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Slider Suggestions?!?

I am regency1998, and new to the OS community, but I am rather highly intrested in the sport we all love football. I know so many players around the lesgue, how well they play, whos on whos team, etc. The sport we watch on any given gameday is something miraculous and enjoying to watch/play. As we all know there are sports games being produced every year, and one happens to be called............Madden 15.........

The game personally for me is ok, not great, not bad, but ok. But I find the game rather frustrating in many areas that I feel are lacking. I've tried many sliders, and to me, they just don't feel nor act right to what I see on gameday, and statistically. I want a "game" (SLIDERS) to allow me to play the game as realistic as possible. Like elite qbs playing enormously better than a washed up potato left in the farm feilds. And cpu qbs not throwing over 80% of their passss, which pisses the duck out of me! AND where elite defensive players become so irrelevant that scrubs can burn them every time, trust me what I see, and what my friend see, and what others have seen, it isnt right, not fun, not enjoyable.....period. Now by now im sure some have quit reading this thread but if your still reading, congrats, lol, let's just get to the point. Here is what "I" personally want to see occur in my future games, if of course, I get a response, because my shoe string is ready to be ripped apart soon from this games stress.

• Player attributes/ratings must apply! Ex. I dont want to see Geno smith go 18/24 against the broncos ever again. Ex. Jarret boykin shouldn't beat richard sherman 4 times, sorry but it wont happen, like week 1 in real life.

• Qb accuracies for both the cpu and human must be realistic and evened out. When I used some sliders I had drew brees and he went like 20/43 287 yards but Mr King Fantasic Ryan Fitzpatrick can go 23/29 278 yards.

• I dont want to see constant 5-10 yard runs anymore from the stanky arss computer again! This also annoyed the heck out of me when I used the lions and rashard jennings gashed me for 139 yards on 16 carries

• This is core gameplay issues but sacks are an issue, this can be ignored.

•Possibly tighter coverage overall, ive noticed for the cpu on default sliders, that theur man to man coverage is tight, but mine isnt? Idk if this is just me or what.......


Madden is a fun game and all but god dang its hard to enjoy when my needs arnt meant, and I see garbage flying all over the feild when I play, oh and also, WARPING NEEDS TO BE FIXED PRONTO IN THE SECONDARY AND D-LINES(Not sure if sliders can fix).

Contact me at:
Xbox one/360-Regency04

Sorry if some things dont make sense, Im writing this at 11 pm before bed so bare with me. I dont know if I'm the only one with these needs for game play, I highly doubt it, but I need peoples feedback on this situation.

XBOX ONE @regency04!


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Re: Slider Suggestions?!?

There really is not any solution for your questions. If you look at all the versions of sliders that folks have posted here in the Slider forum you will see that even 5 months after game release people are still looking for slider combinations that will achieve what you have listed.

The best thing you can do is try the different sliders people have made here and see which one fits your style of gameplay. Everyone has different stick skills when it comes to Madden so what works for one person may not for another. We all have a bit different opinion of what is "real" and what is not on the field.

There is no "one" answer or slider set that has cured all of Madden's shortcomings...and there won't be until EA tweaks the engine.

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