Int Grounding: 57 (I think it's the sweet spot for screen timing vs. how long to hold onto the football for CPU QBs)
RTP: 25
RTK: 25 (Still figuring these out, I feel like these might cause too many fumbles, trying to get pursuit angles to be better for safeties)

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Re: Catcher's All-Madden M15 Sliders

If you are concerned about pursuit angles being too extreme, you should consider lowering the tackle slider. It is dependent on your RTK and if you are set there, now you can make observations.

A lot of your settings and their premises are have definitely piqued my interest.
"Sim" is not about what is not about what is in the game, but rather in how you play it.
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Re: Catcher's All-Madden M15 Sliders

Anyone care to give these a shot? I'm only going to bump it once because I think they are at least worth trying. Thanks
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