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Recommendation needed

I am looking for a recommendation for the best slider set for my ability. I can dominate the computer on all pro but struggle and don't like the game play on all madden. Who has the best slider set to make all pro challenging?

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Re: Recommendation needed

I would give armor and swords a try. Read through the thread. The last couple pages has a couple different ideas for some of the settings.
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Re: Recommendation needed

Gave these sliders a try but I still eneed up dominating both games I played. I'm not good enough to play on all madden because I usually get blown out. Any other suggestions?
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Re: Recommendation needed

All Pro:

A&S w/ or w/o Josh's suggested tweaks. CPU QB AI will be less impressive but animations overall will likely be better and HUM passing feels more realistic. I just re-tested A&S's set w/ the suggestion by Authentic to toggle off "slider adjustment" in the CFM main menu, and everything was good except the CPU QB AI, which led to too many sacks and to too few aggressive throws.

All Madden:

KingV2K's set, in his arena. These produce good results re: the sack issue and a good balance of competitive CPU performance and of believable animations. Very good AM players might need to adjust CPU QBA to 5 for a more competitive game, but average AM players will find the set a good challenge that delivers a wide variety of game results.

You will occasionally have the odd sack-fest, and the recommendation when that happens is to quit out by the half and re-play the game. That resets things and results typically fall back into a realistic range.

Josh's 4.0 set, listed under the spoiler button on p. 1 of his thread. This is the most competitive set in terms of CPU offensive AI, so look it it if you're routinely dominating the CPU offense on AM. This set has a little more of Madden AI boost feel to it, but not as much as other AM sets, and it's still possible to win.

My issue with this set has been HUM QB inaccuracy, which is often incomprehensibly bad on routine throws, and CPU DB warping, which can be egregious at times. But it's still the best "challenge" AM set for my money.

I've played full seasons with each, so I believe my observations are fairly accurate, though each user's experience will be different.
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