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All-Pro Default penalty sliders changes only

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Re: All-Pro Default penalty sliders changes only

Originally Posted by charter04
Try Aggressive on forces passes and trigger happy to go along with your tuck and run changes. I noticed that some QB's seemed to take less sacks and go deep more like Romo and they all had the same traits of Aggressive for force passes and trigger happy.
Romo is a rare breed for sure! I'm testing all traits now.
A few different combos that will reduce sacks.

I notice Romo will seem to get rid of the ball more often than other qbs with different traits.

When EA introduced this dynamic player performance(dpp) they really changed the game in a positive way.
Players would have their own triats/tendencies.

For qbs this is how they described it.

Tucks and Runs

Rarely*(won't scramble for yards even when under pressure) - Peyton Manning, Tom Brady

Sometimes*(will scramble at times when under pressure and there's an opening) - Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben*

Often*(likely to take off if there's an opening and he's under pressure) - Michael Vick, Vince Young

Senses Pressure

Paranoid*(will get rid of ball even when not under pressure, simply scared of taking sacks) - rookie Mark Sanchez*

Trigger Happy*(still a bit scared, but pressure will need to be closer before releasing the ball) - Jimmy Clausen*

Ideal*(this porridge is just right) - Tom Brady, Peyton Manning*

Average*(holds on to the ball and doesn't immediately recognize pressure) - Jay Cutler*

Oblivious*(holds on to the ball until last second and takes more sacks than other guys because he refuses to let go of the ball) - Big Ben

Forces Passes

Conservative*(QBs won't try passes to partially covered receivers. These guys would rather check down or throw short passes, and they will even check down when just sensing first signs of pressure.) - Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Matt Cassel

Ideal*(These guys know when to go down the field or just check down. This is the default passing behavior.) - Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady

Aggressive*(These guys will try to force the ball into full-on coverage at times.) - Jay Cutler

Throws Ball Away

Yes/No*- This is a simple flip of the switch. Some guys throw the ball away (Brady, Manning) and others avoid it (Rodgers, Cutler, Big Ben).

Throws Tight Spiral

Yes/No*- Another flip of the switch. Non-QBs are set to "no" and so are average quarterbacks. Elite quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers are set to "yes" for this trait.
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