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New To Madden

I'm new to Madden, so Hi is the first thing. Anyway Every year my friend always get me Madden. I'm MMO RPG player. So all the Madden I do have are still sealed, that pretty much says what games I like. Anyway I finally tried and now I know why the others I have all sealed.

I play Pro because I would be stupid to play Rookie. So now I'm playing I'm getting beat by 20 to 30 pts. So I call my friend and he told me adjust sliders. So he sent mean email giving me slides. This is exactly what he gave for sliders. I kept the message to make sure I had every slider set to what he told me to. So here they are

QB ACC - 80
Run Blocking 90
Wide Receiver Catch - 80
Pass Blocking - 80
Fumbles - 75
Defense Reaction - 85
INT - 80
Pass Coverage - 85
Tackle - 65

I don't play online. I play OCFM just to let you know. The CPU this his settings he sent me.

QB - 80
Run Blocking - 85
Wide Receiver Catch- 75
Pass Blocking - 85
Fumbles - 64
Defense Reaction - 80
INT - 70
Pass Coverage - 70
Tackle - 65

So those are what he sent me. I play offline, but if he set this up to make my bad he will get it back 10 fold. Since I play Pro Offline. I googled Madden 15 Sliders and the 6 Sliders I saw and read did not even come close to what he sent me. So if someone could help me with a good Pro offline slider that work for a first timer? I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Hope someone can help cause I'm about done with this Madden. I'm tired of getting beat 20 to 30 pts. So I would really appreciate it. It's offline Pro.

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Re: New To Madden

You need to go through all the Skill Training and learn the game, learn the sticks, to read a defense, adjust throws and routes, etc.. That will help more than sliders.

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Post Re: New To Madden

well I play offline and I have tried some of the users sliders, but playing for the 1st and having the other in original unopened kind of tells you it's not my kind of game, but after the nagging I tried and I have completely lost on sliders. You say routes and others ect. but are they in the of CFM? If so where to I find them?
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Re: New To Madden


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